These days, the moment ‘digital marketing’ or ‘social media marketing’ gets uttered, we can’t help but include influencer marketing. Many marketers swear by influencer marketing because it’s effective on younger audiences who don’t believe in advertising.

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However, marketers agree that it gives them a hard time to calculate the ROI of their influencer marketing campaigns. Let’s see what we can gain from influencer marketing campaigns.

It Increases Sales

Did you know that 53% of companies use influencer marketing strategies to increase their sales? The feedback and reviews from influencers are completely genuine. Such authenticity helps brands win the trust of their customers and encourages them to make more purchases.

70% of millennials are influenced by social recommendations while making a purchase decision. Therefore, recommendations by influencers can definitely increase your sales.

Generates Great Content

Influencers know their audience and therefore create the right kind of content that works for them. The added benefit is you can always re-purpose the content for other marketing communications.

Establishes Your Thought Leadership

Consumers can associate an influencer’s thought leadership with your brand. Therefore, if your influencer is an expert in a particular field, it adds value to your brand by strengthening your authority in the field.

Gets You More Engagement

Authentic and engaging content from influencers is what attracts their audiences towards them. It encourages their followers to engage with such content too. Many influencers believe that their sense of humor and honesty are the reasons for their high engagement rates.

According to Linqia, 89% of companies use influencer marketing to share authentic stories about their brand. Due to such authenticity, followers continue to engage with an influencer’s branded content. And in this way, audiences are effortlessly transformed into becoming paying customers for brands.

Multiplies Your Reach and Access to New Markets

Influencers can help brands tap into and explore new markets and expand their reach. Many people largely depend on the recommendations of influencers. So, this helps brands access new potential customers and win their trust.

Improves Search Engine Ranking

Did you know that 47% of marketers use influencer marketing to boost traffic to their websites? Using influencer marketing, you can also improve your search engine rankings.

You need to ask influencers to write and share their honest reviews about your products or services on their blogs. This can help you get the attention of your prospects and gain valuable back-links that can help to improve your rankings on search engines.

The ROI of Influencer Marketing

A study by RhythmOne found that you can generate massive ROI in earned media value using influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has helped companies generate $11.69 for every $1 they’ve invested.

In addition, 76% of marketers agree that influencer marketing has helped them build brand awareness on social media. Almost 71% of companies have agreed that it helps them reach more targeted audiences. When calculating the ROI of your influencer marketing, you should also keep the following points in mind-

1. Influencers’ Cost

No matter how you are paying your influencers – cash, kind, event tickets or any free service – it would incur you some cost. Obviously, the bigger the project, the higher the cost would be. You can also opt for an affiliate model where you give a percentage of sales to the influencer

2. Time Invested

A lot of your time will be invested in planning and executing your influencer marketing campaign. You’ll have to especially invest your time into communicating with influencers and helping them understand your goal and the brand personality.

3. Cost of Hiring an Agency or Buying a Software

For bigger projects, marketers might need to hire agencies to kickstart their influencer marketing program. You might need to too. If you’re among the businesses that require the help of an agency, make sure you consider the agency cost. And if you’re investing in an influencer marketing platform, consider the cost of that.

Check out the infographic below to further discover more factors to consider when calculating influencer marketing ROI.

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Almost everyone checks out reviews on social media before buying anything today. Brand messages combined with those from influencers can do wonders for businesses. They have been known to increase purchase intent 5.2X. No wonder why influencer marketing is said to be one of the most effective methods of customer acquisition.

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However, you need thorough planning to get outstanding results from your influencer marketing campaigns. Here are a few strategies to help you get phenomenal results

Discount Codes

Discounts have always been effective in boosting sales and conversions. If you combine this strategy with influencer marketing, it can be even more effective. All you need to do is share a unique discount code with each of your influencers and ask them to share it with their followers.

This can drive more conversions and also help influencers woo their audiences more easily. For example, watchmaker Daniel Wellington provides unique discount codes to their influencers and asks them to share them in their sponsored posts. This strategy helps them get greater brand awareness and also increase their revenue.

Brand Mentions

When an influencer mentions your brand in their content, you get to grab more eyeballs and be seen by a relevant audience. This can help you build trust, generate greater brand awareness, and can make their followers buy from you as well.


Giveaways can help to increase your engagement drastically. After all, who doesn’t like free goodies? You can partner with influencers to host giveaways in which you give away some of your products as a reward. This can help you build brand awareness and encourage people to buy.


