These days, the moment ‘digital marketing’ or ‘social media marketing’ gets uttered, we can’t help but include influencer marketing. Many marketers swear by influencer marketing because it’s effective on younger audiences who don’t believe in advertising.

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However, marketers agree that it gives them a hard time to calculate the ROI of their influencer marketing campaigns. Let’s see what we can gain from influencer marketing campaigns.

It Increases Sales

Did you know that 53% of companies use influencer marketing strategies to increase their sales? The feedback and reviews from influencers are completely genuine. Such authenticity helps brands win the trust of their customers and encourages them to make more purchases.

70% of millennials are influenced by social recommendations while making a purchase decision. Therefore, recommendations by influencers can definitely increase your sales.

Generates Great Content

Influencers know their audience and therefore create the right kind of content that works for them. The added benefit is you can always re-purpose the content for other marketing communications.

Establishes Your Thought Leadership

Consumers can associate an influencer’s thought leadership with your brand. Therefore, if your influencer is an expert in a particular field, it adds value to your brand by strengthening your authority in the field.

Gets You More Engagement

Authentic and engaging content from influencers is what attracts their audiences towards them. It encourages their followers to engage with such content too. Many influencers believe that their sense of humor and honesty are the reasons for their high engagement rates.

According to Linqia, 89% of companies use influencer marketing to share authentic stories about their brand. Due to such authenticity, followers continue to engage with an influencer’s branded content. And in this way, audiences are effortlessly transformed into becoming paying customers for brands.

Multiplies Your Reach and Access to New Markets

Influencers can help brands tap into and explore new markets and expand their reach. Many people largely depend on the recommendations of influencers. So, this helps brands access new potential customers and win their trust.

Improves Search Engine Ranking

Did you know that 47% of marketers use influencer marketing to boost traffic to their websites? Using influencer marketing, you can also improve your search engine rankings.

You need to ask influencers to write and share their honest reviews about your products or services on their blogs. This can help you get the attention of your prospects and gain valuable back-links that can help to improve your rankings on search engines.

The ROI of Influencer Marketing

A study by RhythmOne found that you can generate massive ROI in earned media value using influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has helped companies generate $11.69 for every $1 they’ve invested.

In addition, 76% of marketers agree that influencer marketing has helped them build brand awareness on social media. Almost 71% of companies have agreed that it helps them reach more targeted audiences. When calculating the ROI of your influencer marketing, you should also keep the following points in mind-

1. Influencers’ Cost

No matter how you are paying your influencers – cash, kind, event tickets or any free service – it would incur you some cost. Obviously, the bigger the project, the higher the cost would be. You can also opt for an affiliate model where you give a percentage of sales to the influencer

2. Time Invested

A lot of your time will be invested in planning and executing your influencer marketing campaign. You’ll have to especially invest your time into communicating with influencers and helping them understand your goal and the brand personality.

3. Cost of Hiring an Agency or Buying a Software

For bigger projects, marketers might need to hire agencies to kickstart their influencer marketing program. You might need to too. If you’re among the businesses that require the help of an agency, make sure you consider the agency cost. And if you’re investing in an influencer marketing platform, consider the cost of that.

Check out the infographic below to further discover more factors to consider when calculating influencer marketing ROI.

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Almost everyone checks out reviews on social media before buying anything today. Brand messages combined with those from influencers can do wonders for businesses. They have been known to increase purchase intent 5.2X. No wonder why influencer marketing is said to be one of the most effective methods of customer acquisition.

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However, you need thorough planning to get outstanding results from your influencer marketing campaigns. Here are a few strategies to help you get phenomenal results

Discount Codes

Discounts have always been effective in boosting sales and conversions. If you combine this strategy with influencer marketing, it can be even more effective. All you need to do is share a unique discount code with each of your influencers and ask them to share it with their followers.

This can drive more conversions and also help influencers woo their audiences more easily. For example, watchmaker Daniel Wellington provides unique discount codes to their influencers and asks them to share them in their sponsored posts. This strategy helps them get greater brand awareness and also increase their revenue.

Brand Mentions

When an influencer mentions your brand in their content, you get to grab more eyeballs and be seen by a relevant audience. This can help you build trust, generate greater brand awareness, and can make their followers buy from you as well.


Giveaways can help to increase your engagement drastically. After all, who doesn’t like free goodies? You can partner with influencers to host giveaways in which you give away some of your products as a reward. This can help you build brand awareness and encourage people to buy.


57% of marketers believe that influencer-generated content is more effective for marketing than the content they create. So, seasoned marketers often allow influencers to take over the brand’s social media accounts and post content on their behalf for a limited period of time.

Influencers promote such takeovers on their own accounts which can help brands gain more followers and engagement.

