Over a period of time, there has been a tremendous change in the mindset of people. One of the major things that have changed with time is the ‘importance of investing in things that matter’.  For example, when someone moves to a new house; members of the family would be excited to shop for furniture, electronics, and other necessities required for the house. One of the items from the list is ‘Water Purifier/Water Filter’ which does the job of purifying water so that you & your family members can consume safe, healthy & purified water.

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Though Water Purifier/Water filter from a renowned brand like LivPure is considered a one-time buy, it still requires timely maintenance. This point is true for water purifier from any other brand as well. There is a big mindset change where people are interested in ‘pay for product’ on a usage basis i.e. in such a case, the consumer does not buy/own the product but can use the product as long as they need it. A new trend that is picking up very fast is ‘Renting’ and people are willing to rent products ranging from furniture, clothes, and even water purifier. This is one of the best ways in which people can procure the best water filter in India. The ‘sharing economy’ is growing exponentially over a period of time since it reduces the burden of buying & maintenance.

This is ideal for someone who has moved to a new city (for a shorter duration) or someone who is staying on rent and does not want to spend money on buying a water purifier. Though tap water is considered safe to drink, it is highly recommended that you have tap water filter in your home. So, how do you enjoy purified water without owning a water purifier? Livpure Smart is the answer to this question. Livpure Smart is an online platform from the reputed brand ‘Livpure’ where consumers can rent Livpure RO water purifiers at zero buying cost. Since you are not buying the water purifier, there is zero installation charge, zero maintenance cost, and zero security deposit. Ideally, you have to pay for what you drink.

You have the option of buying water jars from the nearby shop, but you cannot vouch on the quality of the water that you are consuming. There is no way to check the quality since it can only be monitored at the refilling stations. If you plan to purchase RO Water from a reputed brand, you would have to shell out Rs.15,000~Rs. 35,000 to purchase the purifier & Rs. 4,000~Rs. 5,000 for annual maintenance. When you rent Livpure RO water purifier, you only pay Rs. 1.2 for 542 liters a month. The maintenance or service schedule is automated. You & your family can enjoy safe, purified water by spending less on water purifiers and this is possible by renting Livpure water purifiers.

The water purifier is smart since you can monitor the quality of water & health of water purifier by installing the Livpure Smart app on your phone. This is how such a water purifier for home can help in saving cost without compromising the water quality. You can choose from four different plans – Silver plan, Gold plan, Platinum plan, and Titanium plan. More details about the plans are available on the Livpure Smart website. Sharing economy is definitely solving ‘ownership problems’ and Livpure Smart has taken that a notch above by making it easy for consumers to rent quality water purifiers from LivPure.

Due to a sedentary lifestyle, back pain and slipped disc are problems which affect people in their early 20’s & 30’s. These ailments were previously observed in people once they cross their 40’s or 50’s. This is especially true for people working in corporate organizations or involved in jobs where you are required to sit on the computer and work for the whole day. Due to wrong posture, and excess use of mobile phone and laptop, many young working professionals get back pain or neck pain and this pain will get aggravated over a period of time.

As per a global report, 8 out of 10 youngsters face some kind of back and spine problems like backache, slipped disc, Neck pain etc. This is because people today, spend more time playing games on computers, watching television, and other leisure activities and also have unhealthy eating habits leading to lack of nutrition like Vitamin D deficiency. Many people who have back pain problems or face muscle spasms while playing outdoor games like cricket, football, volleyball, etc. often confuse them with a chronic backache. Even Virat Kohli , Anushka Sharma , Akshay Kumar and Boman Irani are sufferers of chronic back pain issues like Slipped disc and Disc bulge.

Most spine problems cause depression, confusion, anxiety and disability. It starts as a day of absenteeism or bed rest and when painkillers and balms stop to work, you execute the search query ‘back pain specialist near me‘ on your mobile phone; But before you opt for any treatment or go ahead with a spine surgery it is important to be educated about the most common back pain problem which is Slipped disc.

