Being an Entrepreneur is not an easy job and to identify whether you are an entrepreneur is more tougher job.The topic is covered in three sections listed below:

Important steps towards entrepreneurship:

Are you an Entrepreneur?:
This is the most important question that is to be asked.Being an Entrepreneur is not a fashion label and hence,every person is not an entrepreneur.Hence,you should know whether you are an entrepreneur or not.Entrepreneurs not only make money but they are responsible to create jobs for others as well which would lead to economy boom in the country.

When an Entrepreneur thinks he/she is ready?:
One of the main challenges for any entrepreneur is to know when is the right time for him/her to start.As far as this is concerned, it is the gut feeling that would tell that person about that time.And yes, not to forget there should always be a sense of risk taking ability to start up so, be prepared for the same.

Uniqueness of your idea:
Everyone has ideas but it is important to know whether your idea is unique.So being in the entrepreneurial stage, you should always discuss this with some of your close associates to know whether your idea will work or not.This will give an unbiased opinion for your idea.The main point is “If you cannot convince a single person with your idea, how would you convince the masses about your idea”.Also,”Do not start a company for money.In the entrepreneurial stage,it should only focus on innovation and money would automatically follow inovation at a latter point of time”.

Try to be with the right set of people:
An entrepreneur should be in the right company.What I mean is, for the execution of any idea along with the technical team, you also require good experienced people from HR/management etc.This would complete the full circle for you and your team can focus on different aspects of your “Mindtree Consulting” was founded by Ashok Soota and co-founded by Subroto Bagchi , similar is the case with Infosys(Narayana Murthy, Nandan Nilekani & others).

Have a proper business plan:
So once you have a UNIQUE idea and you are with the right set of people, you are ready to fire.Than comes the most important aspect of any startup is having a crystal clear “BUSINESS PLAN”.Have a very precise business plan.Your business plan should cover the following aspects:

  1. Who is you customer?
  2. Who are your competitors(if any)?
  3. Your short term and long term growth plans?
  4. Ways of cost cutting(for the entrepreneurial stage,it is important to reduce the cost on unwanted things).
  5. Market capitalization.
Brand building:
This is another important step in you product development phase.A successful management team needs support from the technical team and vice-versa.Hence, you should follow stringent steps to make your product a “Brand” since, in todays competitive market only brands can survive and not Google is a brand in “Search Engine” market.
One of the simplest and cheapest ways to market your product is through various camps(or should I say unconferences) which happen eg BarCamp,BlogCamp and other shows like I attended in Chennai recently).

When to approach a Venture Capitalist(VC):
This is also very important stage in the life of a startup company.It is very important to know at what stage of the startup,you want to approach a VC since, the main point is “Once your product has a good market cap, there would be VCs who would be surrouding you”.Also, once you approach a VC,you should know about how much fund you want from the VC,since VCs cannot give you ample amount of fund,without you providing a valid reason.

A general word on marketing:

As I have specified in my “Brand Building” point, different strategies can be followed(in marketing some of which are given below:

  1. Through Ads in newspapers,pamplets etc.
  2. Free distribution of your product(evaluation version),if it is cost effective.
  3. A good way to reach a wide range of audience is through BarCamps,BlogCamps,events like showcases startup companies).
Motivation towards Entrepreneurship:
Being an Entrepreneur is not a simple job.It is not like working for 8 hours a day.Hence as I had mentioned previously, “Every Techie is not an Entrepreneur”.

Passion towards your goals:
An Entrepreneur is a person who is passionate about what he/she does and goes an extra mile to achieve his/her goal.Hence,”An Entrepreneur is a self-motivated person”.

Continuous learning:
Enterpreneur is a continous learner.He/she learns from his own mistakes and also tries to learn from the lives of other entrepreneurs.Hence,”Continuous learning is the key to entrepreneurship”.

Right kind of support:
It is very important that you receive the right kind of support from your family,friends and fellow entrepreneurs.Hence, being an entrepreneur is a clear test of risk taking and facing new challenges.Hence, your family should be supportive to help you achieve your goals.

Booming economy in India:
After the dot com burst,many companies suffered a heavy loss and saw the shutters go down for many companies.But now,the time has changed and especially for India,we can say “Every cloud has a silver lining”.There is a huge economy boom in India and there are more and more people leaving their heavy pay-packet jobs to fulfil their dreams.During my visit to there was a statement made(by a Tech Evangalist)-“No would have thought that such a show(showcasing 30 startups and 25 VCs) would have happened in India and this is a clear indication of more and more entrepreneurs being born out of India“.
Events like BarCamps, BlogCamps and are examples of emerging globalization and entrepreneurship in India.

More information for starting your venture in India : Startup in India

Welcome to CampusChai

During my good old college days,I remember we had Placementpapers where everyone could find the placement papers of many IT companies.But now with the advent of Web 2.0,things have become different and the face of e-recruitment has also changed.Recently,I came across CampusChai blog when I was searching for “recruitment blogs” on Google.

Just like, CampusChai has a tag line “100% Indian“.Now you may ask me “What is so different in CampusChai?”.These guys have the basics right and this is what matters for the end user of the website.To see the difference,I also created my profile in CampusChai and found many interesting things ,some of which are mentioned below:

Good marketing strategy:
I liked the marketing strategy followed by CampusChai.There is a contest currently running on this site and the winner of the site would get a brand new PS2.So,to win this you need market CampusChai through your Blog, Orkut(Social Networking), Ryze(Business Networking).I dont know how they forgot to mention LinkedIn and TechTribe.Anways, so you earn points when someone clicks on your profile [Believe me I am not in the run for this PS2 :-)] and this could turn out to be one of the most attractive things about CampusChai.

