Living life in the fast lane comes with a lot of ups and down. You will face several obstructions and challenges that will make your life difficult. The unpredictability of such events can’t be calculated as they lead to unfavorable twists and turns in life. A personal accident insurance plan ensures that you and your family members get adequate financial help to recover from such tragedies.

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Go through these 5 points to understand the nitty-gritty of personal accident covers-

1. What Is Personal Accident Insurance?

Accidents can occur anytime, anywhere! A personal accident policy is an insurance policy issued to cover the risk of death, permanent disability, partial disability or temporary disability in case of accidents. The insured sum is reimbursed to the policyholder in case of disablement or the family members in case of death.

2. What Does It Cover?

Personal accident insurance policy covers partial/ permanent/ temporary disability and death caused due to the accident. It also includes medical expenses owing to the treatment of accidental injuries caused due to accidents. In short, a personal accident insurance will take care of your financial needs in the hours of need.

3. Benefits

An accident can lead to terrifying catastrophic events in one’s life. If you are the breadwinner of the family, then it will be even more difficult for you and your family to manage in such an untoward situation. The financial stability goes for a toss, and the family members have to go through a lot.

Hence, it is advisable to buy a personal accident cover as it offers a host of benefits –

  • No Medical Check-ups needed – Personal accident policies do not require medical check-ups for issuance
  • High Cover – You can avail a good, substantial cover for
  • Group Discounts – If you opt for group accidents cover, you stand to get discounts from the insurance companies.
  • Death and Disability Cover – It offers double indemnity for death or disability caused while traveling on public transport
  • Life Support Benefit – It provides life support benefits as well.
  • Child Education Benefits – Legal and funeral costs are covered with Child education benefits.
  • Flexibility – You can opt to buy a personal accident cover for either yourself or for the family.
  • Safeguard against the Sky-rocketing Healthcare Costs – With healthcare costs rising about 15-18% each year, within the next five years, the cost of hospitalization will be more than twice. This plan will protect you against this inflation.

4. Who Should Buy It?

Everyone, irrespective of the age or gender should buy a personal accident cover. The best time to buy a personal accident plan is the early 20’s of your life – when you start earning and don’t have many liabilities on your shoulder. Even if you meet with an accident, the insurance policy will take care of the best medical treatment and help you recover and get back on your feet.

5. How Much Is Enough?

Human life is precious! Therefore, you cannot estimate the sum insured which can adequately take care of the needs of your family when you are seriously injured or not around. However, according to the traditional approach, one should have a personal insurance cover worth 100 times of their monthly income. The amount is said to be enough to cover hospitalization expenses, medical costs, and other obligations and liabilities in your life. For example – if your monthly income is Rs. 20,000, then you should have a personal accident cover of at least Rs. 20, 00, 000/-.

If you are looking forward to buying a personal accident insurance policy for yourself, then you should research various plans online. Consider going through their benefits, features, terms, and conditions and only then decide to buy. From the information mentioned in the blog, you are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge of personal accident insurance. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a personal accident insurance plan immediately and lead a worry-free and relaxed life. You owe it to yourself as well as your family members!

There is one wave that is catching up slowly catching up in India is the ‘wave of entrepreneurship’. Open any leading newspaper and you would find a separate section on ‘Business & Startups’. This is the kind of change that has been observed since the last couple of years and many Indians are taking the plunge in order to change the world. However, building or scaling a business is not only about the idea, but it revolves a lot around the implementation of the idea. Once you have built a core team, created a Minimum Viable Product [MVP], acquired initial set of customers; your intent would be to take your startup to the next phase i.e. the growth phase.

As an organization scales up, you need to hire the right set of people who are not only technically sound but who also fit into your company’s culture. As a business owner/entrepreneur, your constant focus should be on growth, whilst keeping the burn-rate to the minimum. ‘Outsourcing’ has been used widely by organizations since it helps them reduce the overhead expenses, focus on their core business areas, and utilize the expertise of the ‘outsourcing provider’ in the ‘focus area’ that is outsourced to them.

One department that can remain under-utilized is the Human Resources department and if the HR team does not have the right expertise, there is a possibility that you might end up hiring the wrong people for your organization. Hence, many businesses [irrespective of their scale of operations] partner with staffing solutions in India for their human resource management requirements.

