CleverTap introduces Live User Segments – an industry first approach for analyzing User Behaviour in Mobile Apps

CleverTap, a leader in mobile analytics & engagement, announced Live User Segments, a new capability for evaluating a user’s behavior as it happens in an app. Live User Segments run continuously and act like a real-time filter on a user’s behavior. Users are dynamically added to segments the moment their behavior matches pre-defined criteria.

App developers and marketers use Live User Segments to do real-time monitoring and analysis of critical user flows such as on-boarding and conversions. Marketing campaigns using push notifications, email, SMS and browser notifications, can be automated to message users exactly when they complete a specified activity or sequence of activities, or even upon inaction, when they do not perform a desired activity within a specified amount of time, which could be in minutes, hours or days.

Revant Bhate, Head of Marketing at Faasos said

Live User Segments are the cornerstone of our app engagement strategy. We deliver thousands of meal orders during the lunch hour but if a customer doesn’t complete an order by 12:15, we’ve lost that purchase. Our Live User Segments campaigns run continuously and identify customers we’re about to lose, and send them personalized push notifications with incentives to buy. We’ve seen a 30% lift in our conversions.

Live User Segments is the latest addition to what is the most advanced behavioural segmentation tool available for businesses today. Whereas other tools allow you to segment audience based on simple rules such as a single user activity or user property, CleverTap is the only platform that allows segmentation based on any comprehensive set of actions or in-actions a user performs in an app. Segments can look backward at past user behavior or, with Live User Segments, can evaluate user behavior as it happens, adding them to a segment in real-time.

Paul Brody, Chief Product Officer for CleverTap said

The key to any app’s success is knowing who your users are and how they experience your app. Segments can be monitored against KPI’s [show me 30 day retention for 2nd time purchasers], compared to each other, used to automate engagement campaigns or sent to a web-hook endpoint for use by other systems such as a CRM. And with Live User Segments, you can now drive immediate user engagement or power the dashboard on the CEOs desk to show real-time, dynamic metrics on everything from who’s in the app right now to the total number of conversions in the past hour or day.

Live User Segments will be available to all customers in July and is included as part of all CleverTap plans. Pricing is designed to place the tool within reach of startups with affordable plans that allows up to one million events per month, free.

About CleverTap

CleverTap is the next generation mobile engagement platform. It enables marketers to identify, engage and retain users and provides developers with unprecedented code-level access to build dynamic app experiences for user groups. CleverTap includes out-of-the-box prescriptive campaigns, omni-channel messaging, un-install data and the industry’s largest free messaging tier. To learn more about CleverTap please visit

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Book Review : Six Degrees – Game of Blogs by Various Authors

In the past, we have done many Book Reviews, thanks to the BlogAdda Book Review Program. Some of the past reviews are – Review : Best Seller she Wrote, Review : Business Sutra, Review : Shades of Life, Review: Ramayana – Game of Life and Review : Private India and we have thoroughly enjoyed reading those books 🙂 For readers who are not familiar with BlogAdda, it is a platform for bloggers to connect with each other, showcase their blogs and participate in interesting activities. The Adda has given writers various avenues to introduce their blogs to a large audience and interact with their readers [More here]. Today we review Six Degrees-Game of Blogs which is not a regular book but it is a piece of publishing history.

Six Degrees Game of Blogs : Collaboration meets Creativity

Six Degrees is a product of the first collaborative blogging effort in India. Yes, you read it right.. It is a novel that is co-authored by many writers [precisely bloggers :)] who are winners of the #CelebrateBlogging initiative by BlogAdda [that ran the first edition of Game Of Blogs in September 2014]. The objective was to write a fictional story revolving around five characters. Bloggers from across India came together as teams and after three rounds filled with it’s own set of twists & turns, three stories were adjudged winners by coveted panel of Judges.

Hence, Six Degrees is not an ordinary effort but the result of “Collaboration + Creativity” 🙂 The most fascinating thing about this book is that – Five characters are same and have the same characteristics in three stories narrated in the book.

Six Degrees Game of Blogs : Characters, Stories & more insights

As mentioned earlier, the book has three different stories with five characters (that remain same across stories). All the stories are set in Mumbai & Delhi. What we particularly liked about the book is that the language used in the stories is simple and authors (three teams of bloggers across India) have made a great effort to make the stories more engaging and keeping the readers hooked on to their seats !!

