ACT Fibernet, India’s largest fiber-focused wired broadband ISP, announced a strategic partnership with ZEE5, India’s fastest growing OTT platform. As a step to expand its OTT offerings and provide an unmatchable entertainment experience, ACT Fibernet is onboarding a variety of video-on-demand content platforms to meet the entertainment needs of customers across all segments.

As part of the partnership, ZEE5 will be listed on ACT Fibernet portal where existing customers can access premium content on the basis their subscription status. Additionally, first time users can avail exclusive one-month free subscription through ACT Fibernet. This offer will be available at an additional cost of Rs. 99 across all the 17 cities where ACT Fibernet has its presence.

Ravi Karthik, Head of Marketing, ACT Fibernet, commented

ZEE5 as a platform provides entertainment across languages and multiple genres and we are very excited to bring their extensive offerings to our customers. In line with our brand philosophy ‘Feel the Advantage’, we aim to provide holistic entertainment experience to our customers and with the convenience to enjoy content from best of streaming providers in this category.

Manish Aggarwal, Business Head, ZEE5 India said

ZEE5 has always been at the forefront of providing cutting edge content to viewers across languages. ACT Fibernet is a leader in the ISP space with phenomenal connectivity and caters to a premium audience. This partnership will help us widen our viewer base by many folds. Additionally, with this association, we also aim to make ZEE5 more accessible to our audience who can reap the benefits of our vast content library.

With over 3500 films, 500+ TV shows, 4000+ music videos, 35+ theatre plays and 90+ LIVE TV Channels across 12 languages, ZEE5 truly presents a blend of unrivaled content offering for its viewers across the nation and worldwide. With ZEE5, the global content of Zindagi as a brand, which was widely appreciated across the country, has also been brought back for its loyal viewers.

The ZEE5 App can be downloaded from Google Play Store from here and iOS App Store from here. The Progressive Web App [PWA]can be found from here.

Pitney Bowes Inc., a global technology company that provides commerce solutions in the areas of ecommerce, shipping, mailing, finance, and data, and Shyplite, a logistics technology company that provides a multi-carrier integrated SaaS platform, announced a strategic partnership. The two technology companies have teamed to launch a multi-carrier shipping platform for small businesses that simplifies office shipping.

This partnership will provide cost savings for small and medium-sized businesses in India by optimizing parcel delivery. Customers will be able to select the most efficient shipping option at the best price, creating an improved customer experience with each parcel delivery. By removing the complexity of everyday shipping, small businesses and e-commerce retailers can focus on delighting customers and growing their business. Additionally, this solution offers plug-ins for shopping platforms, parcel consignment, parcel tracking, billing and customer support from one convenient dashboard.

Venkat Rao, Country Director, Pitney Bowes India, said

For nearly 100 years, Pitney Bowes has been removing the complexity of mailing for our clients. Now, we are focused on doing the same for shipping. We look forward to continuing to innovate with our partner Shyplite.

Sugam Jain, CEO and Co-Founder, Shyplite, said

This alliance is a step forward in making shipping affordable, simple and reliable for smaller businesses in India that previously did not have access to the improved customer experience and cost savings of a shipping platform like we have developed.

According to the Pitney Bowes Shipping Index, India shipped 1 parcel per person in 2017. The overall parcel volume grew 15 per cent YOY, reaching a total of 1.5 billion parcels shipped compared to 1.3 billion parcels in 2016. This new shipping solution reduces shipping costs for both retailers and office shippers and speeds accurate delivery to Indian customers and online shoppers.

About Shyplite

Shyplite is a logistics technology platform providing an automated single window Multi-Carrier Integrated Environment. A ‘Shipping Gateway’ which enables the e-tailers to automate their logistics for better productivity, increased efficiency in shipments and drastic reduction in cost by providing a single window booking for all carriers through API integration & Dashboard.

Jio has launched a revolutionary digital product called JioNews in the form of a mobile application as well as web-based service. The app is available on both the Google Play Store & Apple App Store for users to download.

The launch of JioNews comes at a time when the nation will be glued to the Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections 2019, IPL 2019, Cricket World Cup 2019 and other major events across India & the world. Users will get the latest news on the move on JioNews. It is a one stop solution for Breaking News, Live TV, Videos, Magazines, Newspapers & much more. JioNews is the millennial way to stay ahead.

