ACT Fibernet, India’s largest fiber broadband ISP [Internet Service Provider], launched its new brand identity with the unveiling of the logo and tagline ‘Feel the Advantage’. The re-branding initiative is a strategic component of ACT Fibernet to becoming the most admired in-home entertainment and interactive internet services provider in India.

The new brand identity represents ACT Fibernet’s differentiated approach towards offering innovative customer centric solutions that will enhance user experience and provide maximum value.

In 2019, ACT Fibernet will expand its products, service offerings and partnerships across various categories, namely – ACT Advantage Entertainment, ACT Advantage Gaming, ACT Advantage Speed, ACT Advantage Service, ACT Advantage Smart Cities, and ACT Advantage community.

As part of the activity, ACT Fibernet will partner with content provider like ZEE5 and Sony Liv amongst others to strengthen its content offerings. Being the preferred choice of every gaming enthusiast, ACT Fibernet is working with popular gaming cafes, gaming OEMs and gaming publishers to provide the highest quality gaming experience to users.

Bala Malladi, CEO ACT Fibernet launches the new brand identity

Within the next six months, ACT Fibernet plans to launch its broadband services in multiple cities across North & West India, thereby expanding its footprint in the country.  The company will also be launching a 24*7 call center and a unified call center number to address customers queries in real time.

In support to the government’s mission towards building a digital India and smart cities mission, ACT Fibernet aims to complete 5000+ wi-fi hotspots across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam and others. Further, ACT Fibernet is jointly working with the state government of Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru to enable free wi-fi connectivity in public libraries and schools.

Speaking on the launch Bala Malladi, CEO, Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd. said

We have always believed in providing our customers the best solutions through our products and services. Today, consumer needs and usage behavior is continuously evolving. Newer technologies are constantly being adopted and becoming mass-scale by the day, be it streaming or gaming or smart homes. It is therefore our responsibility to work in conjunction with the rapidly evolving customer’s expectations and find feasible ways to serve them. We strongly believe that our new brand identity reflects this value and commitment we have towards our customers.

Moving forward, we will be launching new products and services that our consumer’s desire. We are confident that with our pioneering fibernet connection, hyper fast speeds, new offerings and industry’s best customer service in place, we will successfully transform our customer’s experience enabling them to do and accomplish more. With ACT you can Feel the Advantage.

The new logo represents the brands ethos– Sharp, futuristic, innovative, exciting, creative and modern.  The tagline ‘Feel the Advantage‘is simple but powerful expression of the brand’s mission, values and commitment.

About ACT Fibernet

ACT Fibernet is India’s largest fiber-focused wired broadband ISP as on September 30, 2017 [in terms of number of fiber broadband internet subscribers from residential homes] [Source: India Broadband Market Overview – 2017 dated February 19, 2018, prepared by Media Partners Asia]. Headquartered in Bengaluru. ACT Fibernet has operations in 15 Indian cities as on December 31, 2017 with approximately 1.28 million customers.

Robotech Private Limited has been selected by Startup Grind, powered by Google for Startups, as one of the top 60 startups inducted into the 2019 Accelerate Program. Additionally, Robotech will be a featured startup for the 2019 Startup Grind Global Conference held February 12th through February 13th in Redwood City, California.

India’s real flag-bearer of 21st-century education, Robotech, recently launched an online peer-to-peer learning platform named My STEM Time, comprising a plethora of STEM-based educational videos.

This ground-breaking program imparts among the learners the most desired skills of the current scenario. These skills revolve around automation systems, AI, IOT, Drones, 3D Printing, Advanced Microcontrollers, Robotics, Programming languages, and other technologies in demand. Through My STEM Time, the users [mentors and students] work in synergy to create an ecosystem where hands-on learning is accessible to everyone.

Expressing enthusiastic views over the selection for Startup Grind’s Accelerate Program, Nishant Jain, MD, Robotech Pvt Ltd said

Robotech’s year of expertise in hands-on educational practices, teacher training programs, and PAN India-spread tinkering labs have empowered it to design this [My STEM Time] portal that caters to the future’s technological needs. We expect the Startup Grind’s Accelerate Program to be instrumental in the evolution of such ed-tech offerings by Robotech.

