V-Star Labs has unveiled Cityscape, a new way of exploring our neighborhood & changing the way we connect with our locals. The app enables people to report, alert & raise local awareness by following and connecting with their local area and other locals. With features to share pictures, check-ins, selfies and fun content with those around as well as share and consume local news and events from the local community, the app helps users engage with their locals.


The mission is to inform and delight users by helping them stay connected with their local area of choice and other locals to stay up-to date on current and important matters. Updates can be shared by anyone using the app and the Cityscape app automatically shows users just the ones from their local area of choice.

Commenting on the same, Vishal Shah, Founder- V-Star Labs said

Cityscape is a simple to use secure local social platform for people with a strong social attitude, to stay connected with their neighborhood, however small or big. We are extremely excited and look forward to adding more updates to the app, which is available exclusively on the Android Play Store and believe it will be well-received by everyone.

Cityscape was designed keeping ease of use and security in mind. It is one of the easiest to use amongst existing local social networks. It does not require the users email, actual address, or Facebook / Twitter account access. While a phone number is not required to use the app, it is necessary for verification to avoid spam and abuse.

Users can choose to remain anonymous with Cityscape and it does not share personal data. Cityscape also has additional features like local classifieds & discussion forums available to discuss matters that people care about, with other locals, easily and effortlessly.

The app was launched on the Android platform, it will soon be followed by iOS & Windows in the future. Currently users will be able to select one neighborhood, though in future versions, it will be expanded to 3 -for example around their home, work and another place of interest. 

Cityscape is available exclusively in India, with plans to be launched globally in the near future.

About V-Star Labs

V-Star Labs is founded and bootstrapped by Vishal (V) Shah, an entrepreneur with years of experience in the Silicon Valley & education degrees from both India and the United States. The primary mission of V-Star Labs is to connect users by building innovative social technologies and platforms for our day-to-day problems that are useful, yet simple, creative and beautiful. For more details please visit Cityscape

Cityscape for Android can be downloaded from here

[Image Credit* – Cityscape]

Kids of the 90’s [surely many can co-relate to this :)], we used to enjoy doing lot of activities i.e. playing outdoor games like cricket, volleyball etc., playing marbles etc. One activity that used to come to the rescue when weather was bad was “Cards”. But with the advent of technology & growing use of internet, card games have also taken the “online route” 🙂 One of the card games that has made a special place in our hearts is definitely The Indian Rummy

Rummy is not only a Card game but it is a ‘Mind Game’ !! It is more about Time Management, Flexing your mind muscles, Rational Thinking and above all FUN 🙂

Mobile era has arrived with ‘Mobile Rummy’

If you are a Rummy Player & have enjoyed playing Rummy online, than this update is the one which you might be eagerly waiting for 🙂 Your favourite game of Indian Rummy Game on Rummy Circle is now available for your Android mobile phones and tablets for a faster & smoother rummy experience. This app ensures that you can play Rummy On-The-Go & we are sure that you would have a “Delightful” experience.

We are sure that you have pulled your Android Phone to download the Rummy Circle App & you won’t have to wait any longer ….

How to get Rummy Circle App for Android

Missed Call – Give a missed call on 08080894422 & you would receive a download link via SMS. Downloading the app is the simplest task you can have in your life 🙂

Downloading the apk – Click on this link from your mobile handsets & follow the same process above.

QR Code – Scan the QR code from your mobile phone to start the download


We are sure that you were able to download your favorite Rummy App on your Android Phone & it definitely sticks to it’s mantra – “Provide a Seamless Rummy experience On-The-Go” !!

If you are novice to the game of Rummy, you can refer Rummy Rules & a guide on Learn How To Play Rummy

Review – Rummy Circle on Android

Login / Sign-up

As soon as you open the app, you would be prompted to Login [in case you already have an account] or you need to sign-up with Rummy Circle. For the review, we performed the sign-up using the Android App & it was breezy.

Varied levels of game

If you new to Rummy or not a “Pro” in the game, than you have an option to opt for any of the available levels of the game i.e. Cash Games, Tournaments or Practice. For Cash Games & Tournaments, you need to deposit money in your Rummy Account. We played a Practice game & the experience was very good.

You can definitely hone your Rummy skills with the “Practice” games 🙂 Get your hands dirty with the game & than move to the Cash Games or Tournaments


Competing with players from across India

As seen in the snapshot above, at the bottom of the screen you will have the “Online Player Count” & when we tested the app, there were totally 7K+ Rummy players online. Doesn’t it sound challenging !! Unlike other apps which are mostly “Single Player Games” [& the second player is a machine], this app is “Multi-Player” in every sense.

