India’s leading mobile health and fitness platform, HealthifyMe, have raised $12M Series B round of funding led by Sistema Asia Fund, the India focused fund of Russia’s largest Conglomerate. Silicon Valley based Samsung NEXT, Singapore’s Atlas Asset Management and Japan’s Dream Incubator are the other participants in the latest round of funding alongside existing investors IDG Ventures India, Inventus Capital, Blume Ventures and Dubai based NB Ventures. The Rainmaker Group was the advisor to the company on the transaction for which the term sheet was signed in October 2017.HealthifyMe has grown 3.5 times in 2017 to 4 million users, spread to 200+ cities, and is booking US$ 4.5M in ARR [Annualized Run Rate] revenue. With more than a million monthly active users, HealthifyMe enjoys about 10% of the Indian market share in the health/fitness category as per AppAnnie. HealthifyMe users have tracked 200 million foods, workouts and exchanged 10 million messages with their nutritionists and trainers.

Learning from this, HealthifyMe launched the world’s first AI nutritionist ‘Ria’ in late 2017, which is now guiding its paying consumers alongside human nutritionists and trainers. The HealthifyMe app itself has also become the highest rated app on Google Play in India achieving a rating of 4.6 and Google’s Best app of 2017 recognition – third year running.

HealthifyMe intends to use this fresh round of funding to deepen its presence in India by offering health foods, diagnostics and insurance products beyond its digital nutrition/fitness services portfolio. HealthifyMe also hopes to enter other emerging markets. The company recently launched in the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Countries] market and is already in the top 3 on Google Play, UAE. Additionally the company intends to use the funds to further its AI and Data Science capabilities.

Tushar Vashisht, CEO, HealthifyMe, said

Our vision is to build the world’s largest online health and fitness service. We want to help millions of consumers achieve their goals by engaging with nutritionists and other health experts empowered with Artificial Intelligence. ‘Ria’, our AI nutritionist that we introduced last quarter will have a game changing effect on fitness/nutrition access to Indians. We are already India’s go-to health app, this funding will help us to launch in other emerging markets where obesity and lifestyle diseases are growing exponentially. It will also help us expand our offerings portfolio to affiliated products and services that our customers need.

Kirill Kozhevnikov, MD and Partner, Sistema Asia Fund Advisory, said

We are strong believers in preventive healthcare. People all over the world associate healthcare mostly with disease treatment, but ideally healthcare should prevent diseases. HealthifyMe team is disrupting this vitally important sector with its technology platform, transforming everyday behavior of people, and measurably making them healthier. We are happy to back the company in its mission.

Amit Garg, Principal at Samsung NEXT Ventures, said

HealthifyMe is the leading digital health app in India, and a very compelling mix of both human and machine intelligence. Its network of coaches helps users stick to their diet and fitness plans, the AI they have developed helps the coaches be more efficient. We were also impressed with the sheer amount of data the company has gathered, including the database of Indian foods.

HealthifyMe was co-founded by Tushar Vashisht and Sachin Shenoy who worked previously at UIDAI [Aadhar, Govt of India], Deutsche Bank and Google across India and Silicon Valley. The HealthifyMe app is available to download for free and enables users to keep a track of their calories, set personal fitness goals and measure progress. It boasts of the world’s largest database of Indian foods and syncs with all leading wearables, Google Fit and Apple Health. As part of its subscription services, HealthifyMe connects users with qualified nutritionists and trainers who review their progress, provide diet and exercise plans and work with the users to help them achieve their fitness goals.

HealthifyMe also has curated a digital workplace wellness program and has worked with clients such as P&G, Unilever, Accenture, Cognizant, Shell, Philips amongst others. The Company also works as a digital/preventive partner for top healthcare providers in India like Medanta, Manipal, Apollo ACODE etc. In early 2016, HealthifyMe had setup its global headquarter in Singapore and received Series A funding of US$6 Million led by IDG Ventures India, Inventus Capital, Blume Ventures and NB Ventures.

Swiggy, India’s leading food ordering and delivery platform, has raised USD 100 million in Series F funding, its largest round yet. Led by Naspers, a global internet and entertainment group, and one of the world’s largest technology investors, the Series also includes new investor Meituan-Dianping, China’s largest service e-commerce platform.With this new funding, Swiggy will further strengthen its market leadership position by introducing a host of unique and advanced products and services. As part of its long-term strategy of solving for existing supply gaps in the marketplace, Swiggy will also make investments in its New Supply business line.

