Blippar, the world’s largest image recognition & augmented reality platform, launched the first-ever proprietary mobile visual search. This re-launched version of the original Blippar app will change the way consumers interact with the physical world.

Opening the free Blippar app, users will be able to simply “look” at any object via the camera on their mobile devices to activate instantaneous digital search and draw information directly from the world around them.


Blippar Founder and CEO Ambarish Mitra said

Blippar has already worked with thousands of the world’s largest brands and publishers to create engaging branded experiences that are triggered by objects, magazine pages, advertisements and more, “blipped” by millions of users around the world. It is the healthy appetite for this new behavior that has fueled the move into visual search.

The human imagination, curiosity and the quest for knowledge are all often limited by our capacity to define and assign language to describe and seek answers from the world around us. Today marks the beginning of a new era of search, where curious users will be able to visually search the world through the lens of the Blippar app.

The technology holds massive potential for enriching real world experiences and delivering genuine value to our users. The visual search is not replacing text-based search, it’s an alternate behavior which satisfies people’s spontaneous needs of instant object focused curiosity, therefore introducing the light web.

Blippar is launching this new capability by first making all English-language DVD covers and movie posters including some Bollywood movies, sports logos for the Indian Cricket League and other US and European sports league blippable.

When users’ blipp one of these items or images, they will instantaneously be presented with a range of contextual, snack-able information. For example, if they blipp an movie poster they may be presented with access to the trailer of the movie, details on what people are saying about it on Twitter or more information about the cast.

This is just the first step in Blippar’s ambitious mission to make the entire physical world visually searchable via mobile devices and wearables. In the future, Blippar will add to its growing catalogue of blippable objects in stages with the ultimate aim of making everything blippable – from an apple, to a chocolate bar, to a dog on the street, to the Eiffel Tower and beyond.

Web-based search as it exists today has dominated the digital experience, both online and mobile. From inputting keywords to digging through pages of links to access information, this governing search behavior is limited by vocabulary and literacy. Blippar’s image recognition capabilities will extend beyond the confines of language to empower consumers to instantaneously pull timely, relevant information directly from the environment around them.

Blippar’s proprietary search engine is net neutral. Blippar users will be served the highest quality and most accurate sources of information within the app, displayed on a fluid user interface that uses design and color input directly from the blipped item itself. The speed and accuracy of the Blippar platform allows users to blipp and access information faster than traditional web search, with no delay in latency. Further, Blippar’s location-based predictive computing uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to refine and personalize its visual search results for each user.

Blippar will continue to work closely with brands and agencies to bring products to life through engaging interactive experiences. The updated Blippar app is available for download on iOS and will soon be available on Android.

About Blippar

Blippar is the world’s fastest growing image recognition and augmented reality app. Utilizing proprietary, best-in-class image technologies, Blippar enables users to instantaneously pull interactive, informative digital content directly from the environment around them, their favorite publications, brands and objects via their iOS, Android or Windows devices. Since launching in the UK in 2011, Blippar has expanded rapidly, partnering with some of the biggest and most exciting media owners and brands in the world — including TIME Inc., Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Heinz, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Anheuser Busch, and Jaguar. To learn more, visit

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The India enterprise mobility market is expected to grow from US$ 1.7 billion in 2015 to US$ 2.3 billion in 2017. This radical growth is due to the explosion of smartphone users in India and the time they spend on the internet.

Below is an info-graphic with some interesting data points on smartphone usage in India, what it means for leading e-commerce players, as well as smartphone vendor share in the country.

[Credit : VMware]

E-Billing Solutions Pvt. Ltd [EBS], a leading pan-India online payment gateway, now offers the ‘Go Live in 24 hours’promise to merchants who wish to set up online business.

Startups are always on the lookout for an appropriate payment gateway partner to start accepting online payments for their venture with a minimum lead-time. With EBS’ promise of ‘Go Live in 24 hours’, it has not only simplified the payment integration processes, but also ensured that startups do not lose out on business opportunities due to unnecessary delays.


EBS makes life simpler and easier for new merchants in the highly competitive market by actually delivering on its promise. EBS is able to activate payment gateway solutions within 24 hours by merely optimizing its internal workflows and cutting through the red tapes. At the same time, EBS also ensures that all legal and compliance are being addressed appropriately.

Speaking on the need to stand true to its word when it comes to enabling ‘Go Live in 24 hours’, Bhavin Mody, Director, E-Billing Solutions Pvt. Ltd, said

We understand the urgency and the importance of the merchants looking for payment gateways to kick start their venture. Delays in initiating these services postpone their business plans and this can also impact their crucial business milestones. In view of this, we have put in place this valuable offering to help new businesses take off on time.

