Picked up the latest edition of Business and Economy and found a very interesting and funny stuff from it.Everyone right from 18(or less) to 50(or more) is on the internet and are becoming more and more geeky.So keeping the so called GEEKY audience in mind,below is the list of Commandments of the Geek World…Read it and I am sure,it would bring a smile on your face(just as it did on mine) :

  1. Thou shalt not leave the cubicle without thy’s Palmtop
  2. Thou shalt always upgrade needless software to look busy
  3. Thou shalt sigh loudly for effect,giving the impression that thou art under pressure
  4. Thou shalt ask silly questions that are already explained in the manual book
  5. Thou shalt program bugs
  6. Thou shalt remember the E-mail of the species is more deadly than the mail
  7. Thou shalt not crave for thy colleague’s faster CPU
  8. Thou shalt always remember that computer is mightier than the pen,the sword and the programmer too
  9. Thou shalt remember to err is human and to blame thy computer is,but natural
  10. Thou shalt not think twice about the social consequences about the virus thou code
  11. Thou shalt obey these laws or be spammed into the next generation biggrin

CNBC is one of the channels,which always appeals to an audience interested in Business and these guys deliver great stuff….Great analysis,anchors and excellent material !!!

You become hooked when you watch Young Turks that features Entrepreneurs interviewed by Shereen Bhan…Than came “The Entrepreneur” which had startups being funded by the VC’s and the pitch coming live on TV….

And now comes a show which would focus on the M&A scene where they would focus on the latest M&A’s in India,their analysis and why they happened?….The show is telecasted every Sunday,9:30 PM….An interesting and a must watch biggrin

Just caught a glimpse of the iPhone Launch on CNBC and would be eagerly waiting for it to be launched in India.The great Steve Jobs is truly an Innovator and someone who has to be saluted for this great innovation !!!

iPhone is a cool gadget and you can check all it’s features here I think everyone must have started saving money(including myself) to get their hands on the iPhone biggrin But apart from the capabilities of the iPhone, there are some more features of the iPhone, which are listed in the FUNNY video below(relax and watch) :

Word of Honor to Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs’s motivating speech at Stanford University

Have started reading Startup Nation by Rich Sloan and Jeff Sloan.One of the lines which grabbed my attention is:


Some of us are passionate about startups(for eg. like reading about them and want to start some day), some already have a startup but there are many reasons for each one of us to startup.Below are some of the basic 5 reasons “Why you should start your business now!!!
  1. Technology levels the playing field between you and big business
  2. Today,the phrase “corporate job security” is an oxymoron
  3. The internet provides an unprecedented opportunity to start an online business at a minimal cost
  4. Like never before,business can be done from home
  5. Corporate outsourcing to smaller business creates an abundance of opportunities

Bonus Reason :
The only person who can boss you around is ONLY YOU !!!

Many times when we think/speak about Innovation, we only think of a great idea(which would be the solution to an existing problem) and the thought process that goes behind in implementing the innovation.

But you can be innovative or think innovatively, only when the atmosphere is innovative or people promote innovation.The other factors that could foster innovation are : Good team work, management that itself thinks laterally and innovatively, office that in itself is innovative……

This reminds me of the Thoughtworks office in Bangalore which was the venue for the BarCamp Bangalore 2.0 and the open office environment(ie no cubicles) itself suggested “Innovation” biggrin

In fact while googling for the same,I came across an excellent presentation which touches each and every corner of Innovation !!!

My personal favourites from the presentation are :

  1. Myths of innovation : Slides 13-19
  2. Composition of an innovative team : Creator , Catalyst and Champion (Slide 25)
  3. Killers of Innovation : Slide 28 (Best and highly realistic)
  4. Creative work environments : We need more of these!!! (Slides 43 – 48)
  5. Myths of motivation : Slides 54 – 56
  6. Promoting Instrinsic motivation : Refer the following and Slide 60

For the last few days have been very busy for me and I would like to unravel a short story.I had put a post on my blog “Asking people,why do they blog?” and I had mentioned some of the reasons,why I blog.Blog could definitely land you in your dream job or help you in a pre-management degree or building contacts or earn few $ …. but I found a different reason to have a Blog biggrin

Blogging would not have been possible without Web 1.0 or 2.0 and blogging has changed a lot since the arrival of Web 2.0 Most of us who want to startup or have a startup know the importance of an understanding life-partner in their life. Now you guessed it right 🙂 My search for a perfect partner ended on a Web 1.0 site and later my blog contributed around 30% to a new relation which started with an engagement on 20th June,2007. I never knew,a blog could create wonders in my personal life as well. Just as we know that it takes hardly sometime for launch a startup in the Silicon Valley,it harldy took few hours for us to decide on starting up our new relation biggrin

Janukin and Himanshu

The Cake of the year biggrin

So,what is Web 1.0/2.0 + Blogging ====> Engagement wink I hope that this Engineer + Teacher combination creates another NRNM + Sudha Murthy phenomenon.


During the visit to IIT Kanpur, we(myself and Ashwin) had an opportunity to speak to IIM-A grad Vineeta Singh about her startup TenADay.An article on Economic Times highlights on some of the Web 2.0 startups started by IIM grads, who are now working on innovative Business Models !!!

Some of the startups like CricStock were betting big on World Cup and were highly affected by the WC debacle.A small mention about Vineeta Singh’s startup indicates that they are also trying to scale their startup with new services

A team of four students who started a CAT website and a lingerie business, are now diversifying their business model. To ensure more hits, the students are adding new services like online coaching for medical and engineering exams

Read the complete article here

This one is for all the guys who HATE Microsoft to the core wink There is an article – “Why I hate Microsoft”, the complete story of (not so innovative) Microsoft !!!

From the pages that I have read so far in the (lengthy) story, I liked the following:

Gates: don’t develop, copy

By the time PC-DOS took hold, Gates had already shown that Microsoft’s future would hold very little innovation indeed. Gates’ views on development are probably best illustrated by the following:

From: ‘Programmers at work’, Microsoft Press, Redmond, WA [c1986]:
Interviewer: “Is studying computer science the best way to prepare to be a programmer?”
Gates: “No, the best way to prepare is to write programs, and to study great programs that other people have written. In my case, I went to the garbage cans at the Computer Science Center and I fished out listings of their operating system.”

Seldom have both Microsoft’s lack of innovation and their kludgey, ad-hoc approach to software design been explained so concisely. It’s also interesting to note that while many people have called Microsoft products copycat, trash or garbage, most of them probably had no idea how close to the truth they really were

Read the complete chapters of the original MS story here

Thanks Mahesh for sharing this wonderful link with us !!!