Click to see the contest details on CampusChai

Excellent User interface(thank Ads are there on the site):
CampusChai has a very simple interface and easy to find important things on the site.Also currently,the site does not have any Ads which makes things simple.They dont even have Google Ads on the site.This makes me wonder what could be the revenue model of CampusChai?Any thoughts?

List of upcoming events:
They have a calendar system where anyone can see the recruitment events happening in the city.Again easy and simple to navigate.It is a similar facility like

Excellent resume management:
Last but by no means the least,the resume management is excellent in CampusChai.There is a section called as “Tags” where all the popular tags are listed eg. C,C++,VB 6.0 etc.Hence, if I want to search for candidates who are interested in working on C Language, it just involves a single click which fetches you excellent results.

Excellent Resume Management in CampusChaiCampusChai at

CampusChai was one of the companies which was unfortunately not among the first list of 25 startups to be showcased at I am sure that with such excellent facilities and enhanced user experience,they would go a long way!!!

This what CampusChai had to say about itself at

Campus Chai's services in a Nutshell,

Search for “Voice Enabled Search” on Google and you would come across 5,690,000 searches.Just happened to see this one on which has the news of Google registering a new patent for “Voice Enabled Search”[I know it is a pretty old news but since Google is concerned so had to put on my blog 🙂 ].

After Google, TellMe has also launched a mobile voice search engine.

The service is free and it is currently only in the US,under the testing mode.

So how does it work?
On a Java-enabled phone, you hit the “talk” button, and say the name of city and state you are searching in. Then you say the name of the business (or ‘restaurants’ or ‘pizza’), and Tellme will return results on your phone, along with address, map and directions. It is free (though data charges apply according to your wireless plan).

You can read the Complete Article on Venture Beat

Imagine going for some event/conference in a different city where you have very few friends.The first question which comes to your mind is “Where would I stay?”.An initiative has been taken by Kiruba to answer this question and also help the Indian Blogosphere.

The idea born is called ,where you can give a helping hand to the other visiting bloggers in your city by giving an extra bed to them.This is not an original idea but an idea born from a Wiki (A blogger community for travellers).

So next time who knows,when I come to your city for an Unconference, I could be staying at your place!!!

Do visit the Wiki and help grow the Indian Blogosphere!!!

Ever since,I migrated from the old blogger to the new one , there has been lots of problems.First it was static HTML code that was generated and than some crazy alignment problems.And yes,I did find some problems in Blogger and I have reported them to “Blogger Support Group”.

But one thing which I was missing(in Blogger from the beginning) is the “Tags” section which is available in WordPress.What is the advantage of having Tags? Having “Tags” makes your post grouped under a particular group which helps targetting a particular genre of readers.

But,when I migrated to new blogger,there were “Tags” available but they were called as “Labels” in Blogger.This has raised some confusions in the Blogosphere.

An example of TAGS in Blogger

On googling for “Tags in Blogger”, I came across a blog where this debate is going on-“Labels or Tags” ie “Has Google done the right thing in calling Tags as Labels in Blogger”

A small excerpt from the blog

Tags are one of the defining elements of Web 2.0. When Google started gmail,it used the term label instead of the term tag. When Google developed the new version of Blogger, it also again used the term labels instead of tags.

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It was just a normal day when I was returning back from the office and I happened to think about the close connection between sports and business.Since, my favourite tennis tournament Australian Open is on, I could not think about anyone other than my favourite tennis player Roger Federer.

Everytime when I watch Federer play , there is always something to learn from him from a business point of view.Some of the learnings are given below:


Just as Federer considers each and every match important,be it an unseeded player,it is important for companies(even startups) not to under-estimate the competition.Who knows may become the next Google.


Federer has been unbeatable except for some defeats against Nadal on clay court.Inspite of these defeats,there is some improvement in his game.Here is the message,improvement is the key…Keep on improving and innovating since, you never know that your competitor may see your weakness and counteract on it.

[Click on the video to watch FEDERER’s excellence]


I have rarely seen Federer losing his calm during the course of any match.He does not show any reactions on the court ,which helps him win so many matches.Similarly,it is very important to take the right kind of decisions when you own a company.You may be very talented but decisions based on emotions like anger may kill your motive and also your talent since,important decisions like these cannot be taken on basis of emotions.


This is the final point and by every means the most important point.Federer has won 9 grand slam titles and 45 single titles and he is just 25 years old.It is very easy to get carried away by such achievements at this early age but I always see some improvement in each and every match that he plays,be it grass court or clay court.Thus, it is very important to have centered focus on your market where you are targetting your product.Age has no relation with the achievements you have under your belt.Also, never be satisfied with your achievements since there is always something more to achieve!!!

PS:If there are some other interesting points (which I might have missed) about Federer,please include them in the comments section or shoot a mail at

One of my colleague Kishore Bangalore asked me “Why do I blog?”.He had an impression that blogging means a way of passing time. He is just an ocassional blogger whereas I am a very seasoned blogger.I definitely agree to what he has said but the important aspect is “What is blog meant for?” and I came up with my Previous article about blogging for a meaning.

When I created my LinkedIn account, I was finding it hard to get some contacts and one fine day I received a mail from an unknown person(who is a Program Manager in Denmark) asking me for a connection.

This really excited me and I understood that MEANINGFUL blogging does create a lot of value.

Now, coming back to business, imagine people getting paid for blogging.I was chatting with my friend Alok when he gave me the information about Ibibo. Ibibo is just an example to show how blogging makes a difference.

To summarize, I am very optimistic about the waves that blogs have created and this is just the start to a new blogging era!!!