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How it started

In the year 2005, when blogging was picking up in India, I was inspired by my room-mate Chirag Doshi to start my own blog. Just like others, I was also a novice blogger and in May 2005, I wrote my article in my old blog. Though each day was a new learning, September 2006 was the time when I really understood the power of blogging through the unconference Blog Camp,India organized by Kiruba & team [yeah, it took me 1 year+ to understand such a small thing]. This unconference helped me connect with lot of people and suddenly a “Blog with personal rants” became “A blog focussed on Startups”. Thanks, BlogCamp for making me realize my inner potential !!!

What Now

After blogging on startups & entrepreneurship for around 2.5 years, in January 2008, I joined a Anaxee Technologies-a biometrics startup as a core team-member. The experience there helped me to understand the nitty-gritty of startups, marketing, understand myself [whether I am really a startup material from all angles] and above all the interesting experience of pitching to VCs [Our team was headed by Govind Agrawal]. At least I became a startupper but very soon I had to quit and than there was another stint at IChip Technologies, Hyderabad. Believe me, learning experience is always awesome in a small setup and here in IChip,  I could use the experience from Anaxee !!!

However, 2009 was not at a good year for many startups [who would forget this episode]. The stay was again short-lived here and I had to finally move back to my old job [in order to gain stability].  Now, I work with Mphasis but the fire still remains inside!!! 23rd November 2009 was the start of another episode for me, I got married to Janukin and now I realize that if you want to fulfill your dreams [no matter what they are], you require a supporting partner [in a startup or in real life]

 I love to network and you can head here,so that we can stay in touch. You can buzz me at +91-9036450243 or mail me himanshu.sheth@gmail.com

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