Dailyhunt, India’s #1, News and local language content application, today announced the launch of Newzly, a news-in-brief app for Android users. The app offers a summary of trending news articles across multiple genres such as regional, international, entertainment, business, sports and technology. The content is available in nine languages –  English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali and Gujarati.

Newzly presents a summary of stories in a simple minimalistic design, in the form of cards that can be swiped horizontally to seamlessly sift through subsequent news. The app allows users to read the full article by simply swiping vertically. With Newzly, consumers can also customize their feed basis topics of interest. Users can bookmark cards and share stories on social media including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Key highlights of Newzly app are as follows –

  • The app offers a summary of trending news articles across multiple genres such as regional, international, entertainment, business, sports and technology.
  • The content is available in nine languages –  English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali and Gujarati.
  • Newzly presents a summary of stories in a simple minimalistic design, in the form of cards that can be swiped horizontally to seamlessly sift through subsequent news.
  • The app allows users to read the full article by simply swiping vertically. With Newzly, consumers can also customize their feed basis topics of interest. Users can bookmark cards and share stories on social media including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Commenting on the launch of Newzly, Virendra Gupta, Founder & CEO, Dailyhunt, said

India has a large local language population with diverse needs and the launch of Newzly is part of our expansion of the product portfolio to serve those needs. Newzly app is designed to serve the needs of users who have less time on hand and wants to stay updated with the summary of major breaking & trending news. This app is currently available in 9 languages and we are likely to expand it into more languages in the coming months.

Newzly is a significant addition to Dailyhunt’s product portfolio, which also launched Dailyhunt Lite, its PWA in November last year and partnered with Vuclip and YuppTV to offer original videos and Live TV on its platform.

About Dailyhunt

Dailyhunt is India’s #1, News and local language content application with over 155 Million app installs offering 100,000 news articles in 14 languages licensed from over 800 publication partners every day. The Dailyhunt group has 50+ Million users spending over 6 Billion minutes on the service every month. It’s unique machine learning and deep learning technology enables smart curation of content and tracks user preferences to deliver real-time, personalized content and notifications.  Visit DailyHunt for more information.

The premium ad tech network, Apps Discover Technologies Pvt. Ltd, now becomes India’s one of the biggest player in APK [Android Package Kit] campaigns marketing. Apps Discover was founded in the year 2013 and since then the company has worked on over 300 APK campaigns. The campaigns reflect company’s sturdy and efficacious bond with its clients like Alibaba, Amazon, Paytm, Baidu, Flipkart, etc.

These APK campaigns have been a major player in company’s phenomenal growth rate and have created a benchmark in Indian Digital Ad Network Industry. The Company’s APK marketing campaigns are running in India and international geographies like China, Thailand, Russia, UK, and Australia.

Commenting on company’s achievement, Ashish Bahukhandi, Founder & CEO said

At Apps Discover, we embrace every aspect of technology to make digital evolution more augmented for our clients and this accomplishment is a resounding validation of our work by our fellow associates and clients.

After it’s strong base in South Asian Countries the company is now seeking for funding to foster its growth in other continents.

About Apps Discover Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Apps Discover Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a premium Digital Ad Network Marketing Company offering the most preferred online affiliate programs & affiliate marketing products which help advertisers across multiple industrial backgrounds to advertise their brands [products/services] and track mobile ad campaigns in the easiest way possible. Started with an office in Gurgaon, Haryana the company’s operations have now extended far and wide in the South-East Asia market with a strong base in Singapore and Indonesia. For more information, please visit Apps Discover

Technology is changing at a very rapid pace and one invention that has played the role of catalyst is ‘The Mobile Phone’. Back in the 90’s [the Nokia 1100 era], mobiles used to be a device that only the rich & affluent could afford since consumers had to even pay for the incoming calls on their mobile 🙁 Fast forward now, the bulky, then unintelligent mobile phone has now become much more affordable, intelligent, smarter, and an inseparable part of  our lives. Apart from the on-going innovations in the mobile market, one aspect that has made a tremendous impact on the consumers and businesses alike is the ‘Introduction of applications/apps’.

Image Source – Mobile Phone

Era of Hyper-personalization

Whatever be the task, consumers now have an app that can get the work done for them. There are apps catering to every segment – travel, shopping, medical, banking, personal finance, etc. due to which consumers have access to a variety of services at their fingertips. As mentioned earlier, mobile technology has not only had a tremendous impact on the lives of consumers but has also resulted in a rapid shift in the manner in which products/services are marketed online. Gone are the days where marketers could apply a ‘one size fits all’ strategy for customer acquisition and customer retention since this is an era of Hyper-personalization.