Along with expertise, these staffing companies bring a huge amount of experience & expertise in different aspects related to staffing and hiring. In case you are leading an organization and have a full-time staffing team that is not driving results; you might want to consider the option of outsourcing your staffing activities. Let’s look into some of the advantages of partnering with an experienced staffing-solution company for staffing requirements

1. Focus on Core Business Activities – As an entrepreneur or a business leader, your main focus would be growing the business. While expanding the business, you need to ensure that you are ‘investing your time and money’ in the activities that matter to the organization. In some cases, you may prefer to use a lean or agile approach in running the business since that keep the complexities in running the business to the minimum. When the business expands, you need to prioritize the areas where you want to invest in the company and possibility is that expansion of non-core areas like HR & Finance might impact the investment in the core businesses. Hence, you need to look at the ROI [Return On Investment] of having a resident HR team. In most scenarios, partnering with a staffing company like ManPower Consultants would yield better results and helps you stay focused on things that matter the most in your business.

2. Lower Costs – When your organization has a full-time HR team, you would need to train them about the fundamentals of the business that is being built and the qualities that are required in prospective hires. Building any kind of team is challenging and the same also applies to the HR/Staffing Team. You might need a team to screen candidates, interview them, background verification, etc. and all these skills are readily available in consultants working in staffing companies. Employees in staffing companies also possess necessary negotiation skills along with expertise in HR, Payroll, etc. Hence, engaging with staffing companies definitely has a huge impact on the savings since it helps in minimizing the operational costs in running the organization.

3. Quality Candidates – As an organization, you would not want that a wrong-hire is on boarded since an additional amount of time & money would be spent in getting an ideal replacement. This would increase the overall turn-around time, which could impact the business deliverables. When it comes to hiring, you would always prefer to hit the bullseye at the first instant and for that, you need to hire ‘quality candidates’ for your organization. Placement companies in India have a database of talent pool catering to different domains and this makes spotting the right candidates an easier task.

Staffing companies work very closely with the management team of the partnering organization and hence, they are aware of the qualities that are required in an ideal candidate. This expedites the entire process of hiring, which is critical in today’s changing business scenario.

4. Workforce Flexibility – Business situations are dynamic and hence you do not want any bench-strength as it would add up to the resource-count & also increase your operational costs. The same principle also applies to the Human Resource & Staffing team. Outsourcing your staffing requirements by collaborating with an experienced HR outsourcing company like ManPower Consultants helps you in bringing the necessary flexibility in the hiring/onboarding process i.e. hire contract or temporary workers/employees when there is a business demand and scale down when required. Large organizations also have a significant number of ‘temporary employees’ and an experienced staffing company can be instrumental in hiring these employees.

In case you are looking for a renowned staffing organization to fulfill your company’s hiring needs, do have a look at the work being done by ManpowerGroup Consultants in the fields of contract staffing, management consultancy, etc. How do you hire people, do leave your suggestions in the comments section.

The stock market is an excellent investment option if you want to earn high returns albeit at a higher risk. In India, the number of individuals investing on their own in the stock market has increased. This trend has been particularly increasing since the availability of the online trading and banking services.

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To trade in the equity markets, you will need a dematerialization or demat account. This type of account allows you to hold your shares, mutual funds, securities, and other investments in an electronic form. The account is opened with one of the several depository participants (DPs).

A DP acts as an intermediary between you and the depository. In India, there are two depositories, namely Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) and National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).

You may open your demat account with any of the DPs. Here are five factors that must be considered when you open such an account.

  1. Brokerage

In addition to the dematerialization account, a trading account to buy and sell the securities is required. The brokerage is the primary source of income for the service providers. It is determined by the frequency of your trades. Therefore, choosing a competitive brokerage if you are going to be an active trader is recommended.

  1. Annual maintenance charges

The DPs levy an annual maintenance charge. It is important you check these charges and negotiate the same prior to opening the account.

  1. Trading platform fees

Most service providers offer their own software that facilitates buy and sell trades on your behalf. While some of these providers levy additional fees others may include it within the overall package. Seeking clarification on such trading platform fees and comparing these among the different service providers before you make your decision is advisable. In addition to the charges, it is crucial you choose a provider that offers an easy-to-understand trading platform.

  1. Background of the service provider

The track record of the broker should be checked for their authenticity, reliability, efficiency, and capabilities. You can always search the Internet for feedback from existing and past account holders to know more about their services. Taking the time to conduct extensive research will help you avoid any difficulties in the future.

  1. Financial institutions

Several reliable and reputed financial institutions offer three-in-one account to attract more customers. These accounts provide you with a complete package of different financial services. You might want to open your demat and trading account with such an institution to make it convenient and simple.