After the successful launch of its first New Supply initiative, ‘Swiggy Access’ last November, the new capital will be used for further expansion. Swiggy will also continue innovating its core technology platform, especially in the areas of data-driven self-learning systems that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company will build on its adaptive, real-time prediction and optimization systems to further improve consumer choice and personalization, along with speed, volume and efficiency of deliveries.

Sriharsha Majety, CEO, Swiggy, said

As India’s leading food ordering and delivery platform with a network of thousands of restaurants and millions of users, Swiggy has become part of consumers’ everyday lives. We want to continue to bring convenience, choice and reliability to our users as we fulfill our mission of ‘Changing the Way India Eats’.

With this funding, we will further invest in building differentiated offerings, plugging the white spaces in the ecosystem, and developing our technology while keeping superlative customer experience at the core.

Since the last round of funding, Swiggy has introduced a slew of new initiatives like Swiggy Access, long-distance deliveries and Capital Assist to help restaurants serve consumers in new and more powerful ways.

The company also strengthened its senior leadership with several additions to the team including those from the recent acqui-hire of gourmet food startup 48East. The top-rated food app also underwent a revamp, making it more intuitive and personalized to each consumer, enabling a great food ordering experience. Swiggy has posted a record increase of 500 percent in revenues in the last financial year and saw order volumes nearly double since its previous funding in May 2017.

Larry Illg, CEO, Naspers Ventures, said

Swiggy has continued strong growth through 2017 and now has a clear lead in the market. The company’s performance is all the more impressive given the intense competition we see in the food ordering and delivery business in India. Swiggy has shown it has the ability to rise above the competition and create long-term relationships with its users.

Over the last three years, Swiggy has steadily leveraged its understanding of the Indian consumer to identify market gaps and introduce disruptive and differentiated service offerings. The fastest food delivery service in the country, Swiggy’s average delivery time is an industry benchmark of under 35 minutes. It has also unlocked the business potential of partner restaurants across eleven locations in India, including Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Chandigarh.

Healthureum, blockchain based healthcare startup announced raising of $15 million in the bounty program of its Pre- ICO campaign. The company had undertaken it’s first ICO in the month of Nov~Dec and ended up raising an amount of $15 million. Healthureum an Estonia based startup that claims of bringing first blockchain based Healthcare announced its Pre-ICO in the month of Dec and after an overwhelming response from the market is all set for its Upcoming Token generation event which is scheduled for the 3rd week of February respectively.

New applications of blockchain technology are picking up pace and startups are bent on exploiting it in every way. As complex as it may seem, blockchain is a decentralized ledger that records transactions on blocks and encrypts them cryptographically. It’s decentralized nature enables preserving the integrity of data and hence makes blockchain ideal for application in data management.

Healthureum, launched its initiative aiming to revolutionize the healthcare technology by integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency into the existing system to eliminate malpractices and errors in order to ensure efficiency and accuracy in the operational procedures of healthcare. The company made news after it raised a sizeable fund in its Pre Token Generation Event [Pre-TGE] mounting up to $15 million at the very beginning of this year.

Healthureum is a platform designed on Ethereum based blockchain employing smart contracts to create a dynamic environment for stakeholders involved in the overall healthcare procedures by facilitating payments and rewards within the system with the use of an exclusive token called HHEM.

Spearheaded by Data Scientist Malcolm Wilkinson, Medicine Specialist Tomoi Set, and Chief Project Office Danuta Kowalska, this integration of a 21st century technology, blockchain, and one of the most ancient practices of humankind, healthcare, is dubbed as the first step to a holistic environment where solutions to multiple health services related problems well forth from this sophisticated software.

As per the press releases from the company, Healthureum will proceed with its next ICO beginning 26th February, 2018 till 1st April, 2018 with an appreciated token price at $3.95 from a previous $3.53. Healthureum provides efficient support in doctor consultation, referrals, and diagnostics, medical infrastructure, philanthropic activities, data systematization, and research programs to enable cost cutting, population health management, innovation, and regulatory practices by adopting cooperative delivery models and transitioning to digitized operations.

Ritu Tyagi, Director of Marketing, Healthureum, said

The response to the Pre TGE has been encouraging and we are looking forward to another successful Token Generation event on 26th February. Our investors have immensely supported the development of our services in the early stages. We are positive that the establishment of a decentralized framework will induce a chain reaction to rejuvenate the operational and administrative procedures in both institutions and the bureaucracy not only in the west but across countries.

