Erehwon Innovation Consulting, one of the top innovation consulting firms in the world and popularly known as the creators of the ‘Orbit-Shifting Innovation‘ methodology announces Innovation Bootcamp 2019 which will be held on February 26th and 27th, 2019 at The St. Regis Mumbai.

Executives from some of the top companies like Asian Paints, Max Bupa, ITC Infotech will be contributing as a keynote speaker in the conference. CIOs representing some of the top MNCs like Mercedez Benz, Reliance Industries, Panasonic will be joining as the thought leaders.

Erehwon planned this conference with a distinctive approach to transform the impact of innovation teams, making them central to the next horizon of growth. This Bootcamp is developed to ensure the Innovation teams have key takeaways at both organization and individual levels to unleash innovation journeys powerfully in their organizations.

Sudheer Kiran, Marketing Manager at Erehwon Innovation Consulting, said

This is not the usual passive learning conference where the learnings are individually driven. This bootcamp engages the entire organisation Innovation team in an intensely interactive format. The team taking part will learn from Innovation Specialists, Practitioners from across the globe and from Peers, by design. The focus is on clear, customized takeaways for all teams.

Key features of Innovation Bootcamp 2019

The Bootcamp is designed to trigger & facilitate new path breaking Insights from dialogues with

  • Successful Innovation Practitioners from across industries
  • Expert Innovation facilitators
  • Peers from across 20 ~ 25 other organizations

Who Should Attend?

This innovation Bootcamp is exclusively designed for participants who are individuals in Innovation roles along with their team:

  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Innovation Heads

Event Details

Date – February 26 – 27, 2019

Time – 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Venue – The St. Regis Mumbai

Interested participants can register here.

About Erehwon Innovation Consulting

Erehwon Innovation Consulting is a pioneering innovation consulting firm with over 25 years of cutting-edge experience in being able to instill Breakthrough Innovation in the most legacy driven and the unresponsive environments – across different industries, cultures & countries. For more information, please visit Erehwon Innovation Consulting.

The world’s lightest multi utility jacket has been created in Bengaluru by an ex- IBM engineer. Weighing less than 179 grams this comes with a hoodie, has a water-resistant shell & a secret compartment – that allows you to fold the jacket into its own pouch! Unlike other light jackets which are just simple rain covers –this is a proper multi utility jacket that comes in 3 colours & can be used for different occasions.

This innovative jacket is being launched on Fueladream. Thanks to crowdfunding [which eliminates dealer margin & inventory costs] the FEATHER is being rolled out at a breakthrough price of just 499 INR [includes free shipping and all taxes]! Check it out here

The Feather is the 3rd innovative product launched by Versatyl Wear, all on Having already wowed audiences with the Ultimate Travel Jacket and the Waterproof Bomber Jacket, it was only a matter of time before they came out with another game changing product.

The Feather is also mobility friendly as it folds into a secret compartment to turn into a little pouch making it easy to carry even to a business meeting. A pack of two jackets is available at just 899 INR and Saneen the creator hopes this will create massive demand for it.

The brains behind Versatyl Wear, Saneen Javali, is an exIBM engineer who has already raised over INR 3.9 million over 4 hugely successful crowdfunding campaigns! What’s more, they have also delivered over 2500 jackets to happy customers!

Versatyl is running its fifth crowdfunding campaign with Fueladream, and they have realised that crowdfunding not only affords them the ability to take an exciting, innovative product to the market with a much higher visibility than e-commerce platforms, but it also gives the consumer the chance to buy new and interesting products at amazing prices.

Saneen Javali, says about crowdfunding and this new jacket

It’s exciting to put together the World’s lightest utility jacket. Crowdfunding is a game changer which has helped me build a brand and go to the market easily.

Ranganath Thota, Founder & CEO Fueladream said

Saneen always surprises us with his innovations. We are sure that Indian customers will be delighted with the FEATHER & make this another very successful campaign.

About Fueladream

FuelADream is a crowdfunding marketplace for people & organisations that aim to raise funds for creative ideas, causes, charities etc. and impact 2.2 billion people in India, Africa & S.E Asia. The platform went live in mid-April 2016 and has already raised close to INR 3.9 CR from over 105 campaigns. It is the brainchild of Ranganath Thota. His team is focused on transforming how people raise and contribute money for ideas, social causes and other activities. For more information, please visit Fueladream

Genpact Limited is collaborating with the Center for Collective Intelligence [CCI], a research unit of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] which examines how the latest technologies are changing the way people work together. The goal of this expanded collaboration is to generate non-incremental innovation in information-based operations through a new online community enabling the crowd-sourcing of ideas.

