GO-JEK Engineering hosts ‘She-Hack’, a 24 hour Hackathon for women

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GO-JEK Engineering, one of Southeast Asia’s leading start-ups from Indonesia, have announced the successful completion of its ‘She-Hack‘, a women-only, 24 hour hackathon. ‘She-Hack’ saw participation from over 100 young women, who had travelled from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, as well as from within Bengaluru. These women technologists created solutions around broad themes that included Mobility, Data Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, amongst others.

128 ideas were submitted for consideration to a panel of judges that comprised senior engineers and executives from GO-JEK India, Singapore and Indonesia. 115 cutting edge ideas were shortlisted by the team of women hackers, ranging from mobile analytics, facial recognition, optimizing data transfer to sentiment analysis and chat bots.

From left to right, second prize winners Divya Choudhary and Abinaya Mahendrian from team Superwoman, Jayshree Anand from team Alchemy, Sapna Jayavel and Janani Balasubramanian from team Nebula

The first prize winner was Jayshree Anand from the Alchemy team, who created ‘App Monitor‘ a sentiment analysis tool, which uses data from social media to pinpoint issues that customers are facing and reports back to the GO-JEK team. She won a Hyundai i10 car.

The second prize winner was the Superwoman team, comprised of Divya Choudhary and Abinaya Mahendrian. Using Data Science and Analytics, the team’s solution ‘Insight Pro‘, helped analyse which locations and customers brought in the most revenue in order to optimize allocation of resources. They won a Vespa Scooter.

The third prize winner, the Nebula team comprising Sapna Jayavel & Janani Balasubramanian designed a solution with Artificial Intelligence connected to a chat bot. Their solution ‘Where’s the Food?‘ that helps people with food ordering in different countries. It uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyse the food menu uploaded by the user by taking a photograph with their camera, and then makes recommendations based on the user’s dietary restrictions, allergies etc. They won an iPhone 7.

About GO-JEK Engineering India

GO-JEK Engineering India is the Bengaluru-based product development and training centre of GO-JEK, Indonesia’s largest and most valued start-up. Backed by Sequoia Capital India, KKR and DST Global, GO-JEK is one of the most watched start-ups in Southeast Asia. The GO-JEK Engineering India team comprises of developers, data scientists, designers and product managers who work on product innovation, mining data and crafting consumer experiences. For further information, please visit GO-JEK