If you are on the lookout for All In One solution to Bill payment, DTH/Phone recharge, Online shopping etc. than Mobikwik could be the destination.

Mobikwik_new_logoWhat is Mobikwik

As mentioned on Mobikwik website, it is a Prepaid wallet powered by Zaakpay [Payments gateway founded by Upasana Taku & also Head of Merchant Operations for Mobikwik]. Adding money to your wallet lets you pay for your services and recharges in just one click, or even via SMS or by dialling a number.

User can register via their website, Android App, iOS App or Windows App.

In this article, we review the “Mobikwik Android App” & look at some of it’s interesting features …

Review of “Mobikwik Android App”

User Interface

The UI of the mobikwik app is simple & elegant. The color combination is very good. Navigating between different sections in the app is very simple. Just like other recharge applications available on the internet, in this app as well you can keep a track of “Recharge History”, “Recharge Status”, “Refund/Transfer status” etc.


As mentioned before, user needs to add money to the wallet in order to use the services. For reviewing the app, we recharged the wallet with Rs. 100. The overall process of adding cash to the wallet was very simple & the entire transaction took around 20 odd seconds to complete. Once the wallet recharge was done, it took us merely 5 seconds to do our airtel online recharge


As mentioned before, user can navigate through the “Recharge/Transfer history” so that “repetitive tasks i.e. recharging same mobile number” comes very handy & is a “great time saver”.

Mobile Recharge & Transfer of money

Another feature which was interesting is “Transfer of money from the wallet to another mobile user/email-id/Mobikwik user”. For testing the feature, we transferred around Rs. 50 from another Android Phone to our Mobikwik account for doing vodafone online recharge. Just like a banking transaction, the initiator receives an OTP [One Time Password] to complete the transfer. The transfer was smooth & completed within few seconds !!


Email snapshot & Mobile Update


Improvement Areas

Mobikwik is primarily a “Digital Wallet Based Application” that facilitates bill payment, recharge etc. but there are couple of features which we still feel are missing:

1. Direct recharge

Recharging Phone/DTH without maintaining balance in the wallet i.e. direct recharge option is required. This feature is available in other recharge applications like Paytm, Freecharge etc.

2. Added perks

It would have better “more appealing” if Mobikwik could provide user’s with perks on every transaction i.e. discount coupons from e-commerce companies, deals etc. There is a “Deals” section in the app but we could not find only limited number of merchants… may be it is work under progress 🙂

3. Special Recharge

For special recharges eg. 3G recharge pack [all packs apart from top-up’s] Mobikwik does not come handy !!

Closing Remarks

Keeping improvements aside, Mobikwik is very user-friendly, simple & handy application [my favorite feature being money transfer which I have been using it very frequently since the time I installed Mobikwik :)]

Do give Mobikwik a spin & share your experience in the comments section …

CAMTech INDIA —a new United States Agency for International Development [USAID, India] funded public-private partnership to accelerate medical technology innovation for reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) in India—announced its first medical technology hack-a-thon in Bangalore on July 18-20, 2014. This inaugural hack-a-thon is being organized in partnership with Glocal Healthcare and hosted by GE Healthcare India.

About Jugaad-a-thon

“The Jugaad-a-thon is a new way of elevating the experience & know-how of local experts, and using strategies from not just engineering, but also public health and business, to develop new tools to improve health,” said Elizabeth Bailey, Director of the Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Global Health. “We’re focused on finding impactful, marketable, and innovative ways to provide care to women and children in India.”

Event highlights

CAMTech INDIA’s inaugural Jugaad-a-thon [derived from the Hindi word jugaad meaning an innovative fix or work-around] will be a 48-hour event where 250 clinicians, engineers and entrepreneurs collaborate on disruptive, new solutions for unsolved clinical problems.

Cross-disciplinary teams addressing specific clinical challenges will work late into the night to develop functional prototypes and explore new business models to commercialize their innovations. Teams present their innovations to a panel of judges at the end of the event, and will be awarded a variety of prizes to help take their innovations forward.

