SMARTup is a series of round table knowledge sharing and networking events being organized by ah! Ventures & meetingsandoffices as part of their endeavour to connect the start up fraternity and create valuable business centric conversations between domain specialists and entrepreneurs.

The focus of these events would be to deal with issues and problems that plague young companies and divert their focus from their core competences and business. Issues such as business planning and strategy development, aligning immediate and long term goals, generating investor interest, scaling a business, managing cash flows, building sticky relationships & customer loyalty, getting paying customers, regulations, compliance, understanding term sheets, understanding how to go about building your tech as a non-techie without a tech co-founder, sales and marketing processes, how to focus on and enhance the logic of business, what is the role of IoT in business, when do you need AI and what does Ai mean beyond chatbots for your business etc. will all be amongst the critical topics that would be covered under the series. [Source]

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SMARTup is a focused and enriched networking and knowledge sharing experience that will bring tremendous value to entrepreneurs and young businesses. Each SMARTup event shall have limited seating.

SMARTup has travelled across 10 cities in India and of the 190 startup companies that participated, 10 are already shortlisted for funding on the ah! Ventures Funding Platform. Chennai startups, it’s your turn now to talk in 1-on-1 Meetings with investors to scale your business and reach the next level. You could be the next startup on the funding shortlist!

Minimum 3 1-on-1 Investor Meetings Guaranteed to Gold Pass Participants !!!

The event would be held at CoWrks OMR, Chennai on 16th June, 2018. For registration, please click on the link below

GoDaddy Inc., the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures, today announced its lead sponsorship for the upcoming CloudFest Conference, the largest  domain name conference, being held in Mumbai on May 23, 2018. The sponsorship reinforces GoDaddy’s ongoing commitment to support the growth of its partners – web professionals and local re-sellers in India – by providing them with the right online tools, platform and solutions to manage their businesses.

Image Source – GoDaddy

The event will feature two sessions from GoDaddy leaders, including Chief Product Officer Steven Aldrich and Nikhil Arora, Managing Director and Vice President, GoDaddy India. Steven will present an opening keynote on how independent ventures drive global employment and ways in which GoDaddy can help support them with their online presence.  This will be followed by Nikhil’s knowledge session titled Fall in love with your customer’s problem in discussions with GoDaddy customers.

Nikhil Arora, Managing Director and Vice President – GoDaddy India, said

Our association with CloudFest is very important to GoDaddy, enabling us to enhance our engagement with our partner community across India. It is the perfect place for us to showcase our new products and platform improvements with attendees, all of whom contribute to helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals grow their ventures online. We look forward to meeting and working closely with them as we look to scale our business in Tier 2 cities with joint programs and campaigns, continuing to support the country’s growing Internet ecosystem.

At the conference, GoDaddy will launch its latest Virtual Private Server product, a fast, scalable and secure hosting solution, perfect for rapidly growing web applications. VPS hosting gives web pros more control over their hosting solutions, allowing them to get online quickly and to better serve their customers.

GoDaddy will also have a booth showcasing products and conducting live demos by experts to help educate partners and customers about its innovative tools and services. GoDaddy will also announce key new additions to its existing partner platforms [Pro & Reseller platforms], helping them better interact with, and service clients.

Bengaluru-based Institute of Product Leadership, India’s first B-School for technology managers, will hold the Data Science Summit 2018 at Cessna Business Park in Bengaluru on Friday, 6th April 2018. It aims to introduce a few key early adapters in AI, bust some of the myths surrounding jobs and career in data science and Artificial Intelligence [AI].

Image Source – IPL

The Summit is an opportunity for those working in the field of data science and those passionate about the subject, to network with the over 300 professionals and 25 executive leaders from the top companies who work in the space of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. They will demystify how data science and Artificial Intelligence will help you achieve your career goals.

Many of the experts who you will get to hear at the event include

The summit will have experts speaking of the sectors that can extensively put to use data sciences and Artificial Intelligence. The attendees can also get a peek into the future of both these and how they would be put to work in sectors as varied as healthcare and E-commerce.

Speaking of the summit, Dr Marya Wani, Director of Programs – School of Data Science, said

The event will have experts from Hyderabad, Silicon Valley and Bangalore. They are people who have done a lot of work in this field. It will be of use to executives, data scientists, engineers, developers, business development professionals, Data Analysts, Product Managers and most importantly data science enthusiasts who are involved in data-driven decision making.

The experts will also deliberate on how India can be in the forefront in the field of AI.