You can choose with whom you want to compete for the game – Freedom in truest sense 🙂


Impressive UX

Rummy Circle app only works in Landscape mode & this is what makes playing Rummy on mobile screen easy [Remember, real estate on mobile screen is very less & UX plays a pivotal role in it]. The overall design & UX of the game is very good. We never encountered any issues in the game. There is a single-row card lay out for easy navigation.


Stay up-to-date with latest offers

In today’s world, mobile has become a core necessity [When was the last time, you left your house without your cell phone :)]. With Rummy Circle on mobile, you will never miss an opportunity i.e. new tournaments, special offers, weekend loots etc.

Rummy Circle has ensured that it’s users have FUN playing Rummy but also make some real hard CASH 🙂


If you are on iOS or Windows or any other platform, you can still enjoy Rummy on their Rummy Circle’s mobile website. We are sure that app’s for these platforms would be out, sooner than later !!

So what are you waiting for, pull your phone out of your pocket & download Rummy Circle to have ‘FUN & Make real Cash’ 🙂

Helpchat, a chat-based personal assistant app that helps you get more things done announces the appointment of Deena Jacob as its Chief Financial Officer. A chartered accountant with 14 years of rich experience, Deena brings the relevant expertise to steer Helpchat as it enters into a new phase of growth and development.

Speaking on her appointment, Ankur Singla, Founder and CEO, Helpchat said

We are thrilled to have Deena on board. She has a lot of experience in managing finance and for start-ups, and shares our vision for Helpchat. Adding Deena to the executive leadership team as chief financial officer is sure to set the company ahead to deliver the future of messaging. Her experience at TFS, especially running a multi-city 80 people finance team, would come in handy for Helpchat.

Deena Jacob, newly appointed CFO for Helpchat said

I am excited to join the talented, ambitious and vibrant team at Helpchat, who are driven by a passion to bring in true disruption in the way things get done in India. I see immense potential in the goal of Helpchat, to help people get things done faster, in a world where an individual has a plethora of options but is constrained by time availability. I am impressed by the team’s achievements in the past, and I look forward to playing my part, as the company moves into its next stage of evolution.

In her earlier stint, Deena has led Finance at TaxiForSure and Zansaar. Her experience in designing and setting systems that are nimble and efficient at each stage, building high performing teams and handling compliance and regulatory issues of new business models are some of the key assets that she brings with herself. She also has immense knowledge gained through funding rounds which will prove to be highly valuable at Helpchat.

About Helpchat

Helpchat is a chat-based personal assistant app that helps people to get more things done. Previously known as Akosha, Helpchat goes a step further by being a true power tool in the hands of consumers. It amplifies their ability to get things done easily with its brand promise: “Do more by doing less”.

Be it anything, from recharging your phone to tech support, travel booking to holiday guidance, grocery to food ordering, shopping assistance to finding deals and coupons, web check-in to getting your laundry done, Helpchat can get all of this done over chat. In a world where one’s ability to do more things finally defines success, Helpchat can be every smart consumer’s little trump card.

Arena Animation, the leader in the domain of training institutes in Animation & VFX, is collaborating with premier real estate portal Housing.com’s in-house design architectural design studio – AATIK, to help fulfill the latter’s recruitment requirement of high quality Architectural Visualization Artists.


Despite the dearth of visualization artists, Housing.com only wanted the best performers to be recruited and thus teamed up with Arena Animation that has proudly churned out professionals such as architectural visualization artists amongst others in various industries. The tie-up resulted in a pan-India competition that was organized amongst the Arena students wherein they were asked to create animated content in various categories such as- Perspective views, Animation and Animated characters. The winner in each category was awarded an opportunity for employment in the realty company.

Easso Thampy, Business Head for Arena Animation said

This pan-India competition is an excellent platform to showcase the talent of our students. Working for ATTIK is an incredible opportunity to continue developing skills while working on interesting and innovative projects. We’re happy that we can provide this chance for our best artists to compete for these positions, and proud that our students are recognized as being among the best talents in the country.

ATTIK’s Senior Creative Director, Lenny Schutz, said

The commitment to seeking out and hiring only the best talent is what has made the studio so great so quickly. “We never compromise on quality. Our team has grown from one to fifty, but we only hire if we believe the candidate is truly an amazing artist. Housing works with all of India’s best developers, and we don’t provide them with anything less than the best. Through partnerships with world leaders like V-Ray Pioneer & the Chaos Group, we train our team with all of the latest technology. We know that students of Arena Animation are talented and dedicated, and will be valuable members of the ATTIK team.