What is ‘Slipped disc’ and is it different from normal back pain?

When the cushion of the disc between the bones in the spine pushes out, it is called as ‘Slipped disc’. Patients may also experience pain in other areas namely back, legs, etc. This radiating pain is known as Sciatica. Some may also witness some level of numbness in some parts of the body. Physical therapy or conventional physiotherapy can cure the pain to some extent, but it is only a ‘pain reliever’.

Applying hot pad or ice pack on the areas where you are experiencing acute level of pain can temporarily relieve the pain and also reduce the inflammation. Though many doctors recommend surgery, it is not the only  slipped disc treatment. Before back surgery you should try conservative device based spine rehabilitation under guidance of a spine specialist. Only if conservative therapy fails, surgery should be considered.

In India, This treatment has helped prevent over 8000 back and neck surgeries and have helped many slipped disc and sciatica patients in Mumbai , Pune , Delhi and Bengaluru recover without it.

For Herniated disc and disc bulge, leading spine specialists recommend the following options to treat slipped non-surgical treatment and get safe pain relief

  • Rest – Few days of bed rest will usually relieve the back pain and neck pain. Do not lift heavy weights and practice the ‘right posture’ to sit, stand and perform daily activities; else the pain may get aggravated.
  • Accurate Testing with DSAUnlike and MRI and X-ray which are image based tests, a spine function test like digital spine analysis can pinpoint the exact back muscles which are causing excess load on your spine. This combined with isolation treatment can save you from a future surgery
  • Device Based Physical Therapy – At home Physiotherapy is not targeted, which means that it works on all muscle groups and not specific ones. It takes a long time to recover. Device Based Spine Therapy targets the right muscle groups and leads to faster and safer recovery. It has also saved many slipped disc patients from surgery.
  • Spine Cell Repair Technology – New technologies are replacing anti-inflammatory medicines [as prescribed by the doctor] for safer pain relief. Spine cell repair technology using Frequency specific Micro currents can relieve pain without side effects of medications or painkillers and is safe for all ages.

Though many doctors may recommend surgery, it is important to have a more pragmatic approach since there are better medical options that provide Slipped disc cure. QI Spine Clinic is India’s first Spine specialist that provides an excellent solution to get rid of back/neck pain problems through revolutionary Spine Muscle Function Test [also termed as Digital Spine Analysis].

DSA is very different from other tests since it does a thorough evaluation of the strength, mobility, & other elements surrounding the spine done to take corrective action. X-Rays & MRI scans do not reveal information about the functional aspects of the muscle tissue near the spine. On the other hand, DSA also lets you know the by how much percentage your muscles have weakened and based on that diagnosis, respective steps for ‘Spine Rehabilitation’ are carried out.

You may panic when you experience chronic back/neck pain problems, but it is necessary to look out for back pain solutions like ‘Spine Rehabilitation’ that does not involve surgery and also fetches better results!

As an entrepreneur or a business owner, you would come up across many challenges that you experience firsthand, but a majority of the challenges are encountered during the ‘scaling-up phase’. You have developed a Minimum Viable Product [MVP] of your idea, got a couple of customers for your product, and set up a Class-A core-team. But once you have to scale up your technical/marketing/sales team, you might need to go head-hunting searching for potential candidates who are a culture fit for your organization. There is always an option to hire people via references, but that approach may not be feasible in case you are planning to hire in large numbers.

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In such a scenario, you have to setup a Human Resource [HR] department whose core expertise will be in screening candidates, shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews, on-boarding employees, and retaining them. All these activities are easier said than done as the quality of shortlisted candidates would depend on the approach that is taken by the HR team. There is a cost associated in scheduling interviews and the costs can multiply if the interviewed candidate does not join the organization [even after he accepts the offer].

