The lottery and gaming conglomerate Sugal & Damani Group, announced the launch of Khel Group, aimed at becoming India’s largest online gaming platform. Khel Group will be the parent company with two of its own online gaming portals called Khelplayrummy offering online rummy and the newly launched KhelChamps, offering fantasy sports and gaming. Khel Group also has Pokerstars currently operated by Sachiko Gaming Pvt. Ltd., that has an exclusive partnership with the global entity – The Stars Group. Khel Group therefore becomes the only online gaming group in the country offering rummy, fantasy sports/games and poker together through a single, seamless and an efficient interface.

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According to a recent study done by KPMG and Google in India, the gaming industry is currently estimated at approximately $0.6 billion, of which online gaming is approximately $0.37 billion. This shows that online gaming segment has a great scope in India and Khel Group looks at acquiring a substantial market share in this segment in the country.

Commenting on the development, Naveen Goyal, CEO, Khel Group said

Since the launch, our company has been focused on providing the best customer experience by offering a seamless interface through innovative technologies. With Khel Group, we intend to augment the online gaming experience along with consolidating several gaming offerings. The purpose of Khel Group is to create a strong single platform and identity which is imperative for the brand to communicate effectively with our different stakeholders. I look forward to this new and exciting phase of our journey.

Sharing his perspective on the online gaming industry in India, Nitesh Damani, Founder & Promoter, Khel Group said

India’s growing internet consuming population and smartphone penetration coupled with reasonable data prices is creating a revolution in the online gaming sector. Hence it is important to keep upgrading the back-end technology to intensify our product offerings and give the best user experience to stay relevant to them from time to time. With our foray into the fantasy sports, we are expanding our capabilities and adding value to the customers by offering them ample options to choose from, by way of which our vision to be the only online gaming group offering multiple games can be reinstated.

Technology and ease of attractive user interface is the mainstay of Khel Group’s range of premium brands across all its verticals. The Group takes pride for the massive reach that it has and looks forward to shape the online gaming industry.

About Khel Group

Khel Group aims to be the largest online gaming group by meticulously engineering superlative online gaming experiences. The group strives to adapt to changing trends, evolve and reform, producing better versions of work each time. The utmost priority is to ensure smooth, exciting and safe game play which subsequently attracts gaming enthusiasts.

APUS, world’s leading technology company specializing in Android development and information services announced plans to bring the next phase of disruption in India’s gaming industry through its unique live quiz game ‘Go Millionaire‘, launched on its flagship product APUS Launcher. The company plans to give away over Rs. 4 crores as cash prize to the winners of the game, typically millennials, working professionals or non-working individuals aged between 17 to 35 years of age. The quiz game aims to bring together a seamless integration of entertainment, knowledge and surprise.

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The quiz game starts every day at 10:00 PM IST with cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000/- daily and Rs. 2,00,000/- on Sundays being given out to the winners. Over 80% of the questions are related to the local culture with 12 questions from diversified topics such as entertainment, politics, history, culture, nature, sports and technology. In the last two months, the game has resonated well with the fun, cool young Indian minds who are always in a quest to re-invent their mundane lifestyle.

Speaking about the upswing in India’s gaming industry and overall reaction to APUS’ ‘Go Millionaire’ quiz game, Raymond Chen, APUS India, said

Go Millionaire has managed to open opportunities for young Indian minds to stay connected with the outside world and serve as a window for the world to understand Indian culture and delve into the lives, thoughts and dreams of the millennials.

We, at APUS, are betting big on the potential of India’s digital gaming industry which is growing rapidly. This country’s mobile games market is expected to touch a whopping figure of $1.1 billion by 2020. And, the number of smartphone users is projected to become 628 million by then. There is no doubt that it is a very interesting time to be in India – where the rising interest in mobile gaming is running in parallel to the rise in smartphone adoption as well.

Go Millionaire is not just a unique platform that elevates the knowledge quotient of India’s young minds but also renders a sense of financial independence combined with elements of surprise thereby providing a fascinating user experience. The APUS users, the players of the game, who typically earn nearly Rs. 4000 everyday, have unique stories to tell.