Competitions & tie-ups like this prove that companies these days are only looking to employ the best in all sectors. The competitiveness has certainly increased as students find themselves in the job hunt from an early stage in their training.

Subsequently it also proves that animation has become a very important skill to know and can add an invaluable significance to a prospective employee. Animation finds use in practically every segment of the market. A student with a good working knowledge of animation will be chosen above one that does not possess this skill. With the onset of digitization, employees face the danger of redundancy without skills that will help the company grow. The collaboration will re-establish the career prospects that animation has in store for a professional and will prove once again that animation is an exciting and promising career option in today’s day and age.

About Arena Animation

Arena Animation is a Pioneer, Trendsetter and Global Leader in Animation education. Arena has an extensive network of centers & has trained over 4,00,000 students globally since its inception in 1996.

Arena offers industry relevant courses on Animation & Multimedia to students aspiring for global careers in this New Age industry. It trains students as well as professionals in the latest industry relevant courses backed by alliances with world leaders, a world-class faculty and the latest technical educational tools.

For more information, please refer Arena Multimedia.

Fore more information on ATTIK, please visit ATTIK@Housing

[Image Credit* – TechStory]

Altran has announced the acquisition of SiCon Design Technologies [SiConTech], an engineering services company specialised in semiconductor design. SiConTech currently works with seven of the top ten global semiconductor companies and was ranked one of the fastest growing ASIC design services companies in India by Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India in 2013 and 2014.

Founded in Bangalore in 2010, the company has a team of over 500 experts, specialised in ASIC Design, Verification, DFT [Design For Test], FPGA [Field-Programmable Gate Array] implementation & embedded software development.

AltranThe acquisition of SiConTech is perfectly in line with the Group strategy to expand its footprint in India and reinforce the Altran global Intelligent Systems solution dedicated to autonomous systems, smartphones, smart meters, medical devices, connected cars, advanced air traffic control & smart sensors.

Commenting on the operation, Dominique Cerutti, Altran Chairman & CEO,  stated

This acquisition meets all the acquisition criteria defined by our group in terms of profitability and growth potential. For Altran, the interests of this operation are two-fold: India is a key market for delivering engineering services on the global stage where Altran is set on becoming a key player. With this acquisition, the Group has reached and surpassed a symbolic milestone and Altran India now has a team of more than one thousand employees. In addition, the acquisition of SiConTech will enable us to accompany our strategic American clients operating in semi-conductors and embedded software, two major sectors.

Sanjay Kumar, CEO & Managing Director of Altran India added

From the time Altran gained a foothold in India, we’ve gone from strength to strength with respect to innovating and delivering more value to our customers in all industrial sectors both in India and throughout the world. The acquisition of SiConTech will help us to enhance our embedded software offering and to expand our range of services

Speaking for SiConTech, company CEO Naveen Chava said

Altran and SiConTech share the same drive to make a difference and innovate through technology. Becoming part of the Altran group will broaden our expertise, as well as enhance both our client portfolio and our research and development capacity, and reinforce our position with our customers. We are very excited about what the future holds for us as part of a larger organisation.

The acquisition of SiConTech was financed entirely by the Altran group and will be EPS enhancing as of the first year. The operation is expected to be finalised in 2015, and is subject to customary conditions precedent.

About Altran

As global leader in innovation and high-tech engineering consulting, Altran accompanies its clients in the creation and development of their new products and services. Altran Innovation Makers have been providing their expertise for over thirty years to key players in the Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Energy, Finance, Life Sciences, Railway, and Telecoms sectors, among others. Covering every stage of project development from strategic planning to manufacturing, Altran solutions capitalise on the Group’s technological know-how in five key areas: Innovative Product Development, Intelligent Systems, Lifecycle Experience, Mechanical Engineering, and Information Systems.

In 2014, the Altran group generated revenues of 1.756 bn euros. For more information, please visit Altran

Hindi movie PK shattered all box-office records and along with the Gyaan about religious (dis)beliefs, it also touched upon an interesting topic – SEX 🙂 We laughed our hearts out during the scene where Aamir Khan asks ladies & gentleman about condoms but they felt embarrassed and showed lot of reluctance. Though the scene was funny, it did convey an important message “Indians are very much reluctant to talk about Sex and Protection”.

