Synechron launches InsurTech Accelerator Program

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Synechron Inc., the global financial services consulting and technology services provider, announced the launch of a set of InsurTech Accelerator solutions. Synechron’s InsurTech Accelerator Program combines Synechron’s expertise with digital innovation, business consulting, and technological capabilities to deliver firms end-to-end solutions to insurance business challenges through transformative digital initiatives and solutions.

Image Source – InsurTech

Synechron has built a suite of InsurTech Accelerators applications, each based on a unique business case, that allow organizations to leverage innovative technologies to enhance business operations, reduce operating costs, and create better client experiences. Synechron’s InsurTech Accelerator applications have taken a business challenge that can be best solved through technology and re-architected business processes to build a solution to those challenges.

The Accelerators focus on business consulting and use techniques like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation [RPA], Mobile Solutions, Digital Strategy/Customer Experience Design, and the Internet of Things [IoT]. This set of Accelerators is Synechron’s third accelerator program in FinLabs to date following the large success of Synechron’s Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Accelerators.

Along with the InsurTech applications, the Accelerator Program offers access to Synechron’s team of consultants who are experts in insurance business processes, products, regulation, operating models, and data architectures and models which are critical to constructing effective insurance applications.

The InsurTech Accelerators broken down by their core underlying technology include:


Synechron’s Blockchain InsurTech Accelerator focuses on two use cases:

  • Insurance Claims Processing, which leverages Blockchain’s Distributed Ledger Technology [DLT], smart contracts and digital capabilities combined with the IoT to assist with asset provenance, reduction of fraud, and a straight-through process around high volume, low-value insurance claims.
  • Trade Finance, bringing banks and corporates like insurance companies together on a single distributed ledger to minimize fraud and increase transparency around the supply chain.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Synechron’s AI/ML Accelerator for Visual Risk applies machine learning to analyze 70+ data sources and provide predictive risk analytics with detailed visualizations and simple risk queues to equip the underwriter with easy access to critical information, automating up to 80% of applications, leaving just the most complex for manual review. The AI/ML InsurTech Accelerators also include use cases for Intelligent Underwriter Scoring, utilizing historical policy data, real-time policy data, and predictive modeling to help underwriters prioritize based on work-to-reward ratio and Automated Natural Language Processing [NLP] for Account On-boarding.

Robotic Process Automation [RPA]

Synechron’s most functionally rich and advanced InsurTech Accelerator is RPA focused and addresses a wide variety of automated process orchestration with a fully customizable suite of pluggable Insurance components.  From front-end forms capture and OCR thru claims processing our high function accelerator allows disparate systems to be tied together with a light footprint, even working seamlessly with other automation tools.

Mobile Solutions

The InsurTech Accelerators focus on Mobile Solutions to allow insurers to tap into the functionalities built into mobile phones whether it’s geo-location, the camera, or simply the App Store to create 1:1 customer experiences.

Customer Experience Design

In today’s world of advanced digital, Customer Experience is what distinguishes an insurance company from another. The Accelerators allow Insurance companies to transform their business to create a new and transformed customer experience through effective user experience design related to their direct to customer, or insurance broker channel strategy.

Internet of Things [IoT]

An IoT solution gives insurers the capability to collect vast amounts of data that can be combined with other technologies to create powerful solutions. IoT can also allow insurers to use drones to access real-time damage assessment related to natural catastrophes, for example, to better anticipate future claims, create a device network that will better align insurers with customer needs or to better understand and control their losses.

For more information, please visit Synechron-InsurTech