57% of marketers believe that influencer-generated content is more effective for marketing than the content they create. So, seasoned marketers often allow influencers to take over the brand’s social media accounts and post content on their behalf for a limited period of time.

Influencers promote such takeovers on their own accounts which can help brands gain more followers and engagement.

Long-Term Collaborations

In a long-term collaboration, an influencer becomes the face of a brand. They both have a vested interest in the partnership and work together for the growth of the company. This way, the brand as well as the influencers can gain more followers and get more visibility.

An influencer can help you enhance your brand’s personality and get you quality traffic. Long-term partnerships with influencers can help to enhance brand advocacy and awareness too.


An influencer creates quality content and spends their valuable time engaging with their followers to drive traffic to your website. One way of collaborating with them is to offer free products or services in exchange for their hard work.

You can also offer such freebies in addition to their monetary compensation to thank them for their efforts. Such gestures go a long way to improve your relationships with influencers.

Influencer Challenges

When you challenge your influencers, they get motivated to put in their best work. You can arrange a little contest during which the influencer who can get you the maximum number of likes, comments, or shares, wins a prize.

Challenging influencers is a great strategy when you want to launch a new product. It can also help to boost brand awareness and drive more traffic.

These are just a few strategies that can help you run profitable influencer marketing campaigns. For some more ideas, check out the following gifographic

The ROI of Influencer Marketing Infographic

About the Author

Brandon Brown is the CEO of Grin, an influencer marketing software solution for brands. Grin’s software helps customers identify, recruit & activate the world’s most engaging influencers. Prior to Grin, he led marketing for the #1 energy drink market in the world, Los Angeles & Orange County, at Red Bull North America. You can know more about Brandon Brown here.

Take the case of the following scenario – You are not a married person and obviously, you do not have any kids [Hopefully!]. But for some reason, you receive promotional emails from a vertical e-commerce website during their online shopping festival and guess what; the promotional email contains offers highlighting Baby Products. And to make things worse, the email campaign has zero-personalization and it is quite likely that the same email was sent to all their customers [without taking any personal traits of the customer into consideration]. As per a report, 86% of customers feel that personalization played a major role in their purchase decisions. This is the era of hyper-personalization and marketers have a plethora of information about customers – Age, Sex, Browsing History, Social Media information, Purchasing History, etc. which can be extremely helpful in charting their ‘hyper-personalization marketing’ strategy.

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It is of prime importance that when an email campaign is sent to the customer; it is designed well, conveys the relevant information, is personalized, clearly has the ‘Call to Action’ and has a ‘well-designed subject line’ so that the recipient opens the email. To summarize, a sub-standard subject of an email campaign results in low ‘open rate’ and average email content & design results in low ‘Click-Through Rate’. Email marketing companies are also leveraging the power of Machine Learning [ML] & Artificial Intelligence [AI] in order to cater to the hyper-personalization requirement of email marketers. Entrepreneurs Ben Richardson and David Greiner faced a similar problem where they could not find email marketing a tool that could suffice their requirements and that is what made them co-found ‘Campaign Monitor’.  ‘Campaign Monitor’ is a global email-marketing company that offers a full range of email solutions to help marketers create meaningful, lasting connections with their audience. ‘Campaign Monitor’ streamlines every part of the email marketing process and the beauty of the product lies in its elegant design & scalability across different verticals.

Campaign Monitor – Overview

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing platform that companies can use to design personalized messages to its customers. Once a campaign is created using ‘Campaign Monitor’, tracking & analytics that is integrated with the dashboard can be used to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. The platform also provides list-management tools in the ‘List & subscribers’ tab where a brand can create segmented lists in order to send ‘personalized email campaigns’ based on the customer’s profile & other important data points about the customers in the list.

Along with personalized email campaigns, Campaign Monitor can also be used to create personalized customer journeys. Campaign Monitor can be integrated with close to 250+ platforms; some of them being Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, SalesForce, etc.

Campaign Monitor – Features

Design customer-centric emails – Once the marketer logs into the Campaign Monitor dashboard, he can use the drag & drop mechanism to create simple, yet beautifully designed emails. Due to the simplicity of the interface, designing email campaigns is a very simple task.

Insights & Analytics – Similar to Google Analytics, ‘Insights’ feature of Campaign Monitor helps in tracking the CTR, open rate, engagement, and geographical coverage of the audience. It also provides analytics through which marketers can improve the performance of a campaign.

