Search Engine Optimization is the process by which web developers optimize a website so that a search engine such as Google or Bing can index it. Taking this a step further, SEO also helps a website rank higher in search engine results and thus gain more exposure and custom.

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SEO is a complex and ever changing process, so web developers and SEO experts have to continually update their knowledge to keep track of how search engines such as Google are indexing and ranking websites.

The following are several important factors that can contribute to a website’s SEO

Keywords – Search engines look at common words and phrases known as keywords that a user might type in when searching for a particular thing. For example, if a user is searching for hotels in New York, a keyword phrase could be ‘Top quality hotels in New York‘ or ‘quality hotels in Manhattan‘. When considering SEO, you must research popular keywords and incorporate them into your website content.

Content quality and relevance – Content such as blogs, social media posts, and website text should be relevant, informative, and useful. By creating engaging and interesting content, your organic SEO should improve, which is incredibly important if you want to get more traffic. even states that 70 to 80 percent of people focus exclusively on organic search results, ignoring the ads altogether.

Page loading speeds – Loading speeds can play a role in SEO. If a website has really slow page loading speeds, this will put customers off and give them a bad experience. Search engines understand this and in their drive for providing quality results, they will give less weight and ranking to such websites.

Backlinks – A backlink is a link to your website from a third-party source. Search engines look at your catalogue of backlinks to help ascertain the quality and popularity of your website. It is important to build up a quality library of backlinks from reputable and relevant sources to help boost your SEO.

These are just a few factors and there are many more to consider. As stated, SEO requirements and techniques are constantly evolving to match search engine updates.

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At what point do you really focus your resources on your customer ? Do you devote countless hours and investments on the point up until they place an order ? Or do you look at the process differently, and think about a customer’s contribution to your order and sold pipeline in a unique way?

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One of the things you can do to reconsider how your business works and how you optimize your processes is to think about one of the crucial setups of your business as a whole – the order to cash process. Reconsidering that process and figuring out ways to use technology to streamline and maximize it can be a way to really push your business to the next level of success. But in order to get there, you have to make sure you understand what we’re talking about.

Order to cash basically is taking what happens at the moment a customer places an order, and understanding the activity and the data that happens at this point. Of course, there’s a nod to all the work that goes into the process before this order placement even happens – there is sales and marketing, among others. But this order to cash process looks at the point of the sale and then takes it beyond that. As you analyze all the points along the order to cash process, you then are able to really dig deep and figure out if there are things that are ‘sticking’ points along the way, or if there are efficiencies that you aren’t taking advantage of. And one of the key ways to improve all those processes, of course, is by using technology.

The order to cash process can be analyzed in terms of eight key steps, and what happens at those steps. Ready to learn more ? This graphic can help.

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Alibaba, or as the site is now known, AliExpress, is the largest e-commerce store in Asia and has been steadily taking on the shopping giant Amazon. The number of active shoppers using the site in 2017 was a whopping 470 million. Up from 198 million in 2013, this staggering growth is a testament to how popular AliExpress has become.

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And, while the lion’s share of users is in China, India rates in the top three when it comes to the number of users with 6% overall. So, clearly, AliExpress has been making waves in India as well. Can the site take on the big guns? Amazon is a good option for those living in the United Kingdom or the United States for the most part. Those living outside these countries have a very significant disadvantage when it comes to Amazon, though – shipping costs are high.

Sometimes, the shipping costs vastly exceed the cost of the item itself. It is in situations like this that AliExpress usually has a significant advantage. With a lot of the sellers on the site being based in China, and having their shipping costs subsidized, shipping is very reasonable, if charged at all.

The average price of items tends to work out a lot better than on Amazon as well, as the sellers offer very competitive pricing. And they do offer a range of AliExpress coupons and deals. So, you get a massive range of products and some excellent savings at the same time. It is a great deal, but is there a catch?

There is one slight snag with this site. When you are paying a fraction of the cost of shipping or being offered free shipping, you cannot really expect your items to arrive in record time. Depending on where you are based globally, there might be substantial delays. So, you do have to factor that into the equation when considering what purchases you are making. Despite the potential for delays, the site is still very attractive for online shoppers.

