Adaptive BlueThere are so many extentions to firefox and believe me each extension is better than the previous extensions.
Just happened to see Blue Organizer and it is a great extension to FireFox.

What exactly is Blue Organizer?
The BlueMenu/BlueOrganizer is a smart, context-sensitive menu. It understands what kind of pages you’re on and helps you quickly find what you’re looking for on your favorite sites. Right-click to get BlueMenu for pages, links, selected text and images.

How is it useful?
Imagine you can digg posts,check who is linking to your posts on technorati & google,get videos on youtube,snap links(and much more) on the right click of your mouse.Yes,makes life simple and BlueMenu does much more than what is mentioned here.

There is also a cool feature called BlueBadge and you can find more about its usage here

How useful Blue Menu is?

I have just mentioned some of the features of BlueMenu but believe me,it is so feature rich that it would be virtually impossible to cover BlueMenu in one post 🙂

My final verdict of BlueOrganizer would beBlueOrganizer is a boon to the Blogosphere and it would make life much simpler for bloggers.

I just happened to speak to Alex Iskold,CEO of AdaptiveBlue and he was very quick to respond to all my queries 🙂 This means along with excellent software you can also expect good service.Way to go Alex !!!

You can download BlueOrganizer extension from here

Read more about BlueOrganizer from Alex Iskold’s blog , AdaptiveBlue blog , ReadWriteWeb

I just thought that along with starting “Spawners of the month”,it just clicked me to start one more section namely “Business learning/pick of the month”.Here,you would find an article which I found interesting after reading various business magazines over a period of one month.

This time,I have an interesting article from “Business Gyan” which focuses on role of Assessment Centers,Competency building and how is it important for any organization.This article could not be found online and hence I thought of putting all the interesting things from the article here 🙂

What exactly is the job of an Assessment Center?
Indian organizations employ Assessment center for the following jobs:
a. Recruitment.
b. Selection of the right candidate for the right job.
c. Test an individual’s potential to take a more complex role.
d. Test the viability of an employee continuing in the organization.
e. Focus on competencies that are required for the role.

The complex question,what is competency?
Many people consider competency as building up of skills.But there is more to that.It is the capacity of an individual to perform successfully with all the other conditions remaining constant.It is important to understand how different competencies can manifest differently in different cultures and contexts.

a. Organizational Competencies:
These are the set of competencies that account for the successful performance by an employee at any level in the organization.Organizational competencies can range from Teamwork to innovation to clarity of purpose etc.Apart from understanding the “Organization-fit” of an individual,assessment can help in mapping alignments as well as dissonances on human front.

b. Level Competencies:
Here we have a point:”ALL COMPANIES , ESPECIALLY INDIAN COMPANIES ARE VERY HIERARCHICAL IN NATURE”.Even now,software organizations grapple with the challenge of promoting their most successful technical resources.The traditional notion of “RISING” in an organization is equated over “RULING OVER” the subordinates.”LEVELS” in an Indian organization is a testimony to what a manager is empowered to do in a particular organization.The responsibilities of different levels are:

1. TOP Management:
Envision the future of the organization and engage in thinking that can power the company with the best strategies
2. SENIOR Management:
Map out strategic plans and act as a link between the organization and the environment outside.
3. MIDDLE Management:
Acts as a link between the idea and its execution.Also manage the concept as well as the process flow of the organization.
4. JUNIOR Management:
First line supervisors and manage the activities of the organization.

Each level would place unique expectations in terms of competencies required to perform at that level.

c. Functional Competencies:
They are set of competencies required to perform successfully in that function.Functional competencies help us to understand the utility of proficiency levels.Hence,more you go up the ladder,more functional competency and maturity you should possess.

d. Role Competencies:
Set of competencies that account for successful performance in a particular role(see the difference between role and function).It helps to attenuate the uniqueness of a particular role.While a Sales Manager may need competency of networking to succeed,the HR Manager may possess the competency of Coaching and Mentoring.

Assessment Centers:
After mapping different competencies,next step to design an Assessment Center that can assess the competencies of different levels of employees.Assessment principle should include group exercise,competency based interview etc.

Points to be noted about assessment:
a. It is an input and not a judgment
b. Competencies that are measured are relevant only for a particular time period and context in which it has taken place
c. The assessment can be shared with the concerned employee which would build trust and well being in the organization
d. Assessment centers measure potential and not actual performance on job

In the recent past many Indian companies have gone into the M&A spree.Some of the major acquisitions by Indian companies(as well as other companies trying to enter India) are listed below:
  1. Tata acquisition of Corus
  2. Hindalco acquisition of Novelis
  3. Telecom giant Vodafone’s entry into the Indian market with its acquisition of Hutch
As quoted by MobilePundit, mobile users in India touching 156.3 mn and still rising(day by day), this could be the right time for Arun Sarin’s Vodafone to enter India.

This is what Business Week has to say about India’s growth and its booming economy

India is the world’s fastest-growing economy right now, after China, and this $850 billion-plus machine likely will overtake South Korea as Asia’s third-biggest economy, behind Japan and China, by the start of 2008. True, India hasn’t yet fielded iconic corporate brand names like Sony, Toyota, and Samsung, but the country is home to a gaggle of software, IT and wireless, and industrial powerhouse players with very robust futures ahead of them. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are 10 of the most dynamic companies India has to offer. Most of them trade on India and U.S. exchanges and have been killer investments over the past year.

With such major deals happening in the recent past,Business Week came out with a very good analysis about “Ten Indian Companies to watch out for in 2007”.