Priyanka Wagh, a homemaker from Dhule, Maharashtra, an avid player of the game said

My friends introduced me to the game on social media and I have been playing it ever since. I love the concept of the game as it enhances my knowledge, makes me financially independent and is fun too. Last week, while playing on ‘Go Millionaire’, question after question, I crossed all hurdles and to my complete surprise that day I earned Rs.4264/-. I used the money to pay off the loan amount for that month. Now, I play the game at least 3-4 times a week.

Another ‘Go Millionaire’ enthusiast Satya Srivastava who works at an education focused firm in Mumbai said

I have been playing ‘Go Millionaire’ for a while now as I see a great combination of learning and fun in this. I also thought it would be a good idea to use this platform to re-invent the work culture in our company. And now all my team members play this game. I have introduced it to the students’ community too that liaisons with us daily as it is a brilliant opportunity for them to improve their learning curve and earn decent money as well.

Currently, the quiz game is seamlessly integrated into APUS Browser, which is best known for its boosted speed and privacy protection features.  In the next phase, the game will move to a continuous live quiz show format and will be made available in all APUS products. Additionally, the game is in English at this stage and will be launched in multi-lingual version to cater to the larger segment of India’s young audience very soon.

About APUS Group

Beijing Headquartered APUS Group is one of the world’s leading technology company specializing in Android development and information services. Founded in June 2014 by APUS Group CEO Tao Li, the former vice president of Qihoo 360, APUS Group’s mission is to deliver the world’s most intuitive user experience to Android smartphone users worldwide.

Nazara Technologies Limited and Royal Challengers Sports Private Limited [Royal Challengers Bangalore] have come together to launch their second mobile cricket game RCB Epic Cricket. RCB Epic Cricket is a 3D realistic and simulative game for fans featuring multiplayer mode that allows users to play versus other players across India. In this game, play as Virat Kohli, AB De Villiers along with team sensation Safaraz Khan and rule the pitch.

Image Source – Nazara

Nazara has exclusive mobile gaming rights for a multiyear partnership with Royal Challengers Bangalore to license the intellectual property for curation of freemium games.  HP has come on board as the title sponsor for the official game, RCB Epic Cricket. It has been integrated in the game in the form of jersey branding, billboards, real estate branding, user interface branding and much more. HP is one of the key sponsor brands for RCB for the 11th edition of T20 Season.

Last year, the RCB Star Cricket game rose quickly through the charts and had even reached the No.1 top free games spot on Google Play within few days of its launch. While the peak engagement was during T20, more than 54% of the engagement happened post the T20 season during the rest of the year.

Amrit Thomas, Chairman of Royal Challengers Bangalore, said

Over years, RCB has become more a lifestyle brand than just a cricket team. RCB has immensely transcended the experience of fan engagement. Fans connect with the team across multiple touch points on digital platforms. We strive to give them a seamless and more personalized experience for the love and support they have shown for the team.

Manish Agarwal, CEO, Nazara Games, said

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new muliti- player game RCB Epic Cricket with Royal Challengers Bangalore. It feels great to work with a team which is always eager to push new boundaries whether it is ‘play along’ aspect within the stadium or hall of fame on social media.

RCB fans are in for a treat this year with exciting merchandise to be won within the multiplayer launched in the game. We have also printed a QR code on all the tickets sold at the RCB stadium for them to have an interactive experience while watching the game.

RCB Epic Cricket is currently designed to be played in three modes – Multiplayer Mode, Live Events and Career Mode. The unique part about the game is its multiplayer system which enables the player to create your own RCB Dream Team and play against an opposing team [RCB Dream Team] in a turn based multiplayer match along with elements of strategy. The player can compete on– Daily, Weekly and Monthly Leader-boards to win plenty of original RCB merchandise.

The Live Events enables the player to play real time matches of RCB during the T20 Season. This mode gives the players a chance to help RCB defeat their rival teams. The players can compete in these Live events to win existing RCB merchandises.

The Career mode, on the other hand, will enable the player to play as their favourite RCB stars. To begin with you can step into the shoes of ace cricketer and RCB Captain, Virat Kohli. This mode offers the cricket fans to face 7 bold Teams on-field that have been simulated from T20. This mode also has other cricketing heavyweights such as Yuzvendra Singh Chahal and AB de Villiers. The game is available for download on Google Play Store for android devices and is expected to be available for iOS by mid-April 2018.