Automation Emails – Through the ‘Journey’ feature, a marketer can set up customer journeys as well as RSS campaign to send automated updates from the customer’s website. You can choose the appropriate ‘Industry Vertical’ [Media & Entertainment, Publishing & Digital Media, Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Travel, Hospitality, etc.] and your intent of sending the email campaign. You could send a personalized welcome-email on signup or send an email in order to keep a customer engaged on the platform.

While creating the ‘customer journey’, you should choose the end-goal of the campaign. You could choose from the following options

  • Drive a series of actions
  • Drive conversions
  • Increase email engagement

Smarter Transactional Emails – Transactional emails are triggered by your own site or app, typically in response to a user’s action, such as an order confirmation or a plan renewal. They are some of the most valuable emails a company send but usually, aren’t measured or optimized. ‘New sign-up email’ is an ideal example of a transactional email and is used to welcome a new user. Transactional Email can be created using the Email builder feature and there is also an option to import your own design. This category of email is triggered on demand and you can choose from a portfolio of ‘wide range of designs’. API or SMTP can also be used to send email directly from your site or app.

Campaign Monitor – Email Campaign Creation

Campaign Monitor has a number of templates that can be used for creating an effective email campaign. It has a WYSIWYG editor through which you can design campaigns by using the ‘drag & drop’ facility. The design of the campaigns can be optimized for different mediums namely, desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. There is also an option to import HTML template or HTML design, but you might need certain coding knowledge to use the HTML feature.

A/B Testing or Split Testing is used widely by designers & developers to compare two versions of a web-page and measure the overall performance of the test. Campaign Monitor provides a facility of A/B Testing where a user can create two versions of the same campaign. This also helps in figuring out which design works well and designing a long-term marketing strategy. In a nutshell, Campaign Monitor can be used to send personalized email campaigns and trigger automated workflows based on customer behavior.

Campaign Monitor – Pricing and Third Party API integration

There are three plans of Campaign Monitor – Basic, Unlimited, and Premier. The Basic Plan costs $9/month, Unlimited Plan costs $29/month, and Premier Plan costs $149/month. Below are more details about each plan

Basic Plan [$9/month]

  • 2,500 emails across campaigns and automated emails
  • Customer support via email
  • All core email marketing features Use our drag-and-drop email builder and professionally-designed templates to launch completely branded email campaigns.
  • Insights analytics suite
  • Basic marketing automation

Unlimited Plan [$29/month]

  • Unlimited emails across campaigns and automated emails
  • Priority customer support via email
  • All core email marketing features
  • Insights analytics suite
  • Basic marketing automation
  • Advanced marketing automation
  • Unlimited inbox previews
  • Time zone sending
  • Unlimited spam testing

Premier Plan [$149/month]

  • Unlimited emails across campaigns and automated emails
  • Premier phone and email support
  • All core email marketing features
  • Insights analytics suite
  • Basic marketing automation
  • Advanced marketing automation
  • Unlimited inbox previews
  • Time zone sending
  • Unlimited spam testing
  • Send-time optimization
  • Advanced link tracking
  • Template management for teams

In case you are using emails occasionally, you can use the ‘Pay per Campaign’ feature of Campaign Monitor. Further details about pricing can be found here.

Campaign Monitor – API Integration

Campaign Monitor has a robust third-party API support and using those APIs, you can connect all your core business apps to meet your unique email marketing and automation needs. You can also integrate the platform with popular Content Management System [CMS], Blog, and other third-party software. Based on the ‘core requirement’ of the email campaign, you can use the third-party APIs from the host of services mentioned below

  • Account
  • Campaigns
  • Lists
  • Clients
  • Segments
  • Subscribers
  • Templates
  • Transactional
  • Webhooks

More details about API integration can be found here.

Campaign Monitor – Conclusion

There are number of companies that provide ’email marketing’, some of them being SendPulse, Moz, LeadsRx, SocialPilot, etc. and each of them have flexible pricing structure & variety of features. Campaign Monitor’s extensive feature-list, attractive pricing strategy, excellent customer-support makes it an ideal choice for companies that plan to use email-marketing to welcome new customers and retain existing customers. You can also create simple, yet effective surveys using Campaign Monitor.