About Institute of Product Leadership [IPL]

The Institute of Product Leadership was born in conjunction with the Executive Product Industry Council [EPIC], a group of elite product leaders who currently drive product innovation from India in global companies. The EPIC board, along with the Board of Academics and Research [BAR], distinguished Executive Coaches and Faculty, provide advice on the productizing of new technologies and ideas, devise programs that enable technology leaders to graduate from being code-centric to customer-centric and also help the engineering centers in Asia nurture the next generation of product leaders. For more information, please visit Institute of Product Leadership

Reliance Jio is hosting the India Digital Open Summit 2018, an Open Source Networking [OSN] Day being organised in partnership with the Linux Foundation and supported by Cisco Systems.

The January 19th, 2018 event marks the inaugural India Digital Open Summit, a meeting of the top technologists, academia, startups, and industry leaders focused on how open source networking systems and platforms would transform and foster innovation and leadership across the entire digital ecosystem.

Open source is being embraced by leading organisations globally, not only due to its cost advantage, but to leverage the development advantages open source communities offer. By its very essence, open source fuels enterprising organizations, because unlike proprietary systems, it enables greater innovation and differentiation, helping companies customize and manage platforms with more flexibility with the ability to rapidly develop and bring new services to the market with scalability and security.

The summit will feature discussions on various elements of the Open Source framework for policy, technology and security that accelerate the expansion of the Digital India initiative across domains. Over 400 attendees are expected at the India Digital Open Summit 2018. More than a dozen global C-Level Executives will discuss a range of topics, including application to blockchain, Artificial Intelligence [AI], Cloud-scale networking, Open Compute, AR/VR, Real-time analytics and other topics on the open source-spurred digital transformation.

The one-day event will be held at the Reliance Corporate Park campus in Navi Mumbai. For details of the event, please visit India Digital Summit.

Linux Foundation is the world’s premier organization for building sustainable Open Source Ecosystems and Reliance Jio has joined Linux Foundation’s Open Network Automation Platform [ONAP] as a Platinum member. Jio’s Platinum membership in ONAP provides a platform for accelerating its efforts to further its work in open source to support The Linux Foundation.

SMARTup is a platform for knowledge sharing and networking being organized by ah! VenturesMeetingsAndOffices. Their endeavour is to connect the startup fraternity and create valuable business centric conversations between domain specialists and entrepreneurs. SMARTup will be holding meets in metropolitan cities such as Hyderabad, Bengaluru as well as in startup based cities such as Jaipur, Pune, Chandigarh to name a few.

The focus of these SMARTup’s is to deal with issues and problems that plague young companies and divert their focus from their core competencies and business. Issues such as business planning and strategy development, aligning immediate and long term goals, generating investor interest, scaling a business, managing cash flows, building sticky relationships & customer loyalty, getting paying customers, regulations, compliance, understanding term sheets, understanding how to go about building your tech as a non-techie without a tech co-founder, sales and marketing processes, how to focus on and enhance the logic of business, what is the role of IoT in business, when do you need AI and what does AI mean beyond chatbots for your business etc. will all be amongst the critical topics that would be covered under the series.

Abhijeet Kumar, Co-founder of SMARTup emphasized on his goal to achieve a greater startup nation in a few words

SMARTup is a platform which aims to give the country’s potential startups a boost and a platform to achieve more visibility.

Meenal Sinha, co-founder of MeetingsAndOffices stated how important it is for today’s startups to understand the know-how of smart startups.

Over the past decade, there have been more startups being established. And, they need the guidance to accelerate their young company’s growth in the right direction. That is what SMARTup is driving to achieve.

Indore is populated with startup ecosystems. Indore being the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh has many industries and startups booming into successful businesses.  Indore being the industrial center in the heart of India, we are grooming the ecosystem and wanting to increase awareness about startups, funding, investments, etc. through SMARTup.

At Indore, SMARTup will be curating one on one discussions of our audience with eminent people from the ecosystem. During this meet, startups could benefit the chance to meet prominent investors from across the country, all under one roof. If you want to know more about SMARTup, please visit SMARTup Indore

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IFIM Institutions, in partnership with the Government of India and NASSCOM, hosted their Digital Innovation Conclave, which aimed to bring out the importance of a Public-Private Partnership [PPP] for improving the employability quotient of a skilled India. Prof Sadagopan, Director [President] of IIIT-Bangalore, Sanjeev Malhotra, CEO, IoT, NASSCOM, Dr Ramesh U representing AICTE, Government of India and Sanjay Padode, Secretary, Center for Developmental Education [IFIM Institutions] together inaugurated the session.

As per Analytics India Industry Study 2016, Analytics Market in India currently stands at $1.64 Billion annually in revenues, growing at a healthy rate of 28.8% CAGR. Though analytics is still largely considered a part of broader KPO industry, increasingly analytics is now being considered a separate industry of its own.