Instead of having an in-house HR team, it is recommended that you partner with a company that specializes in Human Resource Management and one which has provided their services to companies [of different sizes]. One such company that has specialization in human resource management, Recruitment Process Outsourcing [RPO], Leadership development, etc. is the ManpowerGroup. Unlike HR teams that are housed in-house, an HR partner like ManpowerGroup can play a vital role in various HR activities like shortlisting potential candidates, scheduling interviews, negotiating for salary, on-boarding employees, and more. The same role can also be performed by the in-house HR team, but the primary difference lies in the implementation & speed with which results are achieved.

HR partners like ManpowerGroup are not HR generalists, but they are experts in their domain. Since HR partners have worked with clients across different sectors, they have an immense amount of experience & expertise in recruitment and retention of employees. Since the HR partners work in tandem with the top management team of the client organization, they understand the culture of the organization and ensure that employees who are hired are ‘culture fit’. Such an approach also ensures that the HR team in the organization can focus on other important tasks like Employee Learning & Development [L&D], Employee retention, etc. The HR team, irrespective of the experience can learn from the consultants who are associated with the HR partner & learn useful traits from them.

There are so many traditional recruitment agencies who call themselves as HR Partners for Human Resource Management, but they may not have the level of expertise that is required for managing different functions in HR. It could be possible that the charges levied by them could be much below the industry standards, but you should make a conscious decision to avoid them. Human Resource is an important department & HR folks are the ones who are responsible for building a ‘best-in-class organization’.

It is always recommended that you partner with the best like ManpowerGroup by having at a long-term plan, rather than looking at short-term gains.

There has been a profound impact of globalization on our lives and it has resulted in an inflow of jobs, due to which many in India has secured employment in different sectors. However, that has come with a price since it has resulted in the rise of air & water pollution levels. In many developed cities in India, pollution levels have reached alarming levels which makes direct water consumption unhealthy since it has a negative impact on the critical water resources like dams, rivers, etc. Hence, it is not advisable to consume water directly from taps since it may contain pollutants and other impurities that can cause health hazards. This is where water purifiers – RO water purifiers and UV water purifiers can play a big role in water purification. Water Purifiers were once considered a luxury item, but now they have become a necessity for homes, as well as offices.

Water Purifiers are mainly used for water purification which is a process of removing biological contamination, gases, undesirable chemicals, and suspected solids from water. The end result of effective water purification is pure, healthy, and safe drinking water which is free from impurities. RO water purifier is considered the best water purifier for home and it follows a process called ‘Reverse Osmosis’. RO results in high level of purification, whereas UV [Ultra-Violet] purifier kills bacteria via UV rays that kill the harmful viruses & bacteria. Many people debate that boiling water is enough to remove harmful substances in water, but they do not remove 100% of the impurities in water. Consumers should not fall prey to such arguments and opt for water purifiers for home.

In an RO Water purifier, contaminants/pollutants are removed using the Reverse Osmosis technique where high pressure is used to force the water through the semi-permeable membrane. Since the semi-permeable membrane is microscopic in nature so the water impurities remain in the membrane thereby resulting in purified drinking water. Unlike UV Water purifier, there is not much alteration in the taste, but it does produce great tasting water.

Though RO Water purifier removes the contaminants & chlorine from the water, it still retains few minerals that give the water a good taste. RO Price is reasonable in price which makes it an effective buy for consumers. RO water purifiers for home do not require electricity hence; it is suited for cities & towns that may have power fluctuations. Since water is a very important resource of our lives, it is always important to buy RO water purifier from reputed brands like LivPure. The primary advantage of purchasing RO Water purifiers from LivPure is the range of products in the water purification space and a strong commitment to keep existing customers happy by providing excellent customer service.