Studies conducted by American giants such as Deloitte and IBM state the role of blockchain in the evolution of healthcare and shortcomings of the prevalent systems further corroborate the scope of blockchain’s application in the industry. With a transparent and immutable ledger of longitudinal history of every patient participating in the system, the crippled structure of data management which causes prejudicial events for the patients as well as the caregivers in the industry can be stabilized and revived. More than 500 lives lost each day due to errors and accidents in the hospitals can be prevented by replacing the existing mechanisms with systems capable of managing mountainous data such as in the health industry.

Transitioning to a digitized system is expected to invite support from philanthropic contributors as well as investors. A monetary influx is essential to support the upcoming change while simultaneously filling the existing gaps in other fronts of the systems as lack of trained personnel, advanced equipment, infrastructure, and need for research and development. The cryptocurrency based model, using HHEM token on the ECR20 standard, is a self appreciating scheme to provide high yield to each participant as well as to the whole system at large.

The HHEM token will facilitate fast and secure transfer of funds across borders for payments for services and rewards on referrals both within the network and outside it enabling patients to seek video consultation from doctors in any part of the world without worrying about the hassles of transferring money to another country hence opening the doors to a globally connected network of doctors and patients.

Aiming to bring standardization, scalability, and social responsibility, blockchain is a blessing in disguise as it is expected to improve the overall state of people’s health in the country that it is established to. The health of a country’s population is an essential determinant of the growth of the economy, very well reflected in the GDP when more and more people are able to contribute to the development of the areas they work in while the financial burden on the economy is reduced when people are healthier. 

Blockchain based initiatives, such as Healthureum, are garnering attention as experts and enthusiasts in finance and tech look for promising opportunities which are, of course, financially beneficial and also lead change in their niche. With an advantageous start at the Pre TGE, Healthureum has its road map ready with the implementation of its Alpha model in hospitals lined up in November 2018.

Scripbox was awarded the ‘Best Innovative wealth, asset and investment management service/product‘ by the Internet and Mobile Association of India [IAMAI] at the 8th India Digital Awards held last week. The awards were part of the 12th India Digital Summit held in Delhi. IAMAI’s India Digital Awards recognizes and rewards organizations, teams and practitioners who deliver successful business outcomes using the digital medium.Scripbox uses proprietary algorithms to simplify and automate the steps required for successful mutual fund investment. Human errors and bias are removed as the algorithm recommends the best mutual funds to invest your money in. Additionally, best investment practices such as periodic review and refreshing of funds are also automated by Scripbox. Since their inception in 2012, they have enabled over 1.1 million investment transactions.

Speaking about the award, E.R. Ashok Kumar, CEO and Co-founder of Scripbox, said

It is a proud moment for us to have our efforts recognized by IAMAI. We have been focused on delivering customer focused innovation and doing what is best for the customer in personal finance. This award will go a long way in encouraging us and endorsing our efforts.

Union Minister for Commerce and Industries Suresh Prabhu and NITI Ayog CEO Amitabh Kant attended the IAMAI 12th India Digital Summit which concluded with the 8th India Digital Awards. IAMAI is the only representative body of Internet Services business in India. IAMAI is a not-for-profit industry body which champions the interests of India’s internet services business among government, investors, consumers and other stakeholders.

About Scripbox

Scripbox is India’s most trusted online investment service. Scripbox simplifies the journey of wealth creation with jargon free and unbiased automated investing – scientifically choosing the best funds to invest your money in. Established in 2012, Scripbox today has over 3,50,000 subscribers across 1150 cities & towns who have invested over Rs.650+ crore of their savings with the company. For more information, please visit ScripBox, also available on Android and iOS.

Do you have a dream of starting something on your own? Do you have that spark in you? Are you in short of money to pursue your business? Always remember that most of the biggest companies were started on a very short budget.

Amazon’s office during the early stage

If you have that passion in you, budget constraint won’t be able to stop you from winning, period.

Let’s discuss a few pointers you need to consider if you are starting your business on a budget

Paperwork is optional

Unless you are dealing with some legal way or something, it is not mandatory to get your business registered. Many of the small business were started without any paperwork done. Once they validated their idea, they proceeded to get their site registered.

I see guys getting into all the paperwork without even validating their idea. Later on all the effort of registration and paperwork is wasted if the business doesn’t turn out well.