You must have a demat account to trade on the stock market. Most banks and institutions offer such services and conducting your research will help you make an informed decision. It is recommended you do not make a hasty decision that may have severe implications in the future.

An efficient and effective hiring process is one of the main pillars of a successful company. The recruitment team has a difficult job on their hands as they’re responsible for sourcing the future employees of a company. If this process is flawed and they take too much time to find the right candidates, it can incur a substantial cost to the company. You might also lose out on good candidates while your competitors might end up hiring them.

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Qualified candidates are always in demand and research has found that they’re usually available for 10 days only. So, your hiring process needs to be quick and effective.

Here are some awesome strategies that will help you speed up your time-to-hire in the best possible ways.

Create a Structured Hiring Process

Not having a structured hiring process can lead to mismanagement and confusion. Candidates won’t get to know what the next step in the hiring process is. This will result in a poor candidate experience which can drive away many qualified candidates.

A documented and streamlined hiring process will help you minimize your time-to-hire as you will know what to do next. Your hiring team needs to be knowledgeable and experienced enough to set up an efficient recruiting process.

Build a Strong Employer Brand

Passive candidates are those who aren’t actively searching for other opportunities but wouldn’t mind considering suitable opportunities if they come up.

Building a strong employer brand can help you attract these passive candidates who constitute 85% of the workforce. This can help you tap into a wider pool of experienced and knowledgeable candidates.

Candidates are likely to be impressed and apply for positions at your company when you have a strong employer brand. You can build a strong employer brand by regularly responding to your online reviews and sharing updates about your work environment and culture.

When you build a strong employer brand, you might become an employer of choice for many applicants. This is likely to bring a steady source of quality candidates to your job openings.

Building consistent and loyal employee is also a great way to attract new talent which enhances the sound work culture in the organization. Time to hire will speed up automatically and you will get what you want for work.

Audit Existing Talent

You need to keep yourself updated about the status of existing candidates in your recruitment database. Internal auditing will save you time and can help you keep better track of candidates who might be looking for jobs. You can even fill out some of your vacant job positions by carefully auditing this talent pool.

If you want to learn more about how can you reduce your time-to-hire, check out the infographic given below

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About the Author

Ray O’Donnell is the Founder & CEO of TotalRewards Software, Inc. and Candidate Rewards. He has been helping companies to find, retain, and engage top talent by bridging the gap between the two. TotalRewards Software, Inc. is available on on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Living in times when the food, air and water are exposed to supreme levels of contamination, the risk of life-threatening health hazards is deemed to be alarmingly high. Stress, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy dietary habits and severe anxiety are among the key factors that are encouraging chronic health disorders and fatal diseases in people. In a critical time as this, it is imperative to prioritize one’s health before everything for the sake of a secured and independent future. This is where health insurance plays an important role in our lives.

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A good health insurance plan will offer protection to you and your family members against the uncertainties that arise due to lack of funds for proper treatment.

What are the popular choices of health insurance in each stage of life?

Primarily there are four different types of health coverage plans that take care of the requirements of the people of different age groups. It is extremely crucial that a person invests in a sound health scheme to avail its benefits at the time of need. The primary focus of people during their peak years in work life should be to protect the resources and income of their loved ones and their own. While in the latter half of their life, their focus should be driven towards planning their life after retirement and ensuring the financial security for the same.

The following are the different types of health insurance classified as per the changing stages of life.

1. Self-employed, small-scale employer and adult

Personal health insurance – This insurance plan includes all the health-related expenses that are usually not covered by a typical provincial or employer insurance plan. This mostly covers areas of personal medication, dental health and other health and wellness oriented-needs. The benefit is payable at the time of meeting the eligible expenses under the claim. Find out if your existing personal health plan is inclusive of cardiovascular ailments or if you need to avail a high cholesterol health insurance plan.

2. Working adult

Disability insurance – This plan intends to replace a portion of your income at a time when you are unable to work because of any form of disability.  The benefit is payable when the person is incapable to work as defined under the chosen coverage. Any adult whose lifestyle relies heavily on their constraint income should avail the benefits of disability insurance to safeguard their livelihood even in disability.

3. Children and adult

Critical illness insurance – This insurance is designed with the aim of helping the insurer and their loved ones to meet the expenses of treating a life-threatening disease.  The insured can claim the benefits of the policy when they are diagnosed with a critical disease and meet the requirements of the coverage.

The insured avails a sum for meeting their medical treatment. This is not an age-specific insurance plan; both children and adults should get a critical illness insurance coverage to be prepared to meet the uncertainties of two steps ahead of critical illness related to heart by opting for the best of medical insurance plans for high cholesterol today.