The Intelligent Operations Exchange [IOX] community helps participants “stumble into” innovative uses of leading edge technologies in business process operations. The Genpact & MIT CCI collaboration first began in 2012 to identify novel technology-based practices for process operations & contributed to the maturation of groundbreaking practices such as Operations Network Analytics which applies big data social network analysis to large organizations in order to improve the effectiveness of operations.

IOX’s unprecedented use of “crowdstorming” [crowdsourcing + brainstorming] drives a deliberate collision of creative and serendipitous perspectives of thousands of people with diverse backgrounds such as Industry experts, MIT scientists, Genpact practitioners & clients. When confronted with novel technologies & asked to find applicability in their own world, this community will become the first place for process operations professionals to unleash their creativity.

The IOX community is exploring the application to business process operations of technologies across hardware, software, and analytics – such as wearable devices & remote-controlled tele-presence robots, personal automated assistants, rapid automation & collective intelligence activities like prediction markets. Genpact, MIT CCI & the community will continuously evaluate and select high-potential ideas for further investment and development.

As per Gianni Giacomelli, senior vice president for product innovation & chief marketing officer, Genpact :

The underlying pace of technological change is accelerating & the real obstacle to change is the ability of leaders to re-imagine the fabric of their business processes and make their operations “intelligent” – able to predict, act and learn from experience. With MIT’s Center for Collective intelligence, we want to ‘innovate innovation’ in a space where subject-matter experts often silo themselves into narrow domains, dampening the power of a key ingredient of innovation: diversity

The collaboration will involve senior executives from the Genpact Research Institute on Intelligent Operations, a specialized think tank already harnessing the collective intelligence of Genpact, its clients & partners. The Genpact Research Institute conducts research on important topics related to the future of enterprise’s operating models, from front to back office, across nine industries.

For more information, please visit the following link

The Rolex Awards for Enterprise were created in 1976 to foster a spirit of enterprise and advance, human knowledge and well-being. Presented every two years, they support pioneering work in five areas namely Science & health, Applied technology, Exploration & discovery,Environment & Cultural heritage


The winners are provided with financial grants & mentorship in order to carry their on-going projects. The awards are open to individuals of any nationality or background.

Innovators & Doer’s under 30 would receive grants of 50,000 Swiss francs to take their work to the next level. The jury comprises of international experts from various fields who themselves embody the spirit of enterprise that the Awards seek to promote.

Winners of 2014 Rolex awards for enterprise & entrepreneurs

Neeti Kailas

Neeti Kailas, graduate of National Institute Of Design is currently co-founder & business-head of Sohum Innovation Lab. As per Neeti “Design is about problem solving, and thinking about how I can have maximum impact on society. In a country like India, that’s never going to happen by designing the next lemon squeezer” She along with her partner Nitin Sisodia launched their startup & their first product is a device to screen babies for hearing impairment & definitely has a huge social impact !!!

Olivier Nsengimana

Oliver, a native of Rwanda is 30 year gave up lucrative position in government job to take up “wild-life conservation”. In Rwanda, the crane is a symbol of wealth and longevity. With a golden tufted crown and a flame-red spot on its neck, it is a desirable pet for Rwanda’s elite. He is actively working actively towards wild life conservation especially ensuring that there is no poaching of rare species – Crane. Nsengimana – who lived in a refugee camp at the age of nine – acknowledges that his childhood was tough, but he is always mindful that many Rwandans went through much tougher times than he did & that has helped him a lot 🙂

Hosam Zowawi

Hosam, a native of Saudi Arabia is clinical microbiologist with an interest in antibiotic resistant bacterial diseases. His project contains development of faster superbug tests in order to raise awareness of antibiotic resistance.

Francesco Sauro

Francesco, a native of Italy has led five expeditions to South America’s table-top mountains since 2009, along with Italian exploration association La Venta, and with the support of the Venezuelan team Theraphosa. With support from Rolex, he is planning more expeditions.

Arthur Zang

Arthur Zang, native of Cameroon invented CardioPad which is touted as Africa’s first medical computer tablet to help diagnose people with heart disease. The device leverages the use of Cloud Technology & allows health-care workers in rural areas to send the results of cardiac tests to specialists via a mobile phone connection.