You don’t need an office

Jeff Bezos started his empire from garage and same is with Larry Page. Don’t hesitate to make garage your office if required. You can always opt for those swanky offices once you run in profits.

As most of the businesses these days run on laptops and phones, you can also get this done sitting in the comfort of your home! I understand that some guys hesitate sitting in garage or home, but if you are really serious about the work, you will be able to do it no matter where you are sitting.

Be ready to make your hands dirty

While in corporate world, there is a specific task assigned to each of the employee. But when you are starting up, you have to do it all yourself. Sometimes you be the sweeper and sometimes a telecaller. Man, this is startup and you have to get into multiple roles unless you are a Ambani or Tata.

Similarly, get things like branding and website by yourself too. I have used Canva’s Free visiting card maker to get some awesome cards done within seconds. You can do it too for Logo, banners and much more. Want a website done? Get website builder and do it yourself. Similarly you can do a lot of things by your own.

Save Save Save, negotiate where you can

A penny saved is a penny earned, right? Negotiate everywhere. Always remember you are on a fixed budget. Buying computer parts? Search for wholesalers in your area. Always look out for wholesale places as there are always such places where the prices are low.

Similarly, ask your vendors to give you credit for a month or so. This will help you keeping cash in hand. Also, keep a check on minute expenditures. These small ones look negligible but they might result in huge expenses collectively.

Learn new things instead of outsourcing

As I said before, you don’t have to get everything outsourced when you are starting up. Learning new skills helps a lot. I know many startup guys who designed their website, who designed their logos, who painted their office.

There will be times where you will need expert’s help. For that, there are communities related to every industry. Just be bold and ask your query. Yes this is time taking, but who cares? When you are moving, it is good, whether it’s slow or fast 🙂

Do a lot of networking

Once I met a developer who turned out to a great guy. We met at local dev meetup where I offered everyone free hosting coupons I got from a friend who just started his web hosting company. The developers were so impressed, one of them offered me help to create my blog.

In a nutshell, networking helps a lot as you can help people as per your expertise and they can help you as per theirs. This is a win win situation where no one has to spend money to get things done!

Starting a business is no doubt a tough task. I have seen many guys sinking and getting back to their 9 to 5 within months of starting up. Don’t let any constraint hinder your way, keep your will as strong as stone and dive into the sea of entrepreneurship. All the best!

About the Author

Prince Kapoor is a Freelance Marketing Analyst and Blogger. While not working, you can find him in gym or giving random health advises to his colleagues which no one agrees on :). If you too want some of his advises [on health or on marketing], reach out to him at @imprincekapur

Corporatedge, a leading provider of Serviced Office Infrastructure in India gets funded by SIDBI India Opportunities Fund to support the expansion of the company’s Serviced Offices business. With this funding, the company aims at expanding to over 6 locations across India.

Formed in 2012 as a privately held company, the company provides fully serviced offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms & co-working spaces for companies ranging from start-ups to multinational conglomerates. Since inception, CE Serviced Offices Private Limited [Corporatedge] has been passionately focusing on service delivery and premium yet value for money offering in the Serviced Offices vertical.

The company has two operational serviced office offerings in premium locations in Gurgaon. Corporatedge launched its first Centre with 40 office suites and 178 workstations spread over 16,000 sq. ft. – at DLF Cyber City in 2013. In 2016 another premium offering was set up at Corporatedge Horizon Centre, spread over 25,000 sq ft. with 60 suites and 280 workstations at DLF Two Horizon in April 2016.

Corporatedge has created a mark in the Business Center industry with MNCs and international firms largely working out of their state of the art modern facilities. They have a total of 500 desks operational and have grown their capacity by 60% in the last quarter of 2017.

Positioned as a Premium offering in the Serviced Offices space, ‘Corporatedge’ is known for its Premium offering as – Location, Address, Product-mix, Infrastructure, Interiors, Technology and Service support. With the India Growth story gaining momentum and the country’s brand equity in the business world being stronger than ever, the demand from foreign companies, domestic companies, and startups within the country for serviced offices will continue to grow over the next several years.

Mona Shukla, Founder, and CEO at Corporatedge Serviced Offices, said

We want companies to have a premium workplace environment experience, second to none in the world. The world wants to do business with India and in India. And they will demand the best service standards and settle for nothing less.