Applications for the July 18-20 Jugaad-a-thon are due by July 7, 2014.

For more information, please log on to Jugaad-a-thon website or hop on to their Facebook Page

How many of us out there in the crowd have the following feeling:

  • “Sigh, I am in the wrong profession”
  • “After engineering, I wanted to go into Web-Development but I am currently working as an Embedded Engineer”
  • “I should have been an Entrepreneur instead of working in an organization”

When I completed my engineering [and that too not from a well-known college & I only played Cricket :)], the only aim each one of us had is ” To have a STABLE JOB in TCS/Wipro/Infosys irrespective of the kind of work that might be assigned” without knowing what we wanted from life after Engineering !! And as you might have guessed, I was not selected on any of these companies from Campus !!!

On a lighter note this post is not about my “Life History” [and surely readers would be least interested in it 🙂 ] but to stress the point that “What if as STUDENTS, we would have received proper GUIDANCE from industry insiders i.e. If you need Entrepreneurial guidance, you would turn to an Entrepreneur/ If you want to work in a startup, you would be turn to a startup employee”;  Mantra being “Turn for an advice/guidance to someone who has been there, done that !!

“Become An Engineer not just an Engineering Graduate” by Mr. Sivakumar Palaniappan is a book that acts as a “Holy Grail” for engineering students/fresh engineers.

About the author

Sivakumar Palaniappan is an Author, Motivational Trainer, Key Note speaker, Career Coach & Happiness Consultant, a hands-on engineer who has worked in companies like NXP, Qualcomm etc.

Detailed Review

“Become An Engineer not just an Engineering Graduate” is written with the aim of encouraging engineering graduates to be passionate engineers, help them enhance their employability potential & enable them to sculpt their career as an engineer. Please note, it is not a placement guide but it is a culmination of research done by the author through analysis of engineering education, discussion with placement officers, HR managers, parents etc. & trying to solve a pain-point – “Don’t be an Engineer for the heck of it but be a PASSIONATE engineer“.. doesn’t this sound like the 3-Idiots dialogue “Beta kabil bano kabil, Kamyabi to sali zak mar ke tumhare piche ayegi..” [Source – Galmsham]


Is this book for “YOU” ?

The book [Around 150 pages] is a breezy read with the message that “the reader i.e. engineer/student” should act on the tips. The book is structured in a nice manner where every chapter starts with a “Student Tale” i.e. a real-life incident that triggered the need for that particular chapter.

The book acts as a guide for “would be engineering students” to select the right stream of engineering so that when they are done with engineering, their interest/hobby also becomes their “profession”. Every chapter ends with a “Mantra” so that the reader can bring the “words” in each chapter into “formidable action”.

Key Chapters

As mentioned above, right from basic things like “Why choose an Engineering Degree” to “Why be a Student Entrepreneur”; the book tries to answer those tricky questions. Some of the notable chapters from the book are:

Chapter (5): Why should I develop a Useful Hobby – Having a USEFUL hobby [not sleeping, watching TV etc.] is very much important and you never know when your hobby becomes fulltime profession when you are bored of your day job.

Chapter (8): How to do What I Love to Do

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life – Confucius

10 steps approach to do what you love to do:

  1. Find your passion
  2. Find your finances
  3. Find your core strengths
  4. Find your weaknesses
  5. Focus on your strengths & improve upon your weaknesses
  6. Have the commitment
  7. Don’t ignore the present
  8. Get ready to give up
  9. Have a strong belief in yourself
  10. Have a big dream

Chapter (10): How to Use the Power of Social Media in Career Crafting

We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, question is how well we do it – Erik Qualman

5 ways to use Social Media for Career Crafting

  1. Use the power of top three social sites i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  2. Build a positive online identity
  3. Learn through social media
  4. Demonstrate your expertise & credibility
  5. Use your online presence effectively


How many times have you have been into situations where the phone has run out of battery & you had wished that there was “charging cable in your bag/pocket” 🙂 Well, a US based startup HelloNoMad is trying to solve that problem with their innovative charging solution – ChargeKey & ChargeCard. We received a review copy of the “ChargeKey for Android” & today we do a hands-on review of the same.

