Ushering IoT-enabled Smart Water Metering – Chariot ties up with Multimillion-Euro-Networth Enterprise

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As per United Nations’ Water Development Report 2016, one of the most serious problems mankind faces today is the scarcity of water for drinking and domestic use. In India, 63 million people are still lacking access to safe drinking water, according to statistics from World Bank. While potable water shortage is a matter of global concern, experts have in the recent past stressed that efficient processes and technologies for conservation, management and proper utilization of water systems is crucial to address the growing water crisis.

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With an eye to innovate in terms of water resource management, Chariot Tech Private Limited, a company that operates New-Delhi based IoT start-up Chariot, has recently tied up with Axioma Metering, a market leader in energy and metering products’ manufacturing in the Baltic region.

The partnership intends to change the face of water metering in India by introducing an umbrella of IoT technology-enabled smart water meters, which will be equipped to monitor, analyze, and appropriately manage water networks across the country.

Commenting on the collaboration, Nilay Mehrotra, Co-Founder & CEO, Chariot said

In today’s era of rapid urbanization, management of the water systems is a critical component for the sustained socio-economic growth. At a time when our country is facing the threat of a full-blown water crisis, Axioma and Chariot’s partnership is not only going to benefit the Smart Cities mission, but also the country’s citizens extensively.

Coupled with the power of the Internet of Things, the adaptation of smart water metering on a large scale has the potential to enable responsible water usage within communities, which in turn, can emerge as a permanent solution to India’s water mismanagement woes. With the help of advanced analytics-based optimizing strategies, we dream of a future where every household gets a fair share of clean water supply.

With the thrust on Smart Cities and Digital India recently, maintaining operational efficiency in terms of urban planning and infrastructure development for residents has become all the important. The outlook and growth trajectory of Smart Cities of the future will largely depend upon smart infrastructure; this is exactly where OEMs need to partner with startups, to derive support in meeting their software and hardware requirements.

Vaidas Jakubavicius, CEO, Axioma Metering said

Apart from being a manufacturer of world-class heat and water metering devices, we at Axioma Metering believe in constant innovation, R8D, and up-scaling. While we already assume a leadership role in developing ultrasound technology-based metering products in Baltic countries, we are indeed delighted to partner with Chariot in India, so as to bring a new dimension to the smart water metering scenario in this country.

With sustainability and high-tech resource monitoring at its heart, we are sure that this tie-up will provide immense value to Indian cities and states, which are already poised for a digital revolution.

Smart water meters provide real-time tracking for the flow and distribution of water networks in a specified area, while also monitoring consumption and expenditure. By studying usage patterns and parameters, predicting water loss due to leakage and enhancing water utility becomes easier. Over a period of time, this also helps in directing the water resources to low-yield areas which are in need the same.

Explaining further on the significance of the tie-up, Raj Garg, Co-founder & CTO, Chariot added

Chariot has introduced a first-of-its-kind Universal IoT platform to India, and also has to its credit executing a project in Maharashtra on Smart Water Metering. Since inception, one of our key focus areas is to help the governments in making efficient choices by leveraging the power of emerging technologies.

Through this partnership, we look forward to combine Axioma’s expertise in the metering sector with our own in the IoT solutions front; the ultimate aim is to support administrative bodies and regional stakeholders to manage their water needs.

As a digital enterprise, Chariot’s Universal IoT platform, which is agnostic to any IoT protocol and device types currently available, delivers comprehensive Platform-As-A-Service [PaaS] and Software-As-A Service [SaaS] solutions for developing and operating big data, predictive analytics, and so on.

On the other hand, Axioma designs and manufactures mechanical and ultrasonic devices for heat and water metering that are exported to 36 countries across the globe; it has already established a strong presence in European countries, and posted annual turnover of approximately 25 million euros. The company will be consolidating its foothold in the Indian arena through this partnership.

About Chariot Tech Pvt Ltd

Chariot is an IoT startup based out of New Delhi. Chariot was born in March 2017 as a brain child of two founder Nilay & Raj. Nilay & Raj started this company as a home automation company but suddenly struggled choosing optimal technology for the product. This confusion gave birth to chariot universal IoT platform. Nilay met Raj through a common friend on Raj’s birthday and started discussing random ideas over a coffee which finally resulted into birth of Chariot. Chariot till the time of formation have been growing at a rate of 45% month on month with a lot of enquiries from both domestic and global market. Chariot has successfully executed a project in Maharashtra on Smart Water metering using chariot product. For more information, please visit Chariot