In case you are Campaign Monitor use, do leave your feedback in the comments section.. You can log on to Campaign Monitor in case you want to give Campaign Monitor a spin!

Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room Jeff Bezos

Completely agreed! I know several startups who have created an attractive website, their business is located at prime location, they spent a good amount of money on digital marketing, they are owning a team of skilled staff but still waiting for calls from customers. Is it happening to you too ?

If your answer is a big yes, don’t worry! You are at the right place. But before diving into the article, remember what Jeff Bezos has said. According to him, it’s all about your brand. Your brand represents your business and reputation. So, be sure to have a good one.

Many people argue that they already have a good and attractive logo, what else is needed in branding? Do you really think having a good logo is enough for the branding? No, definitely not.

Here I am going to mention some common startup blunders that businesses are making and how one can fix it.

Blunder #1 – Inconsistency

What is the color of the logo of social media giant Facebook? Blue, right? Did you ever see Facebook using its logo color as red in any of its marketing campaigns? No, I am sure. Consistency is very important in building a brand. If you are using yellow as your logo color on the website, keep it yellow everywhere. Otherwise, it confuses users and perhaps they won’t be able to recognize your brand at a glance. Inconsistent branding can lead to customer confusion and a high bounce rate.

Solution – Be consistent. Be consistent with your designs and brand color. It will not only help you in building brand image but also provides recognition.

Blunder #2 – Replicating competitors

This is another blunder that most of the startups make. It is good to know and research what your competitors are doing but copying exactly their marketing strategies lead you to a pitfall. Understand first, you are in the starting stages of your business. You don’t have enough capital like your already established competitors to spend a lot on everything. It is also possible that their marketing styles and trends will not work for your business.

Solution – Do a good competitor research, try to understand what they are doing in promoting their business. But don’t copy everything from them. Don’t try to replicate their marketing styles in hope of getting better results. You can also try some DIY. Tools like Canva help you create your own visual identity.

Blunder #3 – Marketing it everywhere

Do you join every function you are invited to? Certainly not. Likewise, every marketing platform is not a perfect place for showcasing your products. Just because, your company’s name can be somewhere, you started posting everywhere. Representing your brand at wrong places can directly affect your branding campaign.

Solution – Research and figure out what are the best-suited places for running your marketing campaign. Don’t try to be present everywhere.

Blunder #4 – Ignoring social media

Today, everybody has gone online. Even a 10 years old kid is hanging out with friends on several social media platforms. Social media has enormous power. Businesses, politicians, and everybody is seeking the help of social media in promoting their brand name. One can’t ignore the power of it especially startups should be more active on such social media platforms to reach out to the targeted audience. They are the best platforms to build your brand value.

Solution – Be active on social media platforms. Figure out which one works best for you out of a lot. Not every platform is of use to you. Post offers, spread awareness and post attractive contents regularly.

Blunder #5 – Neglecting the power of analytics

Do you really think posting and commenting on social media platforms is enough in branding? It is not. If you ask any digital marketing expert, he will explain to you the importance of analytics. The analytics will help you in knowing which type of content is driving more traffic than other.

Solution: Always have an eye on analytics. With the help of analytic tools, you should know what type of content you need to post and who is your targeted audience.

These are some blunders that most of the startups are making while building their brand. Try to avoid such mistakes and show your customers your real value. Build a brand in a right way. Don’t forget Jeff Bezos.

Don’t make these mistakes and before doing anything, do analyze your business well.

About the Author

Kavita Paliwal is Independent Marketing Analyst and Blogger. When not glued to her laptop, she can be found making travel plans that rarely happen. Connect with Kavita on Twitter & Linkedin

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to acquire new customers quickly. It is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses that have small marketing budgets. Social media influencers are people who are immensely popular on social media primarily due to their content. Their followers love their content and follow them for their ideas, opinions, and expertise in their niche. In fact, their followers are likely to act upon their recommendations and purchase products they endorse too.

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According to a Twitter study, 40% of people have purchased products based on an influencer’s recommendation. This suggests that influencer marketing can help brands build credibility and grow pretty quickly.

Here are some of the best influencer marketing strategies to acquire customers

Branded Blog Posts

Branded blog posts from influencers can be very useful for brands. If you work with bloggers who have a high Domain Authority and who get a high amount of traffic to their sites, your brand will gain greater visibility.