Understanding the role of analytics in shaping the career of future professionals, previously, IFIM institutions with NASSCOM had sketched out unique model of ‘Train the Trainer’ in three courses- Associate Analytics, Junior Data Analytics and Recruitment Associate. The program was Level 7 and intended to skill 10,000 Post Graduate students across state.

The Chief Guest for the occasion, Dr Sadagopan, Director, IIIT Bangalore inaugurated the event by stressing the need to upgrade the curriculum of technical and management education in India. He said

India is a magnet of talent and it is high time we nurtured this by providing them the right assistance. With the advent of technology, students, especially in the higher education segment, need to be trained to acquire the right skillsets. The country has a bright future in the space of Analytics, and therefore it is important for a greater focus on data and a good scope for businesses to grow in this space. This should be reflected right from the stage of curriculum design, to help nurture the right talent at the right time. A partnership of the government, along with the educational institutions and the IT sector, is crucial to help catalyze the growth in data analytics.

According to an independent research report, the $155-billion Indian IT sector employs around 3.9 million people, and McKinsey estimates that the skill-sets of half of the existing workforce will be irrelevant as they are not skilled to be in tune with the changing market needs.

Sanjay Padode, Secretary, Center for Developmental Education [IFIM Institutions], said

The event is organised as an acknowledgement of the need to re-skill the workforce in Analytics and AI as this technology is being adopted across industries. As data becomes the new fuel in running industries, the need for a professional knowledge of analytics and utilising it in artificial intelligence gains in importance. Largely, it will define how the existing businesses upgrade to incorporate AI and use analytics. Also, this opens up the gates to many more new business opportunities for young professionals.

IFIM Institutions has been working towards holistic development of the students who would be continuously employable. While automation has entered market like a storm, it is essential for our workforce to be in line with the requirement of industry. With Digital Innovation Conclave we have taken initiative to bring all industry stakeholders at one platform and brainstorm towards ensuring a better future for our society.

The Conclave culminated with the formation of a Think Tank in Digital Business chaired by Prof Chandrasekhar, Chairman of Centre of Excellence for Business Analytics at IFIM Business School. Sameer Dhanrajani, Chief Strategy Officer, Fractal Analytics announced the names of the invited members of this Think Tank and handed over the invitation letters. Members of the Think Tank are below

  1. Prof Chandrashekhar, Chairman
  2. Mr Sameer Dhanrajani, Chief Strategy Officer, Fractal Analytics
  3. Mr. Prithvi Raj Roy, CEO, Bridgei2i Analytics Solutions
  4. Mr. Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi, Co-Founder, Crayon Data Systems
  5. Mr. Nitin Sareen, Head Analytics, Walmart Labs
  6. Mr. Pankaj Rai , SVP- Strategy, Wells Fargo
  7. Ms. Rohini Srivathsa, SVP Analytics, Fidelity Investments
  8. Mr. Sameer Dhanrajani, CSO, Fractal Analytics

The Think Tank will be supported by a research group consisting of students and faculty, led by Prof Chandrashekhar, the renowned name in Data Analytics in country. This Think Tank shall develop a well-researched white paper for consumption by the Industry and Academia at large. The paper shall endeavour to outline the curriculum changes and development of coursework to align the present programs with the digital needs of the industry in the future. This paper would be presented to the Chairman of AICTE, UGC and would be circulated to the academic heads of all universities and institutions in the country.

India’s most trusted diagnostics partner CORE Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd is supporting a comprehensive discussion platform for Oncologists and medical experts to talk in depth about the Indian perspectives on genetic mutation and its role in augmenting cancer risk at the 2nd chapter of the Indian Cancer Congress.  Over 3500 oncologists have converged at the conference to talk about latest strategies in treatment and prevention against cancer.

Image Source – CORE Diagnostics

The event is being held from Nov 8th~12th in Bengaluru and has experts in medical oncology deliberating upon the Indian as well as global perspectives in the incidence of different types of cancers and the causes of their rising prevalence.  A rapidly expanding start up and an expert in Oncology testing, CORE have constantly differentiated themselves by their innovative edge in the diagnostics market.

Keeping up with the newest technologies in the cancer detection and prevention space, CORE has an entire section dedicated to the latest buzz in the segment called COREtalks at their boothSome of the featured talks include BRCA: An Indian perspective on incidence and patternsLiquid Biopsy: An answer to when tissue is an issue and Next Generation Sequencing and beyond in the management of Cancers – Where do we stand?  CORE is also hosting a Lunch Symposium on Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in Oncology – The Myth & the Reality as well as participating on several debates and panel discussions.

CORE Diagnostics has also initiated a one of its kind effort to boost innovation as a means to usher in potentially game changing ideas in the field of Indian healthcare.

