DocOnline announced the launch of its digital healthcare services for the B2C market in Telangana. DocOnline is a virtual platform that provides access to doctor consulting services by arming a user with easy and quick access to a certified doctor at the GP level from anywhere one is based.

Conceptualized in December 2016 with operations rolling out in June 2017 with an investment of USD 1 Million through private venture funding, DocOnline is backed by Swedish based entrepreneurs and investors with an overall experience of having set up over 100 companies between them.

India with a population of over a billion has one of the lowest per capita healthcare expenditure [about Rs 3000 per year] and less than 10% of India’s population has any form of health insurance cover. While there is the challenge of providing affordable healthcare to a wide reach in such a scenario, the opportunity is great for entrepreneurs to design newer, low cost business models and deliver high quality healthcare. DocOnline, thus,enters the Indian market when the healthcare industry is estimated to be worth USD 160 billion [in 2017].

Speaking at the launch, Markus Moding, CEO and Co-Founder, DocOnline said

Today in an age where people are hard-pressed for time and instances of personal wellbeing neglect is on the rise, it becomes imperative to offer quick and efficient services that can be availed from the comfort of one’s home – or anywhere else. Individuals must wake up to this impending scenario that unless their basic healthcare takes priority, it becomes challenging to lead effective lives.

General Practitioners are gatekeepers for all types of health conditions and a consultation at this level will help an individual to address his or her issue immediately and then seek the help of a specialist, if required. The reach of a doctor is being made possible within a time span of 15 minutes through DocOnline. This ease and convenience provided, heavily aids users as they are able to eliminate travel time and costs and get quick next-steps actions. Infact by investing in basic health care requirements, one could save hugely on medical bills- a result of first-step-action effectiveness

In its first stage of operations, DocOnline services were launched in August 2017 for corporate employees through corporate subscribership at an affordable fee of 700 per person which in turn covers their families as well upto 3 members. This partnership allows unlimited consultations anywhere.

In the second phase being announced today, DocOnline services is launched for the B2C category where an individual can avail unlimited consultation services at an introductory price of Rs 700 Per month that covers upto 3 family members.

 Markus Moding, CEO and Co-Founder, DocOnline added

I believe technology enablement will enable us to not only scale but also reduce costs for the ultimate consumer all the while creating new value for our investment. It was also imperative that we keep the business model as simple as possible while developing innovative delivery models, helping improve access to healthcare across geographies however small or big.

DocOnline is a concept that has been developed to address a much neglected yet apparent gap or need amongst individuals on the first step of action when ill or sick. DocOnline is envisioned to offer users easy, reliable and affordable health care access.DocOnline allows one to reach a doctor either through Audio [calling], Video or Chat [App] and connects the patient at the general physician level thus aiming to bring in preventive care. The wide option of reaching a doctor makes it possible for anyone with a simple feature phone to a smartphone to avail the DocOnline offering.

Users are required to download the App and have the option of booking a consultation either through video or audio. All doctors on board are MCI [Medical Council of India] certified with a minimum experience of 5 years and are available 6 days a week for 12 hours a day. Based on prescriptions, if any medicine or diagnostic test or test kit is required, the same can be delivered to one’s home or office. Users or patients also have the option of maintaining their health record on the App which can be accessed anywhere.

Sai Prasad Chakilam, CTO, DocOnline said

Technology innovation is at the heart of DocOnline.Our aim is to simplify technology sothat it can bridge the gap and be made accessible to a large audience irrespective of whether they are in Metros or Tier II locations; or whether they have access to a feature or a smartphone or a simple desktop. DocOnline services, thus, is available for anyone with the simplest feature phone with access to even 2 seconds of internet data.

Rahul Paith, COO, DocOnline added

India is a country that has seen tremendous growth and opportunities being created through effective adoption of technology in various industries. In comparison, the home health care space/tele-health space has not really embraced the convenience and ease it could provide to a person under the weather through the use of technology. In a market that is piped at billions of dollars, the opportunity is huge both from an investor and consumer point of view and this is where DocOnline is looking to foot-jam into and make home health care accessible and affordable to every household digitally.

There is enormous potential – business and social – in the healthcare space in India.  Some industry statistics are as follows:

  • USD 20 Million Indian telemedicine market &is growing at a CAGR of 17%, which will further see a major jump with cheap mobile data and tremendous growth of smart phone users in the coming days
  • There is only one doctor for every 1700 people in India
  • 85.9 % of health care expenses are covered through out of pocket expenses
  •  According to the WHO, the per capita healthcare expenditure in India is at USD 54 [about Rs 3000 per year], which is a fraction when compared to countries like China and Brazil.
  • Healthcare expenditure in India is amongst the lowest globally – at 4.2%, less than half of the global average of 9.7%. The government budgeted contribution to this is a mere 1%.
  • Less than 10% of India’s population has any form of health insurance cover.

