Home automation is no longer the stuff of science fiction; it has become real with the concept of Smart Home. It is equipped with latest features and technologies: a smart home is being touted as the biggest innovation in the real estate sector today. It is more comfortable, highly secured and part of a lifestyle, therefore, they are more in demand.

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As per Colliers International India, the concept is still evolving in India, although at its core, is the ability to manage a system of networked devices, also known as the Internet of Things [IoT] and servicing powering homes remotely through apps on the smart-phones and computers. The adaptation of a smart home is largely driven by various smart devices for convenience, security, entertainment, efficiency and health.

In India, the concept was earlier limited to luxury segment only, with now spreading its wing to the mid-income segment also. The increment in its demand has mainly increased with a rise in internet penetration and affordability of smart devices.

For most young professionals, smart homes are no longer a concept or differentiated product offering, but essential components of their dwelling specifications. The developers need to understand the consumer preference and incorporate these into their products.

Talking about the Smart homes, Gaurav Mittal, Managing Director, CHD Developers said

Smart homes concept is new to India and it is trending in the Indian real estate market. Smart home technology products aim to incorporate comfort, entertainment, mobility and security, providing consumers with connected solutions all the time. New advanced technology is making people smarter and that too homes, a variety of things can be controlled like lights appliances, security systems from anywhere in the house or as well as any region in the world by phone and internet. Technology shapes the future and it can help to make it compatible with nature.

As per Anarock Property Consultants, in India, these are common in IT-centric areas like Pune’s Kharadi and Navi Mumbai in Mumbai. It comes in various shapes and sizes, and saturation of smart features. Its features are turning into the ‘must-haves’ and are becoming common among all age groups.

Anupam Varshney, Head – Sales & Marketing, Vatika Limited said

Today’s homebuyers look for a home which complements them and simplify their busy lives. With Vatika Smart Homes you would be able to control your gadgets through a voice command or remotely through a mobile app. We have focused on the elements which make a home more convenient.

The concept of Smart Homes is set to revolutionize the real estate sector and we are glad to provide the same to Vatika buyers. Vatika Automated Smart Homes will be available in Vatika India Next and Vatika India Next 2 townships in Gurugram.

Increasing awareness about the need for environmentally sustainable development and living is also another reason for the rise in the increasing demand for smart homes. Thus, a genuine smart home is conceived and developed with a certain tech-enabled focus, ensuring optimal use of the facilities at the project level. It becomes necessary for a developer to use the latest technology without ignoring quality and security.

NASSCOM, the global IT giant, has reported that it expects India to grasp a 20% market share in the Internet of Things [IoT]. This newly emerging sector is expected to be worth $300 billion by 2020.

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According to NASSCOM’s [Industrial Initiative] Vice-President, K. S. Vishwanathan

The Internet of Things is driving the fourth wave of industrial revolution dramatically alerting manufacturing, energy, transportation, medical and other industrial sectors while emerging worldwide.

NASSCOM, or the National Association of Software and Services Companies, is a not-for-profit association dedicated towards creating a conducive business environment for IT enabled companies and services to thrive in. With multiple industry sectors and sub-sectors in its domain, NASSCOM’s Industry Council has been set up to address the specific needs of each sector. As such, it actively engages with the industry, its policy makers as well as all other stakeholders.

Moreover, as part of the associations’ Global Trade initiative, NASSCOM also focuses on expanding its outreach to both developed and emerging markets. It collaborates with such markets on innovation and technology, policy advocacy related to several issues such as taxation and labour mobility, as well as exploring new geographies and markets. By ironing out any operational hurdles that may stand in the way, overall, NASSCOM looks at promoting India as a technology and services hub on a global scale.

Over the last decade, India has seen an exponential growth in the Internet and E-commerce space, with the number of Internet users going past the 450 million mark. This makes the country the second largest Internet-based market after China.


This spike in Internet penetration in both urban and rural India has also propelled growth in the E-commerce sector. With a growth rate of about 20%, the country’s E-commerce industry is expected to surpass the $100 billion mark by 2020.

Internet of Things [IoT]

Thanks to the Internet boom, new and emerging fields like Internet of Things [IoT] are now flourishing. Simultaneously, they are also resurrecting and revolutionizing several sectors such as manufacturing, industry, transportation, energy, health care and medical – amongst many others. As a result, India’s IoT market is on track to capture 20% of the global market share and surpass the $300 billion mark by 2020.