The Lead characters around which stories have been plotted are below:

  • Shekhar Dutta – A freelance writer and also a stay at home father
  • Tara Dutta – Wife of Shekhar and also a Media Professional
  • Roohi Duta – Their nine year old daughter. All the three stay as a close-knit family in Mumbai
  • Jennifer Joseph – Kochi based photographer
  • Cyrus Daruwala – Law student staying in Delhi

Three Stories that have been written by three different teams are below:

The Awakening

Team of bloggers who have worked on ‘The Awakening’ are the following-

Authors - The Awakening

Authors – The Awakening

The Awakening – Backdrop

The Awakening is about Tara Dutta, Shekhar Dutta and their nine year old daughter Roohi. They are a close knit family who stay in Mumbai. It is a science fiction story with interesting twists and turns. Thy are leading a normal life until the arrival of a surprise guest – Jennifer [Cyrus and Shekhar’s friend] after which their lives become topsy-turvy. Every day, there are new revelations and incidents that threaten to tear the happy family apart.

Just like a Hollywood sci-fi flick, you can visualize the scenes and the good part about the story is that the scenes change at a very rapid pace. This keeps the readers glued to the story. The graphical representations of the aliens and the powers they possess adds more Masala to the entire story.

Would the ‘Once upon a time- Happy Family’ succeed to find out who are the strangers that have entered their lives ? What is the secret that holds the key to their happiness ? Would they be able to defeat the super-powers and save our earth ? These are the answers that lie in ‘The Awakening’, read it to believe it 🙂

Entangled Lives

Team of bloggers who have worked on ‘Entangled Lives’ are the following-

Team - Entangled Lives

Team – Entangled Lives

Entangled Lives – Backdrop

In Entangled Lives, a small seemingly happy family is thrown into turmoil with the arrival of strangers in the house. Tara and Shekhar Dutta have similar job profiles. Cyrus is an illegitimate child of Shekhar Dutta. She studies Law. Jennifer Joseph is an over-ambitious wild-life photographer. It is an intriguing story about an out of work writer, a power-hungry media head, a wild life photographer, 9 year old child and MURDER. The mystery that needs to be solved is who has murdered the maid of the Dutta household.

There is no direct evidence to link the murder to the crime though there is an eye-witness that will help in solving the mystery. For me, it was an edge of the seat thriller and a complete page-turner. Just like a Bollywood flick, this story has all the ingredients to make a great story – Relationships, Lies, Secrets, Betrayal and Revenge. We won’t be surprised if some Bollywood Director expresses interest in making a feature film on this story 🙂

Missing – A Journey within

Team of bloggers who have worked on ‘Missing’ are the following-

Team - Missing

Team – Missing

Missing – Backdrop

As the title rightly suggests, this story is about a Missing person. Roohi, daughter of Shekhar Dutta goes missing from school. Roohi was accidentally clicked by Jennifer [photographer] when she was clicking pictures to complete her assignments. She recognizes Roohi since her parents have circulated her pictures on Social Media. So, who was Roohi last seen with ?

Missing traces the journey of love, hope, care and affection right into hatred, ego, prejudice and negativity. It beautifully etches the pain that a family has to go through since there is a fear of loosing Roohi forever. Just when hope to find Roohi starts to dwindle, journey takes a fascinating turn.

Would the family manage to find Roohi or they would loose her forever, Missing holds all the answers !!!

Six Degrees Game of Blogs : Closing Thoughts

The overall effort put by the BlogAdda team to identify and shortlist writers is commendable. Coming to the book, the stories are very captivating, we particularly liked ‘Entangled Lives’ though opinions might differ based on reader’s interest.

The thing which we really liked about the book is that same characters were given to all the teams and they came out with well-knit stories. If you like to read about different perspectives in life, love drama, suspense; than Six Degrees is the book for you 🙂

Final Verdict – 4/5

Where to buy the book

The book is available on Amazon [Affiliate link below].

Six Degrees-Game of Blogs definitely proves the point that each blogger is different, their views are different and the way they visualize things are different !!! We highly recommend BlogAdda to come up or plan with the next edition of #Celebrate Blogging so that more bloggers can embark their journey to become authors.

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at Participate now to get free books!

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Sales associates play Pivotal Role in the Shopper Purchase Journey – Mindtree Study

A new study shatters the myth that, in retail stores, most shoppers do not like to be disturbed by Sales Associates. It also highlights the highly positive influence sales associates have on influencing shopper purchases. The cross-industry survey was released by Mindtree, a leading digital transformation and technology services company.