The Indian healthcare sector is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16% till 2020, according to an August 2015 FICCI-KPMG report. The market size is growing from USD 2.8 billion in 2014 to $10.6 billion in 2019, more than three times.

Additionally, users of DocOnline are assured ofbeing connected to a doctor within 15 minutes of reaching out. Complying with medical laws, all medical data of users will be maintained and secured for upto 3 years and this can be viewed anytime through EHR [Electronic Health Record] from anywhere.

Health 2.0 and the Indian School of Business [ISB] are excited to announce the fourth edition of the Health 2.0 India conference on November 10, 2017, at ISB’s Hyderabad campus. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Highlighting Innovation and Enabling Growth in the Indian Healthcare Ecosystem’ with a focus on showcasing cutting-edge innovations that are transforming healthcare.

Image Source – Health 2.0 India

The conference will host over 30 visionary speakers along with 20 live demos from some of the most ground-breaking technologies in the healthcare industry. Sessions have been planned to enable an interactive, learning experience and networking with peers, experts and innovators in this space. Health 2.0 is working closely with ISB’s Max Institute of Healthcare Management in curating the conference panel. The conference has been designed for C-suite professionals, CIOs, hospital providers, government officials, public policy experts, clinical engineering professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, patients, healthcare delivery staff and digital innovators.

Expressing his views on the importance of this conference, Professor Sarang Deo, Executive Director, Max Institute, ISB, said

The Max Healthcare Institute and faculty at ISB are working on developing deep insights that can help improve health systems in India and the region. Early findings from these studies, across a wide range of settings and disease conditions, highlight the critical role of digital technology in expanding healthcare access in a cost-effective manner. A large number of start-ups are working on bringing exciting technologies, mobile apps, products and services to the market.

It is necessary to combine this energy and creativity with pragmatism and experience of industry insiders. In this context, we are excited to partner with Health 2.0, to host the India conference that will bring together stakeholders across the entire health technology ecosystem on a common platform.

Sharing an industry perspective, Matthew Holt, Co-Chairman, Health 2.0 said

From our very first conference in San Francisco in 2007, Health 2.0 has explored the worlds of ‘user-generated healthcare’. What became our tag line contains the germ of a compelling idea that India and the surrounding region bring to life. Patients are using new tools to guide their own care.

And these tools are starting to integrate with the healthcare system. Doctors, patients, and healthcare organizations are all starting to use a new generation of online and mobile technologies which are fundamentally changing the way healthcare is delivered.  Health 2.0 India will focus on the specific opportunities of the Indian market in Piloting new technologies, Innovations in Med tech, Operational Efficiency through technology in hospitals, investment trends and global opportunities in Indian healthcare ecosystem.

The discussions at the Health 2.0 India conference will be around the following –

The conference promises to be a learning, engaging and networking platform with participation from some of the best minds in this space. Some of them include

  • Dr. Balram Bhargava, Executive Director Stanford-India Biodesign and Professor of Cardiology at AIIMS, New Delhi
  • Shashank ND, Co-Founder and CEO of Practo
  • Dr. Scott Dulchavsky, CEO, Henry Ford Health System
  • Ravi Ramaswamy, Head – Health Systems, Philips Innovation Campus, India
  • Dr. Mudit Kapoor, Group CEO, CARE Hospitals
  • Jitendar Kumar Sharma, CEO, Andhra Medtech Zone

More details on the speakers and agenda for the conference available here

LinkedIn followed by Facebook and Twitter have emerged as the leading platforms for healthcare and pharmaceuticals companies in India for digital engagement according to the data revealed by the India Digital Health Report 2017‘.

Image Source – LinkedIn

The report was published by D Yellow Elephant – a Full-service Digital & Social media firm, with a specialized focus on pharmaceuticals, medical technology, healthcare, and wellness.

The report studied 160 India based companies across four verticals – pharmaceuticals, medical devices & equipment, diagnostics and hospitals on twelve key digital and social parameters – websites, apps, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Blogger, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Infographic – Report Overview

The companies are segregated into three categories – Digital Primes [the torch-bearers], Aspirants [gradually moving up on the digital curve] and Onlookers [silent observers] based on their presence, engagement, response, and consumer followership.

Aman Gupta, Managing Director, D Yellow Elephant, said

The report indicates that pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in India are affected by ‘Engagement Draught’ – present across most social media platforms but reluctant to engage with stakeholders. With HCPs [Health Care Professionals], patients, caregivers and policymakers consuming bulk of information online, it is imperative for companies to develop a digital ecosystem spread across multiple channels.

