Employment which is one of the rising problems in India is resulted due to many factors. High job candidates, unfamiliar jobs, poor job facilities, and low recruitment options are the major factors concerned to it. Organization is finding it difficult to recruit employees according to their job profile resulting in low process outcome.

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As on the other side, candidates are adjusting with jobs in which they are not familiar of. The growing problem of India can be taking as an example over here. Large number of candidates are showing up at various job station without knowing the proper job profile.

Organization are now let with an only option to hire such employees so as to get the work done by hook or crook. These organization can push them to a certain space where they achieve the basic work satisfaction but cannot give them with the satisfaction of growing to a certain position. All these work-related problems can be brought to nil if organization decides to outsource their recruitment process to an external agency known as recruitment process outsourcing.

Recruitment a term defines many objectives within as it is related with all the activities from putting out an ad for job to posting an employee in an organization. This agency evaluates organization on basis on many factors and list out the objective of the employees before listing it out in open.

They then carry out the process of interviewing the candidates based on the organization specification and carry various interview test to check their skill within. Vacant position in the organization are then filled out with these talented candidates which takes this organization to new level. All these comes after the process which is pulled out by the recruitment agency such as analyzing the job requirements, reviewing applications, screening, shortlisting and selecting the right candidate.

To ensure that the recruitment process is carried out in best way, the agency has to work out the principles which is recruitment planning, strategy development, search for candidates, screening, evaluation and control. Recruitment process outsourcing is an important aspect and should be taken acute care while giving these to someone. Organizations should look out all these possible measures before handling the process to someone. Proper job analysis is said to be done by these agencies so as to list out the all factors to the candidates kicking in for the job. Job analysis includes Recording and collecting job information, Accuracy in checking the job information, generating job description based on the information, Determining the skills, knowledge and skills, which are required for the job.

Organizations has to look out for best recruitment agencies in India before outsourcing their work to these agencies. There are lot of agency out there who is giving out their services of recruitment, but it is the job of organization to list the best agencies for them. On these ongoing race Manpowergroup is leading with an example by providing organization with all their job recruitment activities with highest level of satisfaction. Only with proper knowledge one as well as organization can move forward.

Erehwon Innovation Consulting, one of the top innovation consulting firms in the world and popularly known as the creators of the ‘Orbit-Shifting Innovation‘ methodology announces Innovation Bootcamp 2019 which will be held on February 26th and 27th, 2019 at The St. Regis Mumbai.

Executives from some of the top companies like Asian Paints, Max Bupa, ITC Infotech will be contributing as a keynote speaker in the conference. CIOs representing some of the top MNCs like Mercedez Benz, Reliance Industries, Panasonic will be joining as the thought leaders.

Erehwon planned this conference with a distinctive approach to transform the impact of innovation teams, making them central to the next horizon of growth. This Bootcamp is developed to ensure the Innovation teams have key takeaways at both organization and individual levels to unleash innovation journeys powerfully in their organizations.

Sudheer Kiran, Marketing Manager at Erehwon Innovation Consulting, said

This is not the usual passive learning conference where the learnings are individually driven. This bootcamp engages the entire organisation Innovation team in an intensely interactive format. The team taking part will learn from Innovation Specialists, Practitioners from across the globe and from Peers, by design. The focus is on clear, customized takeaways for all teams.

Key features of Innovation Bootcamp 2019

The Bootcamp is designed to trigger & facilitate new path breaking Insights from dialogues with

  • Successful Innovation Practitioners from across industries
  • Expert Innovation facilitators
  • Peers from across 20 ~ 25 other organizations

Who Should Attend?

This innovation Bootcamp is exclusively designed for participants who are individuals in Innovation roles along with their team:

  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Innovation Heads

Event Details

Date – February 26 – 27, 2019

Time – 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Venue – The St. Regis Mumbai

Interested participants can register here.

About Erehwon Innovation Consulting

Erehwon Innovation Consulting is a pioneering innovation consulting firm with over 25 years of cutting-edge experience in being able to instill Breakthrough Innovation in the most legacy driven and the unresponsive environments – across different industries, cultures & countries. For more information, please visit Erehwon Innovation Consulting.

Mphasis & Knowledge@Wharton – the online research and business analysis journal of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, have partnered to discover Executive Strategies for Personal Digital Transformation. Digital Revolution, demands a new way of thinking.

The seismic shift in technology that began to shake the business world over two decades ago, will not just upturn it but will do it in compressed time frame. Corporate leaders today can suffer from a sense of digital disorientation because of all the noise in the market about technology and innovation. The condition is especially acute for CEO’s trained in the analog world who must now, steer the ship in uncharted digital waters.

