Daiwa committed to bring the latest technology to India at budgeted prices, announces the launch of its service app ‘My Daiwa’. This is in line with Daiwa’s strategy to provide the best in class customer experience with 24/7 on-demand after sales service to the end consumers, among various other utilities.

The highly differentiated and interactive customer experience aims to demystify the experience of accessing after sales service. The app shall allow scheduling installation/repair appointments and estimating service costs, accessing service history/current status, one call connection to Daiwa emergency assistance service, notification inbox for latest updates, service feedback mechanism & also allows you to Register your product for standard/extended warranty.

Speaking on the launch of the app, Arjuun Bajaj – Director, Daiwa, said

We strongly believe the key to every successful brand is ‘After Sales Service’. Effective After sales allows brands to build stronger connect with the consumers. Not only this extension assures a peaceful buy but also brings a stronger connect with the consumer. We hope we are able to serve our customers better in an Industry where brands are many but when it comes to building relations with customers they become handful. We are here to change the stereotyped perception of the TV Industry.

The Daiwa app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

About Daiwa

With over 33 years of experience in TV industry, under the Group company ‘Videotex International Pvt. Ltd.’ Daiwa entered the TV Segment in India with one purpose; offering unprecedented, groundbreaking technology with unmatched quality products and prices.

The brand ensures consistent quality and uniformity in its offerings; its SMT [Surface Mounting] for making motherboards in India, Clean Room for Panel assembly, MI [Manual Insertion] line, Automatic FA [Final Assembly] line sets new benchmark for manufacturing quality and facilities in India. For more information, please visit Daiwa

Life today isn’t as easygoing as it used to be in the past, where people lived well into their nineties. On the contrary, the life expectancy in the country has gone down drastically to about 70 years.

Image Source – Health Insurance

This can be owed to the fast-paced life we live, where most of us are subject to daily stressors, pollution, and even a sedentary lifestyle. Bearing this in mind, a lot of us invest in health insurance policies, also known as medical insurance, in order to safeguard our finances in case our health takes a toll on us.

With regard to medical insurance, a lot of us assume that the only benefits of a health insurance policy are having our hospitalization costs covered. However, that is not true. As a matter of fact, there are several other advantages that you probably aren’t aware of. And we are here to shed light on the seven hidden benefits of a health insurance policy.

Free health check-ups

Some health insurance companies offer free health check-ups from the first year when you buy any of their health insurance plans. These health check-ups are not only free but also cashless, provided the insured undergoes a check-up at a hospital that is predetermined by the insurance company.

Attendance allowance

In the case of your children being hospitalized, insurance companies also grant something called ‘attendance allowance’ to the adult accompanying them, as part of mediclaim benefits. However, this benefit is only for children who have a health insurance policy.

Daily hospital allowance

When a person is hospitalised, apart from the costs of hospitalisation, there are many other expenses that come into play. Some of these are daily food and travel expenses that the family members of the patient have to incur. And at the end of the patient’s hospitalisation tenure, these expenses amount to quite a bit. As part of their mediclaim benefits, a number of health insurance companies grant ‘daily hospital allowance’ where a daily allowance is provided

Domiciliary treatment

On several occasions, when a patient has outdone his time in the hospital, the family decides to take him home and treat him there. While you may not be aware of this, many health insurance companies today also cover these home-care costs, known as the domiciliary costs of the insured patient. However, the costs and the number of days that are covered under this benefit are limited. This is one many medical insurance benefits that you need to know about.

Recuperating benefits

One of the most challenging phases for both the patient and the family is when the patient has been discharged. This is where the convalescence or recuperating benefit comes into play. Here, the insurance company pays the insured patient a lump sum if he has been hospitalized for about 7 to 10 days at a stretch. This amount covers costs like loss of income due to hospitalization and, in a few cases, family member visits to the patient.

Bariatric surgeries

These days, obesity is not only a common phenomenon but also a life-threatening condition. Understanding this, several insurance companies even cover the costs for bariatric [weight loss] surgeries. However, the cost of such a surgery is covered only if it is done for purely medical purposes.

Fitness rewards

This benefit will motivate you to get fitter. Some health insurance providers reward you with fitness points – the fitter you are, the more points will you earn. These points can then be redeemed against your health insurance policy at the end of the year or even used against medical check-ups or medical bills. Insured individuals need to sync their pedometers or fitness bands with their health insurance provider’s fitness app, where all their activities and the number of calories they have burned while performing these are monitored. If that isn’t reason enough to work out, we don’t know what is!

It is advisable to avail of a health insurance at an early age in order to gain the maximum medical insurance benefits. So, opt for a health insurance now and take advantage of all these benefits!

