Highways are meant to facilitate swift movement of vehicles. Whether you drive a commercial vehicle or a private vehicle, highways help you to reach your destination much faster. However, toll stations on highways stop this free-flowing traffic. Many-a-times, such tolls cause traffic jams resulting in increased travel time. This is where electronic toll collection comes in the picture. Read ahead to know more about electronic toll collection, its functioning and application.

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Reducing Traffic Congestion

National Highways Authority of India [NHAI] has brought in the concept of National Electronic Toll Collection program. This concept is suggested to be applied across highways in India. This move is aimed at reducing traffic congestion arising due to manual collection of toll at toll stations on highways. Such electronic toll collection is set to benefit vehicle owners, commercial entities, as well as the government.

How It Works?

This electronic toll collection is based on a Radio Frequency Identification [RFID] tag. This tag is placed on a vehicle and is known as FASTag or toll tag. Every time a vehicle with such a tag crosses the toll plaza, the toll is automatically deducted from the registered bank account of the vehicle owner. This means that instead of paying toll physically, you pay toll online. Going ahead, various online wallets can also be linked to facilitate online payment. Such an initiative is in sync with the Indian government’s endeavor to promote cashless transactions and build smart cities.

Promoting Transparency and Demanding Accountability

Apart from easing the flow of vehicles on highways, such an initiative will also help keep things transparent regarding the amount of money collected through the toll stations. Electronic toll collections on highways will be transparent and make the authorities more accountable. NHAI has come up with mobile Apps to help people pay toll online. People can buy and recharge FASTags through the following Apps: MyFASTag and FASTag Partner. The process is similar to popular e-commerce Apps. This way, those who have been transacting online will have a similar experience when it comes to paying toll online.

Other Application

FASTag has the potential to impact various other industries as well. For example, RFID tags can be used to facilitate transactions at drive-through food outlets, fuel stations, etc. Real-time data from such tags can be used for mapping the movement of vehicles. This can be looked at from an enhanced security perspective along with traffic control measures.

There has been a tectonic shift in the insurance industry with the advent of digital insurers. Such insurers leverage technology to reduce manual intervention across the insurance experience. Apart from this, they also focus on making insurance simple by reducing jargons and creating a convenient user journey.

RFID and Vehicle Insurance

In vehicle insurance, real-time data can be extremely useful in analyzing the risk potential of a particular policyholder. Currently, such data can be tracked with the use of telematic devices. This allows the insurance providers to offer customized calculation of motor insurance premium based on the risk exposure of an individual driver as opposed to arriving at a premium based on generalization. Real-time data collected through RFID tags can be useful to insurance companies. They can work towards analyzing that data in a way to promote personalized pricing. This way, drivers who ride safe will have to pay less insurance premium.

The New Normal

Years ago, highways were a new concept in India. Today, they have become a norm. Currently, highways in developed nations do not face traffic issues because of toll stations, as they collect toll electronically. Just as highways have become a norm in India, it will take some time for electronic toll collection to become a norm.

Are you on a lookout for a sofa online? Great. Sofa is an integral part of your home.  It’s a great equalizer. It’s an excellent option to increase seating space and your social status. Choosing a sofa set wisely means you are going to invest in a piece of furniture that will last you and your family for many years.

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Listed below are five smart tips to buy sofa set online.

Consider a sturdy frame

Solid wood construction is durable and long-lasting. It’s cheap and best quality. Though pine is softer and affordable option, it may warp or buckle after a few years. So, when choosing a sofa set online, make sure its frame is sturdy and made of solid wood and metal.

Know your joinery

It is essential to know the method by which the frame is joined at the corners. When choosing a sofa, you should consider corner blocks, wooden corner blocks, wooden dowels, metal screws with brackets. These are the quality joints. It’s essential to avoid a sofa that’s solely held together with nails, staples, or glue. These elements are used to reinforce a frame.