The journey of discovering Executive Strategies for Personal Digital Transformation is through a collaborative series of C-suit practitioner interactions. One such forum is being hosted on November 2nd, 2015 at The Penn Club in New York City. The event titled ‘Fast Forward: Executive Strategies for Personal Digital Transformation’ brings together top executives from major brands to share first-hand experiences of digital transformation, ideal digital transformation methods and insights on digital technologies.


The line between digital technology and businesses blurring, every business now faces the challenge of sharpening its competitive edge by making use of digital products and services. As forward-looking leaders, chief executives have the need for the digital transformation of their enterprise, people and prepare for a digital future.

Defining digital transformation

  • The personal transformative path to becoming a digital leader
  • A mind map for the forward-thinking C-Suite
  • Rethinking ROI, post-digital transformation
  • Incorporating collaboration around the customer into your digital transformation strategy

Sample list of speakers

For details, registration please refer the following link.

About Knowledge@Wharton
Knowledge@Wharton is the online business analysis journal of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The site, which is free, captures relevant knowledge generated at Wharton and beyond by offering articles and videos based on research, conferences, speakers, books and interviews with faculty and other experts on global business topics. For more information, please refer knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu

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EdX, the online learning initiative founded by Harvard and MIT, had earlier announced its association with IIM Bangalore as the first Indian B-school member in its distinguished group of xConsortium members across the globe. As a result of this partnership, IIM Bangalore has now launched an exciting range of courses aimed at leveraging new technologies and delivering education via MOOCs with edX.


Speaking about the association, Anant Agarwal, CEO, edX said

We are excited to announce the launch of these exciting and innovative courses by IIM Bangalore on the edX platform. India is an important market for us, and is home to the largest population of edX learners outside of the United States. We are pleased that IIM Bangalore has launched their courses on our platform. With this partnership, we aim to expand the learning horizon for our learners in India and around the world.

IIMBx is starting with four courses as its first offerings on edX, out of which two courses will be launching in July 2015 followed by one in August 2015 and one in October 2015. All courses are now open for enrolment. The courses will help students learn and acquire different skills for Business, IT, Statistics and Operations Management.

Courses offered via IIMBx

Innovation and IT Management, a 6-week course, will start in July 2015 and will teach key decision-making skills to better manage and implement IT and innovation in workplace. This course will cover basic concepts of information technology management and would be useful for anyone who is using IT in their organization, building or is planning to build IT-enabled products or services. Dr. Rahul De would be the instructor for this course, who is the Hewlett-Packard Chair Professor in ICT for Sustainable Economic Development at IIM Bangalore.

Statistics for Business, a 5-week course, starting in July, 2015 will be an introductory course to statistics and will examine data from the perspective of business scenarios and will demonstrate how to apply that data to make better decisions. It will be Part 1 of a 4-part series on Business Statistics, and would be ideal for learners who wish to enroll in business programs. This course will be taught by three instructors: Shankar Venkatagiri, Ishita Kumar and Sunil Kunduru.

Part-2 of this series, Statistics for Business – II, will be a 6-week course to examine data drawn from allied fields of business such as Finance and HR, and will teach how to simulate data to follow a specified distribution. It will launch later this year.

Apart from this, there is going to be another course, on Introduction to Operations Management, which will be a 7-week course starting in August, 2015 and will teach key aspects of business operations and lean management, including capacity, productivity, quality, and supply chain and will be taught by B. Mahadevan.

Students who register for these courses, will have the option to either pursue an honour code for free (with complete access to all course material, tests, and online discussion forum), or pursue a Verified Certificate of Achievement for about Rs. 1,500.

EdX offers more than 500 courses in many areas of study, including the arts and humanities, public health, law, maths & computer science. Faculty and staff from more than 70 partner institutions teach on the edX platform, and over 400,000 certificates have been earned by edX students.

More details about IIMBx are available here

About edX

EdX is a non-profit, open-source enterprise offering online courses from more than 60 member institutions, composed of both leading global universities and colleges and a diverse group of prominent organizations from around the world. Founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, edX is focused on transforming online and on-campus learning through ground breaking methodologies, game-like experiences and cutting-edge research on an open-source platform

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The world is chock full of business opportunities that are ripe with the possibility of expanding your skills, increasing your bank account balance and more. Of course, there are also plenty of bogus opportunities that can eat away at your time, strip you of cash and more. The ability to distinguish the good business opportunities from the bad is critical if you want to enjoy the greatest level of success in life. So what can you look for in a business opportunity to determine if it is legitimate and may provide you with significant benefits?

Today we have a guest article from Matt Doyle [earlier post from him here] who gives us some tips on “Which business opportunities should one take very seriously”

[ PS : This article might not be useful for readers from India but would be a boon for U.K based readers.]