With customers having so many options at their disposal, it becomes imperative for companies to offer consumers hyper-personalized experience, an experience tailor-made for them. Apart from the plethora of consumer-generated data, namely social media information, browsing history, purchasing history, user preferences, etc. that companies can utilize to provide a near-about ‘unique and personalized’ experience, ‘Location Services’ is what would make that experience ‘truly unique’!

Location – Personalization at your service

Majority of the smartphones [high-end, mid-range] as well as tablets now come equipped with Assisted GPS [AGPS] that consume significantly lesser power as compared to GPS, due to which geo-location [process of finding exact location of a mobile/tablet/etc.] has become more important for brands as well as developers. Food-tech companies [like Swiggy, Foodpanda, etc.], on-demand transport apps [like Uber, Ola, etc.], hyper-local startups, etc. use location for customer relationship management, targeted marketing, pushing relevant offers to customers but there are apps in other sectors apart from the ones mentioned above can take advantage of location.

There is no doubt that location-based services have gained much more prominence since people are mostly hooked on to their mobile phones during the day, due to which brands can reach them with relevant and timely information. Location-based services market is expected to reach $3.8 billion by 2018 [Source] and mobile marketers are leaving no stone unturned to make use of these services in order to provide a much better customer engagement and experience. Beacons and Geo-fencing are the two major options available for them, with each having its unique advantages and disadvantages.

Beacons or Geo-Fencing for location-based services

Beacons are small devices that detect when your mobile phone is in close proximity to it. Beacon than sends a signal to the server which in-turn sends a ‘relevant’ push notification to your device. The primary advantage of beacons is that they are highly accurate and can be used indoors. The downside is that they are hard to deploy since beacon is a separate hardware and they need to be placed at strategic locations inside a store in order to get the best output. Geo-fencing is a virtual fence drawn on a map. The size of the fence can vary from small [e.g. a small retail outlet] to huge [e.g. city]. Hence, geo-fencing is ideally suited for outdoor use-cases like measuring the throughput of a billboard advertisement/sending push notifications to customers at an airport lounge/etc. Also, geo-fencing does not require any additional hardware since it uses user’s phone GPS location. In a nutshell, mobile marketers have to make a conscious decision to select the right approach based on the budget, brand requirements, target audience, etc.

Radar – Location platform for mobile apps

Location is definitely the future of mobile and as mentioned earlier, a majority of the apps on Android as well as iOS platforms are not location-aware. Though there are many companies in the location space like FourSquare, Factual, etc., app developers required location platform for mobile apps. The main advantage of such a platform is that developers can build great location-aware product experiences, and collect and store location data in a privacy-sensitive way without spending too much time on this development. Radar, a US-based startup is solving this problem for developers by providing tools that help app developers add location tracking and context to their apps. Radar helps companies build better products and make better decisions with location data. For example, a travel app may change the in-app experience when someone is traveling and at an airport or a delivery app can help track all the delivery drivers. App developers can use Radar’s iOS and Android SDK to add these capabilities to their apps in just a few lines of code. Building these capabilities from scratch can take weeks or months, but integrating Radar takes only a few hours.

Radar currently caters to use-cases in the following segments

  • Shopping
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Social
  • On-demand

Radar has three products as mentioned below:

  • Geo-fencing: With Geo-fencing, Radar will tell you when a user enters custom regions that you draw on a map. Geo-fences can be circles or polygons, and they might represent stores, neighborhoods, or other regions depending on your use case.
  • Insights: With Insights, Radar will learn where a user lives and works, and tell you when a user is at home, at work, or traveling.
  • Places: With Places, Radar will tell you when a user is at a place, a chain [e.g., Starbucks], or a category [e.g., airport], even if you have not set up a geo-fence for that place.

Location technology by Radar is used in many apps, including Warby Parker, Via, SeatGeek, Chick-fil-A, Raise, etc.

Further details can be found in the Radar Documentation If you are an app developer looking to integrate location intelligence into your app, do give Radar a spin! We would love to hear from you as to how location services will enable future apps and how these services can be used for the greater good of people and humanity, leave your response in the comments section…

XPRESSO App  from Mobigraph has won the Best Enhanced Communications App – Best of 2017 in the 16th annual Mobile Star Awards™ program, hosted by the mobile events and news site MobileVillage.

Image Source – Expresso App

According to Uday Kadirvel, CEO, Mobigraph Inc.