4. Middle-aged and older people

Long-term care insurance – This plan is designed to cover your expenses for an extended period of time, especially at an age when one requires other’s assistance due to reduced mental and physical abilities. This can be deemed be as the perfect retirement planning and a step for gaining control over assets. Working class people who are thinking to start their retirement planning should consider this sort of plan for a financially secured life after their retirement from work.

More people are suffering from cardio-vascular diseases these days, why don’t you be prepared for the situation by opting for one of the best medical insurance plans for high cholesterol. Start with an investment in a high cholesterol health insurance plan if you are concerned about your cardiac health.

You can also browse through various health insurance plans online and compare the best ones to find out which plan offers the best and broadest health coverage and at what cost. Consult a trustworthy and qualified insurance advisor to avail the best health insurance scheme that not only suits your finances but also prepares you to meet any health-related emergencies.


Take the case of the following scenario – You are not a married person and obviously, you do not have any kids [Hopefully!]. But for some reason, you receive promotional emails from a vertical e-commerce website during their online shopping festival and guess what; the promotional email contains offers highlighting Baby Products. And to make things worse, the email campaign has zero-personalization and it is quite likely that the same email was sent to all their customers [without taking any personal traits of the customer into consideration]. As per a report, 86% of customers feel that personalization played a major role in their purchase decisions. This is the era of hyper-personalization and marketers have a plethora of information about customers – Age, Sex, Browsing History, Social Media information, Purchasing History, etc. which can be extremely helpful in charting their ‘hyper-personalization marketing’ strategy.

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It is of prime importance that when an email campaign is sent to the customer; it is designed well, conveys the relevant information, is personalized, clearly has the ‘Call to Action’ and has a ‘well-designed subject line’ so that the recipient opens the email. To summarize, a sub-standard subject of an email campaign results in low ‘open rate’ and average email content & design results in low ‘Click-Through Rate’. Email marketing companies are also leveraging the power of Machine Learning [ML] & Artificial Intelligence [AI] in order to cater to the hyper-personalization requirement of email marketers. Entrepreneurs Ben Richardson and David Greiner faced a similar problem where they could not find email marketing a tool that could suffice their requirements and that is what made them co-found ‘Campaign Monitor’.  ‘Campaign Monitor’ is a global email-marketing company that offers a full range of email solutions to help marketers create meaningful, lasting connections with their audience. ‘Campaign Monitor’ streamlines every part of the email marketing process and the beauty of the product lies in its elegant design & scalability across different verticals.

Campaign Monitor – Overview

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing platform that companies can use to design personalized messages to its customers. Once a campaign is created using ‘Campaign Monitor’, tracking & analytics that is integrated with the dashboard can be used to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. The platform also provides list-management tools in the ‘List & subscribers’ tab where a brand can create segmented lists in order to send ‘personalized email campaigns’ based on the customer’s profile & other important data points about the customers in the list.

Along with personalized email campaigns, Campaign Monitor can also be used to create personalized customer journeys. Campaign Monitor can be integrated with close to 250+ platforms; some of them being Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, SalesForce, etc.

Campaign Monitor – Features

Design customer-centric emails – Once the marketer logs into the Campaign Monitor dashboard, he can use the drag & drop mechanism to create simple, yet beautifully designed emails. Due to the simplicity of the interface, designing email campaigns is a very simple task.

Insights & Analytics – Similar to Google Analytics, ‘Insights’ feature of Campaign Monitor helps in tracking the CTR, open rate, engagement, and geographical coverage of the audience. It also provides analytics through which marketers can improve the performance of a campaign.

Automation Emails – Through the ‘Journey’ feature, a marketer can set up customer journeys as well as RSS campaign to send automated updates from the customer’s website. You can choose the appropriate ‘Industry Vertical’ [Media & Entertainment, Publishing & Digital Media, Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Travel, Hospitality, etc.] and your intent of sending the email campaign. You could send a personalized welcome-email on signup or send an email in order to keep a customer engaged on the platform.

While creating the ‘customer journey’, you should choose the end-goal of the campaign. You could choose from the following options

  • Drive a series of actions
  • Drive conversions
  • Increase email engagement

Smarter Transactional Emails – Transactional emails are triggered by your own site or app, typically in response to a user’s action, such as an order confirmation or a plan renewal. They are some of the most valuable emails a company send but usually, aren’t measured or optimized. ‘New sign-up email’ is an ideal example of a transactional email and is used to welcome a new user. Transactional Email can be created using the Email builder feature and there is also an option to import your own design. This category of email is triggered on demand and you can choose from a portfolio of ‘wide range of designs’. API or SMTP can also be used to send email directly from your site or app.