Buy sofa set online
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Hand-tied springs are best

Hand-tied springs are the creme-de-la-creme of sofa springs. They’re generally durable comfortable and very well constructed, with a price tag to match. If you go for the less expensive materials, the chances are that you’d not get the right products. So, don’t go for the price, but go for the quality.

Check Back

When buying a sofa, you should consider its back. It should be stable and sturdy, ensuring the back of the couch is robust and strong. When the sofa is delivered to you, pat the center of its back to confirm it is not hollow. A good sofa has a strong back with cushioning.

Comfortable Seats

If you want to bring a recliner or comfortable seat, make sure the seats are comfortable in all positions. Check the height color, materials, etc. You can choose from thick or shallow seats. For more height, go for a deeper seat.

To conclude, a sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture for your home. When you shop for it online, you should consider all the points mentioned above to choose the right products.

You spend a third of your life in bed. So, it’s important to choose the right product. Using wrong bed may lead to ample health problems, including back pains, sleep insomnia, sore muscles, and many others. Not only that, but a good quality bed also adds excellence to your home décor. It keeps your home clutter-free, etc.

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Here some smart tips to buy the right quality bed online.

Choose a bed together

Are you going to share a bed with your partner? If so, you should seek his/her company while selecting a bed. This allows for picking the right furniture online and lets you have comfy enough for both of you.

Measure Room Size

Before bringing a bed, measure the size of your room. For a small room, a single bed would go well. For proper relaxation, you need to have a reasonable space around your bed. So, consider the overall bedroom size before picking your bed.

buy bed online
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Storage Beds

If you can’t place a big wardrobe in your room, consider choosing a storage bed. This will allow you to put your space sheets, cushion, pillows, blankets, quilt, etc. A storage bed comes with plenty of space to store your things in an easy and convenient way.

King or super king beds

King or super king beds are suitable for a big or reasonable size bedroom. If you think your partner is taking up all the space in the bed, then go for king size or super king size beds. King size beds are also an apt choice for comforts.

Kids Beds

You should not overlook the importance of kids’ beds. After all, your children should also enjoy comfortable and sound sleep. The beds should be well-designed, colorful and low height. Low height allows kids to get on and off the bed. Also, make sure the kids’ beds have drawers, cabinets in its frame to keep toys, and other materials.


Whether you are buying beds online or offline, never choose your beds without thinking about the mattress. You should know that spring mattresses are suitable for spring beds whereas salt beds go well with foam mattresses. If possible, it’s advisable to buy a new bed and a new mattress at the same time.

In summary, whether want to buy a bed online for your bedroom or living room, you should always consider all the points mentioned above. This will enable you to choose the right beds for  your home.

Drivers rely on the car’s tires to help them sail through any terrain. Some drivers take great care of their car’s tires so that they do not let them down in tricky situations. However, a tire burst situation is nightmarish for a driver. Such a situation can escalate into a disaster if a car flips over on a highway. This way, the accident has the scope to become much bigger. The cars coming from behind also become vulnerable to accidents.

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Recent developments with respect to car’s tires and the braking technology have reduced the chances of a flip-over in case of a tire burst. However, every now and then, newspapers carry a tragic story of a car toppling over on a highway due to tire burst. Let’s hope you never face such a situation. Read ahead to know how to handle a tire burst so that you are better equipped if you ever face such an unfortunate event.

It is not a race, slow down!

An open highway, favorite music, and a mate to sing along can encourage you to press that accelerator a little more than needed. On top of it, if your car’s windows are rolled up, then there is high chance that you are oblivious to the speed at which you are travelling, unless you keep an eye on the speedometer.

Remember, you don’t have the driving license to show off your racing skills, it can be dangerous for you and others. It is a known fact that tire burst at a higher speed is more damaging than tire burst at a lower speed. If your car’s tire bursts at a lower speed, you still have the opportunity to control the car and avoid huge losses. In case of tire burst, decrease the speed gradually.