Long-Term Collaborations

In a long-term collaboration, an influencer becomes the face of a brand. They both have a vested interest in the partnership and work together for the growth of the company. This way, the brand as well as the influencers can gain more followers and get more visibility.

An influencer can help you enhance your brand’s personality and get you quality traffic. Long-term partnerships with influencers can help to enhance brand advocacy and awareness too.


An influencer creates quality content and spends their valuable time engaging with their followers to drive traffic to your website. One way of collaborating with them is to offer free products or services in exchange for their hard work.

You can also offer such freebies in addition to their monetary compensation to thank them for their efforts. Such gestures go a long way to improve your relationships with influencers.

Influencer Challenges

When you challenge your influencers, they get motivated to put in their best work. You can arrange a little contest during which the influencer who can get you the maximum number of likes, comments, or shares, wins a prize.

Challenging influencers is a great strategy when you want to launch a new product. It can also help to boost brand awareness and drive more traffic.

These are just a few strategies that can help you run profitable influencer marketing campaigns. For some more ideas, check out the following gifographic

The ROI of Influencer Marketing Infographic

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Brandon Brown is the CEO of Grin, an influencer marketing software solution for brands. Grin’s software helps customers identify, recruit & activate the world’s most engaging influencers. Prior to Grin, he led marketing for the #1 energy drink market in the world, Los Angeles & Orange County, at Red Bull North America. You can know more about Brandon Brown here.

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to acquire new customers quickly. It is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses that have small marketing budgets. Social media influencers are people who are immensely popular on social media primarily due to their content. Their followers love their content and follow them for their ideas, opinions, and expertise in their niche. In fact, their followers are likely to act upon their recommendations and purchase products they endorse too.

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According to a Twitter study, 40% of people have purchased products based on an influencer’s recommendation. This suggests that influencer marketing can help brands build credibility and grow pretty quickly.

Here are some of the best influencer marketing strategies to acquire customers

Branded Blog Posts

Branded blog posts from influencers can be very useful for brands. If you work with bloggers who have a high Domain Authority and who get a high amount of traffic to their sites, your brand will gain greater visibility.

This will also help you build greater brand awareness. Ask your influencers to review some of your products or services and share their honest opinions on their blogs. Such authentic reviews can help you win the trust of their audiences [who are essentially your target audience].

However, for this, you need to make sure that you collaborate only with relevant influencers in your niche. You can also give their followers a little nudge towards a purchase by sharing affiliate links or discount codes with your influencers. When someone makes a purchase using them, you might need to pay a certain percentage as commission to the influencer.

Brand Mentions

Mentions of your brand by influencers on social media can help to attract more eyeballs. This can increase your visibility, brand awareness, and boost credibility too. When popular influencers mention your brand in a positive light, it can help to increase your conversions too.

Electronic Arts collaborated with popular Instagram influencers like David Lopez and Koya Webb to promote their gaming app, Bejeweled. As a result of the campaign, the app rose 520 places, from #702 to #182, among the top grossing apps in the Apple App Store.

Guest Posts

Guest posting on an influencer’s blog or website is a great way to attract more traffic to your site. If their website or blog gets a large amount of traffic and is a high-authority site, it can help with SEO too. Any backlinks from their site to yours will be of high-quality which can help to boost your rankings as well as traffic.

In addition, you’ll also benefit from greater visibility and brand awareness.


A takeover is a very interesting influencer marketing strategy that’s used by many brands to generate content and gain more followers. It involves an influencer taking over your social media account for a certain amount of time.

During this time, they will be posting content on your account. When they cross-promote such takeovers on their own accounts, their followers are likely to check out your account. Not only does this give you a chance to woo your audience with some amazing content, but also grow your following.

To learn about some more influencer marketing strategies, check out the following gifographic

10 Influencer Marketing Strategies You Should Know

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India is moving to a golden age of philanthropy that hasn’t been seen since the middle of the last century. Whereas the last period of giving led to the setting up of many of the trusts, hospitals, universities and similar institutions, modern givers are looking to find new ways to invest. Running alongside the new spirit of giving, charities are employing marketing techniques such as viral videos to help promote their causes.

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The Modern Givers

Philanthropists such as Erik Gordon plan whole campaigns looking to building sustainable futures and to tackle the causes of the issues they are addressing. Brands such as Siyaram have started campaigns to encourage their customers to carry out good acts every day. Charities and other non-profits are more reliant on partnering with brands, or appealing to a wider audience in a kick-starter fashion.

