Few days back,I had an article on my blog “Say yes or no to MBA?” and there was an interview,which answered some of the questions also giving an insight into the journey of Naukri man, Sanjeev Bikhchandani‘s entrepreneurial journey.

The bottom line of the interview : “Entrepreneurs fail because they don’t understand consumers well”

Important excerpts from the interview:

Was there fear or anxiety when you started this long entrepreneurial journey?

Yes, because I came from background where no one from our family was in business and there was no great financial acumen or anything. I got over the fear in the first two years. We struggled a lot but somehow muddled through.

What is your advice to young people who want to pursue entrepreneurship?

Two most important things according to me are good work experience and a good institute. I strongly recommend MBA aspirants to get experience in a good organization before they start their MBA — because it will enable them to get the maximum out of their MBA education. I think MBA without prior experience is just an extension of college. Experience helps aspirants to understand things more easily and clearly because after experience a person can relate everything they learn with the reality of organizations and understand how organizations really work.

Even the best international B-schools favour work experience. Unfortunately, Indian B-schools largely take fresher for MBA.

Also, a good management institute always adds more value. So work hard to get admission to a good school. It is worth the effort.

What are some common but important mistakes young entrepreneurs are making in their plans to build businesses?

I think it’s the lack of understanding their customers. Many people start their business without understanding their target audience and customers well.

Read the complete interview here

We have been talking about how blogs help in marketing and how it can be used to get scale startups and so on…. But Truemors(an idea loosely based on Digg) – Guy Kawasaki’s venture proved that blogs could prove to be very nasty as well….Can we say Blog Unmarketing? Oops, I used the word venture but a venture built with a mere amount of $12,017 could also be considered as an experiment and not actually a venture(Definitely, an idea could also be thought of scaling up) biggrin Below is a small presentation of how the money was used in building Truemors and $4,824.14 alone was spent for the legal fees wink

Most of the bloggers were mostly agitated with Truemors since,they had an image of Guy in their mind and his blog being “How to change the world“, they felt Truemors had nothing that could change the world sad I am no Guru and in my IMHO,when a person starts , he should forget his past which means we should think that Guy Kawasaki as an Entrepreneur and not as an author or an ex-evangelist from Apple.In fact,when I read a few blogs, it was seen that the entire blogosphere is against Guy’s Truemors.Check out article which says “Truemors as Worst website ever discovered” and some say “How Guy wasted $12,107 on Truemors” and many more,the list of criticism is endless….

But this negative PR could also work in Guy’s favors and would help Truemors getting more publicity and more traffic to the site!!! Check this article on Guy’s blog which says “Inquirer’s article generated 246,210 page views“. Yes indeed, there’s no such thing as bad PR. !!!

This discussion really shows how nasty can this OPEN world of blogosphere be… sad Definitely,as a professional Guy Kawasaki would take the inputs from some of these inputs and try to implement those in Truemors.

Though,there was so much discussion in the blogosphere,I always wanted to see how Guy Kawasaki,as an Entrepreneur would react to this whole melodrama and his reaction was as per the expectation and is a must watch (video link below):

Truemors is a very good example that illustrates the other side of blogosphere,which inspite of being dark provides lot of scope of improvement to the startup biggrin

Time again to throw some light on an activity where every individual’s contribution is highly valued.An off topic post yet again, but could not have found a better place than my blog neutral

What is WINGS:
WINGS stands for opening up a whole new mindset among the differently-abled who feel resigned in life due to circumstances and society which limit them. It is about giving them a voice, enabling them to overcome their barriers in “Dreaming Big”. And it aims to achieve this through adventure sports.

How would WINGS help physically disabled?
This is a project initiated by a group of like-minded individuals. After our experience with adventure sports, we started thinking about how to reach out to youth with disabilities through this powerful medium. We first heard of such adventure activities being pursued by youth from National Association for Blind (NAB-Mysore).