ChargeKey for Android


ChargeKey is a 2.5″ key sized charging cable. It is made up of flexible rubber components with two plastic ends. The cable can be connected to a PC, TV or any other device that can act as a “Host” and supply +5V for charging.  In case of “ChargeKey” for iPhone, the other end of the device includes “Lightning Connector” for Charging & Sync functionalities.



“Charging on the Go” is the primary concern that HelloNoMad is trying to solve & the “Size” is the main USP of the ChargeKey. One end of the ChargeKey provides the flexibility to the user to connect the ChargeKey to a key chain. In all the scenarios, the user would have their home keys with them, so ChargeKey ensures the phone is never out of charge.

I personally faced this issue the very day I received the ChargeKey & I had forgotten my Charger in the office; so I connected the ChargeKey to the TV to ensure my Android phone remains charged & I don’t miss any important calls 🙂



As mentioned before, “Size” is makes ChargeKey unique charging solution & after using for around 2 months or so; there has been no issue with the cable. However, there there was one question [and I am sure any ChargeKey user would have this question in their minds] – “Why there is no mechanism i.e. caps to protect the charging plug”.


Well, HelloNoMad started with their KickStarter campaign [their funding goal being 29,000 USD] and that provided us with the answer [Source : HelloNoMad on KickStarter]

The lightning end of the cable is water resistant. You can wipe it clean with confidence that it will not corrode. That said, we did strongly consider a cap but it boiled down to the premise that we felt it wasn’t necessary.

Rubber quality is quite good and even after heavy usage, there has been no damage so far which makes ChargeKey a compelling proposition !!


Priced at $29 [with free shipping worldwide],  ChargeKey is a very interesting solution to end user’s charging needs !! If you are a die-hard traveller, ChargeKey is the one-stop solution to all your charging needs !! Please note that this review was done on “ChargeKey for Android”, if you are looking out for “Charging for your iDevice”, please head over here

If you have any questions about ChargeKey, please leave them in the comments section. If you are a blogger and interested to review ChargeKey, please leave your details in the comments section & I would send across my ChargeKey to you …

Every now and then, several SME’s have been thinking on the exit strategy from their business. The most common exit plan for SME’s is the out-and-out sale of the business.

There could be various reasons for which the owner decides to sell the business. Irrespective of the reasons [why’s] or motivations, the business owner should be confident that the real object is met – the business is sold.

Today we have a guest article by Priya Bhagat; Co-founder of Indiabizforsale. Indiabizforsale is an online platform for Business buying, selling, Business valuation and leasing. Before starting Indiabizforsale, Priya had a successful career in UK and India working for companies like Suez group, Nestor healthcare, Billdesk.com in various capacities in finance. Also, she has gained masters in international finance from Middlesex university & masters in commerce from Mumbai university.

In this article, Priya highlights “Business Selling/Exit Strategies for SME’s in India”.


The likelihood of business being sold successfully rises when the business for sale is marketed carefully; business valuation is genuine; internal factors are promising & external elements are beneficial.

Market carefully – Sale of a business is a life-changing scenario; the business owner should very diligent in promoting the business opportunity for sale in the market. The business owner’s main concern while marketing the business for sale is to maintain confidentiality [so that competitors & employees are not aware] at the highest level.

Hence, using the right medium to sell is very crucial to maintain privacy and at the same time generate prospects. Offline advertising like newspapers can be expensive & has a short life span. Many online classifieds provide a good channel to advertise the business for sell, however, one needs to chose a premium platform & avoid websites that have junk listings. The business owner should also be careful of any hidden fees or commission that such listing websites charge.

Genuine Business Valuation – If the valuation of your business is done on a realistic basis, the chances of closing the deal successfully increases. The value of the company should be estimated before marketing the business opportunity for sale. There are various methods used for business valuation, it is ideally important to seek help from professional expert to get the valuation of the business done properly.