RCB Epic Cricket for Android can be downloaded from here

Many years back, we had only three major requirements – food, water and clean air but with the advent of mobile [smartphone], it has also been added to the must-have requirements. Many of us develop a feeling of anxiety when our mobile phone is not around. With changing times, our basic necessities have now moved beyond Roti, Kapda, and Makaan to Roti, Kapda, Makaan, and Mobile. The mobile revolution has impacted each and every sector in business, whether it is banking, shopping, social, food, etc. and it has a profound impact on our day to day lives. Gone are the days where you had to plan in advance to do grocery shopping or buying clothes/shoes/gifts, etc. since there are mobile apps that help you achieve the same.

Image Source – Poker

As per a report, mobile phone penetration is set to rise to 85~90% by 2020 and this growth has been fueled by the slew of affordable smartphones in the 8K~10K price range [Source]. Along with affordability of smartphones, increased internet penetration [even in rural areas] and push towards a Digital India are some of the other aspects that are driving the digital adoption in India. Gaming is one more industry that has also undergone a massive shift over a period of time. The mobile gaming was largely dominated by PC and console-based gaming in the 2000’s where several middle-income group Indians jumped on to the gaming bandwagon. Over a period of time, numbers of gamers in India are increasing multi-fold due to mobile penetration and improved internet connectivity. Mobile gaming has truly shaped how we engage with our smartphones today.

As per the Flurry Mobile Gaming Report, United States, India, China, Brazil, and Russia are the top five mobile gaming countries that drive 50% of all global gaming sessions [Source]. Since there are more than 350 million Indians in the youth population bracket, India becomes a very important market for the global gaming industry. Compared to other global markets, India has a very diverse consumption pattern and gaming behavior. The diversity exists across

Image Source – Game Diversity

The emergence of technologies like Augmented Reality [AR], Virtual Reality [VR], freemium game development, adoption of Platform As A Service [PASS] are some of the other factors fueling the growth of the overall gaming industry. In a nutshell, there are ample amount of opportunities for local players, well as global players like Zynga, Gameloft, etc. to make a dent in the evolving Indian gaming industry.

Card games have also moved beyond the physical tables and a lot of gaming companies in India are creating a niche by offering traditional games like Rummy and Teen Patti online that not only connects with the general audience but also bring a feeling of nostalgia in your minds. Games like Rummy and Poker are not only card games but you require a good amount of analytical & logical skills to play them. They are considered as mind games 🙂

More and more Indians are spending a considerable amount of time on smartphones & even hardcore gamers are shifting to the small screen for playing games. Though games like Poker are relatively new to the Indian audience, there is a growing interest and many Indian gamers [who are popular with card games] are willing to jump on to the Poker Bandwagon. When we talk about Poker, PokerStars [the flagship brand of The Stars Group Inc.] comes to our mind. On PokerStars, you will find more tournaments and games than any other poker site, with 24/7 support, secure deposits, fast cashouts and award-winning software. It is home to the best online poker events. PokerStars is the largest online poker site in the world controlling over two-thirds of the total online poker market [Source]. There has been lot of buzz about PokerStars entering India and that time might come soon

#PokerStars organized an event in Bengaluru where the main guest was Professional Poker Player – Aditya Agarwal. Aditya Agarwal is a member of Team PokerStars Pro and has cashed for more than four million dollars in the biggest PokerStars tournaments. He has been playing Poker since 2004 and now he has been tasked with the responsibility of promoting Poker in India. During the event, Aditya interacted with the bloggers and other members who were interested in Poker and shared details about his journey, love for Poker and why India is ready for a game like Poker. More details about Aditya Agarwal can be found here. Since card games like Rummy [and also Poker] are considered as games of skill, players can play and make real money during their tournaments.

Himanshu Sheth (L) with PokerStars Pro ‘Aditya Agarwal’

While discussing about the adoption of Poker in India, Aditya explained that he is bullish that the early adopters of the game would spread the word and bring more interested gamers to the platform. Though this would be a huge task, they already have a decent platform since ‘social gaming’ or online card games are gaining more popularity due to wider internet penetration and if professional Poker players like Aditya can help reduce the learning curve, the game would see faster adoption.

Just like Rummy, Teen Patti and other online card games are garnering wider acceptance and fanfare, we hope that #PokerStars is also accepted by the ever-expanding online gaming community. PokerStars is set to launch in India soon and we wish that they create a dent in the online social gaming market in India!