Financial Backing
A surety bond is typically used by companies to provide a contractor with the peace of mind that he or she will get paid on a project. A company can take out a surety bond with a third party provider, and the SBA can also assist in providing a bond guarantee if needed. You may find comfort in knowing you will get paid for your efforts when working with a company backed by a surety bond.

Consider the Motive
According to Brian Tracy, a renowned entrepreneur, you should carefully consider why a company is offering you a specific opportunity. A legitimate opportunity that is worth your time and effort working on may not be an opportunity that is offered to just anyone. If a company is making a blanket opportunity available to many people, you may want to turn the other way. When a company seeks you out for specific skills or talents, there is a good chance that the offer is legitimate.

Check the Company’s Background
It is important to check the company’s background thoroughly before you start doing any work for a company. You can check the Better Business Bureau if you are going to work with a company. If you are offered an opportunity from an individual, the Better Business Bureau may not be helpful. You can consider checking the individual’s credit rating to learn about their financial status, judgments against them and more.

Read Consumer Reviews
You should always carefully review the products, services and overall reputation of a company before working with them. Ensure that the reviews you are reading are posted by individuals rather than by individuals working for the company or by the company itself. Keep in mind that anyone can post just about anything online, so you’ll want to read through numerous reviews on several different websites to form a complete opinion about the company.

Review the Compensation Terms
There are many bogus opportunities available that provide unique compensation terms. Rather than pay you for selling a product or service or for working certain work hours, they may pay you for recruiting people into the scheme. Compensation based recruitment rather than on sales, time or other traditional methods is a likely sign that the work opportunity is a scam.

While these tips can help to steer you clear of bogus opportunities, you should also consider the final step of trusting your instincts. If you are uncomfortable with an opportunity but just cannot put your finger on why, it may be best to walk away from the opportunity.

About the author
Matt Doyle is an expert in surety bonds and when he is not writing you can find him traveling the world one random place at a time.

This article is the result of an email forwarded by a friend of mine and after reading the email, I was sure it would qualify for this blog :). The email was about the learnings of Dhirubhai Ambani, founder of Reliance narrated by his close friend A.G. Krishnamurthy of Mudra Communications. Inspired by the characteristics of Dhirubhai, Mr. Krishnamurthy coined the term “Dhirubhaism” , which consisted of the insightful lessons from Dhirubhai. Some of the inspiring Dhirubhaism’s are mentioned below:

Note: “I” in the article refers to Mr. Krishnamurthy. “He” refers to Mr. Dhirubhai.

Roll up your sleeves and help

You and your team share the same DNA. Reliance, during Vimal’s heady days had organized a fashion show at the Convention Hall, at Ashoka Hotel in New Delhi.

As usual, every seat in the hall was taken, and there were an equal number of impatient guests outside, waiting to be seated. I was of course completely besieged, trying to handle the ensuing confusion, chaos and protests, when to my amazement and relief, I saw Dhirubhai at the door trying to pacify the guests.

Dhirubhai at that time was already a name to reckon with and a VIP himself, but that did not stop him from rolling up his sleeves and diving in to rescue a situation that had gone out of control. Most bosses in his place would have driven up in their swank cars at the last moment and given the manager a piece of their minds. Not Dhirubhai.

When things went wrong, he was the first person to sense that the circumstances would have been beyond his team’s control, rather than it being a slip on their part, as he trusted their capabilities implicitly. His first instinct was always to join his men in putting out the fire and not crucifying them for it. Sounds too good a boss to be true, doesn’t he? But then, that was Dhirubhai.

Be a safety net for your team

There used to be a time when our agency Mudra was the target of some extremely vicious propaganda by our peers, when on an almost daily basis my business ethics were put on trial.  I, on my part, putting on a brave front, never raised this subject during any of my meetings with Dhirubhai.

But one day, during a particularly nasty spell, he gently asked me if I needed any help in combating it. That did it. That was all the help that I needed. Overwhelmed by his concern and compassion, I told him I could cope, but the knowledge that he knew and cared for what I was going through, and that he was there for me if I ever needed him, worked wonders for my confidence.

I went back a much taller man fully armed to face whatever came my way. By letting us know that he was always aware of the trials we underwent and that he was by our side through it all, he gave us the courage we never knew we had.

The silent benefactor

This was another of his remarkable traits. When he helped someone, he never ever breathed a word about it to anyone else. There have been none among us who haven’t known his kindness, yet he never went around broadcasting it.

He never used charity as a platform to gain publicity. Sometimes, he would even go to the extent of not letting the recipient know who the donor was. Such was the extent of his generosity. ‘Expect the unexpected’ just might have been coined for him