Apart from this online platform, Robotech has forayed into numerous other programs to prepare the learners for the next industrial revolution. These offerings include tinkering labs, STEM competitions, assessments, STEM educator program, and educational kits.

About Startup Grind

Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 2,000,000 founders in more than 600 chapters globally. Founded in Silicon Valley, it nurtures startup ecosystems in 130+ countries through events, media, and partnerships with organizations such as Google for Startups. Startup Grind also hosts two flagship conferences annually — the Global Conference and Europe Conference. To date, Startup Grind has helped millions of entrepreneurs find mentorship, connect to partners and hires, pursue funding, and reach new users.

Cybersecurity is an issue that companies have to deal with daily. Due to the plethora of cyber-attacks that have happened in the last few years, there have been many behaviors identified to be the primary cause of cyber-attacks. Companies have been analyzing these behaviors to ascertain which methods are the best to prevent them.

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Consider the information below when trying to figure out the primary causes of data breaches

Five Key Data Breach Security Risks to Look Out For

Taking Credit Cards Over the Phone

Taking credit cards over the phone can create a risk for a data security breach. The reason for this is that having the person not present makes it possible for anyone who is able to get their hands on the credit card able to use it. These transactions later can be disputed by customers and cause your company or the issuing bank to have a loss.

Employee Data Theft or Data Leak

Employee data theft or data leak is another leading cause of data breaches. It is important if an employee leaves to change key passwords they had access to. In terms of a data leak, there will always be a risk; however, it is wise to closely look at employee correspondence to be sure no suspicious activity is occurring with confidential company data.

Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attacks are something are becoming far too commonplace. Even though companies try to stay up to date with effective IT security policies and software, hackers get more sophisticated daily. The key to avoid cyber-attacks is to constantly be updating your company’s software and run security diagnostics on your network. Having passwords be more complex and fewer individuals with access to key servers is vital in avoiding cyber-attacks.

Theft or Loss of Company Devices

While many companies issue devices to their employees, these devices can get lost or stolen. If the device gets in the improper hands, it can make the company open to risk. Having sophisticated passwords and a further security screening once the device is accessed is important to keep confidential data safe.

Employee Negligence

Employee Negligence is one of the major causes of data breaches. Employee negligence can come in various forms. One is that the employee send confidential information to the incorrect party in an email or they access an unsecured Wi-Fi on their work computer. Properly educating employees of these risks and implementing effective policies is a way to reduce data breaches.

Final Remarks

Every company needs to have an IT expert as a part of their team. This IT expert needs to be trustworthy and complete periodic audits of the company’s systems and security procedures. By doing so, companies will be able to mitigate their risk for cyber-attacks, employee negligence, data leak, and loss of devices. Additionally, by not taking credit card payments over the phone, companies will also put themselves at a lower risk of data breaches. Be sure to be continuously learning about the new risks and possible protections available. This way, your company will have a reduced risk of being a victim of a serious data breach.

Bulk material handling and weighing increases process efficiency and offers important weight data for applications that involve bulk load-ins/outs. Recently a market report titled Bulk Material Handling Products & Technologies Market Research released the details of the industry including market size, benefiting sectors, revenue, shares, and expansion chances.

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The market study incorporated leading manufacturers, key geographical locations, types of products and their applications. It also gave an international analysis, fiscal analysis, and competitive landscape analysis. Lastly, the report deciphered the sales, price, and gross margin analysis as well as global prices, sales, rates of growth and distributor analysis.

However, this article only focuses on the applications of bulk weighing across different industries. But first, let’s find out the top names behind these innovations.

Bulk material weighing tech by Top Manufacturers

So what are some of the top tech companies looking to streamline the process of bulk weighing for different industry users? Their inventions and innovations for handling bulk material have proved to be game-changers in one way or another. They include;

  • ThyssenKrupp AG
  • Metso Corporation
  • FLSmidth & Co.
  • TRF Ltd.,
  • Tenova S.p.A,
  • SENET, Voith GmbH

Types of Bulk Handling Systems

There is a wide range of materials or products that require bulk handling and weighing. Moving forward, the study scrutinized these weighing equipment based on what they do or their applications. The types of bulk handling systems studied included

  • Powder Materials
  • Weighing Systems
  • Material Feeding Systems
  • Conveying Systems
  • Screening Systems

Applications of Bulk Weighing Tech Across industries

Here’s how bulk weighing systems are assisting manufacturers and service providers across different sectors of the economy.