Wisdomjobs, one of India’s leading end to end online recruitment and career solutions portals, have released a report on How companies are striving to improve the quality of hirings. Wisdomjobs surveyed 120 companies across Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Pune to understand their focus on improving quality of hire, and the metrics they employ to improve the quality of their hires. This survey includes companies from IT, E-Com, Retail, FMCG, Real Estate, Pharma and Manufacturing sector.

Image Source – Quality Of Hiring

Companies have different hiring methodologies. Some focus on cost-effectiveness and quick turnarounds while others prioritize long-term success of their hires within the organizational template. Whatever the methodology, the single-most effective parameter to measure the success of a company’s hiring process is ‘quality of hire’. While some companies also place emphasis on ‘time to hire’, it is the quality of their hires that impacts organizational performance over time.

Quality of Hire [QoH] helps companies measure the long-term value of a new hire. While it is a vague and often subjective measure, it offers the best indicator of an organization’s ability to onboard quality talent through its hiring processes.

Companies use several metrics such as performance of new hires, turnover and retention ratios, and satisfaction ratings by hiring managers to quantify the quality of their hires. However, certain aspects like employee engagement and cultural fit are intangibles that are difficult to define and measure. Figures like cost per hire, volume of hires etc. measure the effectiveness of the recruiting process but not the quality of employees hired through that process.

Upon releasing the report, Ajay Kolla, Founder & CEO, Wisdomjobs said

The single-most effective parameter to measure the success of a company’s hiring process is ‘quality of hire’. In the long run, companies need to develop an effective quality of hire measurement based on parameters defined by all organizational stakeholders. Standardized assessments and realistic expectations can help companies to quantify the quality of their hires to the extent possible.

The Quality of Hire Measurement

  • 45% of respondents agree that Quality of Hire is the single most valuable metric to evaluate team performance.
  • However, only 29% of them feel that their Quality of Hire measurement is effective, while only 10% feel that their metrics are best-in-class.
  • 52% said that they use Performance Reviews as the key metric to measure Quality of Hire.
  • 32% said that they use Retention Rates as a key metric to measure Quality of Hire.

16% use Hiring Manager Satisfaction to measure Quality of Hire.

Has measuring QoH improved hiring quality ?

Measuring QoH will help companies to understand how their recruitment practices are impacting the quality of employees being hired by them. However, several companies are unable to utilize these measurements to create a significant change in the way they hire.

  • Nearly 40% of companies said that measuring QoH had a significant impact on their hiring processes.
  • 25% of companies said QoH measurement had only a moderate impact on the way they hire.

10% of companies said that QoH measurement had no impact on their hiring processes.

What channels are companies banking on to improve QoH ?

Most companies are making conscious efforts to improve the quality of the candidates they hire by opening several channels of engagement with potential hires. From social media engagement to employer branding, companies plan on investing more in the following channels to improve QoH:

  • Social Media – 50%
  • Employer Branding – 46%
  • Employee Referrals – 41%
  • Campus Recruiting – 27%
  • Job Boards – 26%
  • External Agencies – 13%

Other tools used by companies to improve QoH


Companies are increasingly using assessments conducted before interview rounds to identify quality candidates, map their competencies etc. To this end, they use offline/pen-and-paper, and online assessments, both. Almost 50% of companies surveyed use assessments to improve their QoH. Among those who use assessments:

  • 86% said they use pre-hire assessments for candidate screening.
  • 73% rely on assessments to determine job fit or competency gaps.
  • 60% use assessments to evaluate leadership potential.
  • 52% use assessments to build employee development plans.

Background Checks

Background checks have long been used by companies to weed out fraudulent candidates. But they also play an important role in helping to improve the quality of their hires.

  • 54% of companies said that background checks help in improving their QoH.
  • Other benefits mentioned by companies were more secure workplaces [41%] and improved regulatory compliance [30%].
  • Among the checks conducted by companies are:

About Wisdom Jobs

Started in 2010 and headquartered in Hyderabad, Wisdomjobs is one of India’s leading job portals providing end-to-end recruitment solutions to organizations and career opportunities to individuals. Within a short span of 5 years, Wisdomjobs has developed a database of over 30 million profiles spanning experience levels, skill sets and industries, thereby providing a huge pool of relevant candidates to various organizations. For more details, please visit Wisdomjobs


In a report released by MoMagic Technologies, a mobile ad tech company on buying patterns of mobile phone buyers across India, it was also revealed that only 8% of the buyers bothered about screen quality.

