Internet of Things [IoT] has become one of the most popular technologies, especially when the discussion is about creating an overall connected eco-system. Be it homes, offices, vehicles, etc. most of them are now becoming ‘smart & connected’ and are able to generate data on which actionable steps can be performed.

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Most of this is possible due to the wide range of Sensors that are very important part of the IoT setup. Some of these sensors are Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, etc.

As per a report by Gartner on IoT, there might be around 20 billion connected things by 2020. Things in IoT would not only be limited to smartphones, PC’s, etc. but also extend to other appliances. The meteoric rise of IoT and IIoT has resulted in evolution of new business models, thereby resulting in number of startups trying to solve ‘customer centric’ problems via IoT.

We take a look at ‘11 Internet of Thing Startups to Watch‘, a useful compilation created by Wrike, a company that specialises in project management software and has interesting set of tools with which you can manage projects online.

11 “Internet of Things” Startups to Watch
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A good project plan can make the life of a Project Manager (PM) as well as the team members easy. As a Project Manager, you have worked hard on the following activities:

  1. Collated and froze the requirements
  2. Formed a competent and diversified team
  3. Done the budget estimation and activity planning
  4. Done a detailed SWOT analysis

Many times things can drastically change once the project progresses and massive changes can have a major impact on the Project. It could also lead to a project closure e.g. The technology that is being used in the development becomes obsolete or holds no value due to which there are no takers for the product that was under development.

As per a report, more than half of the IT projects fail that result in millions of dollars in lost funds. Wirke that specializes in project management software has come up with an informative infographic that lists down some of the techniques that can be used to avoid Project Failure. The Cure for Project Failure - by Wrike project management tools

Infographic brought to you by Wrike hosted project management software

As an entrepreneur, it would be your dream to drive your business growth profoundly. While doing so, you might make some severe mistakes for which your business ends up being in the dead zone. The situation gets even worse when you can’t figure out the effective solutions to fix things hotfoot. Sounds critical, right? Well, it’s indeed a matter of concern!

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It would be a great idea to identify the main reasons for which things are not going your way. Knowing this would also help you to figure out how to cope with those complexities.

First of all, ask yourself the following questions

Do I have sufficient resources available for my business? Unless your business gets financially secured, things can become too much challenging in the midway.

But there’s more to be resolved tactically… Even with right kind of investment, having top-notch management skills become a major issue. This can streamline your scattered efforts into the path of success. So, don’t ever forget to employ people with outstanding managerial skills.

While thriving on your business venture, look closely whether things are going according to the plan. Focus on the core aspects and try to meet customer needs efficiently. Having the right idea about customer needs and market knowledge can help to increase your brand awareness significantly.

However, there are many more reasons that hinder your business growth. Want to know those reasons with effective solutions?

Here’s how you can do it:

Just go through the infographic on the 18 common problems of business failure and effective solutions. It has been developed by MyTasker, a leading virtual assistant company. It sheds light on several aspects such as:

  • Inadequate profit
  • Premature scaling
  • Not having a Plan B
  • Choice of location

and much more…

A good project plan can make the life of a Project Manager (PM) as well as the team members easy. Project Manger can do a detailed tracking of the activities that are listed in the plan and since the tasks are well listed out, team members are very clear about the deadlines as well as its deliverables.

Creating a perfect Project Plan is a daunting task and as a PM, you need to ensure that there is no stone un-turned in order to create a perfect project plan. Wrike, a company that specializes in development of project management software has come up with an informative infographic that can be used as a guideline by Project Managers to create a perfect Project Plan.

10 Essential Elements for the Perfect Project Plan - by Wrike project management softwareInfographic brought to you by Wrike project management online software

We hoped you found this infographic informative! What are some of the traits that you as a Project Manager use to create a Project Plan, please share your tips in the comments section…

Each one of us come up with ideas, be it whether you are working in a corporate environment or you already have a business. However, it all depends on how well the idea is executed, the team, timing, funding, etc.

Wrike, a project management information systems software company that has various products in the project management software area has come up with a very precise and handy infographic titled – ‘Top 10 reasons startups fail

Top 10 Reasons Startups Fail

Infographic brought to you by Wrike project management information systems software

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How many times it has occurred that you plan to complete a certain activity in a couple of hours but end up spending much more than time what is expected. If you are leading a team, the same might also apply to your team members.