This “reluctance” has created an opportunity for startups to create a mark in the evolving “Sexual & Wellness” Market in India.

The Sexual Wellness Market

Sexual wellness is a term used to describe products that are related to the enhancement of sexual health and experience. It is a state of body/mind that enables you to enjoy and explore sex on your own terms & in your own time. Some of the products in this category include condoms, sex toys, costumes etc.

As per the reports from ResearchAndMarkets, the Sexual Wellness market in India to grow at a CAGR of 34.76% over the period 2014-2019. Though Horizontal e-commerce biggies like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Snapdeal all having a dedicated section for “Sexual Wellness” , there has been a lot of Vertical e-commerce companies like imbesharam, angooor.com etc. that are trying to create a “niche” in the evolving Sexual Wellness Market [Google on keyword ‘sexual wellness India’ just gives an indication :)]

Niche in Sexual Wellness – Condoms

It is a very common scene – Person feels highly embarrassed to buy condoms from a medical store. Though condoms are available in plenty & in almost every next outlet that we come across, the stigma associated with buying condoms is still not vanished. For many men buying condoms from a shop is still a very uncomfortable affair, for few it is even a biggest nightmare. As the purpose of buying condoms is obvious, people fear getting branded as ‘bad’ or ‘immoral’.

It is identified that the embarrassment factor & lack of knowledge about condoms are to be immediately tackled to ensure Indian men get habituated to use condoms in future to enjoy safe and hassle free sex.

This is the “pain point” that Niche e-commerce companies into “Sexual Wellness” are trying to solve !! Condombazaar aims to be one stop-shop for buying condoms so that the customer no longer faces embarrassment.


Condombazaar : Solving the ‘Embarrassment’ pain-point

As mentioned earlier, there has been a Flurry of Vertical e-commerce companies even in the Sexual Wellness arena but Condombazaar wants to create Niche in that segment i.e. Condoms. Condombazaar is an online condom shop to buy almost all brands of condoms available in India including all the variants of each brand. Buyers can browse through various brands and choose his or her choice quite easily. It also intends to educate & create awareness about the usage of Condoms.

The taboo associated with “Talking about Sex” & embarrassment associated with “Buying condoms” is solved by Condombazaar by ensuring that privacy is not compromised. The anonymity is maintained even from the delivery person. Details are also not featured on the delivery slips so that contents of the box would be known to only one person – ‘The Buyer’.

Even when the buyer buys them online, the word Condom would never appear in the Credit/Debit Card statements. Condoms are delivered in a discreet packaging. No one other than the buyer will know that condoms are packed inside until the packaging is completely removed.

Condombazaar : The USP

Sex is a very-very private matter & so is the process of “Buying Condoms”. Customers can only trust a brand that brings in some USP 🙂 This where Condombazaar has an upper hand over it’s competitors, It aims to be “One stop shop destination for Indian consumers for buying condoms online”.

It provides unique offering of Condoms ranging from Variants [Dotted, Ultra thin, Extra smooth etc.] & caters to both sections of the society [Him & Her]. The only site that displays widest range of condom brands and almost all of their variants. No where one can get such an exhaustive array of condoms.

Unlike scores of fly-by-night online condom platforms which came and gone quickly, condombazaar has been running and serving the needs of young Indian men and women since 2009. The company delivers fresh condoms with long expiry periods. An internal team verifies the pack before buying them from condom companies to ensure absolute customer satisfaction is guaranteed with every order.

Female condoms varieties are also sold at condombazaar. Those women desirous of trying it can use the site to buy female condoms instantly.

Condombazaar : Habituating Indian youth to condom usage

As per the Sexual Wellness Market in India 2015~2019 report, one of the major challenges that the Sexual-Wellness market faces is the lack of social acceptance. Deep-rooted norms have attached social stigma to sexual wellness, inhibiting consumers from buying the related products. Condombazaar is an earnest attempt to habituate Indian youth to condom usage !! The per capita consumption of condoms in India is 0.5, way below the European average, which is 3 to 4. Logically Indian consumption should be higher as India has huge number of young brigades compared to ageing European population. But it is the inhibition and lack of knowledge that prevents Indians from trying condoms [Source – Condombazaar]

Closing Thoughts

With it’s currently offering, Condombazaar is trying to create a dent in the niche “Online condom segment” !! As it’s tag-line goes ‘Condombazaar wants ts sell privacy to you, not condoms”

It’s better Safe than Sorry, use Condoms 🙂

[Image Credit* – Condombazaar]

Cyber-security solutions, block-chain technology & behavioral analytics applications are some of the innovative services being developed by the seven financial technology entrepreneurs selected to participate in the 2015 edition of FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific.