Promising Internal factors – Internal factors like financial performance of the company, management team and employees, technology, suppliers and customers have to be dealt delicately as these internal factors increase the success of the Business for Sale. It is better to inform the employees after you have reached to advance stage of the business sell. about the decision to sell and address their concerns.

Beneficial External elements – External elements like market conditions, trends in the industry, legislations, competition, etc. can be beneficial if impacted positively to the business.

Generally, the SME’s approach the business brokers, the most common platform. On successful completion of a deal, these brokers expect a return in terms of a commission on the transaction price, which normally ranges from 1%-10%. Such hefty succession fees are sometimes not affordable to SME’s and the chances of businesses being sold quickly slows down. At the same time if the SME is not experienced [generally most SME’s are not] in selling the business, it is most appropriate to get professional help. In brief, if your business is not selling a business, please seek help while selling yours.

Plan and start Early – The average time it takes for a business to be sold is from three months to twelve months. Once your business opportunity is out for sale, be patient for the genuine buyer to be attracted.

You can reach Priya Bhagat on LinkedIn here. If you have any questions for Priya, please leave them in the comments section.

After the successful debut of Social Media Week [SMW] in India held in Mumbai in September 2013, Bangalore is all set to host this mega global festival. SMW Bangalore will be held between the 17th and 21st of February simultaneously with seven other cities namely Barcelona, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lagos, Milan New York and Tokyo.

About Social Media Week

SMW is a worldwide festival exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media. In just under five years, Social Media Week has become a platform and a community that has grown to more than 100K members in 26 cities around the world.

SMW,Bangalore is a 5 day event scheduled from February,17 to February,21. To register, please log on to http://www.socialmediaweek.org/bangalore/

About R SQUARE Consulting

R SQUARE Consulting, an integrated marketing services agency will be hosting SMW Bangalore. “After the phenomenal success of Social Media Week in Mumbai, we believe that SMW Bangalore will set a new benchmark. Bangalore’s reputation as a cultural melting pot and as the IT capital of the country makes for an optimal combination” Rohit Varma, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, R SQUARE Consulting said.

The festival is expected to attract over 5000 professionals, including people from advertising & marketing, brand management, entrepreneurs, start-ups, management students and other communities of relevance and interest. Running community is one such example. “We launched MegaPink in partnership with SMW Mumbai with runners from 40 cities taking part.

Speaker List

Some of the prominent speakers who are expected to be part of the event are listed below:

  1. Neville Taraporewalla, GM India, Microsoft Advertising & Online
  2. Rishi Dogra, GM Marketing, PepsiCo India
  3. Kiruba Shankar, Blogger
  4. Varun Agarwal, Author and Founder, Alma Mater
  5. Nikhil Dey, President, Public Relations, Genesis Burson-Marsteller

Social Media Week Partners

  1. GroupM, leading media agency
  2. Genesis Burson-Marsteller, leading integrated communication consultancy
  3. Chlorophyll, India’s first end-to-end brand consultancy
  4. Time Out Magazine
  5. Yellow Seed
  6. MxMIndia
  7. Social Samosa
  9. Indigo 91.9 FM

Intuit India, a leading provider of business & financial management solutions for small & mid-sized businesses in the country and National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development [NIESBUD] have come up with a specialized course on financial management for Indian small business owners.

The course is briefly divided into three modules & starts from the very beginning i.e. How to start a business. The contents of the modules are as below:

How to Start a Business

  • Focus on Basics [Contents – Market Research, Target Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Capital/Funding Needs, Infrastructure required?, What’s the return on investment?]
  • Understand what you need ? [Capital, Man power, Infrastructure]
  • Understand how to start [Choosing the Right Type of Entity, How to register a company ,Raising and Managing Capital]

How to Manage your Business?

  • Understand Key Financial Indicators
  • How You Can Monitor Financial Indicators ?
  • How to Manage Cash ?
  • How to Manage your Budget ?
  • Some Important Tax Laws to Keep in Mind
  • Don’t Forget to Pay the Government on Time !!!
  • Some Financial Risks to be aware of
  • Put in Place Checks &  Balances

How to Grow Your Business ?