We are a digital avatar tech company; we at Mobigraph think users deserve better digital communication tools and all our innovations including XPRESSO app are geared towards meeting this need. Our technology can be seamlessly integrated with keypad, messaging, camera, Augmented Reality [AR] apps and handset OEMs. The Best Enhanced Communications App award for XPRESSO is recognition of our contribution to the mobile communications space.

Gary Thayer, Editor  of MobileVillage, said,

In our nearly 25 years of promoting the best in mobile, we still take pride in leveling the playing field for mobile tech innovators – whether they be creative new app startups or big-name companies. Because many of our readers and social followers have years of experience with mobile products, we trust them to have the strongest voice in picking the year’s best mobile apps and companies.

Jon Covington, Founder and CEO, MobileVillage, said,

A ‘Best of 2017’ Mobile Star Award is an accomplishment that’s recognized by the entire mobile industry, customers and buyers. Mobile Star Awards winners and nominees truly stand out and shine among millions of other mobile products as the greatest innovators and stars.

Since 2001, the Mobile Star Awards program has showcased the best products in categories covering consumer mobile apps, mobile devices, enterprise mobile services, technology visionaries, and success stories. Nominees and winners are chosen by the mobile-savvy followers of MobileVillage.com. All categories and winners are listed on MobileVillage.com here

About Mobigraph

Mobigraph’s vision is to make conversations Personal, Expressive and Playful for Users and Brands. Experts in mobile graphics software, cloud computing and creative arts, the team is onto change the way people express and emote in digital communication. XPRESSO App was launched in March 2017 and it is organically growing fast with over 12 million GIFs generated in a month. For more information, please visit Mobigraph

If you use any type of app or online service that requires a password, you may be familiar with waiting for the code to be sent via SMS. This code is known as a OTP for short, and can only be used once to login. As we sit and wait for the OTP to appear in our inbox, the bigger hassle is when trying to copy the code. Well, Truecaller has solved that for Android users!

Simple Copy OTP

Most messages containing an OTP are filled with other text, however, all we are searching for is that number. At Truecaller, we have created a clean and clear copy button on the notification containing the OTP. This means Truecaller recognizes and highlights the number you need and provides a one-tap way to copy.

How to Enable OTP Messages

To get this feature, you will need to enable Truecaller SMS in your app. You can make Truecaller your default SMS app, and gain additional features of spam protection.Make Short Calls with an Improved Flash!

With flash messaging, you can avoid calling or writing a full text message! It’s a great tool when you need to ask a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, and avoid the small talk. In fact, most SMS responses take around 15 minutes. But with Flash, replies are received in around 30 seconds!

In the newest Android update [v. 8.69], TrueCaller has improved the functionality their users have asked for!

  • Call log history of ongoing Flash messages
  • Polished design for better usage

JetSynthesys’ Sachin Saga Cricket Champions announced a successful milestone of achieving 2 Million downloads within less than a month of its launch. The mobile game has now become one of the top-most downloaded cricket games on Google Play in the month following its launch and the fastest cricket game to reach this download milestone.

Launched last month by the Master Blaster himself, the game gives fans an opportunity to relive the legend’s career by stepping into his shoes. Sachin Saga is the only game to receive almost 1 million pre-registrations on Google Play and was also featured as #1 by Google on pre-registration amongst top global titles.

Going beyond the digital realm, JetSynthesys is all set to celebrate this milestone with the introduction of mobile eSports to cricket fans in India and the qualifier rounds began on 5th January, 2018. For the first time ever, the gaming company will host the mobile e-Sport finals at the India Gaming Show from 19th~21st January 2018 in the city of Bengaluru.

A one of a kind mobile game entertainment event, the platform will witness lakhs of mobile game players of Sachin Saga, competing virtually to qualify for the final rounds and participate in the real-life tournament to win prizes of INR 1 lakh and more at the finale!

Sachin Tendulkar tweeted this download milestone and flagged off the tournament qualifiers on his twitter handle

Talking about this remarkable milestone, Rajan Navani, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, JetSynthesys said

The game has grown from strength to strength since its launch and we are absolutely thrilled that it has become so popular among cricket fans and mobile game lovers. Celebrating 2 Million downloads, we’re bringing mobile eSports to the country for the first time in cricket and aim to blur the line between physical and digital, and simultaneously engage gaming enthusiasts in a unique experience of sporting events.

Additional details are available here

K7 Threat Control Lab has provided a threat advisory on the recently reported ‘Android Banking Trojan‘, which incidentally is not as recent as it is presumed to be. A storm in a tea cup indeed. The ‘Android Banking Trojan’ also referred as Bankbots, targeting banking applications is nothing new.  It has been seen in the mobile malware world for quite some time now.