Many shoppers rely on interaction with sales associates to make purchasing decisions, especially in more complex product categories like consumer electronics, home improvement and others. When helped, it leads to significant increase in the amount of the shopper’s transaction, as well as in repeat purchases. Too often, shoppers can’t find sales associates when they have a question. This is a negative experience which leads to shoppers moving to either a different store or to an online channel.

Sales associates are aware that their influence leads to more sales conversions. However, their efforts are spread thin – they assist both serious shoppers and casual browsers, reducing their efficiency and conversion ratio.

Gaurav Johri, Senior Vice President and Head, Platforms & Solutions Group, Mindtree said

A key part of successful omni-channel retailing is all about delivering timely and helpful recommendations to shoppers that help them feel more confident in making a purchase. There is a huge untapped opportunity for retailers to increase conversions and enhance customer loyalty in the store.  Mindtree’s platforms, Flooresense and ShotClasses, are built to equip sales associates with real time capabilities to enhance in-store shopper experience and optimize sales time.

The purpose of the survey, which is titled, Impact of Sales associates on the Shopper’s Purchase Journey, and conducted by independent market research firm Grail Research, was to understand the role that sales associates play in the consumer shopping journey. The consumer sample included 600 qualified shoppers that made purchases of $100 or higher in the last 3 months. The sales associate sample included 100 employees from companies spanning five retail segments – home improvement, electronics and consumer goods, department stores, fashion retail, and specialty retail.

Key findings from the survey include

  • Shoppers who interact with a sales associate are 43 percent more likely to purchase a product, and their transactions have 81 percent more value, compared to those who don’t interact with an associate. In addition, they are 12 percent more likely to revisit the store.

  • Conversely, shoppers are less likely to make a purchase if they are not reached out to proactively by a sales associate. Forty percent of shoppers are unable to locate a store associate when they need help in a typical shopping trip.
  • Ninety one percent of sales associates strongly agree that positive interactions with shoppers result in higher conversions, yet 94 percent feel this requires more advanced technology tools and training that they currently don’t have access to.

The survey identified a gap that exists in terms of assistance provided in the store. Associates would like to have access to technologies that help identify shoppers in need of assistance, improving their productivity. However, few brands have capitalized on this need.

Companies should identify an automated technology platform that has the ability to

  • Notify sales associates to locate and target the right shopper once they have entered the store
  • Share recommendations on additional products based on product category
  • Provide timely training on new products and features

For more details of the study, please download the Detailed Report

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Deceptive Advertising Viruses are running Rampant in India : Cheetah Mobile Report

Based on analysis by Cheetah Mobile Security Research Lab, mobile malware has been running rampant in India. India is now the second largest smartphone market in terms of active unique smartphone users. According to data collected by Cheetah Mobile, out of all the infected devices around the world, 17.8 percent are from India. Almost 45% of the infected phones are dealing with the following top 10 viruses. Here are the top 10 viruses affecting most Indian smartphone users in the first half year of 2016

Budget Android phones are very popular in India. Unfortunately, some of these mobile phones have been pre-loaded with viruses even before reaching to consumers. Based on information from Pornhub, a famous porn website, India stands at third place in terms of global porn viewership as of January 2016. Back in August 2015, the government of India ordered internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to 857 pornography websites, although the ban was partially lifted five days later, due to criticism over authorities’ decision.

It’s no surprise that porn website is one of the most popular channel for spreading malware. Users are tricked into downloading various apps related to porn while they are browsing these websites, which greatly increases the possibility of exposing their mobile device to infecting new viruses. In this ever-changing security landscape, some of these malware now focus on making profit via spreading deceptive advertising.

Below, Cheetah Mobile Security Research Lab summarizes several typical categories of these deceptive advertising viruses. These viruses keep producing pop-ups on users’ phones, which impacts user experience severely. The viruses also consume a lot of network traffic while they download unnecessary [and even harmful] apps in the background, without users’ knowledge.

Deceptive advertising can take many forms, therefore, users are affected differently. Here are a few scenarios users might experience deceptive advertising on their mobile devices:

Turning on or charging your phone

When users turn on or start charging their phones, the virus is prompted to display full-screen advertisement. Once you click on it, the virus will start downloading unnecessary apps or even malware’s to your phone.

Installing or uninstalling apps

When users install or uninstall apps, the virus will trigger pop-up ads disguised as return and close icon, so users have no choice but forced to click on the ad.