Image Source – Mashable

A significant 44% of the people surveyed in a report said that they want better battery capacity in their mobile phones indicating most of the mobile phones in the market including several flagship phones are still unable to tackle this key issue.

With data prices dropping almost every month post the market entry of Reliance Jio and 4G enabled phones also getting cheaper, many Indian buyers have now moved to 4G phones. 56% of the respondents surveyed were using 4G phones, followed by 3G at 34% and just 7% were using 2G.

Arun Gupta, Founder & CEO of MoMagic Technologies said

4G Mobile internet penetration in India is happening at a rapid pace and at very low price points customers can experience 4G speeds. This has led to faster adoption of customers to shift to shopping on ecommerce apps through mobile phones and this trend will continue to go up.

Survey also indicated that in spite of low mobile data cost, 41% of the respondents limit data themselves and 28% of them do not either limit or monitor data usage. As Indian buyers get technologically savvy, mobile processors brand has started to play key role in  their buying decisions.

When purchasing a phone, 46 per cent pay attention to a processor brand name while 21 percent reckon phone design and camera quality and only 12 per cent pay attention to screen quality of a smartphone.

Other mobile buying trends from the survey are below

About MoMagic Technologies

MoMagic Group, founded in 2011, with strategic investments by MediaTek and Foxconn, has been consistently innovating-developing AI/Big Data Technology solutions and has the widest deployment of applications on Mobile platform ecosystem. The strong business presence in Asian Market along with Strategic tie-ups with multiple Mobile OEMs, MoMagic started Joint Venture companies with Leading OEMs. Other than Mobile Brands, MoMagic is Strategic Partner with leading Apps and Content Providers in Asian Market as well. For more information, please visit MoMagic Technologies

Kotak Securities has come up with a great way to let you keep track of your investments with the Kotak Stock Trader [KST] mobile app. This app is available on Android, Windows, as well as iOS platforms.

Image Source – Kotak Stock Trader

The KST app aids all investors to trade in the stock market with just a touch. This app allows you to trade in different investments like derivatives, currency derivates, and equities. There are many features of this app that lets you seamlessly keep a track of all your investments.

Given below are some of the features of the Kotak Stock Trader [KST] mobile app

Track your portfolio

If you want to check how your investments are performing, you may keep a track of your position and current holdings directly from the mobile trading app.

Online trading

The app allows you to buy or sell securities from Bombay Stock Exchange [BSE] as well as National Stock Exchange [NSE]. You may cancel or modify any order that you have placed. Additionally, you may also set stop loss price and trigger price for your investments.

Fund transfer

With the KST stock trading app, you may transfer funds from your bank account to your online trading account and vice versa. You may also move funds from your bank account to your mutual funds account.

Live stock market data

This app provides you with all the information you need for making an informed investment decision. You get access to live quotes, intraday charts, and market tips. You may even track the movement of the market and get real-time updates on the Indices. This share market app also enables you to get scripts on the exchanges with the help of line charts, candlestick charts, or Open High Low Close [OHLC] charts.

Creation of watch-lists

If you are interested in keeping track of a select number of investments, you may track the script by making a personalized watchlist. You may also have access to the default watchlists. Besides, keep track of your transactions in the ‘My Positions’ and ‘My Investments’ sections of the app.

Check your margin

The KST app has a feature that lets you check the available funds you have and your total margin. All you have to do is click on the ‘Available Funds’ section of the app and it shows you all the information you need about the limits available against the shares in your account.

Secure data

All your information and transaction done through this app are completely secure. The app does customer authentication by using three steps – your User ID, the password for the website, and finally the security key code. For increased safety, you have to sign in every time in order to use this app. The device that you install this app on does not store any details of your sessions.

The session gets automatically terminated after an idle period of 30 minutes. The app is secured by HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure [HTTPS] and it uses the order routing system of Kotak Securities. For utmost security, this app uses Advanced Encryption Standard [AES] 128 bit, which is the highest level of encryption.

Notifications for new versions

To make sure that you always have the best functioning and most updated version of the app, Kotak sends you notifications whenever a new and better version is released.

While there are many stock trading and mutual fund apps in the market, this app by Kotak Securities makes your stock trading easy. It has several benefits, too. Some of them are:

  1. It is suitable for all investors, be it a beginner or an expert.
  2. You have the option to choose the platform from which you get your updates. You may choose from the Times of India, Economic Times, or Money Control.
  3. You have the ability to connect to live TV 24*7. This facility is provided by Bloomberg TV.
  4. You get the features and benefits of a complete online trading platform. All of this from the convenience of your mobile phone.
  5. This app also allows you to rectify or cancel a trade or transaction you are doing even though you may not be near the trading terminal.