Launched in 2015, the India Digital Health Report has set benchmarks for digital presence across the sector. The second edition reveals that the digital journey for most companies has started, but restricted to presence. A robust digital engagement strategy should be integral to the corporate strategy, rather than an afterthought.

The study revealed that only 14% companies emerged as Digital Primes. 54% companies qualify as Digital Aspirants while the remaining 32% fall under the category of Digital Onlookers.

Infographic – Research Insights

Of the four industry verticals, pharma accounts for the highest number of Digital Primes [22%]. Medical devices & equipment and diagnostics have maximum Digital Aspirants, with 71% of the surveyed companies maintaining digital presence but lagging in engagement.

Apollo Diagnostics takes the overall top spot with a score of 70, followed by GE Healthcare with 65.5 and Pfizer with 65 points. Amongst hospitals, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital leads with 56 points.

About D Yellow Elephant

D Yellow Elephant is a Full-service Digital & Social media firm, with a specialized focus on pharmaceuticals, medical technology, healthcare and wellness. Spread across key verticals of Digital & Social Analytics, Strategy, Design, Development and marketing. A part of The Strategic Partners Group, D Yellow Elephant represents the specialist brand focused on social and digital strategy service offerings.

With a global footprint in key locations of Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, London and New York, the firm comes with a deep understanding of the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare market, offering specialized services in HCP engagements, consumer communications and sales force empowerment. The firm comes armed with 20+ years of core Pharma and Lifesciences expertise, with a clear understanding of the legal and regulatory framework. For more information, please visit D Yellow Elephant

HealthifyMe, India’s largest and most loved mobile health and fitness application ‘HealthifyMe’ have announced an exclusive partnership with Amazon India to list its flagship Premium Plan on Amazon. The 2-month exclusive ‘Balance’ plan comes as a first for HealthifyMe and includes 2 dedicated coaches along with Rist an activity tracking device that lets users keep track of their distance, calories and steps.

Consumers will now be able to purchase the HealthifyMe Premium plans through the Amazon India website at special introductory prices. The 2-month plan along with the activity tracker is available for Rs. 2799. Apart from these, the other plans available are for 3 months [for Rs. 3699], 6 months [for Rs. 5699] and 12 months [for Rs. 9499].

Speaking about the partnership, Tushar Vashisht, Co-founder & CEO, HealthifyMe said

We are excited to bring this offering to a larger consumer base with the help of Amazon India. Our analysis of the Indian market shows that there is a growing diet and fitness consciousness in the country. The HealthifyMe 2-month Balance Plan is a unique offering of a complete health ecosystem for our consumers with a diet coach, a fitness coach and Rist, the activity tracker.

Jonathan Burks, GM, India and Category Leadership Consumer Electronics at Amazon said

At Amazon India, we are always striving to bring in newer range of products for our customers and this collaboration with HealthifyMe is a fantastic addition to our fitness portfolio. We’re glad to have India’s most loved health ecosystem listed exclusively with us.

Mobile health and fitness company HealthifyMe has raced to 2.5 million users in July 2017, more than doubling its user base from one million users in January this year.  HealthifyMe also excelled in its service quality during the period and its user ratings on the App Store grew to 4.5 Stars thus becoming India’s highest rated Health-tech according to App Annie. At the rating of 4.5, HealthifyMe is also ahead of all e-commerce and payments apps in India. Rist, the wearable fitness technology tracker along with the Amazon plans will be available for purchase on Amazon India starting 27th of July.

HealthifyMe Rist has a full digital display, pedometer and a 3-D accelerometer. The Bluetooth enabled smart devise tracks a users’ footsteps, as well as distance and syncs them to the mobile application for the HealthifyMe fitness trainers to track and evaluate progress of the user.

About HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe is a mobile health/fitness company that combines power of technology with real human services to deliver measurable impact. Cofounded in 2012 by Tushar Vashisht, Sachin Shenoy, Mathew Cherian, and incubated by Microsoft Accelerator, Bengaluru, it today is India’s largest digital wellness platform catering to 1 million users with over 150 coaches. Its app is rated 4.3/5 and has been featured by Google, Apple multiple times for quality. For more information, please visit Healthify. You can Download the Healthify app from Google Play and iOS Store


Bonanza Healthcare, India’s leading medical tourism and healthcare Institution launched another revolutionary solution in its endeavor to enhance the user experience,with Medical schedule Alert in its health app, that promises a reliable medical alert system to give you and your loved ones peace of mind. Managing all the headaches associated with taking medications the Bonanza Medicine Schedule Alert is the electronic equivalent of a doting nurse who knows you well.