JioNews offers its users the true power to personalize their reading experience by choosing preferences from 12+ Indian languages. With breaking news every second, 150+ Live News channels, 800+ Magazines, 250+ Newspapers, Famous Blogs and news websites from India and across the world, JioNews brings the best news content as fast as possible. Users can completely personalize their homepage by choosing their interest areas from politics, sports, entertainment, business, technology, lifestyle, fashion, career, health, astrology, financial and many more. With an integrated AI & ML technology, JioNews scans thousands of news sources and brings only the most relevant of the content to its users to consume.

Users can also enjoy news on the go with 150+ Live TV news channels which include all the leading and popular TV news channels from across the country. One can also enjoy the latest trending videos across Bollywood, fashion, health, automotive, technology, sports & the list goes on. For those who prefer reading, they will be able to choose from 800+ magazines across various categories. They can start their mornings with leading daily newspapers from across the country and much more on JioNews

JioNews is a consolidated offering of JioXpressNews, JioMags and JioNewsPaper with additional offering of Live TV and videos. All existing users of these apps will be migrated to JioNews and they can seamlessly continue consuming content with JioNews. Jio users will have premium access to all the features of the JioNews app. Non-Jio users can access all the features in the app by simply logging in to it during the trial period.

With so much of content, an intuitive and a clean interface, JioNews will change the way people consume content on their devices. It truly stands for ‘Your News. Your Language’.

Gone are those days when theft meant loss of physical property. The world-spread popularity of digital transactions and storage is exposing people against data theft. The theft of online data has become a very serious situation. You must be aware about the possibility of hacking traps that you might unknowingly download to your smartphones or computer.

Image Source

A cyber security insurance guards you against that by offering multiple insurance covers against different kinds of cyber security breaches.

Claim process

If you notice any sign of cyber-crime against you then you need to notify the insurance provider within a week. You also need to lodge a First Information Report [FIR] and submit a copy of it to the insurer. The insurer will then ask for other required information and consult an expert.

The cyber insurance claims are only accepted if the claim meets the insurance policy conditions.

Cyber insurance exclusions

The cyber insurance comes with multiple exclusions. Here are some that you must know about.

  • Copyright, software and patent breach
  • Damages caused by invasion and war
  • Policyholder failing at taking proper security measures
  • Physical injury of the policyholder
  • Loss of gadgets and devices
  • Data loss caused by network error

Five covers offered by the cyber insurance policy

The cyber security insurance covers are offered against various different kinds of protections. Here are the five most common ones.

  1. Online Banking

Online banking transactions have become very common all over the globe. Most urban people these days use their smartphones and computers to send money or shop online. This exposes the users to personal information theft, which ultimately leads to loss of funds.

A complete cyber insurance cover provides protection against online banking frauds. Because online banking fraud is the most common form of cyber-crime, this cover surely is the most important one for you.

  1. Phishing Mailers

From all the tools that the data thieves use, this is the most common one. Phishing is a process where the scammer tries to lead you to an online portal that looks like trustworthy websites.

This way, the targets find it safer to provide their person and banking information. They often use mailing services to send you the false links, which lead you to their authentic looking platforms. This crime is covered under the cyber insurance policies.

  1. Information Technology [IT] Theft

IT theft is a very serious issue. Viruses like ransomware or even an apparently less threatening malware can run havoc on the IT industry. From the general public to the government, nobody is safe against an attack like that.

The ‘WannaCry’ ransomware has already shown that India is among one of the most vulnerable countries against cyber-crime. Hence, an insurance cover against that is a necessity.

  1. Malware Attacks

Malware attacks are considered less harmful compared to other kinds of cyber attacks. However, it can do a lot of damage if the malware is strong enough. It can restrict you from accessing your computer and can cause loss of data.

The cyber security insurance covers the cost of restoring your data and digital programs. If a third-party files a law suit against you for loss of data, the policy provider will cover your legal charges too.

  1. Cyber Extortion

Sometimes, the cyber attackers do not breach your data directly but threaten you with the same and make monetary or other demands. This also includes data and privacy breach. A comprehensive cyber insurance will cover your expenses for a cyber-extortion counseling and also any transportation cost for travelling to court to attend cases related to cyber-extortion.

The Internet is a double-edged sword. While on one hand it has made life simpler, it also brings many risks associated. Hence, you should be secure at all times with cyber security insurance. Protect yourself as well as your valuables with general insurance from Bajaj Allianz.