Gaming has been a crucial part of the mobile industry since the launch of the App Store in 2008. For seven years in a row, gaming apps have been used more than apps from any other category. Consequently, mobile gaming has truly shaped how we engage on our smartphones today. However, since 2015, gaming sessions have been on the decline. Does that indicate the end of the mobile gaming era ?

Flurry Analytics reviewed the gaming industry based on app usage [Flurry Analytics tracks over 940,000 apps across all app categories which provides insights into 2.1 Billion devices]. To investigate current mobile gaming trends, they examined gaming categories combining iOS and Android data and bundled related gaming categories together.

Who are the heavy gamers ?

The top 5 mobile gaming countries [United States, India, China, Brazil and Russia] are driving 50% of all global gaming sessions. While the United States, India, and China take the top positions for gaming sessions, other countries are also showing a growing percentage of gaming addicts. For example, the United States accounts for 20% of all gaming sessions globally, but only 13% of all U.S. app sessions are games.

According to Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, users who are spending more than 5 hours per week in mobile games in North America are 52% female, 38.6 years old, and use both a smartphone and a tablet for gaming in 60% of all cases. While the real gaming addicts are in Europe [users in Netherlands and Sweden spend both 31% of all their app sessions in games], these countries don’t have a significant attribution to the overall global gaming sessions. In fact, Netherlands only accounts for 2% and Sweden for about 1% of all global gaming sessions.

Key Gaming Categories in Decline

For the second year in a row, gaming sessions are declining year-over-year. Three years ago, arcade, casual and brain games were driving 55% of all gaming sessions. Since then, there has been substantial declines in two of those categories – Arcade and Casual games. Arcade games, which accounted for 24% of all gaming sessions in 2014, decreased by 34%, and casual games by 50%. The declines of those two very large gaming categories were a key factor for the overall game session downturn within the last two years. A lot of those sessions simply dropped and were not spent in other gaming categories.

Are there any winners in a time of decline ?

While mobile gaming sessions have declined by 10% year-over-year, some categories continue to gain traction in usage. This year, card & casino apps reached a spot in the top three gaming categories. Sessions grew by 22% since 2014, and the category now accounts for 15% of all gaming sessions. Separately, the growth of smaller app categories is driving diversification for the industry. For example, board and strategy games grew 29% year-over-year from 2016 to 2017 and sessions are up 80% since 2014. This rise increased the category’s session share of all gaming apps from 1.6% to 4.0%.

They also identified similar trends in other smaller categories such as racing. Racing grew by 26% year-over-year and increased its game app session share from 1.6% in 2014 to 2.1% in 2017.

Fewer but longer gaming sessions

Flurry data shows that time spent in gaming apps has remained steady over the last year [+1%]. The average US consumer spends 33 minutes per day in mobile games, and our data showed that the average session length grew from 6 minutes and 22 seconds in 2016 to 7 minutes and 6 seconds in 2017. This is a significant advance, considering that the average session length never exceeded 6 minutes in 2014 or 2015. Additionally, the latest year-over-year session length growth equals an increase of 44 seconds (+12%) per session, which indicates higher in-game user engagement than in previous years. These statistics reveal that while more gamers open gaming apps less often, they often spend more time playing games during each session.

Size does Matter

In the gaming industry, one thing remains true : the bigger the screen, the greater the engagement.

When users play on-the-go, they take their medium-sized phone or phablet. However, if they are purposely dedicating time out of their day to mobile gaming, they are more likely to pick up their full-size tablet device, which explains average session lengths of over 10 minutes on full-size tablets.

With regard to the hours of the day that are most popular for on-the-go versus on-the-couch gaming, tablet gaming showed a steady peak in the morning. Most users carry their phone with them during the day, especially in the morning as they commute to school or work, so this is when many gamers play on-the-go. On the other hand, the use of tablets for couch gaming peaks in the evening, as more users log in from the comfort of their couch or bed. While gaming time on the phone still peaks in the evening, it’s important to consider that overall phone usage peaks at that time as well.

New users reflect increased revenue opportunities

As noted above, the reported shift in time spent on apps leads to more engaged attention spans at a time, which creates new monetization opportunities. Recently, SensorTower disclosed that the combined mobile gaming app store revenue on iOS and Android increased from $7.8 Bn in Q1 2016 to $11.9 Bn in Q1 2017. This equals a 53% year-over-year revenue growth. Besides different gameplay periods, users are becoming more comfortable spending money in apps, which is positively impacting mobile game revenue. SensorTower also found that download to revenue conversion on iOS has increased by 38% from January 2016 to January 2017. All of these observations lead to the conclusion that the mobile gaming industry still has high potential to drive revenue.