Don’t pull that foot off the accelerator immediately

Primary instinct of a driver in case of any unusual event is to slow down and drop the anchor. However, in case of a tire burst, it will be helpful if you do not pull your foot off immediately from the accelerator. The vehicle will lose its speed anyway due to the tire burst. If you also reduce the speed drastically, you will end up losing control.

Brake but not too much

Braking is important but not at once. Slamming the brakes in case of a tire burst will not help you to control the car. Hard braking will further imbalance the vehicle. Hit the brake, but slowly.

Keep pointing ahead

Do not steer it left or right as chances of the car losing composure is more in such cases. Hold the steering firmly and just keep moving forward so that you have a better vision. Use the steering to not let the car drift away rather than using it for vehement maneuvering.

Push a bit and park properly

You do not want to stop bang in the middle of the road and risk the chances of getting hit by a speeding truck. Push your car to go ahead even if the tires have given in. Drive your car to the side of the road and then park it. When parked, make sure to keep the parking lights on.

Go for an extensive car insurance policy

Just as it is compulsory to hold a valid drivers license to drive a vehicle, it is also compulsory to purchase a car insurance online or offline. It is suggested to go for a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy and strengthen it with suitable Add-ons. For example, a Roadside Assistance Add-on can prove extremely handy in case of a tire burst. You can raise a car insurance claim for damages to your car and minimize financial losses because of an insurance policy. Nowadays it has become easier to purchase insurance and raise a car insurance claim.

Ride slow, get insurance, and stay alert.

You are on your way towards your destination but suddenly, panic strikes! The low fuel sign is begging you to feed the car. There’s less fuel in your tank and this has severely affected your state of mind. Does this seem familiar? Drivers at some point in time have faced such a situation or have been perilously close to being in one.

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In case you want to avoid being in the panic mode, read ahead to know how to handle a situation where your car is running out of fuel.

Keep calm and drive

Yes, the empty fuel sign can be scary. However, your car hasn’t stopped yet, has it? This means it has fuel. Which also means that you can continue your journey. It is important to keep calm in such a scenario as it will help you to think. It will also help to focus on the road ahead. Remember, you still have to stay alert and follow all the traffic rules while you are driving. Driving with a low fuel tank doesn’t give you the right to overlook traffic rules.

Time for a treasure hunt

Low fuel warning means you need to refuel. Fuel in such a scenario is nothing less than treasure and every search for treasure begins with a treasure map. If your car is low on fuel while you are in a familiar area, you know where the fuel station is located. However, if you are in an unfamiliar location, the maps on your mobile phone might come in handy. Check out for the nearest fuel station and drive towards it even if you have to move away from your route. Rerouting is better than getting stranded. You can also ask around for the nearest fuel station.

Avoid traffic, don’t start-stop

Maps will also highlight traffic, avoid high-traffic routes, it will save those precious drops of fuel from burning. Roads with high-traffic demand your car to be driven in a start-stop manner. This takes a toll on the car and it needs more fuel. It is suggested to look for an alternate route that has low traffic if your car is low on fuel.

Turn off the AC

Cars generally consume more fuel when their air conditioning is switched on. The car’s engine has to work extra when the AC is on, this means it needs more fuel. In such cases, fuel consumption can increase by almost 15~20%. Turning off the AC might increase the temperature inside the car but it will help to reduce fuel consumption.

No revving the engine

Unnecessary revving the engine will increase its fuel consumption. Your gear changing and accelerating has to be in sync in order to save fuel. This way, the car’s engine will not face a heavy load.

What to do in case of car breakdown?

In case you fail in your attempts to conserve fuel and your car breaks down, you will have to abandon your car, visit the petrol pump either by hitchhiking or through other means of transport, get fuel and refuel your car. However, if you have an extensive Comprehensive Car Insurance policy with the Roadside Assistance cover, you do not have to make any effort to get your car back on track.