ACT Fibernet, India’s largest fiber-focused broadband provider, has launched its first consumer product ACT Stream TV 4K device powered by Android. As part of the new brand strategy towards offering innovative customer centric solutions to enhance user experience, the streaming device will provide a 360 spin to all entertainment needs of a consumer.

Key Features and Offerings

ACT Stream TV 4K is a one stop entertainment solution for customers where they can enjoy their favourite movies, TV shows, sports, music videos from existing on-demand streaming providers and TV channels. Powered with ACT Fibernet’s high speed fibernet connectivity ACT Stream TV 4K has the capacity to transform a living space into a full-fledged entertainment zone.

Some key features of the box include

  1. 4K device with Dolby Pass-through – Future ready to enable users experience their favourite content in its fullest.
  2. ACT Stream TV 4K will allow streaming content from popular apps such as Netflix, Hotstar, Sony Liv, Hooq, Zee5, YouTube, Sun NxT and from 3000+ apps available on Google Play Store.  Customers can also watch over 100 of their favourite Free to air TV channels.
  3. Single click subscription – Customers can subscribe to premium content from existing OTT streaming partners and channels that have tied up with ACT Fibernet and pay for their subscription directly as part of their monthly bill.
  4. Catch up TV – Customers can catch up on their favourite TV shows, matches and highlights for upto 24 hours.
  5. Powered by Android 9 Pie – Brings the power of the latest Android Pie operating system with access to over 3000 TV apps in the Google Play Store.
  6. Voice search powered by the Google Assistant – Easy to search desired content and control device with voice commands powered by the Google Assistant.
  7. External devices – Allows to connect hard disk, USB, joysticks, camera to view family pictures, video chat with friends or play games and more.

Compact and Sleek Design

Combined with latest technology and design, the box has been customized to make it intuitive and user friendly.  The device is supported with a remote-control unit which can be used to operate the box. The remote has an ergonomic design with minimalistic keys making it extremely easy to use and helps users launch their favourite apps from any screen they are in.

Price, Availability and Offers

The ACT Stream TV 4K box is priced at INR 4499. It will be available with select plans and for purchase post commercial launch in May 2019. Customers can visit this link for purchasing the device.

As an introductory offer, ACT Fibernet will provide the ACT StreamTV 4K complimentary to select 5000 customers. Additionally, customers will get a bundle of other exclusive offers including, discounted rates on the VOD apps, extended trial periods on content apps, free access to pay-per-view content, download apps from Google Play store and more.

More details about the partnerships and launch please visit #AdvantageEntertainment on Twitter

Mutual funds have become the toast of the market not only for benefits of diversification, professional management and extensive choice, but also for their systematic features such as Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) and Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP). While SIP and STP deal in investing and transferring money among various schemes, respectively, investors get the money back in SWP – they can decide the amount and frequency of cash flows subject to the underlying corpus.

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The attractiveness of SWPs has increased after the introduction of 10% Dividend Distribution Tax [DDT] on dividends from equity-oriented funds [another popular choice for regular cash flows] in the Union Budget 2018.


Let’s start with a hypothetical case study.

Rahul holds 10,000 units in a mutual fund scheme valued at Rs 2 lakh with Net Asset Value [NAV] of Rs 20. He wants a fixed amount of Rs 8,000 every month from his investment, which he can get via SWP in the following manner

As seen in the table, Rahul has systematically withdrawn a fixed amount every month for day-to-day expenses. Apart from meeting the financial commitments, SWP can be used to book profits, especially in a bull market. One can prudently withdraw only the appreciation amount from investments based on the amount of appreciation, while the principal is intact. In this case, Rahul withdraws units only when the NAV appreciates 5%. But this will rely on the market movement. Appreciation withdrawal may not yield a favorable outcome in a bear market.

How does SWP work?

SWP allows investors to withdraw/redeem money from a mutual fund scheme at pre-determined intervals. Investors can opt for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly withdrawals to meet their cash flow requirement. Based on investors’ instructions, an equivalent amount of money is deducted by the fund house. Investors can start the SWP by giving instructions to the asset management company and providing relevant details such as folio number, scheme name, withdrawal amount, timing, and bank account details in which the amount is to be credited.