Mobile gaming beyond 2017 and tips for app developers

The gaming industry remains a very attractive category for app developers, especially as revenue conversions are growing. We’re seeing that longer session lengths are opening up new opportunities for innovative engagement and monetization tactics. For example, the peak usage hours on mobile devices are between 6 and 9 pm, which app developers can leverage to target specific users with acquisition or engagement campaigns.

Looking ahead, Flurry anticipates new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality to open a new chapter of mobile gaming and to enhance the in-app experience as a whole. And gamers are ready – they are already having longer game-plays on their favorite gaming apps than ever.

The complete report can be downloaded from here

Kids of the 90’s [surely many can co-relate to this :)], we used to enjoy doing lot of activities i.e. playing outdoor games like cricket, volleyball etc., playing marbles etc. One activity that used to come to the rescue when weather was bad was “Cards”. But with the advent of technology & growing use of internet, card games have also taken the “online route” 🙂 One of the card games that has made a special place in our hearts is definitely The Indian Rummy

Rummy is not only a Card game but it is a ‘Mind Game’ !! It is more about Time Management, Flexing your mind muscles, Rational Thinking and above all FUN 🙂

Mobile era has arrived with ‘Mobile Rummy’

If you are a Rummy Player & have enjoyed playing Rummy online, than this update is the one which you might be eagerly waiting for 🙂 Your favourite game of Indian Rummy Game on Rummy Circle is now available for your Android mobile phones and tablets for a faster & smoother rummy experience. This app ensures that you can play Rummy On-The-Go & we are sure that you would have a “Delightful” experience.

We are sure that you have pulled your Android Phone to download the Rummy Circle App & you won’t have to wait any longer ….

How to get Rummy Circle App for Android

Missed Call – Give a missed call on 08080894422 & you would receive a download link via SMS. Downloading the app is the simplest task you can have in your life 🙂

Downloading the apk – Click on this link from your mobile handsets & follow the same process above.

QR Code – Scan the QR code from your mobile phone to start the download


We are sure that you were able to download your favorite Rummy App on your Android Phone & it definitely sticks to it’s mantra – “Provide a Seamless Rummy experience On-The-Go” !!

If you are novice to the game of Rummy, you can refer Rummy Rules & a guide on Learn How To Play Rummy

Review – Rummy Circle on Android

Login / Sign-up

As soon as you open the app, you would be prompted to Login [in case you already have an account] or you need to sign-up with Rummy Circle. For the review, we performed the sign-up using the Android App & it was breezy.

Varied levels of game

If you new to Rummy or not a “Pro” in the game, than you have an option to opt for any of the available levels of the game i.e. Cash Games, Tournaments or Practice. For Cash Games & Tournaments, you need to deposit money in your Rummy Account. We played a Practice game & the experience was very good.

You can definitely hone your Rummy skills with the “Practice” games 🙂 Get your hands dirty with the game & than move to the Cash Games or Tournaments


Competing with players from across India

As seen in the snapshot above, at the bottom of the screen you will have the “Online Player Count” & when we tested the app, there were totally 7K+ Rummy players online. Doesn’t it sound challenging !! Unlike other apps which are mostly “Single Player Games” [& the second player is a machine], this app is “Multi-Player” in every sense.

You can choose with whom you want to compete for the game – Freedom in truest sense 🙂


Impressive UX

Rummy Circle app only works in Landscape mode & this is what makes playing Rummy on mobile screen easy [Remember, real estate on mobile screen is very less & UX plays a pivotal role in it]. The overall design & UX of the game is very good. We never encountered any issues in the game. There is a single-row card lay out for easy navigation.


Stay up-to-date with latest offers

In today’s world, mobile has become a core necessity [When was the last time, you left your house without your cell phone :)]. With Rummy Circle on mobile, you will never miss an opportunity i.e. new tournaments, special offers, weekend loots etc.