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The delay could be because of unwanted meetings, resolution of blocker issues, unproductive use of project time, delay of dependent deliverables, etc. In some cases, the delay might enter into an infinite loop thereby adversely affecting the project deadlines and hampering motivation of team members!

It is estimated that 25% of the average worker’s day is wasted on inefficient work, which means that If you work an 8-hour day, that’s 2 hours wasted every day i.e. 520 hours/year. Hence, it becomes important to use right as well as efficient scheduling tools for project management.

Wrike, a company that specializes in the development of project management tools] has come up with a very informative infographic that highlights the challenges faced by leaders and team managers to ensure efficient Work Management.

Why Every Team Needs Work Management ToolsInfographic brought to you by Wrike scheduling tools for project management

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PayPal is one of the most successful payment processors today. It is available in 202 countries with 203 Million active users. There are 770,793 websites currently accepting payments with PayPal, and this number is growing day by day.

PayPal has remarkable founders and employees, who have succeeded in different spheres later in life. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, the former employees of PayPal founded YouTube, Reid Hoffman founded LinkedIn, Elon Musk founded Tesla, Yelp was founded by Russell Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman.

Find more interesting facts about PayPal in the infographic, that experts from Play-N-Pay compiled for you. Today we will cover the most interesting six facts about PayPal, which you should know.

$20, $10, $5 marketing strategy

In its early years, PayPal was charging money from every new user. At first, it was a $20 fee, then $10, $5 and PayPal grew at almost 10% per day. From March 2000 to August 2000, PayPal’s user base jumped from 1 million to 5 million. After this early success, PayPal quickly went public on NASDAQ.

PayPal went public twice

In 2002, PayPal stock grew to 55% on NASDAQ. After this in July, the same year eBay bought PayPal for $1.5 billion. This money gave the opportunity for PayPal’s founders to reshape much of the technological world we know today. In 2015, Ebay spun off PayPal, and the two companies were divided again. Since then PayPal stock grew about 56%, and eBay’s stock is up by 43%.

PayPal supports 26 currencies

Though PayPal supports 26 currencies, there are differences in the accounts for different countries. For example, there are many countries where PayPal users can’t enjoy some of the financial features that Americans do. They can’t cash out money from their online wallets, but they can still make purchases. Also, PayPal’s currency exchange rate is a bit lower for many currencies. But overall, it is a great help to make and receive payments for many people around the world.

PayPal demographics

43.86% of PayPal users are from the USA. The second comes from Germany with 17.61%, followed by the UK with 14.39%. 87% of millennials in the US use PayPal for receiving and sending money. Around 30% of PayPal transactions are made through mobile devices.

PayPal is all over the world

PayPal has 56 offices in 31 countries. It’s centers and offices are located in Arizona, Nebraska, California, Texas, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, China, India, and many others. Meanwhile, PayPal’s operations center is not in fancy Silicon Valley, but in Nebraska!
PayPal has 18,000 employees of 119 nationalities. 55% of them are millennials.

It is interesting to know, that there are 13 countries [Belarus, North Korea, Iran, and Iraq included] where PayPal is officially prohibited.

PayPal is a partner with numerous large companies such as Google, Facebook, Visa, Master Card, Telcel, and Vodafone.

Users love PayPal

86% of PayPal users are likely to recommend the service to their friends. Additionally, the US citizens consider PayPal to be the second safest payment system after credit card.

Source – Play N Play PayPal success story

Read the amazing story about PayPal and it’s growth here

You have a path-breaking idea and willing to quit your job to start-up on your own, great! But depending on the idea and the market that you are targeting e.g. mobile, software, IOT, etc. you need to figure out whether you need to look out for external/institutional funding or continue being a bootstrapped startup [on the lines that you at least have an MVP ready]. If you are a hardware startup, you might also think of starting a Kickstarter campaign.

Wrike, a project management software products platform that is used by high-performance teams has come up with a very informative infographic titled 7 Ways to fund your startup. We liked the overall presentation due to which it can be an informative guide for a newbie entrepreneur or for someone who is willing to take their startup to the next phase.

7 Ways to Fund Your Startup
Infographic brought to you by Wrike project management software products

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