Campaign Monitor – Email Campaign Creation

Campaign Monitor has a number of templates that can be used for creating an effective email campaign. It has a WYSIWYG editor through which you can design campaigns by using the ‘drag & drop’ facility. The design of the campaigns can be optimized for different mediums namely, desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. There is also an option to import HTML template or HTML design, but you might need certain coding knowledge to use the HTML feature.

A/B Testing or Split Testing is used widely by designers & developers to compare two versions of a web-page and measure the overall performance of the test. Campaign Monitor provides a facility of A/B Testing where a user can create two versions of the same campaign. This also helps in figuring out which design works well and designing a long-term marketing strategy. In a nutshell, Campaign Monitor can be used to send personalized email campaigns and trigger automated workflows based on customer behavior.

Campaign Monitor – Pricing and Third Party API integration

There are three plans of Campaign Monitor – Basic, Unlimited, and Premier. The Basic Plan costs $9/month, Unlimited Plan costs $29/month, and Premier Plan costs $149/month. Below are more details about each plan

Basic Plan [$9/month]

  • 2,500 emails across campaigns and automated emails
  • Customer support via email
  • All core email marketing features Use our drag-and-drop email builder and professionally-designed templates to launch completely branded email campaigns.
  • Insights analytics suite
  • Basic marketing automation

Unlimited Plan [$29/month]

  • Unlimited emails across campaigns and automated emails
  • Priority customer support via email
  • All core email marketing features
  • Insights analytics suite
  • Basic marketing automation
  • Advanced marketing automation
  • Unlimited inbox previews
  • Time zone sending
  • Unlimited spam testing

Premier Plan [$149/month]

  • Unlimited emails across campaigns and automated emails
  • Premier phone and email support
  • All core email marketing features
  • Insights analytics suite
  • Basic marketing automation
  • Advanced marketing automation
  • Unlimited inbox previews
  • Time zone sending
  • Unlimited spam testing
  • Send-time optimization
  • Advanced link tracking
  • Template management for teams

In case you are using emails occasionally, you can use the ‘Pay per Campaign’ feature of Campaign Monitor. Further details about pricing can be found here.

Campaign Monitor – API Integration

Campaign Monitor has a robust third-party API support and using those APIs, you can connect all your core business apps to meet your unique email marketing and automation needs. You can also integrate the platform with popular Content Management System [CMS], Blog, and other third-party software. Based on the ‘core requirement’ of the email campaign, you can use the third-party APIs from the host of services mentioned below

  • Account
  • Campaigns
  • Lists
  • Clients
  • Segments
  • Subscribers
  • Templates
  • Transactional
  • Webhooks

More details about API integration can be found here.

Campaign Monitor – Conclusion

There are number of companies that provide ’email marketing’, some of them being SendPulse, Moz, LeadsRx, SocialPilot, etc. and each of them have flexible pricing structure & variety of features. Campaign Monitor’s extensive feature-list, attractive pricing strategy, excellent customer-support makes it an ideal choice for companies that plan to use email-marketing to welcome new customers and retain existing customers. You can also create simple, yet effective surveys using Campaign Monitor.

In case you are Campaign Monitor use, do leave your feedback in the comments section.. You can log on to Campaign Monitor in case you want to give Campaign Monitor a spin!

CropIn Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an agriculture technology startup, has raised INR 58 crores [$8 million] in Series B financing from Chiratae Ventures [formerly IDG Ventures India] and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Strategic Investment Fund [London and Seattle]. The financing will scale CropIn‘s ‘SmartFarm‘ technology platform in India and globally to expand its reach from 3 million acres across 2 million farmers to more than 10 million actively monitored acres across 7 million farmers.  With this capital infusion and its increasingly rich data-set, the Company will further develop its machine-learning-based SmartRisk platform to achieve unprecedented levels of plot-level crop detection and yield prediction.

Headquartered in Bengaluru with 180+ customers across 29 countries, CropIn enables businesses in the agriculture-ecosystem to adopt a data-driven approach through its ground-to-cloud technology platform. It thus empowers agribusinesses to ‘grow more with less‘, and drive initiatives around Digitization, Traceability, Predictability, Sustainability and Compliance. CropIn’s client portfolio includes many large global agribusinesses, banks, government bodies and development agencies. Through its product platform, CropIn addresses a global market of digital-based agriculture services that is estimated to hit $4.5 billion by 2020.