Rummy Circle has ensured that it’s users have FUN playing Rummy but also make some real hard CASH 🙂


If you are on iOS or Windows or any other platform, you can still enjoy Rummy on their Rummy Circle’s mobile website. We are sure that app’s for these platforms would be out, sooner than later !!

So what are you waiting for, pull your phone out of your pocket & download Rummy Circle to have ‘FUN & Make real Cash’ 🙂

TajRummyGrid Logic Software, a globally renowned company with ample expertise in the online gaming technology, announced its iOS app for their flagship brand ‘Taj Rummy’ on the rummy platform.

Features of Taj Rummy

  • The app offers multi-player games in several variants, including 101, 201 Pools Rummy, Points Rummy & Deals Rummy games for free to all members.
  • The gaming platform has a unique player protection system that ensures a secure gaming experience through Artificial Intelligence and extended Auto Play, both available on the mobile app.
  • It can be download on all iOS devices –iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS versions 5 and above.
  • These unique features in the new app tackle the foremost complaint of game drops due to frequent internet disconnections.
  • Auto Play [AP] holds the fort by triggering up to five rounds of basic game play, thus buying the player time to get back online.

Furthermore, the innovative Artificial Intelligence [AI] kicks in if there is a disconnection at the climax of the game, and ensures it is played to the best advantage of the player. The algorithm is designed to be simple yet highly effective–the best sequence is analysed as per the user performance and their analytical ability, taking the calculated risk into account.

Speaking about the new technology introduced by Grid Logic, Parikshit Madishetty, MD and Founder said

The programming has been customized for iOS specifically and as a result the new technology as a revolutionary system triggers 30,000 – 40,000 unique users every month, making Grid Logic’s apprehensive venture ‘Taj Rummy’ into a successful virtual gaming zone.

This concept has added a new touch to the gaming experience and we aim to be India’s biggest Rummy gaming portal by 2015.

The R&D team at Grid Logic Software have tested consumer behaviour in their labs, specifically triggering beta tests which created AI by synchronizing the data & analysing the pattern as per human thinking, i.e. user response. Additionally, the app features a Player Mode for superior screen usage and a sleeker UI. It also offers chat and live feed options, thus making the overall user experience completely exclusive.


The advent of online gaming in this market quickly saw the rummy game jump on the bandwagon, or dive into the internet, so to speak. Popular brands today offer everything from competitive user interfaces to players’ favourite variants to high-value promotions, in a bid to acquire players and engage/ retain their share of this enormous customer-base. With technology appearing to grow in leaps and bounds virtually every day, the mobile avenue is currently seen as the most lucrative for the game. More information about Taj Rummy’ here & here

[Image Source – Taj Rummy]

The two-day “NASSCOM Game Developer conference” held in November, 2014 was aimed at creating an interactive platform between various industry stakeholders to share best practices and knowledge & work towards further evangelizing the gaming industry. With over 1200+ delegates, over 60 speakers 40 sessions, the conference was aimed at to enhance India’s position as the gaming hub for the world, improve the industry-government interface and collaboration and augment international outreach and access for the Indian gaming fraternity.

NASSCOM released a white paper on the Indian Android market overview on side-lines of the conference. The whitepaper, created in collaboration with Fortumo is created with aim to help Indian developers better monetize their Android games and apps.

Highlights from the Whitepaper

Some of the key Highlights from the Whitepaper are below

  • With over 160mn smartphones in circulation and a majority of these phones running Android OS, India is a huge opportunity for local developers.
  • Creating games which are playable on both online and offline modes to better engage the users.
  • Increasing interest from user-base on downloading games from alternative app stores in addition to Google Play.

The complete Whitepaper can be downloaded from here. NASSCOM announced that NASSCOM 10K Start-ups, NASSCOM Gaming Forum & Dhruva Interactive’ s Gametantra have entered into an understanding by way of which, gaming start-ups applying to NASSCOM 10K Start-Ups will receive mentoring and incubation facilities at the Gametantra incubation facility in Bengaluru. Gametantra mainly focuses on mobile game developers and provides them with office space and mentorship.

NASSCOM plans to take a selected few gaming companies to Casual Connect. Casual Connect is produced by the Casual Games Association & is the premiere event for the casual games industry with over 5,500 professionals attending Casual Connect each year. Casual Connect brings together the most talented and knowledgeable experts in the casual gaming field to further the casual games industry with the best of networking and learning.

More information & complete Whitepaper is here