This app is very useful and convenient for all those who deal with the stock market. What’s more, is that the complete version of this app is absolutely free for all customers of Kotak Securities online trading.

Those who are customers of Kotak Securities in the offline mode or even those who are not customers have access to a limited version of this app. It is available for download on all the major application stores. All you have to do is sign in as a guest user and you will be able to carry out several functions like tracking markets, checking the stock prices, creating watchlists, as well as viewing the intraday charts for the scripts that are listed on BSE and NSE.

Espark Viridian Accelerator [earlier covered here and here], a startup accelerator for early and growth seeking startups in-association with Headstart Network Foundation, announced Marketyard Agrisolutions from Pune as the winner of its – SmartUp 2017, a pan India B-plan Competition.

Image Source – ESpark Viridian

SmartUp 2017 offers a nurturing platform with competitive spark to facilitate budding entrepreneurs by validating their ideas, mentor them under globally acclaimed experts and offering access to a wide network of investors.

Marketyard is a Mobile Platform that enables Users to buy, sell and rent everything related to agriculture using Classifieds services, Hourly Weather Forecast, Digital Land Records, Local Business Listings, etc. They help farmers to directly sell to end consumer by removing the need for middlemen.

Machstatz from Bengaluru an end to end solution in the IIoT [Industrial Internet of Things] space became the first runner-up and ClinMD from Jaipur which offers help doctors to record store and digitize regular handwritten notes & prescriptions was chosen second runner-up. The winning teams were awarded a cash prize of Rs 1 Lakh, Rs 50000 & Rs 25,000 respectively.

Vibhuti Channa, Director, Espark-Viridian Accelerator, said

India has a 1.25 billion of youth population and entrepreneurship is the need of an hour. Our endeavor has been to identify budding entrepreneurs and provide them with all necessary support. It is important to nurture and guide an idea in its early stage to ensure it reaches its maximum potential.

Espark-Viridian in association with Headstart Network is committed to promoting entrepreneurship in India. The top 25 startups were shortlisted by the jury members. The event culminated in Delhi at KiroriMal College Delhi over two days dedicated to intensive one to one mentoring by expert mentors and investors followed by a pitching session.

The esteemed jury — which included Arpit Agrawal [Principal, Blume Ventures, Co-founder and Director, Headstart Network Foundation], Ashish Taneja [Managing Director, Growx Ventures], Paresh Gupta [Founder, Global Centre for Entrepreneurship and Commerce], Amit Singh [Founder & CEO, Wow Labz Co-Founder and MD, Headstart Network Foundation] and Vibhuti Channa [Director Espark- Viridian Accelerator] – selected the prize winners.

Anil Lade, Founder – Marketyard Agrisolutions, said

Such Competitions provide a good platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their talent and gain from one on one mentoring. I am thankful to the Espark-Viridian and Headstart Network who have provided clarity in further enhancing my idea.

About Espark-Viridian

Espark-Viridian is a startup accelerator for early and growth seeking startups. We offer an up-to 18-month multi-center, multi-sector accelerator programme through 5 centres spread across Bangalore, Chandigarh, Gandhinagar, Mumbai and Delhi-NCR. To know more, please visit Espark-Viridian

Uber announced the launch of two new products – uberACCESS and uberASSIST in Bengaluru, supported by Mphasis, a leading IT solutions provider, as a part of their CSR initiative. With an aim to address day-to-day transportation requirements of senior citizens and those with accessibility needs, riders can request uberASSIST rides and will soon be able to book uberACCESS rides, the forward-facing wheelchair accessible product, on-demand.

Trained and certified by Diversity and Equal Opportunity Centre [DEOC], all driver-partners are equipped with required skills to assist passengers with accessibility needs as well as those who need additional assistance during their ride.

  • uberACCESS an Asia-first launch for Uber in Bengaluru, is a forward-facing wheelchair accessible product. This option offers 50 retrofitted vehicles, with heightened roof and hydraulic wheelchair lift on-demand.
  • uberASSIST is an option for those who require additional assistance – such as senior citizens and people with accessibility needs, including those who may just feel more comfortable with extra assistance when getting from door-to-door. A fleet of 500 uberASSIST vehicles accommodate most foldable wheelchairs.
  • Both uberACCESS and uberASSIST partner-drivers are top-rated partners trained by DEOC to ensure riders feel safe and comfortable for their entire journey.
  • uberACCESS vehicles are rear-entry, which means that riders face forward when they’re travelling, unlike other wheelchair-accessible vehicles which require riders to face sideways or backwards. All uberACCESS vehicles have four-point tie-down straps, which are used to secure the wheelchair to the floor to ensure it stays put during the trip.
  • uberACCESS and uberASSIST are one of the most-affordable ride option for people with accessibility needs
  • Riders have access to a load of smart features to ensure they are in control. Being able to track the ride real time, ability to share ETA and allowing friends and family to follow the trip remotely are all features that can help riders feel more in control of their journey and spend less time thinking about logistics and more time spent getting on with their plans.
  • uberASSIST and uberACCESS are not ambulance services, but a new choice for riders in need of assistance during their daily travels, whether they are riders with special needs or senior citizens.