The Big Picture

The Internet industry is currently undergoing a massive change with more and more avenues for companies to bank upon. However, for the industry to reach its full potential, a lot more needs to be done. Thereby, the country has set up a mobile and Internet council to nurture the imminent growth in this space and contribute to its overall growth and development.

With the Indian share market steadily chugging along, and more and more entities learning how to invest in share market, India’s overall economic growth is expected to rise. And the stellar showing by the Internet and E-commerce sector is only going to propel it further.

There is a very famous saying when it comes to investing – Risk & Rewards are two sides of the same coin and just like every person has some personal & unique traits, investing is also personal as it depends on investor’s age, his assets & liabilities, dependencies, etc. Many investors take a very ‘conservative approach’ to investing as they perfectly fine getting steady returns on their investments as these investments are less-impacted by market volatility e.g. Fixed Deposits, Post office schemes, etc. The other category of investors take a slightly ‘aggressive approach’ since they are well-informed about the local & global investment scenarios & possess a more ‘long-term vision’ when it comes to executing their investments.

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Mutual Fund is one such investment vehicle which has been gaining popularity amongst investors as it is less risky than investing directly in stocks, with returns that can be significantly higher when compared to traditional investments. The #MutualFundsSahiHain campaign initiated by SEBI & AMFI has driven interest from many investors who are willing to invest in Mutual Funds for ‘long-term wealth creation’. There are different types of Mutual Funds – Fixed income funds, Growth Funds, Money market funds, Equity Funds, Growth Funds, etc. and each of them has varied investment strategies and cater to a varied set of investors. Growth Funds are called as ‘Blue-Chip Mutual Funds’ and today we have a close look at the same.

What are BlueChip Mutual Funds

Unlike other categories of Mutual Funds where funds might be invested in small-cap or mid-cap companies, in BlueChip Mutual Funds the investment is done in select large-cap companies that have established business models and a proven financial track record. Some of the BlueChip companies are Tata Motors, Reliance, Infosys, ICICI Bank etc.

Portfolio of large-cap/BlueChip stocks comprise of large-cap companies from diversified sectors and are selected by experienced fund managers. Even in adverse market scenarios, BlueChip stocks are capable of generating profits for its investors since they have been in business for a long time. ICICI Prudential BlueChip Fund [earlier called as ICICI Prudential Focused BlueChip Equity Fund] is one such fund that has an AAUM [Average Assets Under Management] of Rs 17,496 Crores [as on 30th June 2018]. It is an open-ended equity scheme that predominantly invests in large-cap stocks. Below is the performance of the fund since last one year, an indicator that it is able to manage steady performance even in turbulent times.

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Why invest in BlueChip Funds?

Though different funds follow different guidelines, there are some BlueChip Mutual Funds that also invest in mid-cap companies. From an investor’s perspective, BlueChip funds are more suited for investors who have a moderately high-risk appetite and are in the market for long-term wealth creation e.g. retirement planning, higher education for children, etc.

By investing in the scheme, investors get an opportunity to get some of the best minds in the country [who are running these BlueChip companies] to create wealth for them. For example, ICICI Prudential BlueChip Fund follows a ‘Buy and Hold’ approach and takes exposure in high conviction stocks with an aim to generate alpha. The scheme follows a benchmark-hugging approach where the portfolio is diversified and the investment is made across different sectors. The fund aims to Make big companies work for you so that you can create wealth in that process!

Though Bluechip stocks have high price/share, they are normally considered a safe investment option as they remain largely unaffected by an economic downturn and are less volatile. Even in today’s times when the entire market is on a downturn, BlueChip stocks are still consistent in performance. This makes BlueChip funds a worthy investment for wealth-creation.

BlueChip Mutual Funds – Worth the hype?

So far we have discussed BlueChip Mutual Funds, but you might ponder whether it is the right fund to have in your investment portfolio? Let’s have a look at ‘Why’ in BlueChip Mutual Funds.

Risk Diversification

Any investor would want his portfolio to be more diversified so that his investments are not affected by the impact on ‘one particular sector’. BlueChip Mutual Funds are the ideal way to diversify your portfolio and also mitigate risk.