Launched by Accenture in Hong Kong in June 2014, the FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific is a collaboration between Accenture & a dozen leading financial institutions – Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, China Construction Bank (Asia), China Citi Bank International, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, Maybank, Morgan Stanley, Standard CharteredUBS.

Its purpose is to nurture early-stage companies from around the world that are developing new technologies for the financial services sector with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific region. The Lab is supported by Cyberport, which provides workspace for the entrepreneurs during the program.

Seven startups were chosen from a wide range of applicants by leading industry executives. The selected startups will receive senior-level mentoring to help them develop and commercialize their innovations and connect with potential customers at top institutions.

Speaking about the selection, Jon Allaway, senior managing director, Financial Services at Accenture said

We are extremely impressed with the energy and enthusiasm the startups have demonstrated for creating solutions that are intuitive for customers, secure for financial institutions and cost-effective for everyone. It’s exciting working with the entrepreneurs because, like Accenture, they envisage a future where technology solutions not only arm financial institutions with far-more-sophisticated, fine-tuned data but also make everyday transactions simpler for consumers.

The entrepreneurs chosen for the Lab will be mentored for 12 weeks by leading executives from financial services firms through a series of panel discussions, workshops, one-to-one coaching and networking opportunities. At the end of the program, the entrepreneurs will be given an opportunity to present their concepts to potential investors and financial industry executives.


FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific participants of 2015 program

Bitspark – This Hong Kong-based startup has a remittance platform that uses bitcoin and block-chain technology to send and receive payments in emerging markets. Its integrated cloud-based web platform enables money-transfer operators and financial institutions to manage payment information, customer due diligence and real-time business analytics.

Quick, cheap and requiring no bitcoin knowledge to use, Bitspark connects offline businesses [corner store remittance shops] and online businesses to un-banked customers via its on-the-ground network providers.  Benefits include easy access to mobile-first markets, increased profits for money-transfer businesses, and reduced costs for customers. Bitspark is currently expanding its platform to more money transfer operators and financial institutions throughout Asia. More about Bitspark here

BondIT – This Israel-based startup’s solution supports investment portfolio construction, optimization, re-balancing and monitoring.  BondIT’s intuitive software-as-a-service platform uses advanced machine-learning algorithms to easily construct yield/risk optimized portfolios that match a client’s risk profile and can be managed by ratings, duration, yield, country, bond type, seniority-level and more.

The system automatically monitors portfolios, reports performance and risk levels, and alerts users to market changes and constraint deviation, while allowing the portfolio manager to optimize investments using periodic re-balancing.  BondIT seeks Asian expansion and looks forward to the banks mentoring them on regional client needs. More about BondIT here

Ironfly Technologies  Founded by two bio-medical engineers, this Hong Kong startup offers a platform that provides instant insight into real-time data, applying the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology to make data fast, intuitive and visual.  Geared to professionals working in constantly changing environments such as capital markets, Ironfly’s platform delivers instant information leads to capture valuable opportunities previously missed. It hopes participating in the FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific will help expand its potential customer base. More about Ironfly Technologies here

Moroku A Sydney-based startup that wants to make banking fun, Moroku offers a mobile app for gathering, connecting and engaging people as part of its mission to close the gap on financial literacy and retirement planning through the gamification of banking. Deriving its name from a combination of “mobile” and “Puroko” — the Maori phrase for “gathering” — Moroku has developed pre-built mobile libraries coupled with cloud-based player management, analytics and integration capabilities to help banks develop rapid prototyping and deployment of digital banking experiences that are wired directly into their transaction systems.

By doing so, Moroku enables banks to provide customers with timely, sensible solutions. By participating in the FinTech Lab Asia-Pacific Moroku seeks exposure to banks in Asia to expand its offerings in the region. More about Moroku here

Sparro  The goal of this simple, fast and secure payment network from Australia is to make a cross-border payment as easy as a domestic payment.  Built on the Ripple protocol, it is designed to support low-value, high-volume cross-border payments and reduce bank processing costs.  Sparro’s products are quickly deployable, cloud-hosted and provided to banks as a payment option for their customers.