When an app is running

When user activates an app, this particular virus would pop up an ad which covers the entire interface, making it impossible to continue using the app.

Scenarios I, II and III

Exiting an app

When user exits an app and tries to return to the home screen, the virus would then pop up an ad, tricking the user into clicking and installing an unnecessary app.

Random pop-ups or permanent ads on the notification bar

The Google search box in the following screenshot is disguised by virus for tricking users into using the fake search box, so it can recommend users installing other apps.

Scenarios IV and V

Random app recommendations on the desktop

Some users might notice icons of new apps on their desktop that they didn’t downloaded themselves. If they click on the unknown icon, it will then activate the installation automatically [and the return/close button will be hidden so users can’t terminate the installations.] In fact, the APK’s have been downloaded by the virus, and the icons are aimed to trick users into installing unnecessary apps that leveraged deceptive advertising.

Random full-screen ads

Unwanted apps will be downloaded automatically after users click on these ads.

Scenarios VI and VII

According to Cheetah Mobile Security Research Lab, among the top 10 viruses infecting most phones in India, five are root trojans. Once these trojans manage to get into victims’ mobile phones, they will try to root the infected devices and embed the major behavior module into the systems. Antivirus tools must have root privilege to kill these trojans, so they typically live much longer than ordinary trojans. Root Trojans are also able to silently install other apps on users’ phones.

The lack of network security knowledge is the main reason mobile viruses are running rampant in India. Some users in India are still not completely aware of the damage mobile virus might bring to their mobile life, while many users aren’t familiar with removing these tricky viruses from their devices. Cheetah Mobile aspires to help promote awareness towards mobile security and ultimately help secure mobile devices in India.

About Cheetah Mobile Inc

Cheetah Mobile is a leading mobile internet company. The Company aims to provide the best apps for mobile users worldwide, while building a leading global mobile ad platform for advertisers. Cheetah Mobile had approximately 567 million global mobile monthly active users in September 2015. Its mission critical applications, including Clean Master, CM Security, Battery Doctor and Duba Anti-virus, help make the internet and mobile experience speedier, simpler, and safer for users worldwide. For more information, please visit Cheetah Mobile

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B2B e-commerce company Industrybuying selects Ozonetel as cloud telephony service partner

India’s leading B2B e-commerce company, Industrybuying announces that it has selected Ozonetel as a cloud telephony service partner to maximize the workflow and accelerate its business growth.

In the past one year, Industrybuying has emerged as one of the largest B2B e-commerce platform in the country. The company has more than 5000 sellers, 75000 registered businesses, over 150 enterprise customers transacting through its platform and the growing business required a reliable telephony partner to automate and manage the entire workflow.

Rahul Gupta, Co-founder Industrybuying said

With Ozonetel’s cutting edge technology, we are able to automate the entire telephony process. Integration of such technology has reduced the overall operations cost and we are able to provide seamless experience to our end customers. We intend to make this association into a long term relationship and further enhance the back-end process as per our requirements.

Ozonetel helps businesses to manage their calls without any hardware or software installation. The services allows its customers to use their multi-channel modes of communication – be it voice, email, social media, SMS, chat, all on one platform.

CSN Murthy, CEO and Founder Ozonetel said

Cloud telephony has become an integral part of businesses and integrating such technology greatly minimizes the operational cost and maximizes the productivity of the sales and support executives. We are pleased to offer cloud telephony services to Industrybuying and join them in their growth story.

As per the agreement, Industrybuying will be using a range of services, which entails multi-channel Cloud Contact Center with ACD & Dialers, Missed Call, Conference, Promotional SMS and APIs. Industrybuying app is available for android users to download on Google Play and will soon be launched on the iOS store as well. Industrybuying Android app can be downloaded from here

About Industrybuying

Industrybuying is a leading Business e-commerce platform, selling a wide range of business and industrial products to SMEs as well as large businesses. It has over 4,000 registered sellers and more than 60,000 registered businesses – SMEs & large corporates that are procuring online from Industrybuying. Industrybuying offers over 1 million products across 45+ categories ranging from Safety and Security, Electrical and Lighting, Power and Solar, to MRO supplies and many more categories.

Industrybuying is backed by some of the leading Indian and global investors. Based out of Delhi NCR, the company has a Pan-India footprint with fulfillment centres in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad & Bangalore. For more information, please visit

About Ozonetel

Ozonetel, a Telco grade CaaS (Communication as a Service) platform on the Cloud provides the right tools to reach, engage, support and retain your customers. Ozonetel allows its customers to use their multi-channel modes of communication – be it voice, email, social media, SMS, chat, all on one platform with no capital investment. Ozonetel is available across 65+ countries.  Ozonetel has its IP of CLOUDPSTN making the platform accessible across the globe.