You would follow any BlueChip stock e.g. ICICI, Reliance, Infosys, etc. very closely when they have their Annual General Meeting’ as most of the companies also declare dividend at that time which is passed on to their retail investors. As BlueChip Mutual Funds invest in such large-cap companies with a proven track record, they also reap good returns. Hence, Dividend becomes an additional income-source/bonus when it comes to these funds. Below is the snapshot on how ICICI BlueChip Mutual Fund generated dividends for its investors. As seen from the snapshot, in order to diversify risks & generate good returns, it has invested funds in companies catering to Technology [IT], Energy, Telecom, Housing, etc. [Source]

Steady Returns

As BlueChip companies have a strong & experienced management team, they are able to show consistent performance thereby showing increased investor confidence. Hence, investors in BlueChip Mutual funds can expect consistent returns from their investments as BlueChip companies have a significantly low debt-to-equity ratio.

These factors summarize why BlueChip Mutual Funds are here to stay and a very good investment option for retail investors. ICICI Bluechip Mutual Fund is one such investment option that has been ranked number 2 in Large Cap fund category by CRISIL [quarter ending June 2018)] and investment gurus are recommending to stay invested in the scheme due to its consistent performance [Source]. Below are some of the features of the ICICI Bluechip Mutual Fund.


If you are an investor looking at long-term wealth creation and do not want to invest directly in stocks, BlueChip Mutual fund is an excellent investment vehicle to diversify your portfolio to generate good returns.

Note – Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk. Please read the offer document carefully before investing. The author has come up with the article based on his knowledge and investments made in mutual funds.

Machine Learning [ML], Artificial Learning [AL], Cognitive Computing, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, and other emerging technologies are revolutionizing the way businesses operate. These technologies are being used by organizations, across the world not only to solve business-critical problems but to make intelligent & informed decisions. It is ‘sector-agnostic’ and can be applied to any kind of data [structured or unstructured] to arrive at the results. ML and Big Data are being used in manufacturing, e-commerce, banking, traditional retail, etc., but ‘Healthcare’ is one sector where it is being used extensively for not only improving the organization’s products & services but also to improve the quality of diagnosis, predict future events in the patients, etc.

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Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence in HealthCare

As per a report by ‘Frost and Sullivan’, as far as the healthcare industry is concerned, a huge market expansion is expected in the next couple of years since it has the potential to reduce the costs by half and technologies and platform solutions that promote innovation around care quality, outcomes, and chronic disease management will continue to rise [Source]. Healthcare, as well as traditional pharmaceutical companies, are now able to leverage the power of ‘Patient Data’ to achieve better, as well as quicker outcomes across different levels of the healthcare value chain.

Technology major Microsoft partnered with Apollo Hospitals introduced AI-powered Cardiovascular Disease risk score to predict the risk of Cardiovascular Disease in the Indian Population and many new-age startups are also trying to solve many lingering problems related to healthcare. In a nutshell, ‘healthcare’ is apt for application of ML, Deep Learning, etc. since, these algorithms can be used in understanding & recognizing patterns, which is the most critical factors as far as ‘Patient Diagnosis’ is concerned.

Mylan Hackathon – Opportunity to Collaborate, Innovate and Create

For global pharmaceutical companies, embracing these technologies requires technical, as well as cultural mind shift. ‘Hackathon’ is one mechanism which can be used in order to engage people that are passionate to collaborate, innovate, and co-create in order to provide answers for next-generation healthcare. Mylan, a global pharmaceutical company has an ambitious mission – To provide the world’s 7 billion people access to high-quality medicine and set new standards in healthcare and uses a platform like ‘Hackathon’ to come up innovative solutions. It is one of the few pharmaceutical companies to host Hackathons. For a company like Mylan, Hackathons are more about collaborating with the innovative & creative people [students, professionals, etc.] in order to arrive at solutions that are core to what Mylan does in the future.

Mylan Hackathon is an ideal platform for students, as well as professionals to connect & collaborate with people at Mylan to come up with innovative solutions that address real-world challenges. With events like Hackathons, Mylan wants to come up with new generations of solutions using ML, AI, etc. that are capable of delivering ‘Better Health for a Better World‘. The Hackathon is scheduled on 13th & 14th October in their Bengaluru office.

Mylan Hackathon – Challenges/Tracks for participants

Interested participants have to come up with solutions using can help Mylan unlock these challenges and #hackforacause

  1. Simplify Adverse Event reporting for a patient.
  2. Speed up preliminary diagnosis & early cancer detection.
  3. Leverage technology to capture patient treatment outcomes.
  4. Ensure adherence of treatment by a Tuberculosis [TB] patient.
  5. Track Antiretrovirals [ARV] product until it reaches the consumer.