Customers can use the Sparro payment network for their cross-border payments from within their existing banking platform with no change to their current workflow. Sparro executives hope the Fintech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific will help them focus their product on the needs of bank customers and help Sparro understand the current customer pain points in more detail. More about Sparro here

Sybenetix This enterprise behavioral analytics company that helps hedge funds, asset managers and banks systematically improve investment performance and conduct management at the individual, team and company level.  Its multi-award winning team of behavioral scientists, mathematicians and technologists work with leading financial organizations in the US, Europe and Asia. Sybenetix is headquartered in London with a New York office.

The Sybenetix team visited Hong Kong recently as part of its Asia-Pacific expansion strategy and wishes to expand its client base, and operating network while making Hong Kong its Asia-Pacific base. More about Sybenetix here

Uniken This digital security firm with an innovation center in India has developed a patented on-demand, software-based scale-able digital connectivity and access platform called REL-ID.  The plug-and-play platform enables enterprises to create their own private digital network of things — REL-ID Dome — where digital assets are visible only to authorized users, apps and devices.

Protecting digital interactions and data from unauthorized sources, REL-ID is an easy-to-use solution for end users and easy-to-implement platform for enterprises that have already been deployed at financial institutions and businesses in India and Israel. Uniken is looking to expand in Asia-Pacific, and so the FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific is an opportunity to gain access to established mentors in the region. More about Uniken here

The FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific is modeled on a similar program that was co-founded by Accenture and the Partnership Fund for New York City in 2010. The Partnership Fund for New York City is the $115 million investment arm of the Partnership for New York City

The New York FinTech Innovation Lab’s 24 alumni companies have raised a total of $176 million in financing after participating in the program, and one alumni company was acquired last year for $175 million. The 14 companies that passed through the London program in the first two years raised more than US$35 million in new investment, signed nearly 50 contracts to do business with banks, and increased revenues by 170 percent. Participants in the Asia-Pacific Lab have thus far raised more than US$26.5 million.

More about FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific here

Akosha, an online complaints redressal company, is now Helpchat, a messenger based personal assistant platform which will help people get things done. Helpchat is available as an app on the Android store.

Sensing a much larger play, Akosha entered into an elaborate re-positioning exercise with the Mumbai based agencies Ogilvy & Mather and Open Design. To pin down the ‘big itch’ around which the service would revolve, the team mapped the customers’ needs and queries, which in turn revealed a major theme of our world today: People are drowning in tasks and are constantly looking for help.


Speaking about the re-branding, Ankur Singla, CEO & Founder, Helpchat said

We are here to end the biggest battle of our daily lives—the one against tasks. We started as a complaint platform, but as more people started using our service, the nature of queries changed and we realized that people were seeking all kinds of help.

We are providing a helping hand to make every day easier. Imagine if you can message your personal assistant to get all kinds of things done. From deciding your next purchase, ordering a laundry service to booking a restaurant table, from tech support to locating a medical specialist – everything that is part of our everyday task list. Being a mobile app, we are fighting for precious real estate. We want to become a default behavior. Have to get something done? Put Helpchat in action.

Kali Charan Shukla, who heads brand strategy at Helpchat, says

We live in a world complicated by information and choice, where every little task demands time and attention. We wanted to position Helpchat as a power tool in the hands of the people – one that amplifies their ability to get things done. Our promise: Do more, by doing less.

Vishal Chaudhry, CTO,Helpchat adds

We are also using NLP/AI to automate the answering of these queries. Currently, more than 25% of the 30,000 daily requests are handled by a chat-bot.

Based on the realization that businesses play an important role in getting things done for consumers, Helpchat provides priority access to large brands, including major players like Aircel, Voltas, Eureka Forbes, Spice Mobiles, Rediff Shopping & more.

More than 100 local businesses in Bangalore [Kormangala & Indiranagar] across categories like grocery, fitness, laundry and beauty are using this app to help their customers. Helpchat [then Akosha] had raised Rs.100 crores from Sequoia Capital two months ago.

About Helpchat

Helpchat is a chat-based personal assistant app that helps people to get more things done. Previously known as Akosha, Helpchat goes a step further by being a true power tool in the hands of consumers. It amplifies their ability to get things done easily with its brand promise: “Do more by doing less”.

Be it anything, from recharging your phone to tech support, travel booking to holiday guidance, grocery to food ordering, shopping assistance to finding deals and coupons, web check-in to getting your laundry done, Helpchat can get all of this done over chat. In a world where one’s ability to do more things finally defines success, Helpchat can be every smart consumer’s little trump card.