We are humbled by the support of SIDBI IOF Team. Our commitment of an excellent service, followed by manageable growth has made us reach this far. With this round of funding, we see ourselves grow into a national entity. We dream to be a global entity soon and this would be a major milestone in our journey.

SIDBI Venture Capital Limited [SVCL], incorporated in 1999, is an investment management company and a wholly owned subsidiary of SIDBI, the Apex Financial Institution in the country for the MSME sector. Over its life, SVCL has managed funds focussed on different themes including Startups/early stage technology businesses, manufacturing SMEs, service entities, agribusinesses, financial inclusion companies, etc. However, the common string in all investments has been the focus to identify strong & ethical leadership teams capable of executing innovation-based business models or robustly scalable businesses. Acupro Consulting, a boutique investment banking outfit based out of Gurgaon acted as exclusive advisor to the Company in this transaction.

Microsoft Accelerator, a global program built to empower start-ups, and Accenture Ventures, which partners with and invests in growth-stage companies that create innovative enterprise technologies, today announced a new ecosystem partnership that aims to strengthen the start-up ecosystem in India.

Image Source –

The two companies will help growth-stage technology B2B start-ups boost their enterprise readiness and go-to market, and help achieve scale in national and international markets. This was announced at Microsoft Accelerator’s flagship event, ThinkNext 2018. The event, which was attended by over 400 business and industry thought leaders, start-ups, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs also marked the graduation Microsoft Accelerator’s 11th winter cohort.

Microsoft Accelerator and Accenture Ventures will support growth-stage technology B2B start-ups in India specializing in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Fintech, Big data, Security and Customer experience solutions, and provide access to Accenture’s global clients and Microsoft’s global network. The ecosystem partnership will help start-ups deploy solutions in large India and global client environments, improvise on their business model and sharpen their go-to-market strategy. Start-ups stand to gain by developing innovative solutions for enterprise use cases created out of the synergy between Microsoft Accelerator and Accenture Ventures and their shared innovation ecosystems consisting of start-ups, venture capitalists, universities and corporate R&D Labs.

[L-R] Bala Girisabala, Managing Director, Microsoft Accelerator and Avnish Sabharwal, Managing Director, Accenture Ventures India on the signing of MoU between the two entities

Speaking on the ecosystem partnership, Bala Girisaballa, Managing Director, Microsoft Accelerator, said

Start-ups are the centers of innovation, and over the past decade they have played a crucial role in disrupting many industries worldwide. Today, the need is to create a collaborative environment and bring start-ups and corporates together to co-create and co-innovate. Our partnership with Accenture showcases our commitment to connect start-ups with large corporates and help them scale up to become successful businesses.

Commenting on the ecosystem partnership, Avnish Sabharwal, Managing Director, Accenture Ventures, India, said

At Accenture Ventures, we believe that an open innovation approach can help enterprises accelerate adoption of ‘The New’, underpinned by innovation and digital. This ecosystem partnership is an example of how we orchestrate the innovation ecosystem and create opportunities for start-ups to grow and scale-up. We are excited about the unique value that Accenture Ventures and Microsoft Accelerator can together create for start-ups and enterprises.

Through this ecosystem partnership, Microsoft Accelerator and Accenture Ventures together will host various start-up events and summits in India which will enable them to engage deeply with the start-up network and bring new opportunities to innovate for clients. In the process, the ecosystem partnership will significantly strengthen the Indian B2B start-up network and support Startup India and Digital India programs.

About Microsoft Accelerator

Microsoft Accelerator is a global program built to empower startups around the world on their journey to build great companies. We work with market-ready startups to provide the tools, resources, connections, knowledge and expertise they need to become successful companies. Our goal is to help startups mature into enterprise-ready companies by scaling every aspect of their business. For more information, please visit Microsoft Accelerator

NiYO Solutions Inc., an emerging fintech startup for salaried employees, has raised $13.2 million [85 crore] in Series A funding to drive the continued expansion of its payroll and benefits platform in India. The investment was made by Social Capital, JS Capital LLC [the family office of Jonathan Soros], and Horizons Ventures with participation by existing investor, Prime Venture Partners. In total, the company has raised more than $14 million in venture capital. Adding on to its continued growth and popularity among businesses across India, NiYO aims to serve 5000 organizations and over 1 million salaried employees by the end of 2018.

NiYO was launched in July 2016 as a pilot in Bengaluru and has already clocked more than 500 corporates and is being used by over 100,000 salaried employees in these organisations, through its partnerships with YES Bank and DCB Bank. NiYO is a one-stop solution for all employee payouts; it’s solutions include salary accounts, meal cards, canteen solutions, corporate gift card, reimbursements account, international travel card and corporate credit cards.