Some of the past events:
A new High in their determination
The Himalayan battle against disability

Similar event in Bangalore:
BlindNews: Despite disability she soars to heights: student tries Aqua Parasailing

When does the event happen?
The event is scheduled in the weekend(1st or 2nd week of August,2007)

How can you contribute?
You can contribute in multiple ways:

  1. By being a volunteer.
  2. Getting us sponsors for the event.
  3. Spreading the message by linking this article in your blog or website.
  4. Or any miscellaneous way….
If you wish to discuss more in detail,kindly get in touch with Mahalakshmi Viswanathan(09886403269) or Ashwin Murali(09886742019) or Himanshu Sheth(09242471228).For more details, refer to this document.

Let us make this place, a better place to live by helping the cause of humanity!!

There is some real good news for all the Entrepreneurs in Bangalore biggrin Since the era of blogging and podcasting, startups have found a tool to reach out to the investors as well market their product.Not to forget the honest feedback given by bloggers which help , improve quality of their product.
But as we know,mass media is powerful(and better medium), when it comes to reach and this couldn’t have been much simpler wink CNBC-TV 18 recently announced that CNBC would start a city wise edition of Young Turks and their chase starts from “Bangalore-The Silicon Valley of India”.This would start from 9th July,2007 and you need to rush your entries to youngturks@tv18online.com (I hope this is the email id announced during the show,but if it is found incorrect,kindly leave the correct email id in the comments)

The telecast of Young Turks can be found here

The month of July is truly an action packed month.Along with the season of unconferences, now comes the first ever blogger’s meet in Bangalore.Every day we read lots of blogs and this could turn out to be the place where you meet people whose blog you read daily.Good place to network and exchange ideas biggrin

The unfortunate part is the second season of Proto statrs on 20th July and the Blogger’s meet is on 21st July,2007.So, either of the events has to be skipped!!! Anyways,the details of the event are as given below:

Event Details

Date : 21st July,2007
Near Jyoti Nivas College,

You can register for the event here

Picked up the latest edition of Business and Economy and found a very interesting and funny stuff from it.Everyone right from 18(or less) to 50(or more) is on the internet and are becoming more and more geeky.So keeping the so called GEEKY audience in mind,below is the list of Commandments of the Geek World…Read it and I am sure,it would bring a smile on your face(just as it did on mine) :

  1. Thou shalt not leave the cubicle without thy’s Palmtop
  2. Thou shalt always upgrade needless software to look busy
  3. Thou shalt sigh loudly for effect,giving the impression that thou art under pressure
  4. Thou shalt ask silly questions that are already explained in the manual book
  5. Thou shalt program bugs
  6. Thou shalt remember the E-mail of the species is more deadly than the mail
  7. Thou shalt not crave for thy colleague’s faster CPU
  8. Thou shalt always remember that computer is mightier than the pen,the sword and the programmer too
  9. Thou shalt remember to err is human and to blame thy computer is,but natural
  10. Thou shalt not think twice about the social consequences about the virus thou code
  11. Thou shalt obey these laws or be spammed into the next generation biggrin

CNBC is one of the channels,which always appeals to an audience interested in Business and these guys deliver great stuff….Great analysis,anchors and excellent material !!!

You become hooked when you watch Young Turks that features Entrepreneurs interviewed by Shereen Bhan…Than came “The Entrepreneur” which had startups being funded by the VC’s and the pitch coming live on TV….

And now comes a show which would focus on the M&A scene where they would focus on the latest M&A’s in India,their analysis and why they happened?….The show is telecasted every Sunday,9:30 PM….An interesting and a must watch biggrin

Just caught a glimpse of the iPhone Launch on CNBC and would be eagerly waiting for it to be launched in India.The great Steve Jobs is truly an Innovator and someone who has to be saluted for this great innovation !!!

iPhone is a cool gadget and you can check all it’s features here I think everyone must have started saving money(including myself) to get their hands on the iPhone biggrin But apart from the capabilities of the iPhone, there are some more features of the iPhone, which are listed in the FUNNY video below(relax and watch) :

Word of Honor to Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs’s motivating speech at Stanford University