Some of the popular RO Water purifiers from LivPure are

  • LivPure Pep Pro-Plus 7 Litre RO UV Water Purifier
  • LivPure Pep-Star 7 Litre RO+UV+UF Water Purifier
  • LivPure Pep-Pro 7 Litre RO UF Water Purifier
  • LivPure Lite RO UF Water Purifier

All these purifiers are handsomely priced hence it covers an entire spectrum of consumers. The other advantage is that consumers can buy best water purifier online from LivPure from their website, as well as e-commerce portals. Customers who are interested to buy water purifiers can visit the offline stores so that they can have a look at the features and then buy the water purifier online. There are attractive EMI options as well so that the money sensitive customers can buy the water purifier from LivPure at a great price.

As far as water consumption is concerned, you should never take any risk since you have LivPure RO Water purifiers at your disposal.

India is considered to be a tea-loving nation and this is applicable irrespective of where you are located in India. It is a known fact that we love our early chai [tea]. India is not only a tea-loving nation but it is also the second largest producers of tea. There are many different varieties of tea – Green tea, Darjeeling tea, Black tea, Oolong tea, etc. hence there are many options to choose from :). One category of tea that is very famous is the Darjeeling tea and the climatic conditions in Darjeeling are conducive for the growth of tea.

Darjeeling tea is considered as one of the best varieties of tea and it is mainly grown in the northern region of West Bengal. It is also known as the unique & purest form of tea worldwide. There are different varieties of Darjeeling tea – Black tea, Green tea, White tea, and Oolong tea. In some places, Darjeeling tea is also marketed as Black tea, but it is not completely oxidized. Darjeeling tea is rather light. It has a unique flavor and a musky taste. As far as the composition of the Darjeeling tea is concerned, it contains beneficial compounds with a number of health benefits. Darjeeling tea is rich with nutrients like Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Folate, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Potassium, etc. Let’s have a look at some of the health benefits of Darjeeling tea

  1. Like all the other varieties of tea, Darjeeling tea also contains anti-oxidants. Theaflavins and Thearubigins are complex compounds that you can find in abundance in the Darjeeling tea. It eliminates toxins and acts as an anti-aging element. It also neutralizes the harmful chemicals during the digestion process.
  2. Consumption of Darjeeling tea also helps in keeping your teeth and gums strong. It kills the harmful bacteria that can cause gum diseases and cavities. Magnesium, a water-soluble mineral helps in the formation of teeth & bones. The fluoride in Darjeeling tea reverses tooth decay in weak tooth enamels.
  3. The polyphenolic compound present in Darjeeling tea prevents tumor development. Anti-mutagenic property of the tea reduces the frequency of cellular mutation.
  4. This variety of tea is recommended to a person who is suffering from gastric ulcer. The manner in which it helps to reduce the ulcer is by killing the bacteria that could worsen the gastric ulcer.
  5. If you are a fitness freak or someone who is planning to lose weight, Darjeeling tea is the best substitute to carbonated drinks since the tea is very low in calorie count. The caffeine content in Darjeeling tea provides you with more energy. It decreases fat absorption, increases metabolism, and burns stored fats.

Last but not the least, drinking one cup of Darjeeling tea strengthens the immune system as it contains Theanine which boosts immunity. It also helps you to beat stress and started hydrated throughout the day.

Now that you have looked into the benefits of Darjeeling tea, the next step is to choose the best possible brand of the tea. Goodricke is a trusted tea brand since they are in the business for many years and have a world-class tea growing facility. They also have their own manufacturing facilities where quality & hygiene is given utmost importance. The good news for consumers is that they can now buy Darjeeling tea online from the Goodricke website. They have customer-friendly policies and tea ordered from their website will be shipped to you in tamper-proof packaging.