The processes of weighing and packaging different forms of chemicals from solid to liquid could be tedious without the assistance of bulk handling and weighing equipment. We need the aid of this technology as it eases the process, ensuring fast and efficient weighing and packaging.

For example; in fertilizer production, In-Line Fertilizer Conditioner can be used as a substitute for the de-lumping process. The machine returns bulk fertilizer to granular form and conducts screening for large debris.


The construction industry relies on bulk handling and weighing technology. You need to measure how much the materials [like cement] weigh and ensure they move from one place to another without going through a hassle.

For instance, The Automatic Bulk Bag Filling Scale System has a Modular design which makes it adjustable to suit a wide range of application from non-weighing tasks like dust collection to an automated system that distributes the empty pallet, fills in the bag to the required weight and discharges then indexes the filled bag for storage area

Food & Beverages

Food industries can now keep the flow of production moving by offering fast and accurate data collection on orders, vehicles, accounts, and materials. Some technologies give a full report with period histories, customer info, material totals and more

For example, the Automatic bulk bag filling scale system which operates as either net weigh, non-weigh or gross weight machines to fill in bulk bags and drums with dry, flaked, granular or powdered foodstuffs like grains and seeds.


Recycling scrap metal produces substantial revenue worldwide.  And the recycling process is critical to this industry’s profitability. To achieve this, you need to get accurate weight data.  But how fast can we weigh incoming and outgoing metals without the correct systems? Weighing systems can help you move through the process while storing accurate, and reliable data.


Weight data is critical to the movement of the heavy products that come from mining logistics operations. These companies depend on bulk weighting systems to get the accurate info they want and help boost up efficiency, fraud prevention and tracking of revenue streams.

For mining, you can also consider OnBoard Weighing Systems like Load Haul trucks that can measure load data for the individual items loaded into the car, and the total Gross and Net Weights carried. Haul vehicles vary widely from and come with custom designed load pins and cells that separates the truck’s load hopper from its chassis. To ease the process for users, the truck comes complete with a Weight Indicator, Bluetooth or WiFi communication, and screens linked to Data Collection software.

Oil and Gas

With the fluctuating international demands for oil and gas, leading and budding companies have been forced to cut costs and improve operational efficiency to meet the future industry challenges.  And one way to get ahead of your competitors is ensuring you are handling you weighing accurately and safely.

A perfect example such tech is the heavy duty steel track which can weight your oil before transporting it. The Railroad Low Profile [RLP] can also be of help – it is a robust rail scale that weighs rail cars and trucks.


How do we get the correct doses of medicine? All pharmaceutical manufacturing industries have a space for weighing raw materials before relocating them to clean containers. The room goes by many names including Central Weigh, Weighing, Weigh room, Pharmacy, Dispensary, Dispensing or Fractionation. Your space for this should ensure unidirectional flow of raw materials and staff, the separation between hazardous and non-hazardous stuff, and distinction of storage and manufacturing areas.

Scales like checkweighers offer drug manufacturers adaptable weighing abilities ensuring in- package verification before distribution. They also give highly accurate, safety-level weighments.Bench scales help improve precision in amounts during the mixing of the ingredient, processing while checkweighers assist in confirming package quantity.

Wrapping Up

Ignored as they are, how would we measure stuff without Bulk weighing tech? The industry has evolved for years. And today, the market has a solution for nearly all your bulk handling and weight measuring needs. This list is only a handful of industry application of these important innovations. When choosing a scale, make sure to specify what you want to do with the scale so that the dealer can offer honest and useful advice. Consider modern industrial weighing systems for all your bulk weighing needs. They will not only ease the process but also boost up production eventually leading to increased revenue.