Interested participants can register online here; the last date for registrations is 7th October, 2018. Creation is always about Teams and the case is no different for Mylan Hackathon. Mylan recommends that you at least have 4 people in the team so that you have the necessary ‘diversification’ in terms of skills and competency. Below are the important deadlines to remember

  • Register for a challenge [registration open till 1900hrs [07:00 PM IST] 7th October, 2018].
  • Design and build [during the event] the project.
  • Document and present a 5-min lightning talk [on the final day of the Hackathon].

Yes, you read it right :). Once your hack is ready, you need to pitch the core USP of the idea to the panel who would be judging the Hackathon. If you are a coder with no customer facing experience, this is your chance to gain that skill by demoing your product using an ‘Elevator Pitch’! The detailed agenda is below

So, apart from hacking for 2 days, networking with other people; you also stand a chance to win prizes. The Winning team would win Rs. 1 Lakh and the Runner’s up team would win Rs. 50,000. There are some interesting giveaways and spot quizzes to keep the participants during the coding sessions. However, it is not always about the prizes; if your hack has path-breaking potential, there is a possibility that it would make way into one of Mylan’s products 🙂

You can find more details about the tools requirements, tips, etc. here. You can also follow social media updates of Mylan Hackathon 2018 here & here. So, what are you waiting for? Mylan Hackathon is an ideal platform where you can showcase your technical and business skills to #hackforacause

As and when your business requirements change, you might feel the need to switch to a business current account which offers better services. Furthermore, these days, flexible RBI policies and online banking have made the whole process of switching current accounts only a matter of 7 days! However, this does not mean that switching to a current account is your only best option. Keep the below facts in mind before deciding to switch your current account.

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Which type of account will be perfect?

Before switching your account you must jot down the points based on which the choice has to be made. For example, do you often use the overdraft facility or are you in need of free home services [like picking up cheques or providing cheque books at home or office.] General current accounts are best for businesses that are looking to curb their overspending and manage their finances directly, while international current accounts are ideal for entrepreneurs who spend more time in foreign countries.

Evaluate the pros and cons

If you are selecting a new bank to switch the business current account, a comparison is must. The new account should match your financial needs and lifestyle; so before you shop, compare. Some checkpoints which will help you conduct a thorough comparison are:

  • Interest rate
  • Overdraft rates
  • Standing charges
  • Account features
  • Terms & conditions
  • Introductory offers
  • Facility of online or mobile banking.
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Why is the change needed?

Sometimes an instance of misunderstanding or error from the bank’s end makes us frustrated followed by which we want an immediate shift. However, this should not be the right approach in switching accounts. The changed account may not be better than what you are getting at present.

So it is best to take sometime, cool down and then take the decision. Or are you thinking to change the credit union because you are moving from one country to another. Then the good news is you need not change at all! There are several credit unions that have their branches all around the world, helping you get the best benefits sticking to the same current account you have for years now. Moreover, there is a facility of online current account these days, due to which there is very less, need to switch.

Have you gathered enough data?

Now, finally when you decide to switch the current account be sure to have all the data of the existing account with you. This is because when the change is made the complete old data might not be available. Besides the transaction history the data you must take a print before dissolving the existing current account are

  • Official documents which might help you get loans in future.
  • Prints or snapshots of important cheques.
  • History of e port transactions for at least the present financial year.

Are you leaving behind confidential data?

Changing business current account is not a minor task. You might be leaving behind customers’ data; the account might be linked with the primary bank account or the payroll of your organization. Also, as a loyal customer you might get several additional benefits and reward points which will not be available soon in the new account.

So think before you switch! Banking is now at fingertips but a constructive thinking process is must before you switch your business current account.

Truecaller announced the launch of its Instant Messaging [IM] platform Truecaller Chat‘. With the aim to make communication safer and to prevent fake news from circulating, the IM platform will allow users to report links, ensuring that fake news is not circulated unchecked by users.

With social media’s rapid adoption across the country, fake news in India has been on the rise. Truecaller has helped erode spam calls faced by users through Caller ID and also strengthened SMS inboxes by filtering unwanted messages. As a step to curb the spread of erroneous information, Truecaller, with the help from its community, has launched this service as a shield against viral messages sent on its instant messaging platform.

Users will be able to mark website links as spam if they suspect it to have incorrect information, which will then help chatters make a more informed decision about what information is false. With time, Truecaller also plans to apply machine learning and use the aggregated spam reports to predict any upcoming viral trends.