We congratulate these young & dynamic innovators for winning this prestigious award !!! More about Rolex Awards here & here.

Note – This article has been sponsored by Rolex

Deshpande Foundation and Microsoft Ventures,India announced a partnership to launch Sandbox Startups, an incubator focused on nurturing startups in tier-II & tier-III cities of India. The three-year collaboration was formalized with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] on August 23, in the presence of Dr Gururaj ‘Desh’ Deshpande [Founder, Deshpande Foundation], Mr Jairam Ramesh [Former Minister, Government of India], Mr Rajinish Menon [Director, Microsoft Ventures in India], Mr Naveen Jha [CEO, Deshpande Foundation] & other industry leaders.

As per their Press Release, the main reason for co-launching this initiative as per Naveen Jha [CEO, Deshpande Foundation] is below:

Unlike tier-I cities, most small cities lack adequate support system to nurture startups. Consequently, startups and startup potentials in these regions do not have access to requisite training, mentoring and a sandbag to try out their entrepreneurial stints. Sandbox Startups is aimed at providing a launch pad for aspiring entrepreneurs in tier-II & tier-III cities so that they can validate their business ideas, sharpen business acumen, develop products & launch solutions to the market.


Innovations by startups groomed under the program will add vibrancy to the ecosystem from those at the bottom of the pyramid.


The objective of this partnership is to work in an inclusive manner to ensure that all relevant stakeholders, such as early stage entrepreneurs, academia, students, venture capital community, mentors, advisors, HNI’s & corporates, are active participants in the innovation ecosystem.

Support for entrepreneurs in Tier-II & Tier-II cities

Rajinish Menon [Director, Microsoft Ventures in India] mentions that such an initiative was the need of the hour.

As the culture of innovation spreads, it’s fascinating to see the kind of problems that startups from smaller towns are trying to solve. Microsoft Venture’s partnership with Deshpande Foundation aims to engage with entrepreneurs from smaller towns at every stage of their journey from ideation to maturity.


At Microsoft, we are extremely excited to help incubators roll out products and raise capital to fund their growth, eventually benefiting India’s budding entrepreneurial ecosystem. And this specific endeavor is aimed at entrepreneurs from smaller towns which have a less mature ecosystem to nurture them.


Startups can call Microsoft’s Jumpstart hotline on 1800 200 2114 to know more about the program and how to be a part of this program.

About the Partnership

Deshpande Foundation in India actively nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship through various programs in its three sandbox regions – North Karnataka, Nizamabad in Telangana & Uttar Pradesh.

Partnering with Microsoft Ventures is a key step to support and nurture incubators, moving them to the next level by providing them an opportunity to get exposed to high end technology, get trained & mentored by professionals.

Both Microsoft Ventures and Deshpande Foundation will play a significant role to mentor the startups under this incubator.

Please visit Microsoft Ventures, India & Deshpande Foundation for any further information or leave a comment and we would get it clarified from the Microsoft Ventures team.

Image Credit : Deshpande Foundation & Microsoft

CAMTech INDIA —a new United States Agency for International Development [USAID, India] funded public-private partnership to accelerate medical technology innovation for reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) in India—announced its first medical technology hack-a-thon in Bangalore on July 18-20, 2014. This inaugural hack-a-thon is being organized in partnership with Glocal Healthcare and hosted by GE Healthcare India.

About Jugaad-a-thon

“The Jugaad-a-thon is a new way of elevating the experience & know-how of local experts, and using strategies from not just engineering, but also public health and business, to develop new tools to improve health,” said Elizabeth Bailey, Director of the Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Global Health. “We’re focused on finding impactful, marketable, and innovative ways to provide care to women and children in India.”

Event highlights

CAMTech INDIA’s inaugural Jugaad-a-thon [derived from the Hindi word jugaad meaning an innovative fix or work-around] will be a 48-hour event where 250 clinicians, engineers and entrepreneurs collaborate on disruptive, new solutions for unsolved clinical problems.

Cross-disciplinary teams addressing specific clinical challenges will work late into the night to develop functional prototypes and explore new business models to commercialize their innovations. Teams present their innovations to a panel of judges at the end of the event, and will be awarded a variety of prizes to help take their innovations forward.

Applications for the July 18-20 Jugaad-a-thon are due by July 7, 2014.

For more information, please log on to Jugaad-a-thon website or hop on to their Facebook Page