The Ozonetel platform comes with a 99.9% up-time as the platform maintains redundancy at every level – be it switches, firewall and lease line connections. The intelligent routing of the calls also comes with redundancy. Being on the Cloud, Ozonetel solution can be used on plug & play basis at a fraction of the price provided by legacy on-site box providers. For more information, please visit Ozonetel

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Idea launches ‘Internet For All’ initiative

Aiming to connect millions of internet non-users and bring them online, Idea Cellular, the fastest growing telecom operator, has announced an Internet For All program. This program empowers all the Idea prepaid consumers and retailers to give one month of free Internet access to Internet non-users just by logging on to i4all Ideacellular from their smartphones. They can gift free 100 MB data for a month by entering the Idea mobile number of non-internet users.

Image Source - Idea Cellular

Image Source* – Idea Cellular

Idea further personalizes this service by sending periodic information on how to use free data to the non-data user and providing various ways to latch onto the internet. The notifications are also sent to the initiator on the progress of internet usage made by the person nominated by them. As a small token of gratitude, Idea credits 100 MB of data to the initiator’s account.

Talking about the new initiative, Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, Idea Cellular said

Internet adoption today is being shaped predominantly through the use of mobile telephony. However, currently only 25% of India’s population are connected to the internet.Accelerating mobile internet adoption is huge task and requires larger participation. Our ‘Internet for All’ initiative will encourage the uninitiated to learn more about the internet as a tool for education, banking, shopping, and entertainment, while gaining access to a world of opportunity that the internet opens for us all. We believe that internet adoption can be accelerated at the grass root level if existing internet users introduce their un-connected friends and family to adopt the service, thereby transforming their lives.

Idea users can log on to i4all Ideacellular from their prepaid connection or retailer VTOP to gift data to a non-internet user. Alternatively, customers can also avail the service by dialing *756# or sending SMS IFA to 56756.

With PAN India 2G operations and 3G & 4G services in 17 telecom circles, Idea has the capability to provide mobile broadband to nearly 880 million Indians. Demonstrating its commitment to connect the unconnected a reality, Idea will continue to work towards connecting the next billion and making them a part of the digital world.

About Idea Cellular

Idea Cellular is India’s 3rd largest national mobile operator, with over 175 million subscribers. With traffic in excess of 2 billion minutes a day, Idea ranks among the Top 6 country operators in the world. Using the latest in technology, Idea provides world-class service delivery through the most extensive network of customer touch points. Idea was recognized as the Outstanding Company of the Year at CNBC TV18 India Business Leader Awards 2015, voted by investors as one of Asia’s Best Companies in 2015 by Finance Asia in the categories of Best Managed Public Companies, Corporate Governance & Investor Relations. Brand Idea continued to win accolades for its marketing & advertising prowess in 2015. For more information on Idea Cellular, please visit

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NASSCOM organizes the fourth edition of the Big Data & Analytics Summit 2016

With a focus on driving business outcomes and customer experience by way of leveraging analytical services and products, the National Association of Software and Services Companies [NASSCOM] inaugurated the fourth edition of its Big Data & Analytics Summit 2016 in Hyderabad. Growing at 8 times the current levels, the analytics industry is expected to reach USD 16 billion from the current level of USD 2 billion.

Over 600+ analytical firms in India, out of which approximately 400 are start-ups, are positioning India as an emerging hub for analytics solutions for industries across the globe. The big data and analytics industry is witnessing a rapid growth driven by increased demand for cloud-based [SaaS] and predictive analytics solutions by industries such as BFSI, Retail, Telecom and Healthcare.

Exponential growth of the number of devices, paired with the deluge of unstructured data – in the form of social media interactions, video or text – has ensured that. Being able to tap into this data and act on the insights, is a key differentiator between digital attackers and the laggards. The key to the future in leveraging big data technologies lies in the ability to harness its use in addressing complex problems.

This rapid rise of analytics is reflecting in job creation across verticals and functions with skills from analytics, business and technology. With over 90,000 analytics professionals in India across HR, marketing, risk & security, healthcare, and verticals like retail and finance, the industry is witnessing the emergence of specialised roles like data architect,data strategist, data visualization analyst and change manager etc.