Marketing Techniques To Bring In More Engagement

Digital marketing techniques have a lot to teach those who wish to do good deeds. Marketing has become a science over the years, which allows it to be cost effective. For big businesses this can help with profitability but for those wanting to help other it is vital to ensure as little as possible is spent on administrative costs. Before starting any plan to do good you need to know who your audience will be. By understanding your audience you will be able to plan your campaign to suit them. Data harvesting will tell you more about their likes, dislikes and where to best engage them. The best way to reach out to this audience has been proven to be storytelling. YouTube provides services for non profits that can help enormously with campaigns.

The Future Of Giving

The future for those wanting to do good works online will be a far more professional one. Our world is expanding and it is increasingly becoming difficult to be heard in the crowd. It is vital that to get your message heard that you employ all the techniques available. Storytelling, social media, networking and data mining are all tools that will be necessary to succeed. Only by taking these professional attitudes and approaches will charities be able to stand out and be seen.

Indian Influencer Marketing company, Chatterbox, has unveiled its latest technology-backed solution with Chtrbox. With advanced Machine Learning, smart-data driven influencer-search, proprietary matching algorithms, gamified mission modules, real-time performance tracking & more, Chtrbox now offers complete end-to-end solutions that make Influencer Marketing more automated, intelligent & cost effective for brands & agencies.

Today, brands are shooting in the dark when it comes to knowing which influencers to tap. Influencer marketing is the fastest growing marketing approach being favored by brands, but a majority of brand budgets for it are not spent efficiently. There is a rising class of new influencers, from which there is very little past performance-data.

While the Chatterbox team helps brands craft their influencer strategy, the Chtrbox platform now offers brands over 150K mega to micro influencers with deep data to make the right selection, enables push-campaigns and missions to relevant influencers to get their word out & get the biggest bang for their buck.

Speaking on the launch, Pranay Swarup, Co-Founder & CEO, Chatterbox stated

While brands leverage the human intelligence & authentic chatter of social media influencers, leverages artificial intelligence at its very best to ensure brands find the right influencers first. With the rise of social media content consumption in India,’s access to 150,000+ influencers with a cumulative followership of 3.5 billion is all set to further elevate the emerging industry.

Akhil Mordia, CTO at Chatterbox, adds on’s engine has analysed more than 24 million content pieces by top & emerging influencers, across categories & geographies. For each content piece, our proprietary technology allocates a unique score basis its context & performance, generating every influencer’s Social Media ValueThis helps identify the relevant influencers with the best ROI.

Influencer marketing is nothing but Word of Mouth 2.0 in our digitally advanced & ever-so-connected world. Today it’s not just a celebrity, but a social media star, your college mates, colleagues & family members that you listen to the most. helps brands & agencies construct & optimize this very piece, and let’s data validate gut-calls.

About Chatterbox

Chatterbox has been set up by Roshan Abbas [MD, Encompass], Gaurav Kapur [Media Personality], Rohit Raj & Varun Duggirala [Founders of the Glitch, now part of WPP] & Pranay Swarup [previously, Co-founder of], with this aim to combine the power of people & technology to build a data-led storytelling solution for brands. Chatterbox has already managed successful campaigns for 52 of India’s top brands, such as P&G, Flipkart, Hike, Nokia, Godrej, OnePlus, Puma, and Reliance. For more information, please visit Chtrbox

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into company’s product or service and it describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline. Prospects can come in the form of names and addresses, names and phone numbers, email addresses and fax numbers.

Why Lead Generation is Important ?

Lead generation is the fundamental way to provide channels of revenue into any company. In order to effectively make sales, you have to have qualified leads and it is incredibly important in keeping your sales and marketing pipeline alive. Lead generation is a win-win for both the buyer and seller.

Following are the 7 Essential Steps that marketers can use to Improve B2B Lead Generation.

Developing Better Marketing Content – Every content marketing strategy starts with the goal. How are you going to measure the success of your campaign? Is it with traffic? New subscribers? Social shares & engagement? Sales? Your content should be integrated in such a way that it helps you achieve your organizational goals. A content marketing strategy is a road-map that not only tells you what you are going to create, distribute it, and ultimately how to use it to attract and convert readers into buyers.

Greater Personalization – Marketing is all about delivering valuable information about a product or service at the right place and the right time. Personalized marketing is a strategy of its own that you can integrate into your different types of marketing mediums to generate better results. The main benefit of personalized marketing is the ability it gives you to reach specific audiences or prospects.

Personalization depends on

  • Demographics – Age, gender, location, career and more. This also includes their problems, needs, and wants.
  • Behaviors – Data includes the type of content they digest, where they spend their time, how they shop, what kind of information they are looking for.
  • Sources – Defines how your leads find you, or how you are generating and acquiring new customers. Is it campaigns you run? Referral programs? Social activity?