Tax on each withdrawal will be the same as in the case of full redemption of equity and debt funds. For debt funds, Short-Term Capital Gains Tax [STCG] is levied as per the tax bracket if units are held for less than 36 months, and Long-Term Capital Gains Tax [LTCG] at 20% with indexation for a holding period of more than 36 months. In case of equity funds, STCG is 15% for a holding period of less than one year, while LTCG is 10% for a holding period of more than one year.

Advantages of SWP

  1. Inculcates discipline – A disciplined approach is one of the key requirements for long-term financial success. Investors who receive lump sum money at retirement may end up spending or mismanaging their funds. SWP ensures one receives the amount in parts rather than the whole, to effectively channelize spending.
  2. Customize outflows – Through SWP, investors can customize cash flows by deciding the timing and the amount at pre-determined levels. This cash can be useful for investors who want a pre-defined regular income, like the retirees, or those keen on booking profits at regular intervals.
  3. Favorable tax treatment The dividend option lost its allure after the government introduced 10% DDT on dividends from equity-oriented funds in the Union Budget 2018. Hence, SWP emerges as a better option.

DisclaimerCRISIL Research, a division of CRISIL Limited [CRISIL] has taken due care and caution in preparing this Report based on the information obtained by CRISIL from sources which it considers reliable (Data). However, CRISIL does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the Data/Report and is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of Data/Report. This Report is not a recommendation to invest/ dis-invest in any entity covered in the Report and no part of this report should be construed as an investment advice. CRISIL especially states that it has no financial liability whatsoever to the subscribers/users/transmitters/distributors of this Report.

CRISIL Research operates independently of, and does not have access to information obtained by CRISIL’s Ratings Division/CRISIL Risk and Infrastructure Solutions Limited (CRIS), which may, in their regular operations, obtain information of a confidential nature. The views expressed in this Report are that of CRISIL Research and not of CRISIL’s Ratings Division/CRIS. No part of this Report may be published/reproduced in any form without CRISIL’s prior written approval.

Founded in 2003, Conquest has grown into an outstanding platform for startups, enabling more than 1000 startups to succeed every year. Conquest has constantly evolved and adapted to the ever-changing needs of the startup ecosystem to emerge as India’s first ever student-run startup launchpad.

Assimilating learnings from various revamped models and experiences from the ecosystem, Conquest 2019 will provide the top 10 most exciting startups of India with 6 weeks of online mentoring from some of the best entrepreneurs and field experts out there. This will be followed by a 10-day Accelerator Program in Bengaluru consisting of investment workshops by firms like Accel Partners and Blume Ventures, mentoring sessions by successful founders and pitching to seed stage investors. With promising investment opportunities, media coverage and a prize money of Rs. 5 Lakhs on the line, Conquest is on a mission to empower founders and assist creation.

This year, Conquest has tied up with Venture Catalyst as an Investment Partner, which has set aside a fund of INR 20 Crores exclusively for Conquest startups. With investors like Dev Khare from Lightspeed, Shanti Mohan from LetsVenture, Sanjay Nath from Blume and Barath Shankar from Accel, coupled with mentors like Suvonil Chatterjee from Ola Cabs, Abhishek Nayak from Accel and Anuj Rathi from Swiggy, Conquest serves as a networking paradise for every startup out there.

In the past, Conquest has had success stories like SocialCops, which has received acclaim from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and has also been recognized as the Most Impactful Startup of 2017 by YourStory. Thinkerbell Labs, the winner of Conquest 2016, aims to bring Braille within the reach of visually-impaired people and has been funded by IAN and Anand Mahindra. XWards and Pencilton, the two finalist startups of Conquest 2018, have already expanded to multiple cities after receiving support from the expansive network.

We are thrilled to announce that Himanshu Sheth Blog is a Digital Media Partner of Conquest 2019. You can  find more information about the digital media partners here.

Ishan Joglekar, CEO at Conquest, BITS Pilani, said

In those magical moments of giving birth to innovation, we stand by the crazy ones, for they are the ones pushing the human race forward by rejecting the status quo and building the future. Creation, with all its purity and nobility, is a mammoth task, and startups don’t need to rediscover the wheel every time.

At Conquest, our goal is to help startups find that one missing piece, tie that one loose end or just connect the existing dots so that they can leave their mark on the world. We have just the right people, who have done it all, to help you do it.