Underlining the need for promoting innovation in healthcare, CORE Diagnostics’ Founder & Managing Director, Zoya Brar said

Putting appropriate thrust on innovation can bring about revolutionary solutions in healthcare. This is particularly important for a country like India where dynamic ideas are needed to expand the reach of quality healthcare to rural as well as remote areas. In this direction, for the first time ever at a conference, with a platform as great as the ICC, we are hosting a unique ‘Startup Pitch Fest’. This fest will provide a one of its kind platform to boost brilliant ideas in the healthcare domain that can play a pivotal role in diagnosis and positively impact patient treatment. The winner gets cash prizes worth INR 3 lakhs. I am very excited and look forward to hearing from the selected finalists for COREcatalyst on November 10th.

About CORE Diagnostics

CORE Diagnostics is a clinical laboratory focused on next generation diagnostics for disease stratification and therapy selection. The company focuses on bringing the most advanced testing techniques and expertise to India and is the destination for all of India’s high-end diagnostic needs. CORE Diagnostics has a rich menu of high-end tests; provides a second opinion on every test from a global panel of pathologists; and has the shortest turnaround time. For more information, please visit CORE Diagnostics

Analytics has become an integral part of any online business. It is not only relevant to online business, even if you own a blog it becomes important to understand the impact of the posts, target audience, decision making, keywords relevant to the blog, etc. In naive terms, it helps in audience measurement and putting the buck at the right place since everything is ‘Measurable’.

However, the question is ‘Do we have any such solution for offline mode?’ e.g. If the advertiser is an e-commerce brand, can the brand figure out whether the consumer has downloaded the app after looking at the advertisement on TV or via some offline medium [Hoarding, Newspaper advertisement] or some other mechanism. Though advertising on TV is the best possible mechanism to reach maximum audience and generate brand awareness, its ROI is still not directly measurable!

DCMN, a Berlin based startup that is a leading full-stack growth specialist and marketing firm seems to have an effective solution where brands can leverage DCMN’s technological expertise to optimize a TV Commercial (TVC) for the best reach as well as for generating measurable results! DCMN executes campaigns across all media with services spanning right from creation and production, media planning and buying, to campaign optimization with one of a kind in-house technology.

We were invited for the Bloggers Meet in Bengaluru where we had an opportunity to interact with Bindu Balakrishnan, Country Head India, DCMN. The interaction revolved around the problem being solved by DCMN, change in Marketer’s mindset for shifting to performance-driven TVC’s, some technical aspects of DCMN, etc.

Bindu Balakrishnan [third from Left] with Bloggers from Bengaluru

She also touched upon their association with CARS24 where they helped CARS24 launch their newest performance-driven and optimized TVC, which aims at educating customers on how to use the second-hand automotive marketplace to get the best rate for their vehicles.

Drawing on its expertise as an international leader in performance-driven TV marketing, DCMN India recently won the mandate to produce the media strategy for CARS24. The company created a data-driven media campaign that allows tracking and optimisation based on DCMN’s in-house TV attribution technology, thus bridging the age-old gap between offline and online.

Following the successful first flight of the campaign that ran for about six weeks, DCMN delivered an in-depth optimisation and performance evaluation report, to analyse the TVC and work towards an optimised next flight.

In the first flight, DCMN tracked key KPIs for the client such as cost per visit, cost per call and Cost per booked appointment. In flight two, the media buying has been optimised in line with these KPIs with a focus on channels, dayparts, weekdays and spot length.

Consequently, while planning for the new spot, CARS24 approached DCMN at the initial storyboard level to help with optimising their media strategy

Bindu Balakrishnan, Country Head – DCMN India added

With this campaign, DCMN has given CARS24’s new TV spot a performance focus. Using our in-house TV attribution technology, we can optimise the campaign from the moment it goes to air, allowing us to focus on the best-performing genres, channels, days, and dayparts for optimal performance.

For the festive seasons, CARS24 has also decided to almost double their media spend for the second flight. DCMN recommended here including more infotainment channels, with programming similar to the History channel. The optimised media strategy included more business news channels, as well more Hindi news channels while further expanding the Hindi movies channel mix and focusing on the earlier dayparts.

The newest TVC is airing currently with a strong presence across genres, including Infotainment, Hindi News, Hindi Movies, English movies and English business news.

Vikram Chopra, CEO and Co-Founder, CARS24, added

Following a successful first flight with our previous TVC, we’ve optimised the campaign for even better performance. Our continued partnership with DCMN allows us to take advantage of their performance-driven approach, which ensures we can measure the direct response of the spot as it goes to air.

DCMN also counts more than 120 digital brands in its portfolio, including Indian brands CARS24, EaseMyTrip, Fynd and more. For more information, please visit DCMN