From Grocery & Staples to Personal Care and Beverages, India’s growing fervor for shopping groceries online was all time high during the recently concluded 9 day long sale – Grand Orange Bag Days. With record breaking numbers, India’s biggest sale in online grocery segment by Grofers hit 207.52 Crore GMV with 14 Lakh visits on the app every day during the sale days.

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Aligned with its aim to drive the next wave of growth for e-commerce sector, the sale which allowed consumers to shop everything at 100% cash back [up to Rs. 5000], got 2.5 Lakh new consumers to buy groceries online for the very first time.

Here is a peek into which state spent the highest and on what they loved shopping the most.

Which city ordered what?

  • Atta, Tea and Ghee emerged as the most sold products in Delhi NCR
  • Lucknow ordered the most number of Almonds, Atta and Detergent Powder
  • Cottonseed Oil and Gel Toothpaste got great attention from Ahmedabad
  • Mumbaikars and Punekars loved shopping for Almonds, Coconut oil & Butter
  • Bengaluru showed great excitement for Ghee and Rice, while Hyderabad preferred Sunflower Oil, Rice, and Atta the most
  • Ghee, Detergent Powder and Health Drinks witnessed maximum numbers of orders from Chennai
  • Atta, Coconut Oil and Tea were Kolkata’s favourite products

Cities that spent the most

  • Delhi shopped groceries worth a whopping 85.8 Crore
  • Mumbai got second in the race with a score of 35.8 Crore
  • Bengaluru was not far behind, as the city shopped worth 28.2 Crore
  • Kolkata spent 15 Crore on their groceries during the sale
  • Hyderabad and Chennai shopped for 8.9 Crore and 3.9 Crore respectively

Categories and Products that took center stage

  • The country reiterated its passion for tea with over 1.32 lac units of tea sold
  • India’s unconditional love for all things sweet stood strong as over 3 Lac sugar packets and over 85 thousand packets of cookies were sold
  • Grocery & Staples, Beverages, Personal Care and Household Needs ranked as top categories for online grocery shopping during the sale

The above findings are derived from the order analysis for Grofers ‘Grand Orange Bag Days’ sale, which started from 19th January through 27th January, 2019. The sale was operational across all 13 Grofers markets such as Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kanpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Noida, Mumbai and Pune.

In its continued effort towards building a Digitally empowered India, Jio is redefining convenience for its users yet again. For the first time, IRCTC reserved ticket booking service is available for users on any JioPhone through the brand new JioRail app. The app will allow customers to book and cancel tickets by using debit cards, credit cards and e-wallets, check PNR status, train information, timings, routes, seat availability and several other services at a click of a button on their JioPhones.

Available on the Jio App Store, the JioRail app also allows Tatkal booking for any last minute travel plans. If a user does not have an IRCTC account, the app also allows them to create an account and then proceed for the required ticket booking. With JioRail, users can also check the PNR status for tickets booked through the app. The app also plans to offer enhanced services like PNR status change alerts, locate train and food ordering in future.

Train ticket booking has been made quite simple on the JioRail app. With this unique service, India’s consumers can avoid standing in long queues or pay agent fees to book tickets and instead enjoy an enhanced digital life experience.

Vodafone Idea Ltd, the largest telecom service provider in India, today announced a strategic partnership with Sun TV Network – South India’s biggest entertainment network. Sun TV Network’s OTT platform, Sun NXT, caters to Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam audiences having over 50,000+ hours of content and will now be accessible to Vodafone Idea customers. This partnership will offer Vodafone Idea’s customers access to Sun NXT’s exclusive digital content.

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Customers are increasingly looking forward to entertainment in regional languages. Through this partnership, Vodafone Idea has widened its bouquet of regional content through Sun NXT on Vodafone Play and Idea Movies and TV app respectively. Sun NXT will power 30 + Live TV channels, 4000+ movies and a huge repository of TV shows, music videos and short format content on both Vodafone Play and Idea Movies & TV App. Vodafone Idea is first in the industry to launch this partnership for the entire catalogue including movies.

The customers will be able to access top TV channels like Sun TV, Gemini TV, Udaya TV, Surya TV and many other such channels and also popular movies and top-rated TV shows across the four languages on Sun NXT through Vodafone Play and Idea Movies & TV.