You can simply call the four wheeler insurance company from where you purchased your car insurance policy and request them for roadside assistance. They might arrange for fuel or manage the situation with the help of a towing service. Your car can breakdown because of lots of issues and towing service can be extremely helpful in such cases.

India has been a tea-loving nation and we can swear by our cup of tea as to how much we love tea :). Many people even get a headache and feel dizzy [or sleepy] if they miss the morning cup of tea. With changing times, people have realized the health benefits of consuming a particular type of tea – Green Tea, which is a hit amongst the health-conscious audience.

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Let’s look into some of the details about Green tea, benefits of green tea, different types of Green tea and how you can order Green tea online

What is Green Tea

Green tea originated in China and is made up of Camellia sinensis leaves that have not undergone the same withering and oxidation process used to make Oolong teas and Black teas. There are different types of Green tea and the type differs based on the production process, growing conditions, and the time when it was harvested. With so many different conditions, you can expect various types of Green tea.

Benefits of consuming Green tea

There are numerable benefits of consuming Green tea, some of which are mentioned below

  • Green tea is an excellent source of anti-oxidant.
  • It burns the extra-fat in your body. If you are planning to adopt a healthy lifestyle, consuming Green tea should be the first thing on the list.
  • It helps in the reduction of high blood pressure chances and in the process, prolongs your life.
  • It helps in lowering the stress on brain power and also protects your lungs.
  • It keeps your teeth safe from tooth decay and also cures bad breath.
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression are on the rise, especially in urban citizens. Consumption of Green tea helps in fighting depression.
  • Green tea also improves the health of your skin and fights other skin allergies.
  • It helps in keeping a check on blood-sugar levels.
  • Consumption of Green tea lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • With so many advantages of Green tea, it can be wise to mention that it improves the immunity level of your body against illnesses.

Green tea is considered a healthy drink to consume since its major contents are bioactive compounds that improve many aspects of your health. Epigallocatechin Gallate [EGCG] is the most important ingredient in Green tea that plays a major role in fighting diseases, maintaining better immunity when consumed in the right quantity. There are so many anti-oxidants in Green tea that it can help in the elimination of dark circles, reduce aging effects, etc. With so many benefits, many ladies consume Green tea in order to look pretty 🙂

Types of Green tea

  • Green tea comes in different flavors and you can opt for a flavor as per your liking
  • Lemon Ginger
  • Lemon Honey
  • Mint, Lemon & Honey
  • Barnesbeg Green tea – cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers and has no side effects on your health.

Where to buy Green tea

You can buy Green tea from the nearby supermarket, or you can buy Green tea online from a trusted company like Goodricke that has been in the business for many years. Goodricke also has a wide variety of Darjeeling tea, which is also a very good option. On Goodricke, you can opt for your favorite Lemon tea so that you can consume healthy tea and compliment its results with intensive work out!

Water is considered one of the most critical resources on earth and none of the living beings – human beings, animals, plants, etc. can survive without water. 70% of our body is composed of water and according to The USGS Water Science School, 71% of the earth is water. The bad part is that with each passing day, the drinking water coming from the taps in our homes is becoming more & more contaminated and is no longer considered safe for direct consumption.

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Much of this can be attributed to the rapid industrialization and urbanization that is making the water impure. Though this is a worrying situation, people can make use of water filter or water purifier [either UV water purifier or RO water purifier] to ensure that they consume pure & safe drinking water.

Today we have a look at the top reasons ‘Why you should have a water purifier at home/office

No chances of water-borne diseases

?The chance of getting affected by any water-borne diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, etc. is very rare or minimal if you if you consume water from an RO or UV water purifier. As per a report, contaminated water kills 1 every 4 hours and hence, it is recommended that you do not fall prey to these water-borne diseases.