[L-R] Krishna Kumar, Kunal Prasad, and Chittaranjan Jena of CropIn

The company’s initial product, SmartFarm, is a highly customizable mobile app and web interface for farm management deployed across agribusinesses’ own field agents allowing for business-to-business-to-farmer plot-level farm management.  Because data is collected and curated by agribusiness employees active at the plot-level and scrubbed for any inconsistencies by CropIn, there is high-confidence that the information accurately reflects what is happening on the farm representing ‘ground-truth’ data. CropIn then builds on this data to enhance traceability and monitoring for its agribusiness clients through various Software-As-A-Service [SaaS] offerings.

CropIn Founder & CEO Krishna Kumar, said

To feed the 9.7 billion people in the world in 2050, agriculture efficiency must increase  by 35% – 70% and technology is the key. India’s rich mix of farming practices and small landholdings provide a massive data set to inform our models. Further, as a SaaS company, geography has never been a limiting factor for expanding our customer base. We are currently active in 29 countries throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America and in select European markets. As ground-truth information from these geographies continues to fill our data lake, it provides insights that create a paradigm shift in the agriculture ecosystem globally.

At the back end, CropIn’s data lake amplifies this ground-truth data with local weather information and high-resolution satellite imagery, which form the foundation of machine learning. By analyzing and interpreting this data for the 265 crops with nearly 3,500 variants on its platform across billions of data points that grow every day, CropIn is building an agri-information highway that will detect patterns and predict the future of the crop highlighting the risk and opportunity for agri stakeholders. CropIn provides near-real-time actionable insights to agriculture processors, distributors, inputs providers, lenders and insurers through its connector APIs. Additionally, CropIn’s algorithms can establish historical performance of every pixel at farm and regional level.

Karan Mohla, Executive Director, Chiratae Ventures India Advisors, said

We fundamentally believe in the Founders’ vision of creating a global agri-tech leader, while partnering with multiple stakeholders including agri-businesses, farming companies, financial lending & insurance companies. The sheer impact of CropIn for their global customers across 29 countries based on the unique data sets captured by the platform, is staggering. The potential to revolutionize agriculture leveraging technology and machine learning has never been greater, and we believe Krishna and Kunal will continue to pioneer this industry for years ahead.

With this investment, CropIn has raised a total funding of $12 million till date.

ITC Infotech, a specialized global technology services provider and a fully-owned subsidiary of ITC Ltd, today announced the fourth edition of its flagship annual Co-creation and Technology Innovation Platform ‘iTech 2018‘. The event will take place at the ITC Infotech corporate headquarters in Bengaluru on 8th and 9th of December, 2018.

Speaking about the initiative, Sushma Rajagopalan, MD & CEO, ITC Infotech said

As a technology company and a differentiator in the digital era, it is imperative for us to collaborate with our employees,  our clients,  global technology platform majors & ISVs, and the world of startups, in order to  identify and brainstorm innovative and fast solutions through  new-age and superior digital technologies. Our flagship annual event iTech promotes this through co-creation, co-innovation and collaboration.

Aimed at boosting digital talent amongst technology enthusiasts and providing a platform for aspiring startups, ITC Infotech will run two parallel tracks, a Startup ‘Showcase’ segment and a programing ‘Codeathon’.

The Startup ‘Showcase’ has been designed with the objective of providing innovative technology startups a platform to present their solutions directly to businesses. ITC Infotech will invite established and early-stage startups to demonstrate solutions leveraging emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augment Virtual & Mixed Reality, Blockchain, IoT, etc across Industry 4.0, HealthTech and Fintech. ITC Infotech also seeks to partner with relevant startups to help develop the solution, create a joint go-to-market and provide market access.

The Codeathon segment will see teams solving programing challenges that includes – building interactive mobile UI component using platform specific SDK, offline analytics for mobile app, offline app sync, process automation, and labor matching for farming. An open innovation category has also been created for Blockchain Solution across select industry verticals. Three winning teams will get a chance to win a prize money of Rs. 2,00,000, Rs. 1,00,000 and Rs. 50,000.

The event is free and open to all students, professionals, developers and technology startups. To register for iTech 2018, please visit iTech 2018 HomePage.

About iTech 2018

iTech, an ITC Infotech initiative, is an annual technology innovation platform. The platform focuses on leveraging emerging and disruptive technologies to create business-ready solutions, to address some of the most challenging problems faced by the industry.