The merchants can choose from various pricing plans offered by EBS viz. Economy for 4,799; Starter for 9,599; Standard for 15,999 and Premium for 23,999 for merchants purchasing these plans on

EBS is continuously expanding its network to successfully cater to the ever increasing tech savvy population. It offers the widest range of payment options currently available in India and innumerable intuitive products to enable seamless transaction experience for end consumers.

About EBS

E-Billing Solutions (EBS) established in the year 2005 is head quartered in Mumbai. It pioneers in providing a technical interface/ platform between merchants and banks by providing software that connects a merchant’s website to multiple participating banks. It facilitates online purchases from a merchant’s website and helps them to collect payment from the end customers through net banking, credit and debit cards.

EBS is PCI DSS 3.0 Standards of Compliant & ISO 27001- 2013 standard certified. This achievement makes EBS one of the most secured online service providers in the world. EBS is a fully own subsidiary of Ingenico group. For more information please visit EBS

The “hits” keep on coming for Android’s mediaserver component. Trend Micro discovered yet another Android mediaserver vulnerability, which can be exploited to perform attacks involving arbitrary code execution. With this new vulnerability, an attacker would be able to run their code with the same permissions that the mediaserver program already has as part of its normal routines.

This vulnerability has been designated as CVE-2015-3842. While it affects Android versions 2.3 to 5.1.1, Google has fixed and published details this vulnerability via the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Currently, there are no known active attacks against this vulnerability.


This discovery closely follows three other major vulnerabilities in Android’s mediaserver component that surfaced recently. CVE-2015-3823 may allow attackers to trap phones in endless reboots, ANDROID-21296336 may render devices silent, while CVE-2015-3824 [Stagefright], can be used to install malware through a multimedia message.

How it works

The vulnerability involves AudioEffect, a component of the mediaserver program. It uses an unchecked variable which comes from the client, which is usually an app. For an attack to begin, attackers convince the victim to install an app that doesn’t require any required permissions, giving them a false sense of security.

Possible threat scenarios

This attack can be fully controlled, which means a malicious app can decide when to start the attack and also when to stop. An attacker would be able to run their code with the same permissions that mediaserver already has as part of its normal routines.

Since the mediaserver component deals with a lot of media-related tasks including taking pictures, reading MP4 files, and recording videos, the privacy of the victim may be at risk. Devices with customized versions of Android but with no modification made to the mediaserver component are also affected.

A dilemma users may face is that it will be difficult for them to locate the cause once an attack occurs. In our demo, we simply triggered the attack by running an app; this is convenient and intuitive for disclosure. While attacks can be triggered by apps alone, real-world attacks won’t involve apps that are easy to detect.

The malicious app will try as much as possible to appear legitimate and use dynamic load technology to remain undetected while triggering the attack several days/months later, either persistently or intermittently, similar to other malware.


End users can block this threat from the onset by downloading Trend Micro Mobile Security (TMMS), which can detect threats trying to use this vulnerability and running any of the scenarios presented. Android users can also reboot their device using safe mode to un-install the malicious app.

However, this method might prove difficult, especially for those unaccustomed to tinkering with their devices. We also recommend that device manufacturers patch their devices regularly to prevent their users from suffering from attacks that use this vulnerability.

About Trend Micro

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in security software, strives to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Built on 26 years of experience, our solutions for consumers, businesses and governments provide layered data security to protect information on mobile devices, endpoints, gateways, servers and the cloud. Trend Micro enables the smart protection of information, with innovative security technology that is simple to deploy and manage, and fits an evolving ecosystem. For more information, visit TrendMicro

Gurgaon based Visual Blogging Platform Bluegape has raised USD 600,000 from ah! Ventures, Rudy Gopalakrishnan of Fidelity & Times Internet. Barclays Capital India has been advising Bluegape & helping in getting connected with right investors. The deal has been closed on ah! Ventures’ equity investment platform, CLUBah Bluegape had earlier raised USD 184,000 in April 2015 from Rudy Gopalakrishnan & ah! Ventures. Bluegape is backed by TLabs and has received a total funding of USD 500,000 [excluding the recent round] till date.

Long form of content is dying in this mobile era where users have a very short attention span. Bluegape is giving users a platform to create and consume content in a visual format. Currently Bluegape has over 15 Million+ unique visitors every month and around 100,000+ posts are getting created on the platform every month.


Sahil Baghla, Co-Founder & CEO, Bluegape said

Our vision is to make communication of ideas and knowledge very easy. On Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat we are connected to our close group of friends and they are like your private social identity. Bluegape, on the other hand will be your public social identity which is about self-expression with the world. Bluegape will be A Social Profile You Can Be Proud Of.

The startup was founded in August 2011 by Sahil BaghlaAyush Varshney [Company has pivoted from Merchandise Business to Visual Blogging Platform in January 2015]. Both the founders are IIT-Kanpur alumni.