The site is well designed and extremely user-friendly. You can tailor your search by category, by price, by how new the listing is, whether or not free shipping is offered, etc. This makes it extremely easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Found an item and want to make sure that you get the very best price? Simply take a screenshot of the photo, and run an image search – the site will be able to search through and bring up any other similar products. From there you can filter the options to find the best price, if any sellers offer free shipping, etc. And I do recommend checking this out – sellers can offer goods at very different pricing. Some charge less for the item but add on a shipping charge, so do watch that carefully as well. Overall, though, if you want a good deal online, and you want to save on shipping, check out the site. Just be warned, you are going to see a lot of things that you will want.

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It feels as if we are in a new era, as if there will be a before and an after with smartphones; perhaps it’s too great a comparison, but maybe it’s not dissimilar to the industrial revolution. Already, within the space of a few years, it is ingrained in our lives, changing the way we interact, work and spend our time. Social media came earlier, but with smartphones it has rapidly impacted our lifestyle – the way that younger generations are growing up will probably never be the same again.

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There are certainly pros and cons, and as we begin to understand the potential pitfalls of this revolution, one wonders how Mark Zuckerberg will be seen by future generations. But while we are just beginning to understand the ramifications, we are still working out ways in which we use the new technology. Thousands of years on we are still tinkering with the wheel, finding new designs and new things to put it on, while smartphone technology is developing faster than we can find ways to use it. Not only are there new questions, but we have the opportunity to re-examine old problems. It follows that we would do the same with the health sector.

Hypertension, or as it is more commonly known as high blood pressure, is by all accounts the biggest affliction facing the world at the moment- thus it makes sense it would be the first question we try to address. Hypertension may seem like a relatively innocuous ‘condition’, but surprisingly it is the number one risk factor for death around the world and affects over 10 million people around the world. High blood pressure significantly increases the risk of stroke and heart attacks – one of the biggest killers in the world. Despite this, reportedly only half of the hypertensive population are aware they have it.

The International Society of Hypertension [ISH] believes that millions of lives could be saved if people were to simply get their blood pressure tested and then could take steps to manage their blood pressure appropriately. Indeed, in India, the rate of hypertension is estimated to be around 1 in 3 adults, as per Dr. Ramakanta Panda, MD of the Asia Heart Institute. These somewhat scary statistics led the ISH to launch the incredibly successful May Measurement Month campaign, which aims at publicizing the issue and getting people to get their blood screened.

You might be wondering what smartphones have to do with this? Well, they are helping people to stay healthier for longer. The MyTherapy app for example, allows you to track your blood pressure [or any other measurement/symptom] over a long period of time and puts it into easy to read graphs, so people can get a comprehensive, fact-based summary of how their health is. If someone with hypertension, for example, is able to see their blood pressure rising or a change coinciding with other symptoms, they can address the issue sooner, before the situation worsens. The app even allows you to share the information with healthcare professionals, allowing them to diagnose the issue quicker.

Originally launched in 2013 in Germany, the free app is chiefly a medication reminder app, but has expanded to include other functions like the measurements section or the sharing option which is available for family and friends too, for extra support. Taking into account that adherence for chronic diseases is only around 50% [WHO], it obviously represents a potential area of major improvement. Tested and proven to better adherence, millions of lives and billions of pounds, dollars and rupees could be saved if people were able to take their medication consistently and correctly.

The ‘new era’, as referred to earlier, brings with it more uncertainty than anything else. We are yet to properly explore and find out what it means for us in general. But it does present us with many opportunities, like the MyTherapy app and the MMM campaign. The infographic below sheds some light on the importance of knowing your health well.

The MyTherapy app is available for Android as well as iOS and can be downloaded from here & here.

Social commerce is a trend that is sweeping the online world and transforming the way we do business online. At its most basic definition, social commerce is the facilitation of ecommerce business through social media and social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Traditionally, social networking platforms were for sharing information and being nosy. This has now drastically changed, however, as businesses see these platforms as a potential tool to increase revenue and appeal to a wider audience – hence the creation of social commerce. This article looks at how social commerce is changing the world of online business.