1. Tata Motors
Sector : Automobile
India’s biggest maker of trucks and buses has a tieup with Fiat to jointly invest $895 million to develop and roll out passenger cars in India’s fast-growing auto market.
One year total return:22.5%

2. Mahindra & Mahindra(M&M)
Sector : Automobile
M&M is India’s No. 1 maker of tractors and sports-utility vehicles.M&M has tieups with French carmaker Renault and U.S. truckmaker Navistar.Scorpio SUV was a hughe hit in India.
One year total return:65.6%

3. Bharat Forge
Sector : Steel & Auto parts
It is a manufacturer of steel forgings and auto parts such as crank shafts for trucks, which it supplies to global automakers like DaimlerChrysler and General Motors.
One year total return:12.03%

Sector : Internet
It provides news,information,shopping service and recently launced “Rediff Moneywise” targetting the NRI audience.
One year total return:36.11%

5. Infosys Technologies
Sector : IT services & BPO
Needless to say since everyone knows Infosys however,it is India’s second-biggest software company and a major IT consulting firm that generates 60% of its sales in the U.S. market.
One year total return:64.8%

6. Wipro
Sector : IT services & BPO
Needless to say about Wipro as well however,it is India’s third-biggest software company and IT consulting firm is on an earnings tear, with fourth-quarter profits up 40% to $169 million.Azim Premji is definitely hungry for more acquisitions.
One year total return:26.26%

7. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
Sector : Pharmacy
India’s third largest pharmaceutical company, reported a tripling of net income to $42.5 million in the fourth quarter and specializes in selling and exporting versions of blockbuster drugs developed by other companies such as Bayer and Merck at much lower prices.
One year total return:25%

8. Bharti Airtel
Sector : Mobile services
After hughe operator base in India, Sunil Mittal headed-Airtel is planning to expand in countries like Africa
One year total return:107%

9. Reliance Industries
Sector : Energy & Petroleum
It is one of India’s petrochemical and energy national champions and runs the third-largest oil refinery. Its new unit, Reliance Petroleum, 5%-owned by Chevron, is building what will be the world’s biggest refining complexes in India later in the decade
One year total return:95.75%

10. ICICI Bank
Sector : Banking
It is a diversified player with 540-odd branches in India, and is particularly strong in retail and corporate banking in addition to providing foreign currency and investment banking services
One year total return:62%.8

Read the complete article here

Happened to watch this news on TimesNow and it is really a shocking news.Sanjay Kedia,an ex IIT alumini and a post graduate from University of Carolina was arrested in a drug dealing case.He is the head of Kolkota based BPO firm Xponse.

Some facts about the incident and the charges against Sanjay Kedia:

Officers from the Narcotics Control Bureau raided Kedia’s office on the seventh and eighth floors of Kariwala Towers on February 1 and took away several documents and software.
After scanning the seized items, the sleuths arrested him late on Sunday night from his home in Salt Lake’s EE block. The raid yielded Rs 24 lakh in cash and $300.
Kedia was produced in a city court today and was remanded in judicial custody for a fortnight.
“Officials of the Drug Enforcement Administration (US) tipped us off,” an officer said. NCB officials refused to make any comment on record.

Kedia has been charged under sections 24, 29 and 30 of the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.

Read the complete article here

Vani Kola , the successful Entrepreneur from the Silicon Valley speaks about the 4 important steps in building great companies.Just listed the important learnings from those steps.

Market Opportunity:
It is very important to understand the importance of being different from your competitors.Also,the product which is under development should have a sustainable market and hence,the market growth should be planned out well in advance.Well,market growth is difficult to estimate but there should be a figure in mind else you are heading to a market which may not exist after few years!!!

This is one of the most important aspects in business.A single person,technically very sound cannot build a great company and he needs good people with him.Hence,the management should be of the right composition and yes not to forget,“Lack of passion leads to disaster”.

Product or Idea:
The emphasis is basically on a product which can sustain competition over a period of time.A product hitting the market too early(with many open bugs) is a problem as well as the product launched too late(when you have other players competing with you)is also a problem.Hence,when it comes to product,the important thing is “Be there before its too late”

Well,this is what Vani has to say on “Venture Capital Funding”
“It is important to evaluate the experience and track record of the venture partner funding the company. Can they provide access to management, deals and powerful networks? Do they have the time to mentor the entrepreneurs and provide operational guidance? The involvement of the venture partner is critical to transform nascent ideas into higher value businesses”

Below is the elaboration of what Vani has to say:

Vani on Great CompaniesGuess what I was able to find a mistake in one of the articles on Vani’s site which was published by by USA Today.I know you would appreciate my effort in finding this small error 🙂

Vani Cola on USA today

I have been observing this event on many blogs and thought that it would be nice to start this on mine as well.Some of the cool posts which I found interesting and worth reading are given below:

I guess 3 posts should be enough for getting interest from my readers 🙂

Everyone has seen internet going into a new age.Right from HTML to RSS(XML) to Blogging to Video Sharing to Collabaration.Just happen to come across Jeremy Fain’s Blog where he has mentioned about the coolest definition of Web 2.0

Basically, in plain words “Web 2.0 is just about sharing and collabarating information”

One of the coolest videos which demonstrates Web 2.0 is uploaded by Michael Wesch
Do not miss the coolest videos demonstrating Web 2.0 below….I am sure you would say wow after watching it 🙂

It has been almost two years since I have been blogging and I can tell that Blogging has changed my life.I have been recognized by many people because of my blog.Not only have I made many friends from the Blogosphere (Ashish, Alok Srivatsava, Phalgun, Rishi, Mayank, Ramanathan to name a few of them) but have also been able to make a different identity of myself.Yes,not to forget entrepreneurs like Nidhi who are a source of inspiration to all young people who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

I should not forget my friends Alok, Hiral, Varada, Ajay, Ashish who have been a source of constant support during this entire journey.But,this is just the start of the journey and there is a long way to go!!!

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