Celebrate the spirit of Entrepreneurship with TiE Entrepreneurship Summit.The event will be held in Mumbai,December 17-19,2006

Speaker : Maha,Thoughtworks

It was on pair programming and Test Driven Development(TDD).A live demo was shown using JUnit.

The advantage point of view is that “You are fully comitted towards your job and you dont take personal calls,dont chat etc”

There had many scenarios on which test cases were built:

Scenario 1:
We should be able to put money into the wallet
—>Test cases were generated using this test case.Also,just for checking the functionality , neagtive money was put into the wallet(Damn,Is this possible?)

Scenario 2:
As a wallet owner , you would like to take out money from the wallet
—>Test case was developed for this scenario
—>Now what happens,if you try to take out more money from the wallet than what you have?

Scenario 3:
As a account owner , I would like to draw more money from the account than what I have?
—>This is in contrast with the test case 2 hence revamp of the existing code 🙂

Scenario 4:
As an account owner,I should be notified through email when I overdraw my money
—>This means every owner has an account associated with him.
—>Create a new method to notify the owner of the account,through email

Test Driven Development:

  1. Written test first
  2. Tests should fail and fail fast
  3. Tests protect functionality
  4. Test encourages fearless refactoring
  5. Test First Development(TFD) forces you to design well
  6. RDD improves design
  7. TDD supports evolutionary design
  8. Need driven development

Pair Programming:

  1. Ping Pong Programming
  2. Brain Storming
  3. Ongoing code review
  4. Driver thinks tactically and navigator strategically
  5. Two people are more pragmatic than one
  6. Knowledge sharing between pairs

Speaker : Pradeep B V

Now to create your own youtube

This can be done using FFMPEG player

Important Features:

  1. Upload Video/Tages
  2. Embed flash video into the container
  3. Put into an html file
  4. Add a tag-Cloud/search/hot or not features
  5. Serve the html/flash container

For more information you can go to blog.go4teams.com

(Sorry for this Non-Technical Stuff on my blog…But do read this one)

Was just reading some technical stuff along with some blogging(as usual).Suddenly a senior person named “Hari” asked me “whether I work in Thoughtworks and my answer was no.He asked me about my job and stuff like that.

I told him about my work and he was pretty much impressed about it.He asked me “Whether I was there in this field since the beginning”.Since he was not feeling bored,I asked him “Should I tell how I landed up Bangalore and my background”.

I told him about film city and the work that I did there in game shows.Told him about Siddarth Basu and what a great director he is.I also told him about my dreams and how I want to progress in life,my dreams and desires.

I also told him that few years down the line “I want to direct a movie which would be on my life with a slight twist”(This is required if you want to get a reasonable audience).

I told him about my love for Blogging,Software,Building a venture and at the same time,script my life in a movie”

He was pretty impressed and congratulate me “Wishing me all the best for my Career , Venture and also my own movie”

I hope that this way “A Network is created and I get mature audience to my blog as well as my movie( when it comes in the future -:) )

(My Inital Video would be uploaded on youtube….Look forward to see more visitors there)

Speaker : Arpit Agarwal, Ittiam

This is introduction to MPEG,WMV,H.264

Why compression:

  1. Bandwidth Constraint
  2. Space Constraint

Basic Idea:

Human eye models:

  1. Low pass filter
  2. Brain fills in the sharpness

The best compression method is “H.264”

Lots of discussions happened and it was all general.Hence nothing much updated.

Speaker : Aashish Solanki

YBangalore non-profit site which is started by two engineering students.The parent company is Yulop

Why YBangalore:

  1. Concept
  2. Implementation
  3. Target Audience
  4. Ad Free

What is next at YBangalore:

  1. Revamp Design
  2. Associate Designs and Brands
  3. Stay AD Free as long as possible
  4. Live Radio BroadCast
  5. Web Logs – WiKi podcasting

But the debate was “Can this sustain for a longer period of time” since , it is completely non-profit.

Next Venture : see2get

This will be launched very soon

The idea is “80-90% of the people dont come back to a site is because of a bad GUI”

How important is a user in WEB2.0:

  1. Agility and attention
  2. Usability and attention
  3. Freshness and Quality
  4. Ads or Nuisance?

Pillars of Web 2.0:

  1. GUI Perspective
  2. Functionality Perspective
  3. Response Prespective
  4. Developer Prespective

Final idea is “Content is the king”

Source : www.tech2.com

A recent research for Windows Live Spaces revealed that blogging is a very important activity for Asians online. Nearly half of the Asians online have a blog of their own, out of which, 41percent spend more than three hours a week blogging.

The survey also showed that Indian men were more active bloggers, as opposed to the rest of Asia, where youngsters and women take the lead. While more than 50 percent Asian bloggers believe blog content to be as trustworthy as traditional media, 74 percent of Asians online, find blogs by friends and family to be most interesting.

Alex Stewart, Director of Microsoft’s Online Services Business, Asia Pacific “User created content and community based online services are really propelling the Internet in Asia right now. With the introduction of easy to use services such as Windows Live Spaces, blogging has moved into the mainstream and become a popular way for people to stay in touch with family and friends. Today, instead of sending out mass emails or holiday letters, people are using their blogs to express themselves”.

Blogs are also gaining popularity as a means for obtaining updated news on the Net. While websites take time to catch on, news blogs are the first to provide up-to-date information, even though it may not always be accurate.

The research shows that blogging is a social phenomenon with Asians and that blogging is seen a means to maintain and build social connections and self expression. Blogging as a corporate or business tool is still at a nascent stage in the Asian market, with little interest from consumers in blogs from business or political leaders.

Speaker : Kavita , MingleBox

The young people spend more time on the internet rather than watching 9:00 soaps!!!Minglebox was launched 3 months back.People feel that MingleBox is more safer and Indian as compared to Orkut.


  1. Orkut –> Have a large audience but it has a colorless application oriented platform
  2. MySpace
  3. Hi5
  4. Yaari
  5. Jhoom
  6. Fropper

There is a group on MigleBox called “Bangalore” where people party,go for movies etc.The intented audience is college going guyz(and this is very difficult to answer).The answer is not how different is but “Is there an intented audience?”.

Technology and UI are one of the main focus areas so that “Improvement in small steps would lead to a big improvement over a period of time”.Currently,a 25 member team and looking out for more.Live demo on “Scrambled Scrapping” which enables Private Scrapping.