The Medicine Schedule Alert allows you to create your own med as prescribed by the doctor and have it available to view wherever you go, while keeping in track all the medication you have consumed.

Operation is simple – Key in the medicines individually and save their dosage times and days. You can also enter multiple medicines and multiple dosages along with additional details like – quantity per dose, quantity per refill etc. and any other prescription details for the particular medicine. The app will set off an alarm and a pop-up when the appointed time arrives. It also sends you FREE timely reminders, notifications and emails to ensure that you don’t skip even a single dosage of your med and alert you to get timely refills.

Commenting on the launch of the newest feature, Satya Prakash Goel, Director-Bonanza Group said

A vital and important facet for a fast and quick recovery from any ailment, disease or treatment is taking medicines as prescribed by the doctor or the healthcare professional which is often missed or ignored. The tech solution could be to fall back on the prescription again and again and trust your memory to have (or serve) the right medicine at the right time.The Medicine Schedule Alert empowers you to play a more active role in caring for not only your health but of your loved ones as well

Keeping health, a step ahead in your daily routine schedule, the Medical Schedule Alert is a user-friendly feature which comes in handy on your device, bringing hassle free operation for individual or families, after all Health is Wealth

The Bonanza Healthcare app can be downloaded from here

About Bonanza Health Care

The Bonanza Group of Companies, with 20 years of experience in the Financial Services industry, now brings its expertise to Health Services with Bonanza Healthcare. With an assortment to build the biggest network of high quality medical professionals in India & also to make healthcare accessible and more affordable to the general population of India, Bonanza Healthcare brings a host of primary healthcare requirements all under one umbrella. For more information, please visit Bonanza Healthcare

Circle of Life Healthcare Private Limited has launched an app called myCOL to simplify the hospitalization experience for patients and their caretakers in India, starting first with NCR. myCOL app will provide exhaustive information of more than 1300 hospitals across the city, irrespective of size and facilities, through an easy to use map based search.

Shortly, the Company will also incorporate it’s flagship service whereby it will provide a free personal assistant to the user, who will take care of all procedural formalities at the time of hospitalization.

With the recent outbreak of an epidemic like Dengue or Malaria, even in a city like Delhi, which has the second highest number of hospital beds in the country, there was reportedly an acute shortage of hospital beds. myCOL’s endeavour is to remove the asymmetry of information regarding hospital facilities and assist the patient in his hour of need.

Talking about the app, Vaibhav Singh, Co-founder & CEO said

Our vision is to democratize healthcare and remove the fear which patients and caretakers feel when approaching a hospital for an In-patient Procedure. myCOL combines the benefits of technology and human touch, to deliver a unique product to the services-starved patient.

Salient Features of myCOL

Map Based Exhaustive Search

myCOL works as a veritable encyclopedia offering unbiased information on all medical facilities and practitioners in your region, a user-friendly map based listing & search functionality. The myCOL team has collected this data painstakingly by personally visiting each hospital irrespective of the size and location to ensure that you have access to all the information you require to make a better decision.

Personal Assistant

Long queues and waiting time at hospitals add to the stress of hospitalization. myCOL’s revolutionary service involves instant assignment of a personal assistant to the user who will handle all the administrative tasks like admission, insurance coordination and discharge. This will allow the caretaker to focus solely on the well-being of the patient rather than getting unnecessarily bogged down by the infamous 3 hour waits at admission and 6 hour discharge processes.  Like all other features, this service is absolutely Free.

myCOL App Snapshot

Health Records

myCOL provides a cloud-based facility to store all health records including prescriptions, invoices, insurance papers etc. for self and family members. With its unique share facility, you can share records with your doctors or your loved ones with ease.  Now do away with those archaic manual files and create an indexed online medical repository.

Reminder Facility

Never miss out on any medications or appointments.  The innovative reminder service allows the guardian to keep a tab on medicine compliance by the aged through an efficient notification facility.

myCOL App Snapshot

Take care of your family members

myCOL allows you to create groups for your loved ones through the unique myCircle feature and take complete charge of their health.

myCOL app for Android & iOS can be downloaded from here. myCOL for iOS would be released soon.

If you are in NCR region, do give myCOL app a spin & share your feedback in the comments section.

About myCOL

myCOL is a product of Circle of Life Healthcare Private Limited. It is promoted by Professor (Dr.) Mudit Kapoor, PhD Economics, University of Maryland & Vaibhav Singh, Fellow Chartered Accountant and MBA. It counts among its Advisory Board experts like Dr. Shamika Ravi, Fellow, Brookings Institution India and Dr. Ambuj Roy, Dept. of Cardiology, AIIMS. myCOL has launched services recently in the NCR region and is expected to reach your city shortly. More information on myCOL can be found here and here