Ayush Varshney, Co-Founder & CTO added

We will use the money on technology and for expanding our engineering team. The existing investors have lead the round which is a very good sign that we are on the right track.

People are doing amazing stuff at Bluegape like their niche fashion blog, on feminism, on celebrity fan-clubs or Individual bloggers

Abhijeet Kumar, Co-founder of ah! ventures said

In today’s inter-connected, plugged-in world, nothing is more fast-paced than technology. It constantly evolves to meet our ever-increasing need to stay connected. Technology has enabled the world to shrink into a global village where everybody is connected to one another through one platform or the other. Bluegape is a social media disruptor, it’s the black swan. Sahil and Ayush have created the future of social media.

Within a short span, Bluegape has seen traction of over 15 unique million visitors each month and growing, which is the proof of the platform and reflects the dedication of the team in delivering a world class product out of India. CLUB ah! is proud to be associated with Bluegape in its quest to success.

CLUB ah!, an angel network of over 450 investors, including some of the renowned angels and early stage VCs represent the maturity of Indian early stage investment ecosystem. Started in 2012, the CLUB ah! platform boasts of over 2000+ startups, 450+ seed/angel investors and over 60 VC’s & institutional investors. It also has an impact investment network and a mentor network to assist startups in their growth and expansion. Till date CLUB ah! has invested close to USD 6 Million across 15 startups including Bluegape.

Talking about the transaction, Harshad Lahoti, Founder & CEO, ah! ventures said

Some may wonder whether the valuations for some of these new tech companies are exaggerated, but, exaggerated or not, they are reinventing some of the most basic structures of human interaction and for those looking for the next Facebook or LinkedIn, Bluegape is the answer. Social media platforms have a cyclic process, you have to be constantly innovating to stay relevant to the audience.

Bluegape by all virtue is very innovative in its approach and will soon become the new normal. Visual blogging is a new concept and by the traction that we see on the portal, we believe this will be the next big social interactive platform. The Bluegape team has a clear vision to disrupt the existing social interaction landscape. For an investor, the pedigree of the team and idea are critical. In Bluegape, investors can find disruptive growth and a team committed to deliver.

ah! Ventures is in the final stages of closing 2 more deals in the coming weeks.

About Bluegape

Bluegape is world’s first visual blogging platform. The biggest promise of internet was democratization of ideas and knowledge. Everyone has some knowledge or learning to give back. Visual Blogging is a great way to express yourself in this fast moving world of short attention span.

About ah! ventures

ah! Ventures is a startup focused growth catalyst that brings together promising businesses and investors by creating wealth creation opportunities for both. ah!’s unique model serves investors, entrepreneurs and enablers through a unique blend of customized services, skill and industry & domain experience.

About CLUB ah!

CLUB ah! is India’s first full-spectrum startup investment network and platform comprising of over 500 investors, including some of the renowned angels and early-stage VC’s which represent the maturity of Indian early-stage ecosystem. Setup in 2012, the CLUB ah! Platform today has over 2500+ startups, 450+ seed/angel investors and over 60 VC’s & institutional investors. CLUB ah! has till date invested close to INR 36 crores in over 15 startups spread across varied industries and domains.

InfoTrack Telematics, one of the globally leading suppliers of taxi dispatch, GPS tracking & fleet management solutions tied up with Hello cabs, Myanmar’s only radio taxi service. As part of this partnership, InfoTrack will be offering end to end state of technology for Hello Cabs rider and the driver.


The booking confirmation, text message will be sent to passengers once they book cab. InfoTrack Telematics is also expanding partnership with Hello cab where the passengers would soon be able to use InfoTracks app to share their location and provide live journey tracking to their friends & family.

With this app, Hello Cab’s passengers can immediately share their location with their choice of contact as soon as they enter the cab. And as they travel, the riders can be tracked by their near and dear ones of their choice.

Mr. C.K. Ramakant, Managing Director, InfoTrack Telematics. said

We are pleased to be building our international presence and also delighted to successfully deploy end to end solutions which includes InfoTrack’s InfoDispatch and GPS monitoring to support Hello Cab’s taxi business and taxi aggregation business. With InfoTrack’s end to end solutions and mobile apps, hello cab’s riders will have totally new experience in the city of Yangon, Myanmar.

Speaking about the partnership, Says Mr. Aung Win, Founder Hello Cabs said

We are delighted to provide first radio taxi services in the city of Yangon, Myanmar partnering with InfoTrack Telematics, one of India’s leading suppliers of GPS dispatch and tracking. InfoTrack’s app will help our drivers and riders with two flow information. Safety of our passengers is our priority and InfoTrack’s GPS technology and its app will help us to provide safety to our passengers.