A Glimpse of Conquest 2019

With something in store for every founder, Conquest has become a leader in India’s startup ecosystem with multiple initiatives for all stakeholders in the industry.

  • Accelerator Program – With a goal to help the best founders build great businesses, Conquest provides a 10-day long accelerator program in Bengaluru. Fueled by the belief that multiple founders tackling similar problems in close proximity would lead to efficient solutions, the program features a unique co-living and co-working experience. Every day has something new in store for the startups, including investment workshops, fundraising pitches and mentoring by successful founders.
  • Online Mentorship Program – Conquest connects the Top 10 Startups with industry stalwarts from all over the country, enabling them to grow remotely while they continue to learn and work.
  • Grand Finale – The Grand Finale serves as the perfect platform for the Top 10 startups to pitch before Top Investors and Media houses for a prize money of INR 5 Lakhs.
  • Conquest Mentoring Sessions – Top 50 shortlisted startups are invited to attend a day-long multi-city mentoring session in Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai with mentors from various domains such as Product Management, Customer Acquisition, and Fundraising.
  • Conquest Community – An initiative to build a strong and long-lasting community by bringing together stakeholder from all editions – startup founders, mentors, investors, developers and media representatives, this is the perfect platform to make the most of network synergies.
  • Conquest Academy – A one-stop shop of localized content for Indian startups. Whether you need help in acquiring your first 100 customers or in designing the perfect UI for your app, Conquest Academy ensures that you don’t have to go through tons of foreign resources.

Why should your startup register for Conquest?

Conquest has created the perfect high growth environment for every founder trying to build a great company. Be it an online word with a mentor, a casual chat with a founder, an intense discussion with an investor, a pitch to investment partners or just the cash prize, Conquest will make sure that you get exactly what you need, and much more. With numerous networking opportunities lined up, all you need to do is grab them as you take your startup to the next level.

Conquest has opened registrations, embark on your journey here.

To know more about Conquest, check out their blogs – Introducing Conquest 2019 and Why register your startup for Conquest?.

Reinforcing its commitment to fostering innovation in the country and creating a real impact on communities, Microsoft Garage India has partnered with International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad [IIITH] to run a series of lectures on quantum computing starting March 29, 2019.

These lectures are part of a course offered as a pool elective for BTech and MTech students. Microsoft will provide the scholars practical experience in quantum computing and quantum algorithms with access to the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit and Microsoft Q#.

Quantum computing is poised to alter the world’s economic, industrial, academic, and societal landscape. Quantum computers have the capacity to solve complex problems that would otherwise take billions of years for today’s computers to solve within weeks, days, and even minutes. This has massive implications for research in healthcare, energy, environmental systems, smart materials, and more. It also creates a need to start building a quantum-ready workforce well versed in quantum computing skills.

Leveraging Microsoft’s strength in quantum programming and algorithms, Microsoft experts will participate in lectures for three weeks on ‘Quantum Information and Computation‘ – an integrated IIIT course which includes practical projects as part of the curriculum. Through Q# and the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit, students will have access to Microsoft’s GitHub resources and katas, samples and libraries.

Microsoft began its quantum program more than 15 years ago and, today, has a worldwide community of experimentalists, developers, theoreticians, and computer scientists working together to deliver our unique approach to quantum computing.

Dr. Krysta Svore, General Manager of Quantum Software at Microsoft, said

This collaboration with Microsoft Garage India and IIIT Hyderabad is part of our continued effort to the enrich the innovation journey of engineering students and make technology more accessible.

Also commenting on the partnership, Prof P J Narayanan, Director, IIIT-Hyderabad added

Quantum computing is an emerging area of the future. We have a small but vibrant team of faculty and students who work on this area. Collaboration with Microsoft plays a critical role in taking IIIT’s research and expertise to a new level.

Our students will receive hands-on experience for practical project work on solutions which can impact society. We are excited about the potential of quantum computing and the learning experience students will gain from thought leaders at Microsoft.

Microsoft has a goal of empowering students to think innovatively to craft solutions for real-life challenges. Our academic initiatives provide skills and training to launch successful careers and provide students with unparalleled hands-on experience, guidance, and mentorship from industry veterans. Through programs like this Microsoft Garage India and IIITH one, students are encouraged to dream big, build creatively, and learn through practice, while gaining lifelong career skills as part of their journey.