Insights into “Coupon Marketing”

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One of the fast emerging marketing techniques is couponing business. CouponMAMU has brought a revolution in the way marketing takes place. You simply produce a booklet with different schemes in it after tagging certain hotshots of various categories and the customers can benefit from the discounts relevant to those brands. It is a win-win situation for the buyer and the brand offering discounts as the latter gains multiple customers within a short span of time.

Different Types of Couponing

If you are a shopping enthusiastic or an ardent businessperson, knowing what all kinds of coupons you can enjoy the benefits or offer would be of great advantage to you. Thus, the following types of coupons are available:-

Cash discounts
You may use these types of coupons for any period of time and attain the said discount benefits on relevant products.

Limited time

These coupons are issued only for a limited period of time after which you cannot attain benefits from it. But usually, given to the limited time duration, such coupons are highly lucrative for, both – the consumers & business people, as well.

Discount today
This is an immediate discount scheme wherein you get upfront discounts based on the purchases you have made.

Deferred Discount

In this type of coupons, you get discounts each time that you make a purchase and it keeps on accumulating until a substantial amount is accrued which you can make use of at a later date. It brings more customers and increases the purchase of goods of the respective brand.

Coupon mix
Here, more than one kinds of coupon scheme are clubbed so that the businesses can devise a scheme that is highly beneficial to itself & which also seems attractive to customers.

Strategies for Couponing Business

In order to thrive in the couponing business, a businessperson has to be smart enough to device perfect strategies for marketing.

Word Of Mouth
You can gain exclusive hoards of customers once you spread the word about your coupons. Word of mouth is really effective to gain customer fan-base in a short span of time for free or minimal cost.

Communication skills
The way you represent the coupons and show their prospects makes a lot of difference. You should be convincing and, yet, not  overbearing to the customer.

Lucrative offers
Too many lucrative schemes would do you no harm, in fact, it would drag potential customers to you like you’re some hot shopping hub.

Customer loyalty
You need to tap customer loyalty by staying in touch with them, updating them of newer schemes & establishing cordial relations with them.

Online buzz
Internet is a great medium for marketing. You may put a post on any Social-networking website’s or create a viral video regarding your coupons and their benefits and your work is done! People would spread it like crazy !!!

CouponMAMU holds a wide range of gadgets, accessories and apparels. Do give them a spin & let us know your comments …

  • Use of coupons is giving Indian E-Commerce a new shape and it has become an integral part of E-Commerce growth in India.


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  • Youngisthan

    Printing the coupons and circulating through newspapers is traditional and one of the best tactics.

  • Coupons have become an integral part of any online shopper. Online shopping stores always keep offering some discounts and with coupons this price even lowers.

    • Himanshu Sheth

      Yes, Couponing has really changed the landscape of online shopping in India & everyone loves discounts 🙂

      – Himanshu