Additionally, ‘Truecaller Chat’ is bundled with interesting features such as, auto-switch between SMS and Chat, which will help users keep conversations in one place. Other features include full media support and more, that will provide its users a polished and enjoyable experience.

Commenting on the launch, Rishit Jhunjhunwala, VP Product at Truecaller, said

As a one-stop communication platform, our IM service will help our users connect and also collaborate to combat the issue of spam. We’re confident that this foundation stone will help build a strong spam-free community.

India has been facing a major law and order problems caused by fake stories especially when they have led to mob lynching and mass hysteria. The Honorable Supreme Court has strongly expressed its stance and has directed social media platforms to take appropriate measures to suppress fake news. By providing a messaging service with capabilities to tackle fake links, Truecaller is taking a big step towards curbing the problems caused by spam and false information going viral.

Elbrit Life Sciences has announced that it is expanding its footprint in the domestic pharmaceutical industry. The fast growing domestic pharmaceutical company is presently in advanced talks with its parent investment firm Capital Investments and a Qatar based investment firm to raise 3 million USD. This major investment is aimed at expanding the company’s domestic footprint in branded formulation business. Elbrit Life Sciences started its operations in 2014 and has since witnessed an impressive growth rate of more than 100% per annum.

The official spokesperson of Elbrit Life Sciences, while talking about the expansion plans said

We are planning to use the additional funds to expand geographical footprint and to focus on nephrology, urology, gynecology and oncology therapy segments. The company majorly operates in South India and has sales force strength of 200 front line sales representatives. It has 45 brands and 150 SKUs. The company is currently not looking at any acquisitions and instead prefers to take the organic route to fuel further growth

In addition, Elbrit Life Sciences is aggressively focusing on cardio-vascular, diabetes, neurology and nutraceuticals market in the country. Operating in a country with a population exceeding 1.3 billion, Elbrit Life Sciences has a dedicated WHO-GMP manufacturing facility. Moreover, the pharma company is in the process of upgrading its facilities to foray into export markets.

The company is expecting that this deal may close before the second week of October and once the deal is closed, the company expects to pursue growth opportunities.  Furthermore, Elbrit Life Sciences also aims to be amongst the Top 150 pharmaceutical companies by the year 2020. According to the company spokesperson, Elbrit Life Sciences plans to go for an IPO somewhere around the year 2022.

About Elbrit Life Sciences

Elbrit Life Sciences is a pharmaceutical company established with a vision of ‘Making Lives Better’ by providing quality healthcare to patients. Established in 2014, with headquarters in Mumbai, the company aspires to be one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country and across the globe.

Liferay Inc., which makes software that helps companies create digital experiences on web, mobile and connected devices, has acquired controlling interest in Triblio and committed to an ongoing strategic investment in growing Triblio’s Account-Based Marketing [ABM] business. The investment allows Liferay to explore opportunities for the DXP audience to further enhance and personalize the customer journey with account-specific content and messaging. In turn, Triblio will continue to focus on delivering long-term customer value and product innovation.

Bryan Cheung, CEO – Liferay said

Triblio represents the next generation of B2B marketing cloud and we are fully committed to investing in the platform and growing Triblio’s ABM business. Existing Liferay DXP customers will reap the benefits of this investment over time as we continue to help organizations build long-term relationships and deliver value to customers across their life-cycle.

Triblio will continue to operate as an independent entity led by CEO Andre Yee. Andre co-founded Triblio after serving as Senior Vice President of Product Development at marketing automation software provider Eloqua. Triblio is a leading ABM cloud provider with over 100 customers and triple digit annual year over year growth. The platform offers account-based advertising, web personalization, sales orchestration, account scoring and analytics, all powered by its unique AI-based purchase intent engine.

Andre Yee, CEO of Triblio, said

We are excited to receive Liferay’s investment. With their strategic commitment, we intend to extend our market reach and invest significantly in our customer success and product development teams.

Together, Liferay and Triblio are dedicated to bringing improved customer engagement and content targeting capabilities to enterprises. In addition, the two companies share a deep commitment to customer success and in giving back to the wider community.

About Liferay

Liferay makes software that helps companies create digital experiences on web, mobile and connected devices. Our platform is open source, which makes it more reliable, innovative and secure. Hundreds of organizations in financial services, healthcare, government, insurance, retail, manufacturing and multiple other industries use Liferay.