Reached IIT Kanpur at around 1:00 in the afternoon on 6th April.The lunch at IITK was excellent and guess what happened after the lunch question I slept from 3:00 to 9:30(due to the excess heat in Kanpur and also due to the tiredness of the journey from Delhi to Kanpur).

Spoke to some of the organizers here in Kanpur regarding the session on Blogging.There is a change in the plan and we(myself and Ashwin) have planned to have the session,the Unconference way.Yup,we would have an open session which would focus on the topics discussed in my previous post.

The reason for this change was that many IITK guys(with whom we interacted) did not know about unconferences and hence we decided a change in the plan wink The session is slated at 7:00 in the evening.The other sessions would start at 8:00 in the morning and we hope to go there on time.

We also received the T-Shirts and it felt very nice to wear the T Shirt.For the other startup-ers who have missed this event,below is a small glimpse of the Front and Back side of the T Shirt lol

So,what’s happening for the next two days?
There are business competitions and interesting sessions on Entrepreneurship(check the image for the details) and not to forget our unconference session at 7:00 PM(on 07/04/2007).

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More updates later cool

There is a good news followed by a slight bad news.The good news is , myself and Ashwin are representing Startups in India at Megabucks(IIT Kanpur).Well,we are planning to give a small presentation on the following:
a. Blogging and its impact on Business
b. Blogging an effective way of marketing
c. Startups in general(this would also include interviews from some of the Entrepreneurs whom we have met during the course of our journey)

Yes,I know it is all in one(but it would work) and we are planning to follow Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 rule for our presentation.

Now the bad news is I won’t be able to blog might for the next two days since, I would be busy in the event.

My takeaway from the event would be meeting new tech enthusiasts,entrepreneurs and yes,not to forget the VC’s , without whom business would never have been possible.

I wish myself(and Ashwin) “all the best”(I know I am being childish) and hope to reach Kanpur and make this event a very fruitful event for my entrepreneurial career.

With Indian economy booming , VC/Private Equity(PE) investments have gone up to 2.4bn$ in the first quarter of 2007 as reported by Economic Times.This is indeed a good news for the investorsbiggrin

Some excerpts from the article:

The overall VC/PE scenario is doing well, what with investments in the first quarter of this year almost doubling to about $2.4 billion. If this growth continues, we could very well see total investments crossing $10 billion in 2007, especially with several new funds coming in,” says Arun Natarajan of Venture Intelligence India

As far as segments go, IT, manufacturing, financial services, engineering and construction, transport and logistics reign when it comes to attracting investments

You can read the complete article here

A related podcast(related to VC investments in India) by Arun Natarajan ,Founder of VentureIntelligence is available below:

I have been thinking of writing this article since a long time and finally,it is on my blog.It is said that Innovators come from companies that promote Innovation.Most of know that Google allows it’s employees to spend 20% of the time to work on their own ideas surprised No wonder,why Google gets so many innovators which help Google grow to newer heights.So let’s see why Google has an innovative ecosystem which is difficult for other organizations to build up?

As per my understanding,below could be some of the reasons why the other companies are not promoting this culture:

a. Too much work pressure and more focus is on deliverables(especially in product based companies where Time to Market is the deciding factor of the product)
b. Services based companies are based on billing/hour (of the employee ie.40 hours per week) hence their business model does not fit in Google’s category
c. Lack of research environment
d. Lack of market knowledge(by the employees)
e. People competency(Google has stringent interview session which enables Google to get the right and competent set of the people from the crowd)
f. Very attractive pay package offered by Google(which would also be a morale booster for its employees,but it is not primary for many people)

There could be multiple reasons which I might have missed out,but the bottom line is we require more companies like Google biggrin. In fact,Microsoft also tried its hands on innovation but is behind Google to promote innovation.SiliconValley Watcher has a nice article on Microsoft V/S Google(in the field of innovation) and definitely,Google has a clear edge over MSFT.

The article mentions :

Google is faster at innovation than any other organization of any size.And the innovation comes from the marriage of business models around useful, simple SEA/services. And just like a startup seeking a market, Google’s emerging business groups rely on market validation (usefulness to users) before continuing to the next stage.

Read the complete article here

Definitely,more the no of Google’s , more the expectation of innovation but where are the organizations that promote innovation? exclaim

With blogs becoming more and more popular(&powerful) medium of information,blogs have become a must for every organization.Blogs are one of the best tools to reach the customers and to get honest feedback from them.Also,blogs are a great way to build trust because they are not like a corporate marketing brochure but provides you to communicate with your customers,users and community more regularly than the other medium allows.

Thus,in short use Blogs to reach out to the customers.I was trying to search some blogs which focus on the same strategy and came across ApniTally.The description given by the author Shailendra S Yadav was very impressive and gave a straight forward message:“The Blog is meant for helping customers who use TALLY”(check the message below)

Thus,serving customers in this unique way would definitely increase the faith of the customers in the company and would also help company grow their customer base biggrin

This was my third BarCamp and I should admit that “It was one of the most memorable unconferences I have ever attended biggrin Great effort by Jace,Arpit,Kesava and his team for organizing such an event.

So,what was different for me in BCB3 as compared to BCB2?
The event (particularly the second day) was excellent and everyone enjoyed the second day a lot.It was discussion and networking for the two days of the event.I met all the old timers in BCB3Shiv,Ashwin,Kiruba,Syed(K & S of the Knowledge Foundation fame)

Also, after the end of BCB3,I had good conversation with the guys from MobileMonday,BangaloreRajan and Rajiv….Along with this,met many Entrepreneurs and to -be Entrepreneurs.Looks like I would get good help for setting up my venture biggrinAnyways,below is one of the photos(At least I look smart in Photos lol), where I am there with my “Love-The laptop”


Rajiv Poddar is the founder of Sedna Wireless,a Banaglore based startup and he gave a demo of his product called ThinFone.You can know more about Sedna here

There was a demo of the product by Sedna which is slated for release in Summer 2007.The demo is available in a movie file which would be uploaded on Youtube and hence have not recorded much lol

Below is a small insight into what ThinFone is all about :

ThinFone is a WLAN device which acts as a cordless extension to your PC and provides VoIP Call Transfer and Audio Streaming facilities. It is 802.11 b/g compliant and comes with inbuilt speaker, microphone, antenna, battery and USB port. It is Skype, Yahoo Messenger and GTalk compatible provides VoIP call transfer capability for all these clients. It can also be used to stream high quality audio from the computer playing any kind of locally stored, CD or an Internet Radio service.

The ThinFone System consists of a Server software and the handset device. The Server software is installed on a computer running Windows XP. The ThinFone system has been designed for residential users and requires a pre-installed 802.11 b/g wireless router along with the broadband connection.

The video would be available on my blog once it is available biggrin