Create irresistible lead magnets – A lead magnet is a tool that you use to incentivize potential leads to interact with your brand. In other words, you’re trading the valuable piece of content for something you want, like the user’s email address. The best lead magnets offer value far and beyond what you might post on your blog. Ideally, they’re immediately useful for your target audience. Whatever you choose, make sure you can pinpoint its value during the lead-generation process.

Some of the most effective lead magnets include the following

  • E-books
  • In-depth case studies
  • Tools and calculators
  • Free demos for your app
  • Free trials for your software
  • Report or white paper

Link your Call To Action [CTA] to a dedicated landing page – The call to action is a core component of B2B lead generation. Call to Actions may have changed over the years, but the goal hasn’t changed: Put the right message in front of the right people at the right time.If you focus on your email newsletter to educate customers, including the call to action is a great opportunity to present them with relevant offers to generate leads and Website visits. Linking your call to action to the exact landing page will improve your customer engagement and number of leads.

Creating word-of-mouth referrals – Word of mouth marketing is not just about creating a message it’s about delivering real human experiences to the masses. Word-of-mouth marketing isn’t easy, but with a little tactical planning, any business can create a real buzz in their local community. According marketing survey 92% of prospects trust referrals from people they know or their relatives, and 80% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family.

Be Active on Social Media for lead generation – With recent updates, many social media platforms are becoming more important than ever.  Creating great content directly to your followers is one of the easiest ways to gather detailed information about prospects using social media. Social media is great for not only spreading brand awareness but also converting followers into leads. Believe it or not, the tools you already use to establish and promote your brand can become B2B lead-generating machines.

However, don’t discount other social platforms, including the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Chat with your users with live chat – Going live is a great way to directly interact with your prospects or customers and engage with them in real-time. By answering questions and generating awareness about your products or services, live chats give you the opportunity to position your brand as an expert in the industry. You can also drive cross-channel traffic by directing participants to branded content, creating promotional images or banners, landing pages, and offerings.

Final Thoughts

Lead generation is essential for all businesses that wish to drive higher profits and ROI. It plays a role in every business’s marketing strategy. The lead generation funnel allows brands to reach their best leads, nurture that interest, and capture necessary data before delivering truly qualified leads to sales. Hope these tips will increase the effectiveness of your outreach effort.

About the Author

Michael Anthony works as a Content Marketer for USAExeList, a high-end B2B Email Lists provider based in Addison, Texas. He has been promoting high-quality content in select niches for his clients.

There is a constant debate between traditional offline marketing and digital marketing. The battle between the two has been going on for many years and it is here to stay! Though each has its own set of advantages & disadvantages, the major USP of online marketing is that the ROI is highly measurable via analytics. One similarity between both these channels is that the first impression creates a long lasting impression on the consumer’s minds and it is created via your company’s website.

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Website: Give a face-lift to your business

How many times have you been in a situation where a company representative has handed his/her business card and you were disappointed with their company’s website design. Studies show that 75 percent of people judge the credibility of a business based on the design of its website and credibility has a direct relation to how likely people are to make a purchase [Source]. Hence it becomes extremely important to have a website that has a great design since it results in customer delight. Let us look into some of the aspects that are important while developing a website.

When it comes to website design, ensure that the logo is well designed, is of high quality and conveys the core offerings of your business. It is extremely important to have an eye-catching logo since it would help you gain new customers and at the same time retain existing customers. With the increasing penetration of mobile internet, many users now access the web via mobile. Apart from having an exceptionally well-designed responsive website, the website should have cross-platform compatibility. It should have a design that is tailor-made for desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. so that customers can seamlessly browse through your website across different platforms.

The images used on the website should be properly resized for the medium from where the site is getting accessed. The layout should be simple so that visitors are able to find relevant information in the least amount of time. Make it easy for visitors to contact you, ideal location would be top right of the website since it is a more prominent position. Last but definitely not the least, ensure that your company’s website, as well as the blog is updated on a timely basis.

Techmagnate: Website Design and Development Services

Though there are CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc. that can expedite the development process and shorten the delivery time, in many cases you might require website designing & development services from pioneers like Techmagnate. Techmagnate is India’s top digital marketing and SEO services company based out of New Delhi. They offer a plethora of services like Web Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising as well as Application Development and have clients ranging from big companies to SMB’s.

Apart from website design and development, Techmagnate also caters to this segment by providing Digital Marketing services so that you can focus on your core business and depend on them for these aspects since they have a proven track record and expertise in this field. In a nutshell, effective Digital Marketing can make or break the brand that you wish to create and brand building & management is a long-term game…so invest in it!

If you want to contact Techmagnate for their services or have some feedback for them, please leave them in the comments section.