Speaking at the occasion, KS Viswanathan, VP, NASSCOM mentioned

India is today amongst the top 10 destination for analytics and our aspiration is to be amongst the top 3 in the world by 2025. NASSCOM is partnering with its members to build a multi-pronged approach that encompasses-skill development, thought leadership, products and platforms to realise this vision.

Artificial Intelligence & Deep learning algorithms have advanced rapidly to enable the development of machines that can now do tasks that require deep expertise and skill. The best companies today are realizing the power of Artificial Intelligence [AI] and investing in utilizing these algorithms in all aspects of their business. Industry will start exploring artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms for analytics and radically change product delivery to create new markets and engagement models.

BVR Mohan Reddy, Former Chairman, NASSCOM & Founder and Executive Chairman at Cyient, added

Multiple opportunities are emerging across business verticals and are opening up large opportunities for companies in data, infrastructure, software and analytics. Of special importance is emergence of custom visualisation software, development of algorithms for predictive analytics, cloud based services and Machine to Machine Learning. The growth trajectory shows that India will soon emerge as big data and analytics hub of the world.


NASSCOM is the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT-BPM industry in India. NASSCOM is a global trade body with more than 1800 members, which includes both Indian and multinational companies that have a presence in India. NASSCOM’s member and associate member companies are broadly in the business of software development, software services, software products, consulting services, BPM, e-commerce and web services, engineering services and animation and gaming. NASSCOM’s membership base constitutes over 95% of the industry revenues in India and employs about 3.5 million professionals.

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Flipkart witnesses unprecedented spike in demand for new-age audio gadgets this World Music Day

Flipkart, India’s largest ecommerce marketplace celebrates the spirit of World Music Day by identifying consumer purchase trends around new-age audio devices. Flipkart survey shows massive spike for hi-tech audio devices.

With Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Hyderabad topping the charts in terms of demand for on-the-go music devices, here are some interesting insights:

  • Music accessories category has witnessed a 40% growth in the last six months. Close to 50% of shoppers of audio devices are young professionals and students.
  • Brands like Philips, Zoook, JBL, Konerk are the front runners amongst students.
  • Shoppers are increasingly shifting towards quality and premium headphones. Premium brands like Audio Technica, Bose, Harman Kardon have witnessed a 3X growth in the last six months.
  • With 60% growth in demand for wireless devices like Bluetooth speakers and headphones etc., majority of Indians enjoy music on-the-go.
  • Growing trend around adventure and fitness has curved out a whole new market for music on the go products with additional features like dust proof and water resistant speakers. Altec Lansing outdoor speakers are the top performing products under this segment.
  • Desire for high quality audio-visual experience amongst shoppers is one of the biggest demand driver for sound bars, home theatre and Chromecast speakers. Adoption of sound bars have increased by 50% in the last six months.
  • Demand for bluetooth speakers have doubled in the last six months. Trendy and colorful speakers are very popular amongst shoppers.

More detailed insights are in the Infographic below

Click to Zoom

Speaking about these trends, Adarsh K Menon, VP – Electronics & Auto, Flipkart, said

Music accessories category on Flipkart has witnessed phenomenal growth in the recent months. India loves especially on-the-go which has led to a huge growth in demand for portable music devices. It is interesting to see how shoppers today are looking for a superior audio experience. Most of our customers are either investing or upgrading to new-age smart audio products. This is being made easy by the host of products that both national and international brands are continuously introducing on our platform.

In the last six months, bluetooth speakers, sound bars and home theatres have emerged as the most popular segments. We expect the music accessories category to grow by three folds this year.  While budget brands are doing well, we have seen a huge shift in customer preference towards premium brand. In the coming months, our focus is to make premium brands accessible for the Indian shoppers.

About Flipkart

Flipkart is India’s largest e-commerce marketplace with over with over 60% market share of mobile commerce. With a registered customer base of 50 million, Flipkart offers more than 30 million products across 70+ categories including Smart Phones, Books, Media, Consumer Electronics, Furniture, Fashion and Lifestyle.

Launched in October 2007, Flipkart is known for its path-breaking services like Cash on Delivery, experience zones and a 30-day replacement policy. Flipkart was the pioneer in offering services like In-a-Day Guarantee [50 cities] and Same-Day-Guarantee [13 cities] at scale. With over 85,000 registered sellers, Flipkart has redefined the way brands and MSME’s do business online. For more information, please visit Flipkart

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