This will also help you build greater brand awareness. Ask your influencers to review some of your products or services and share their honest opinions on their blogs. Such authentic reviews can help you win the trust of their audiences [who are essentially your target audience].

However, for this, you need to make sure that you collaborate only with relevant influencers in your niche. You can also give their followers a little nudge towards a purchase by sharing affiliate links or discount codes with your influencers. When someone makes a purchase using them, you might need to pay a certain percentage as commission to the influencer.

Brand Mentions

Mentions of your brand by influencers on social media can help to attract more eyeballs. This can increase your visibility, brand awareness, and boost credibility too. When popular influencers mention your brand in a positive light, it can help to increase your conversions too.

Electronic Arts collaborated with popular Instagram influencers like David Lopez and Koya Webb to promote their gaming app, Bejeweled. As a result of the campaign, the app rose 520 places, from #702 to #182, among the top grossing apps in the Apple App Store.

Guest Posts

Guest posting on an influencer’s blog or website is a great way to attract more traffic to your site. If their website or blog gets a large amount of traffic and is a high-authority site, it can help with SEO too. Any backlinks from their site to yours will be of high-quality which can help to boost your rankings as well as traffic.

In addition, you’ll also benefit from greater visibility and brand awareness.


A takeover is a very interesting influencer marketing strategy that’s used by many brands to generate content and gain more followers. It involves an influencer taking over your social media account for a certain amount of time.

During this time, they will be posting content on your account. When they cross-promote such takeovers on their own accounts, their followers are likely to check out your account. Not only does this give you a chance to woo your audience with some amazing content, but also grow your following.

To learn about some more influencer marketing strategies, check out the following gifographic

10 Influencer Marketing Strategies You Should Know

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Indian media is growing at an exponential rate. The advent of smartphones and internet has revolutionized the Indian media industry. Backed by the growing economy, India has witness launch of a host of new TV channels and print publications in the last decade. Public Relations has therefore grown as an important part in any company’s activity when it comes to informing general public about news related to their company or products.

However, due to various factors, small and medium, enterprise, individuals, corporates have found it challenging in sending their news to relevant journalists in newspapers, TV channels or trade magazines.

India PR Distribution discovered the solution to the problem by introducing economical options for press release distribution. It is India’s first press release distribution service that sends the press-release to Indian reporters and publications including Newspaper, TV, Radio and others. Reporters can directly contact news sources. The news is distributed to online portals, Indian reporters, and bloggers. The startup is also helping many businesses in improving their marketing and PR campaigns.

Nitin Jain, Co-founder – India PR Distribution, said

We have launched India PR Distribution with an aim to bring relevant stories to reporters and at the same time, provide an easy platform for businesses to send their news to both online and traditional print and electronic media.

India PR Distribution, a new-age start-up founded in November 2017, with a 10 member team is presently based in Gurgaon. So far India PR Distribution has successfully delivered the service to more than 70 clients including Startups, Educational Institutions, and small businesses.

How it Works

India PR Distribution carefully vets every Press Release submitted on its website and checks if the news is worth reaching out the public and the topic covered is fit to be covered in a national newspaper or TV channel. The news is then sent to the Industry specific journalists and publications, therefore bridging the gap between news source and media house.

Up to 95% of buyers consider content as trustworthy when evaluating your brand and its offerings, according to insights from NewsCred. If you’re not producing quality content, you’re missing out on an opportunity to improve your brand’s credibility. With 75% of consumers expecting a consistent experience when engaging with your business – website, social media, mobile and even in person, there’s no doubt that great content helps shape the customer experience.

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Whether you’re a small business or large corporate looking to improve your brand, understanding the latest trends in content marketing plays a crucial role in helping you create a cohesive omnichannel experience for your customers.

Live-Streaming Content Everywhere

While live-streaming was pretty new in the market when Facebook Live was introduced to the public in 2016, more brands are embracing the ‘live everywhere’ trend. Platforms like JW live allow publishers to harness the power of live streaming for fresh promotional and revenue generating opportunities. With everything from corporate sites to social media networks and mobile web offering outlets for real-time video streaming, revolutionizing your marketing strategy is easier. Live streaming wields a digital influence that any business cannot afford to ignore when it comes to brand engagement and monetization.