With this fresh funding, NiYO plans to strengthen and expand its product suite for the salaried segment besides taking the product to tier 2 and 3 towns. The funding will also be used for further product development, team expansion and increasing presence in tier 1 cities. The addressable market is close to 75 million salaried employees in India who can benefit through a simple payroll & benefits solution which can increase the take home salaries and simplify financial planning & other banking needs.

Employee Payroll in India and around the world has traditionally seen very little innovation in the past several decades with banks hardly providing any differentiation to customers. This, coupled with inefficient, paper-driven processes mean that most employers and employees fail to take advantage of tax exemptions and other savings that the law provides for. Same holds true for investment and lending products for salaried class where the power of payroll is largely ignored in product design.

NiYO believes that it’s cutting edge technology and processes can combine the erstwhile unconnected worlds of Human Resources and Financial Services. The future is mobile and with support for disruptive platforms such as Aadhaar and the Unified Payment Interface [UPI], NiYO will enable its customers to simplify and control their banking, taxation & finance needs. All this while ensuring a transparent, compliant & efficient process for employers. NiYO has also filed multiple product & process patents in this space.

NiYO comprises of a corporate portal for salary disbursal, payroll card to receive salary and spend on ATM/POS/Online and a mobile app to track transactions and do basic banking functions like fund transfer etc. With eKYC and self-onboarding enabled on the NiYO app, users can easily access their account details and keep a tab on their expenditures and allowances digitally. It also has a capability to attach bill proof through mobile and also allow digital storage of bill and receipts on the cloud.

The mobile app allows employees to review all card transactions as well as check balances in real time. While it helps the organizations to digitize the benefits and payroll process and be more compliant and transparent, it also provides employees a unique experience of a single card for all requirements. The solution does not require either the corporate or the employee to change bank accounts.

Vinay Bagri, CEO & Co-founder, NiYO, said

These are exciting times at NiYO. We deeply believe that the rapidly growing number of salaried employees in India have not seen much innovation when it comes to their own payroll and benefits. They are mobile and app-savvy and very demanding. At NiYO, our core objective is to maximize employees’ effective salary by bringing innovations in payroll and benefits processes. Our aim is to optimize the product suite for employees in areas of taxation, lending and wealth. We have been fortunate to partner with JS Capital, Social Capital, Horizon Ventures and Prime – all of whom are top tier investors with deep fintech and operational expertise to take us to the next level.

Arjun Sethi, Partner, Social Capital, said

NiYO is digitizing the entire employee payroll and benefits value chain, making the process easier and more transparent for employers and employees alike. This is an area that hasn’t seen much innovation in the Indian technology ecosystem, despite the massive addressable market. We believe that India is on the brink of unprecedented consumer consumption, and that movement begins with infrastructure that manages people’s earnings in a reliable and modern way.

Sanjay Swamy, Managing Partner, Prime Venture Partners, said

NiYO’s strong growth since its inception is testament to both the innovative nature as well as rapid customer adoption of their solution which addresses a massive opportunity – providing effortless and innovative solution to manage payroll and benefits, powered by mobile. The combination of SmartPhone penetration and IndiaStack makes the timing right for NiYO’s patent-pending innovations to come to market. We are privileged to be associated with this stellar team from the start of their journey and be part of their vision to disrupt the payroll landscape.

About NiYO

Founded in 2015 by Vinay Bagri and Virender Bisht, NiYO’s mission is to increase cash flow for all salaried individuals by leveraging technology in areas of payroll & benefits. NiYo features an integrated solution comprising of a Multi-Pocket Card, a Mobile App and a digital account with multiple wallets.

Vinay has spent more than 18 years working with diverse organisations like Parle, 3M, ICICI Bank, SCB, ING and Kotak Mahindra Bank. He combines deep understanding of distribution and retail banking having spent over a decade in leadership roles across unsecured lending, retail liabilities, corporate salary and retail banking strategy.

Virender is a seasoned technology professional with 16 years of experience in creating world-class software products for companies like MobiKwik, Makemytrip (MMYT),, Exponential Inc, GE Medical Systems and Tata Consultancy Services. Virender is a hands-on technologist and has a reputation for building scalable solutions for e-commerce and payments domain. For more information, please visit NiYO