Commenting on the partnership, Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Idea Limited said

When it comes to content, we are singularly focused on providing entertainment to our customers keeping in mind their consumption, language and culture. We believe that video and vernacular are the new growth drivers in digital content consumption today, especially in markets of South India. Regional content creates affinity amongst the consumers. We are delighted to partner with Sun TV Network to provide enriched entertainment to our customers by offering high quality regional content on Vodafone & Idea’s Mobile apps.

Sun NXT Spokesperson said

Vodafone Play and Idea Movies & TV app has built a robust portfolio of regional content. Now with Sun NXT, customers will have access to South India’s biggest movie library, Top TV shows and Live TV in their native language.

From its launch in June 2017 till now, Sun NXT has fast become the most preferred content consumption destination for South Indians, not only in India but also across the World. Our Digital First strategy for releasing movies in South Indian languages won the hearts of our audience. Movies like ’96’, ‘Ratsasan’, ‘Tik-tik-tik’, ‘Raajakumara’, ‘Tagaru’, ‘Agnyaathavaasi’, ‘Jai Lava Kusha’, ‘Uncle’, ‘Abrahaminte Santhathikal’ etc received tremendous response on our Digital mediums. Our TV shows like Nayagi, Lakshmi Stores, Chandrakumari, Kalyana Veedu, Kanmani, Mathrudevobhava, Nandini, Mogalirekulu, etc. are now well received both on TV and Sun NXT. With Vodafone Idea partnership, we are now looking forward to reaching a wider audience and providing them quality entertainment at their convenience.

About Vodafone Play

The Vodafone Play app is a one-stop entertainment destination to enjoy live TV Shows, latest movies and original content. Downloaded by more than 10 Million+ Vodafone Subscribers it gives access to over 9500+ movies,in16 different languages, 300+ live TV channels along with a huge catalogue of original web series and International TV Shows across all genres.

Edtech startup PlanetSpark initiates one of a kind Republic day awareness activity for the children of the nation. In a classroom session at PlanetSpark, India’s top Edtech startup, a child mentioned that the Prime Minister will give a speech from the Red Fort on Republic Day. Disturbed and saddened by the lack of understanding of this day among children, this startup realized that a change is much needed. So, they came up with this unique initiative in the run-up of this Republic Day and took upon themselves to make children aware of this historic and celebrated day in India.

Most children did not want to learn about Republic Day as the subject sounded rather boring. In an endeavor to ignite their knowledge about this subject, PlanetSpark decided to change the very notion and tried enlightening the children in the way they love it the most – the game way! Using their express game creator tool, they came up with a game on Republic Day called the ‘Republic Public’.

Within 4 hours of the launch, the game went viral and played more than 10,000 plays in less than half a day. Not only were the children playing the game but parents were also equally hooked to it! Featuring 2 rounds, in the first one the player needs to select whether the word gets associated with ‘Republic Day’ or ‘Independence Day’. They have to feed the word to the right monster. In the second round, children have to answer questions by destroying the tank with the correct option.

Kunal Malik, Co-founder – PlanetSpark said

Children can learn anything, we just need to make it fun. Games take away the fear of failure and motivate children to learn without fear. The virality of this game is a testimony to this fact.

Maneesh Dooper, Co-founder – PlanetSpark said

We believe that ed-tech today is focusing on the ‘tech’ and not the ‘ed’ of it. By creating technology that is in tune with the learning needs of today’s kids, we are now able to convert any learning concept into a game in 1 hour! This is our way of getting the ‘ed’ back in ed-tech.

About Planet Spark

PlanetSpark is making traditional tuitions obsolete through powerful and gamified learn-tech products and certified teachers. It partners with qualified and smart homemakers and opens tech-enabled tuition centers from their homes. It follows a blended learning approach of a combination of classroom teaching with gamified online learning. It offers a complete spectrum of learning products such as mobile-based learning games, educational cartoons, learning activity boxes, workbooks and board games, especially designed for younger children. PlanetSpark was founded by Kunal Malik and Maneesh Dhooper, alumni of XLRI Jamshedpur with experience in global organizations such as Unilever, Novartis Switzerland and startups such as UrbanClap.