To take advantage of this trend, pick a live streaming platform that best suits your marketing strategy. Take into consideration how many followers use the platform and how engaged they have been in the past. When going live, make sure not to miss any opportunity to interact. Respond to any comments, questions or concerns. Use platforms like Twitter’s Periscope, Youtube live streaming, Facebook live video or Tumblr to live stream your promotional content. There has never been a time when original content has been so attainable and accessible in the video community. By establishing new channels for digital content creation, such as live-streaming, you can easily foster engaging and rewarding opportunities for your business.

Content Built for Voice Search

Voice-enabled smart speakers are expected to be in 55% of households by 2022, as noted by TechCrunch. There is no doubt we’re in the age of the voice search revolution. Because of the opportunities that this growing trend offers, content writing agencies and marketers are focused on figuring out exactly how to provide better content value. Businesses across different industries are testing out potential integrations between their content strategies and voice search. To succeed, you need to look beyond functionality alone and embrace voice-search marketing capabilities.

With voice search representing more than 20% of queries on Google’s mobile app, it’s important to know how best to use voice-search marketing to your advantage. After years of adjusting digital content to optimize written search, brands need to re-strategize their SEO. The goal is to provide quick answers that help you drive more traffic to your site. This involves doing more strategic keyword research to identify which keywords in your niche result in a featured snippet. Combined with AI and its impact on consumer purchases, voice search can help you gain more entity authority, ensuring your content ranks higher.

Increased Investment in Mobile Content Strategies

You can’t ignore the power of mobile content marketing. Considering how ingrained mobile devices have become in our lives, optimizing content for mobile is something that every business should have embraced by now. By 2019, mobile content advertising is expected to represent up to 72% of all digital ad spending in the US. Advertisers and marketers are increasing their investment in mobile content strategies to remain competitive. Businesses must look beyond photos, videos, and chat for their content marketing and embrace more modern mobile marketing trends like e-books, live mobile streams, mobile alerts and interactive content.

Being a marketer in today’s evolving business world is no easy work. You need to understand new platforms in the market, their impact on how customers engage with brands and stay on top of new developments. Knowing and implementing some of these latest content marketing trends will help boost brand visibility and win the favor of customers.

Denave, a global sales tech organization focused on driving revenue growth for its customers, recently unveiled its sales force automation solution DenSales. DenSales is Denave’s proprietary Sales Force Automation tool that is designed and developed to address all the existing as well as possible business challenges while implementing a feet-on-street strategy. It is a holistic solution for planning and managing the field force program, offering end-to-end visibility to all the stakeholders in the sales ecosystem.

Image Source – Denave

DenSales, available in both web and mobile interfaces, has been created to address pertinent sales process issues such as inaccurate process of capturing sales data, fraudulent reporting, limited stock visibility, absence of structured communication platform, limited first-hand market insights and more.

Commenting on the product launch, Prashant Rohatgi, Global Head – Technology, Denave said

DenSales is a definitive 360-degree sales force automation solution that not only gives an absolute control of the sales process to the stakeholders thus preventing sales leakage, but it is also pivotal towards increasing the productivity of the field team. It features sales force engagement and performance, fraud prevention, on-the-go training, closed loop issue management and market intelligence. It has unique combination of mobile app and web console to capture information faster and real-time dashboards and actionable reports to disseminate seamlessly.

Sharing his views on the product’s future roadmap, Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO, Denave, said

With DenSales, we aim to make Intelligent Sales Force Automation a reality – one that is intuitive and predictive. It will eventually act as an Executive Assistant to the stakeholders where it becomes their one-stop go-to-platform for all sales force-related business decisions. Most importantly, it will be a business essential for providing that critical last mile visibility, which in the current scenario is mostly missing. The reactions of our initial customers have been very heartening, and we are confident of DenSales becoming a business-essential and a market success soon.

Denave has been enabling sales for organizations since over 19 years now and has influenced more than 5 billion USD in revenues. Denave significantly diversified its service line in 2017 and introduced Digital Marketing and Sales Analytics as new services, contributing to revenue across all industry verticals including technology, telecom, ONG, Consumer Durables, FMCG, E-commerce, mobile wallets & more.

About Denave

Denave is a global sales enablement company focused on driving revenue growth for its customers through a wide range of service offerings. The company leverages latest technology trends and disruptive approach to create effective sales engines. Denave has built multi-industry expertise partnering with global businesses and takes a solution-conscious approach to deliver best practices in sales by leveraging people, processes, technology and innovation to drive revenue. Denave has reach across 5 continents, 50+ countries and 500+ cities globally. For more information, please visit Denave