  • How to Value Your Business ?
  • How to Budget for Growth ?
  • Sources of Growth Capital
  • Get Debt Right.
  • Manage Your Personal Finances, too!
  • Where and How to Find Assistance ?

Financial Management - Journey to Small Business Success [Intuit], Click to enlarge

If you need any further information, please let your comments & we would append the same in the article.

Each one of us would agree that Indian Mythology is very rich & there are tons of things that can be learnt from it.  If we look back at our day to day life, everything that we do has someway or the other got some mythological angle to it !! It would be interesting if the two dots namely “Mythology” & “Business” are connected & this is what forms gist of the book – “Business Sutra” by Devdutt Pattanaik.

About the author

Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik is an Indian physician turned leadership consultant, mythologist and author whose works focus largely on the areas of myth, mythology & management. He is the Chief Belief Officer,CBO of “Future Group” bringing the wisdom of Indian mythology into Indian business, especially in human resource management [SourceWikipedia]

Detailed Review

Business Sutra uses stories from Indian [particularly Hindu, Buddhist & Jain] mythology & shows how it’s learning’s can be used to run a small/medium sized business or in our day to day work in a large corporation [MNC]. Diagrammatic representation of the mythological characters makes the book an interesting read, without which the reader would have do lot of research to understand the connections !!!

Some of the important key take away’s from the book are given below [excerpts taken from the book]:

3B Framework

It briefly describes the the connection between “Belief” & “Business” & calls it the 3B Framework – Belief, Behavior & Business. The author says “Belief plays a key role in business: it determines choices and propels the decisions of buyers & sellers, regulators and shareholders, investors & entrepreneurs, employers & employees, vendors & customers. It determines how we do business and what ultimately gets done.” As is Belief, so is Behavior, so is Business i.e. Business is a direct outcome of our Behavior, which in turn is influenced by our belief.

Food for Yagna [Exchange]

Lakshmi – Wealth, Durga – Power that grants security & authority, Saraswati – Human Imagination & Knowledge. Only a person who understands that philosophy is the seed of all economic & political decisions can understand that every human being has a different philosophy & only the wise are able to accommodate everybody’s philosophy. Entrepreneurs & risk- taking investors are the best examples of this category !!!

Being a “Sattva”

Each person has different Guna [personality] & they are broadly classified into three categories – Tamas, Rajas, Sattvas. A person with “Tamas” guna will agree with what majority says. He of  “Rajas” guna will see Lakshmi [wealth] as the end target. He of  “Sattva” guna will see Lakshmi as an indicator of personal growth. In most societies, people with “Tamas” guna form the majority pack which is directed by the minority pack of “Sattva” guna.

Business Sutras

  1. Every Devata seeks a high Return On Investment [ROI].
  2. We have to make room for others.
  3. He who takes the call is a Karta & everyone is a potential Karta.
  4. A Karta who allows & enables others to take a call is called a “Yajaman”.
  5. Size of the contribution does not matter.
  6. Not everyone can handle the burden of “Uncertainty”
  7. Decisions are contextual. If the decisions are good, the Yajaman is beneficiary & if they are bad, the Yajaman alone is responsible.
  8. Regeneration ensures sustainable wealth.
  9. He who satisfies hunger becomes “desirable”.
  10. Strategy is the force than tactic is the counter-force.
  11. If Ambition is the force than Contentment is the counter-force.
  12. If Creativity is the force than Process is the counter-force.
  13. Upstream forces need to be balanced by Downstream forces.
  14. Balance is the key to avoid tug of war.
  15. Impact of an organizational decision varies depending on the source.

Closing Thoughts

“Business Sutra” makes a very interesting read & it brings a fresh and whole new dimension to Business & Mythology. It’s definitely not a breezy read & the reader might need to get into the “mythological” groove to get the best “Sutra(s)” of “Business Sutra” !!!

The book is available on Flipkart here [though the status indicates “Back in Stock Soon” which itself speaks for the awesome work done by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik :)]

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books !