Next time, if you are unable to find your favorite Goodricke Darjeeling tea, make sure you explore the online route and buy Darjeeling tea online from the Goodricke website… It is easy, safe, and convenient 🙂

Who would have thought that one fine day we would be paying for consumption of clean water? Whenever someone steps out of the house, one item that is always kept in the travel bag is the ‘Water Bottle’. Though you can buy mineral water from outside, you would still have more trust in the ‘pure water’ that you have got from home. Normally when you spend money on a particular product, you have more trust on the brand & the product. But the same may not be true for packaged drinking water. There is a common misconception that consuming tap water directly is safe, doing so is like giving an open invitation to water-borne diseases. Bacteria, nitrate, lead, etc. are some of the common contaminants present in water. Due to water pollution & contamination, there are impurities in water and hence it is always recommended that you & your loved ones consume water from RO Water Filter or RO Purifier.

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Let’s have a look at purifiers in some more detail. If you are searching for the most economical solution for water purification, you should use ‘Water Purifiers’. However, the disadvantage of using Water Purifier is that it does not remove all the impurities in the water. There are better options like RO Water Purifier and UV Water Purifier that are more suitable for Indian homes and offices. RO Water Purifier from a reputed company like LivPure has multistage water purification process. Advanced RO Water Purifiers have 7 stage water purification process, namely

  • Pre-Filter – This stage is used for purification of physical impurities present in water.
  • Sediment Filter – This stage is used for removal of sediments.
  • Pre-Activated Carbon Granular Filter – This stage is used for removal of pesticides, chlorine, etc. present in the water. It also removes bad odor and bad taste in the water.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane – RO membrane removes the heavy metals, pesticides, and other salts in the water. This is the main stage in the case of RO Water Purifier.
  • Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection Column – Ultra Violet rays are used for removal of waterborne disease causing microbes.
  • Ultra Filtration Cartridge – This stage is used for removal of suspended particles present in the water.
  • Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Cartridge – This final stage removes the remaining impurities in water and improves the odor of the water.

This makes the water safe for consumption hence, you no longer be worried about waterborne diseases. As discussed above, advanced RO Water Purifiers even have RO, UV, UF, and Taste Enhancer. If you are looking for a more economical option for RO Water Purifier, you can choose RO Water Purifiers with Stage-5 water purification process. A known brand like LivPure has different varieties of RO Water Purifiers namely Livpure Pep Star RO Water Purifier, Livpure Touch 2000 RO Water Purifier, Livpure Eco Touch RO Water Purifier, etc. Customers can also opt for UV Water Purifier for home, which is more cost-effective and gives instantly purified water. Though UV Water Purifier is an inexpensive option for water purification; the disadvantage is that it does not remove dissolved impurities, requires electricity, and the rays do not remain when the water is purified.

Based on your requirements, customers should buy best water purifier from a reputed brand like LivPure since they have good customer service and good after-sales service. Many customers who plan to purchase Water Purifier RO or RO Water Purifier check the RO price in offline stores and purchase from the LivPure’s online store. The primary advantage of using the online medium is convenience and even consumers from tier-2, tier-3 cities are using online commerce to buy Water Purifiers, along with checking online purifier price. As it is said – Water is Your Best Friend for Life and it is always recommended to have pure water to lead a ‘healthy life’!

The Department of AYUSH was set up by the Government of India in 2003, and this was done to raise awareness about the benefits of traditional medicine. Medical health insurance companies are slowly making coverage policies to include AYUSH in order to benefit the common man.

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So, what is AYUSH? This term encompasses all of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy; the entire alternative forms of medicine as compared to conventional medicine. Once the Indian government set up the department of AYUSH, it paved a way to the setting up of the Ministry of AYUSH in 2014.

One of the major advantages of AYUSH is the low cost of medicine and treatment. This is one of the major reasons that people are switching over to AYUSH as compared to conventional medicine. Of course, the effectiveness of the medicine from natural methods is also a major reason as to why people are switching to AYUSH.

Because the Ministry of AYUSH has become a part of the central government, it has become easier for almost all medical health insurance companies to provide policies and coverage for alternative medicine.

In the year 2012, it became obligatory for all the medical health insurance companies to provide coverage for alternative medicine as requested by the IRDA [nsurance Regulatory and Development Authority].