Announcing the launch, Amit Jain, President, Uber India and South Asia said

At Uber, we believe in creating transportation options that fit every rider’s need.  The launch of uberASSIST and uberACCESS furthers our efforts in this direction. We are excited to partner with, and thank, Mphasis for playing a key role in helping us bring this idea to life. We aim to make these services available in more cities across the country.

Mphasis, through its CSR arm, Mphasis F1 Foundation, has done some pioneering work to create equal opportunities for persons with disabilities to access systems, services and resources.  In line with same commitmentMphasis F1 Foundation and Uber have joined hands to launch uberACCESS and uberASSIST initiative.

Nitin Rakesh, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Mphasis said

Over the years, Mphasis has pioneered various high impact initiatives in creating a barrier-free environment – be it through innovative services, policy advocacy or supporting accessible technology solutions. We combined our financial aid with a data-driven, strategic focus – the essential inputs for creating sustainable and scalable impact in our communities. I am glad my team approached Uber with this idea and together we are committed to the cause of bringing innovative solutions that enhance opportunities for everyone.

Mphasis, over the years has undertaken a host of initiatives to transform the lives of persons with disabilities whether it is pioneering accessibility services, policy advocacy, or research and thought leadership. The past year, Mphasis in partnership with the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore  has set up a Research Chair dedicated to conducting high impact research on Digital Accessibility and Inclusion. Mphasis’ roadmap for Digital Accessibility is intended to empower persons with disabilities by enabling them to access digital content, web pages, mobile applications, and use all kinds of digital assets effortlessly.


Over the past few years, technology has taken over every aspect of life. Everything around us has already gone or is going digital. Hence it was prudent that even the humble TV had to undergo digitization. Star India pioneered the digitization of TV in India with the launch of Hotstar.

Digitization has changed the face of TV entirely and revolutionized the way we consume content.

Why has digital TV become a hit?

The utility and convenience of digital content have made it an integral part of everybody’s life. People have embraced the digitization of the Indian TV industry as it offers numerous benefits. With this anytime anywhere TV, you will never miss a show. To add to that, you can access to all your favorite shows in one place. Since Indian audiences are heavy consumers of TV content, Digitization of TV was a dream come true. Now, you can watch your favourite shows as per your convenience without compromising on other plans. A number of people prefer watching digital content while commuting. This gives them more time for other activities and also serves as a great on-the-go entertainment.

Launch of Hotstar

The digitization of Star TV rocked the digital TV industry. Star India launched its unique video streaming platform, Hotstar, in February 2015, which soon became a sensation. The app with its unique content, supreme quality, multiple features, and user-friendly interface had the audiences glued to the screens in no time. The Star digital revolution unwrapped new avenues for the digitization of the TV industry.

How did Hotstar trigger the digital revolution?

Even since its launch, Hotstar has been breaking records. Hotstar was introduced at a time when Internet speed in India was very slow. Which is why it was developed in such a way that it streamed videos seamlessly even at a low speed of 50 kbps. Its launch was timed perfectly, which was just before the start of the ICC World Cup 2015.

Within just a week of its launch, Hotstar got 1.5 million downloads and topped the list of free apps on Google PlayStore. This was a remarkable feat as it took Facebook 10 months, Twitter 12 months, and Instagram 2.5 months to reach the level of one million downloads.

The success story of Hotstar did not stop here. In another 33 days, the app downloads reached 10 million. In 18 months, the download crossed 72 million; while Netflix took nine years to reach 75 million. In January 2017, it was found that Hotstar app downloads had crossed the mark of 175 million.

The astounding figures clearly portray the onset of the digital era of Indian TV, and how it was transformed with the entry of Star India’s Hotstar. Clearly, Star India was instrumental in paving the way for digitization in India. It intensified the competition in the market and compelled aggregators to perform better. The rising value also enabled new entrants to take an interest in the market, thus pushing the message of Digital India.

To know more about how Star India led Indian television into the digital era, click here