Reduction in Chlorine Levels

Chlorination of water is one of the mechanisms to kill germs, but consumption of chlorinated water can have serious implications, some of them are mentioned below

  • Cancer risk
  • Birth defects
  • Asthma

Reduction in Total Dissolved Solids [TDS] levels for safe water consumption

Based on some studies, water with TDS above 500 mg/L is considered unsafe for direct consumption. Usage of Livpure water purifier can help in the reduction of hardness and TDS levels making it safe for consumption.

Lower chances of Cancer

Cancer is considered as one of the most deadly diseases and one of the factors that cause cancer is drinking water with harmful chemicals. Though the healthcare department stresses on having pure water, many families ignore the warnings and consume such water. Purifying water using RO or UV water purifiers helps in eliminating these toxic materials so that you and your loved ones are safe from a disease like cancer.

Improvement in water flavor

How many times have you heard from someone that flavor of water from your house is different from the taste/flavor that you get from drinking water you get at railways stations/bus stands. There is a high possibility that the water you consumed at these places might not be completely pure and hence there is a huge variance in the taste of the water. Water purifiers play a big role in improving the flavor of the water by removing the bacteria and other contaminants from it so that you feel good when you consume the water.

We are sure that these are some of the compelling reasons to buy a water purifier for your home. As far as the technologies used in water purification are considered, there is Reverse Osmosis [RO] technology and the Ultraviolet Rays Purification [UV] technology that is used by known brands like LivPure, a market leader in water purifiers sector. In case you using a water purifier at home, please leave your thoughts in the comments section…

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and so is our lifestyle. Many of us are just leading a sedentary lifestyle, without giving any conscious thought to fitness & lifestyle. We are getting entangled in a fast-paced life-style and are getting more & more addicted to junk or less healthy food options like pizza, burgers, soft drinks, etc. Consumption of such kind of food & drinks results in lack of overall nutrients in the body, which might result in side-effects like obesity, malnourishment, etc. Hence, instead of just focusing on mental health and well-being, it is important that we also focus on our all-round well-being. ?Less protein intake affects health which can result in hair fall at a young age, muscle deterioration, etc.

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This is where protein supplements can play an important role in shaping up your body and also increase the overall muscle mass. Many men prefer to buy whey protein or occasionally check other supplements like endura mass by checking endura mass powder price on health related websites like Wellness Forever. All these supplements come in different flavors, so choose the one that suits your taste buds 🙂

Let’s look into some important aspects about whey protein powder*

  1. Whey powder has all the nine amino acids that are important for protein synthesis.
  2. It can be used by both men as well as women, but it should be used as per their existing body capacity and after consultation with a nutritionist.
  3. It is fast digesting and is an ideal protein supplement for fat loss, as well as muscle building.
  4. They have anti-cancer properties, lower cholesterol and some studies also mentioned that it reduced blood pressure in patients with hypertension.

Whey protein powder is available from various brands and hence it is of utmost importance that you look into its ingredients before buying them. Another protein supplement that is in demand is the ‘b protein powder’ and the b protein powder price in India is also in the same range as other protein supplements. Though these supplements are good for overall muscle and personality development, you can get best results when you exercise regularly. Consuming high dose of any protein supplement can result in significant side effects namely – stomach pains, acne, fatigue, reduced appetite, nausea, headache, etc. hence do not take more amounts to expect fast results.

So far, we have touched upon on how consuming protein powder can have a significant impact on the body mass, but there are many other advantages. Dietary supplements improve the diet and since you are in the process of transformation, you would always prefer eating healthy food, rather than junk food. This means that it brings your diet also on track and even if you leave consumption of these supplements, you can lead a healthy life by using the lethal combination of ‘healthy diet + regular workout + meditation‘.

For buying the protein supplements, you can either go to the nearby chemist in your locality who might charge you on MRP or you can order them from the convenience of your home from pharmacies like Wellness Forever that follow a hybrid online-offline approach. They also have 24*7 home deliveries and their team has a significant amount of expertise in the domain.

We would like to hear your stories on how protein supplements shaped your life/career and some tips on how it boosted your confidence, do leave them in the comments section. 

References* – Medical News Today