Coverage and limitations

Medical health insurance providers offer coverage for all the medical expenditures that are incurred on all inpatient treatments at the hospital under AYUSH.

Some medical health insurance companies have a certain fixed amount of insured money which can be settled under AYUSH; and usually, in most cases, these companies do not offer cashless payment methods. The majority of the declarations or claims are reimbursed only when the insurer submits the necessary documents that are needed.

An important thing to take notice about would be that in order to get insured under AYUSH, the treatment must take place in a government hospital accredited by either the National Accreditation Board or the Quality Council of India.

There are some medical health insurance companies that have already set a pre-determined limit for the amount of insured money which can be settled under AYUSH.

It is essential to take note that AYUSH coverage policy provided by the medical health insurance company is for the cost of the treatment alone and not for hospitalization charges in terms of evaluation or investigation. If the treatment process is taking place at a healthcare facility and not a hospital, the insurer will not be able to claim the payment.

It is essential to read the entire document to fully understand the complexities of the contract as well as to avail the advantages of it.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for buying an AYUSH medical insurance cover, it is necessary to pay the extra amount, more than what you would’ve paid under any other medical insurance policy. Furthermore, it is important to note that if an insurer already has a declaration under AYUSH, it is not possible to get the same treatment covered under conventional therapy methods.




The purpose of any kind of art, particularly painting is to communicate ideas, to create the sense of beauty, and to explore the nature of perception. It makes people perceive the world in a unique way. Painting is the most understandable way of art because it gives us the most complete and vivid impression. The cultural heritage of India is known to be very rich and painting (be it modern or traditional) is the best way to connect back with the roots. There are certain brain and health benefits of paintings – nurtures emotional growth, helps to reduce stress & anxiety, strengthens memory, promotes optimistic attitude etc.

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Every country has something unique to offer to the world, but no other place has varied cultural diversity than India. India is regarded as a country that is rich in cultural heritage and is famous for various kinds of arts. Indian Paintings are considered a rich amalgamation of creative interpretation of thoughts, expression, and situations occurring in our surroundings. The advent of the British Raj had a deep impact on the Indian art and the classical Indian art form transformed into Indian Contemporary Art. India has witnessed the rise of many renowned contemporary Indian artists like Raja Ravi Varma, Rabindranath Tagore, Jamini Roy, Amrita Shergil, etc. Abstract Drawing is considered one of the popular art forms where the artists use a visual language of shape, color, form, line, etc. in order to come up with a visual treat. Since the core DNA of the Indian Painting forms like Mithila Paintings, Warli Paintings, Kalighat Paintings, etc. have been retained; there is a growing demand for Indian Paintings from the resident, as well as global art collectors.

Though Indian fine art drawing has always been in demand, there is a huge pain in discovering genuine & top-quality paintings from genuine & verified Indian artists. Hence, art collectors and art lovers have to look beyond traditional offline mediums like art galleries, art exhibitions, etc. by discovering & purchasing genuine artworks online from an authentic art-gallery like Gallerist.in. As per a report, the online art market grew by 12% in 2017 and it is showing excellent growth in 2018. Gallerist.in has close to around 20,000+ paintings from 7000+ expert artists and art collectors can purchase originals, as well as canvas prints of paintings from the artists listed on the platform.

There are many aspiring artists who have excellent skills, but they do not get much exposure. Gallerist.in provides them with a launch pad where their artwork is listed on the website and buyers from across the world can have a look at their prominent work. Gallerist.in has free-shipping and excellent cancellation & return policies; the platform has garnered attention not only from art collectors but also art lovers. Some of the painting forms that are available on the website are – Folk, Madhubani, Miniature, Phad, Contemporary, Gond, etc. and their customers can also buy art prints online.

Whether you are an art collector or art lover with interest in paintings or drawings, Gallerist.in has something unique to offer for everyone!