About InfoTrack Telematics

InfoTrack Telematics is one of the globally leading suppliers of taxi dispatch, GPS tracking and fleet management solutions with offices in India, Singapore and partners in Malaysia, Indonesia and Middle East. InfoTrack Telematics is a joint venture between Infotrack Telematics Pte Ltd, Singapore and ZENRIN Datacom Ltd., Japan. InfoTrack Telematics provides customizable software with a variety of choices for hardware as well as editions for meeting industry or region specific requirements. Mobile Edition is for Android, SE Asia Edition for specific geographic needs, and Professional Edition for advanced management tools.

About Hello Cabs

Hello cabs started in the year 2015 is the first radio taxi in Myanmar, a taxi in two-way radio communication with a dispatcher, who sends it directly to persons who phone in for a taxi.

[Image Credit* – Hello Cabs]

The August Fest, India’s largest Startup Conference that Celebrates Arts & Entrepreneurship is coming up with the 2015 edition. The August Fest is on its way to building India’s First International Startup Conference apart from being one of the Largest Startup Conferences in Asia.


It is geared to host around 5000+ great minds from across India and few of them from Asia, Middle East, Europe and the U.S.A ! Along with the awesome participants, there would be 50+ Speakers, 50+ Incubators & 200+ Investors would be participating in the event.

The event will be held on 29th & 30th of August in Hyderabad [JRC Convention]


August Fest – Detailed Agenda

  • Action Packed Two Day Conference | Applications For Startup Demos/Arts Track Submissions open from July.
  • 15 Boot Camps In 8 Countries Before August ! Dates Will Be Out Soon !
  • Startups Can Pitch In Respective Cities to Win a Wild Card Entry to Demo @The August Fest Stage !
  • Remarkable Journeys | Incredible Talks | Intriguing Panels
  • Best of The Best Startup Demos | Non Stop Film Screening
  • IoT/Makers Edition | Startup Expo
  • Intense Workshops | Interactive Sessions
  • 50+ Speakers | 50+ Incubators | 200+ Investors
  • Live Music | Witty Skits | Stage Plays
  • Heritage Crawls | Unbelievable After Party

August Fest – Speaker Desk

There is an awesome line-up of speakers for the 2015 edition of August Fest [and still the team at August Fest are working to bring some more speakers on-board :)]

Registration & Launchpad for Startups

You can register for the event by Buying tickets from here If you are a startup founder, you can pitch your idea by registering for the Launch Pad. The August Fest Launch Pad is for Startups looking to Pitch on Stage ! Film Makers and Creative Folks looking forward to Showcase their works can submit entries too !

Past Event Snapshots

Follow August Fest on Twitter @TheAugustFest and connect with them on Facebook at

Accenture, in partnership with Yahoo India, has launched the fourth season of Innovation Jockeys – The Hunt for India’s most Innovative Minds. Undergraduate, graduate & post graduate students across India are welcome to submit innovative ideas for using technology to transform India.

This year’s contest, which will focus on disruptive technology innovations related to the themes Cognitive Computing and Internet of Things and ‘Digital Application Marketplace, aims to discover bright, young, home-grown innovators.

Raghavan Iyer, MD, Technology Delivery and Innovation Council lead for Accenture in India said

We’re looking for India’s next generation of innovators – young people with drive, passion and creativity who will make a difference in the way businesses and society function. In the previous three seasons, the program drew over 7,180 idea submissions from over 900 campuses and more than 125,300 newsletter sign-ups from students at more than 1,000 colleges across India. We have seen an encouraging response each year and are expecting more students to participate and showcase their solutions.

This year’s contest winners will be selected by a renowned jury, consisting of Ravi Gururaj, Chair – Product Council & Member-Executive Council, NASSCOM; Kalyan Veeramachaneni, Research Scientist, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Unni Aravindakshan, Vice President – Production Engineering & Head, Yahoo Software Development India; Raj Dam, Founder, QuizWorks; Vinay Gupta, CEO,; Nandini Vaidyanathan, CMD, CARMa Venture Services & Alok Goyal, Partner at Helion Advisors.

Unni Aravindakshan, VP – Production Engineering & Head, Yahoo Software Development India Pvt. Ltd said

Over the last three years, Innovation Jockeys has surfaced ideas that solve real-world problems and make a difference in our daily lives. We are happy to be part of the process that fosters this innovation. We are looking forward to how India’s bright young minds will innovate and push the envelope this year, as they take on new challenges.

Each member of the winning team will receive a trip to Accenture Technology Labs, San Francisco, a Lenovo tablet & an Apple iPhone 6. Winning entries for each category will also receive an Apple  iPad and a Pebble Smart Watch. The five most popular ideas will win an Amazon Kindle.

To find out more and participate in Innovation Jockeys: The Hunt for India’s most Innovative Minds, log on to Innovation Jockeys. The deadline for submitting entries is September 20, 2015. The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on November 6, 2015 in Bangalore.