Image Source – Trojan

K7 Threat Control Lab has also emphasized that none of the banking apps that have been named are compromised, nor are they at some super high risk. However it is strongly advised that users ensure that a robust and up-to-date security software is installed on their phone before they use any banking app.

Analyzing this banking Trojan reveals that it still avails of the usual social engineering technique of masquerading itself as a Flash Player app to trick the user into downloading and installing it. As expected this malware is only available on third party markets of low reputation.

Further analysis reveals that the ‘Android Banking Trojan’ originated in Russia, and seeks out not only Indian banking applications, but also banking apps from other parts of the world, based on their geo-location.

Users must always be aware that apps like PDF readers, Flash Players or any document-related apps would never require device administrator privileges, nor would they usually request for permissions to ‘Send or Write or Receive SMS’ since these are not required for their functionality. In contrast, this Android Banking Trojan requests such out-of-context permissions from the user which should be considered very suspicious.

Precautionary Measures

K7 Computing recommends:

  • Installing a top-rated mobile security product such as K7 Mobile Security to block all kinds of infections
  • Regularly updating the mobile OS and security application installed to stay clear of mobile malware
  • Carefully analyzing the messages or alerts which are received before installing any app
  • Never installing apps recommended by strangers
  • Always preferring to download an app ONLY from the official Google Play store
  • Never enabling Download from Unknown Sources
  • Refraining from downloading applications that you do not need
  • Always verifying the reputation of the application by checking the reviews available before downloading it

In addition K7 Threat Control Lab has also reported that Android Banking Trojan was blocked as soon as it was first spotted. The desired feature is already incorporated in the K7 Mobile Security product. K7 Mobile Security users are protected against this banking Trojan and its variants with the detection name, Trojan [0051c57a].

BookMyShow, India’s largest online entertainment ticketing platform, has been touted as one of the best apps of 2017 on both Google PlayStore and on Apple’s App Store. As per Google, BookMyShow was one of the most innovative apps this year, a title give to those which explored interactive new ways of budgeting time and money, helping others, and experiencing the world around them.

On Apple’s App Store, BookMyShow featured in their Best of 2017 list in its Trends of the Year section that featured App Store editors’ most download worthy games and apps globally based on topics and trends that were popular on the App store throughout the year. BookMyShow was recognized as an app which helps people get more done each day through time saving personal services that continue to evolve.

Rightly so, BookMyShow has moved beyond just an online entertainment ticketing platform and has completely transformed itself into an experience provider with options of booking tickets for sports, events and concerts or tuning into Jukebox – a platform to stream the latest music and podcasts.

BookMyShow, with its mobile first approach, continues to drive over 75% of total transactions through mobile [apps and mobile web]. In 2017, BookMyShow particularly focused on improving user experience on its platform. Some major visible innovations included roll out of Jukebox- BookMyShow’s audio entertainment service, becoming the first Indian entertainment ticketing player to be a part of WhatsApp for Business pilot wherein WhatsApp replaced SMS as a ticket confirmation channel and rolling out the app in additional vernacular languages taking the total regional language count to 8.

On the other hand, BookMyShow has been tirelessly working at the backend to make its app a lot more intelligent and intuitive. The app now recommends movies and events, basis a user’s purchase history, right at the top, along with preferred cinemas and show times. The interactions between a user and the app have also been made a lot simpler. They no longer have to toggle back and forth and can simply tap to choose between different show times, cinemas while booking for a movie. These minor yet extremely significant changes have improved performance by 2x on major booking screens such as homepage, show times, and seat layout.

On the non-movies front, BookMyShow continued to seamlessly handle thousands of booking requests at once for mega concerts like Ed Sheeran Live in Mumbai, tickets for which were sold out in a matter of 48 minutes! BookMyShow improved the post purchase experience of the users by engaging with them through video and audio content [Jukebox] hosted on BookMyShow. The discovery of experiences was also made easier with introduction of many new filters and improved search option.

Parikshit Dar, Director, BookMyShow said

At its heart, BookMyShow is a simple product that provides a simple solution to pertinent problems that users like you and I face related to entertainment experiences. In all our endeavours, we continue to identify and solve these problems to create an unmatched experience for our users. We are absolutely thrilled that our efforts this year have not just been loved by our users but also recognized by both Google and Apple.

Apple Best of 2017 can be found here. Google Play Best of 2017 can be found here