A change in e-commerce platforms

Traditionally, ecommerce is carried out through dedicated websites. For example, you may log in to or a third party retailer to make a purchase. Social commerce is changing this process. Users can now make purchases directly through their social media profiles, as there is no need to open up the suppliers’ website. You can do everything within the same browser, and be using the same social media site. Facebook marketplace, for instance, allows you to browse through various goods that others have posted and purchase them there and then.

A change in online payments

The way that we pay for goods is also changing. In ages behind us, you may have been able to add an item to your shopping cart, but then you may have had to visit a third party payment gateway, such as WorldPay, to process the payment.

Social commerce retail is all-encompassing. You can literally do everything within the social network site, including processing the payment. Typical accepted payment methods include credit and debit cards, and even digital payment methods such as PayPal and Skrill.

A change in customer service and interactions

Traditional online customer service involved several different methods of communication including email, live chat, and feedback forms. Social commerce has again opened up new possibilities and could potentially change the way customer service is carried out.

We are seeing an increasing number of businesses using social networks as a form of customer service channel, such as Twitter. Some companies respond directly to tweets from users, or directly to Facebook posts. This has given a more personal and direct feel to customer service.

A change in Digital Marketing

Finally, social commerce has brought a change in digital marketing. We are now seeing an increase in adverts and marketing through social media to advertise their social commerce products directly. We see many ad campaigns, paid advertisements, and direct social media posts such as Tweets, Instagram pics, Pins and Facebook statuses. Online retailers like eBay and Amazon use social media extensively to advertise all their promotions, so it’s pretty hard not to come across some sort of Amazon discount on their page at least once a week. In short, the methods of advertising have diversified and businesses have a greater number of marketing channels to use.

As you can see, social commerce has already made a huge impact. With more businesses starting to use this type of ecommerce, and more social networking platforms facilitating retail transactions, we should only see an increase in its usage. The infographic below provides some interesting facts and figures relating to social commerce

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We’re all familiar with games, right? From board games to video games to card games, there’s a little luck and a little skill involved in winning—but with winning comes rewards, too [even if it’s just gloating power for a few hours]. Companies have long evolved an approach to gaming with ensuring or enhancing customer loyalty.

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Airlines are the best example – Earn miles and you can earn flights or other types of rewards. So the more you spend with that particular airline, the more you earn, and the better you feel about your purchases. That is called gamification of the buying experience.

And gamification isn’t just about rewards; boosting the gameable aspects of your customer service also has a feel-good aspect. Gamification also allows you to think differently about what rewards you want to use. So what’s the process and how can you boost the gaming in your process? The graphics below explains the same

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The Benefits of Creating an Entertaining Customer Experience With Gamification

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Marketing has changed considerably over the last few years, especially after the advent of social media. Online marketing has now become an integral part of any campaign, with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. being the widely used ones. It is not only social media, companies are now utilizing emerging technologies like AR, VR, etc. for providing an enriching experience to their customers.

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It goes without saying that ‘MarTech’ or Marketing Technology is something that can no longer be ignored, irrespective of the sector that the startup caters to. Marketers not paying attention to MarTech will soon find themselves behind the times. Because every new tool that arrives on the scene changes and influences the way marketers work with, and speak to, our customers. US based Wrike that specializes in collaboration software tools and project management tools have explained ‘Significance of MarTech’ in an insightful infographic and the content is still relevant in today’s changing times.

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The Guide to MarTech Today

When it comes to work, there is a common notion that employees in corporates have about their bachelor colleagues. They expect their bachelor colleagues to stay till late in the office citing reasons of them not having any other major responsibility apart from office work. On the other hand, there are many employees who are in the constant look-out for more recognition from their managers so that they can eventually get a better rating and salary hike.

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On the other hand, there are some who want to fill in office hours and consider that greater the number of hours spent inside the office, higher is the productivity. These are all growing symptoms of workaholism, something that can benefit in the short run but have adverse effects in the long run.

Wrike, a company that is a pioneer in project and time management software has come up with an interactive infographic that can provide you the answer – Are you a Workaholic

How to Figure Out If You’re a Workaholic - by Wrike project management software

Infographic brought to you by Wrike project and time management software

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