Intraday trading charts are popular among day traders because they help them track the movement of asset prices, and make trades accordingly. There are multiple types of day trading charts investors use, the most common being bar charts, candlestick charts, and line charts. However, the information they indicate is essentially the same and only changes in the way it is displayed. Every chart consists of certain indicators that allow traders to assess this information and make better decisions. Some of the most useful data structures provided by intraday trading indicators include:

  • Past and present up-to-the-minute price action
  • Momentum [or the lack thereof] in the market
  • Profit potential due to stock market volatility
  • Stock popularity through trading volume
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Now that you know what trading indicators do and why they are important, let’s take a look at some technical indicators that will assist you in reading the charts and trading with confidence.

Relative Strength Index [RSI]

Considered one of the best indicators for intraday trading, RSI denotes momentum by comparing the share price’s recent gains and losses. It follows the most famous investment concept of all time: buy low, sell high. By looking at the index, you can tell when a security is overbought or oversold. Typically, the 0 line indicates oversold, while the 100 line indicates overbought. Traditional interpretation dictates that when the RSI value is 70 or above, the security is becoming overvalued and is likely to go down.

Conversely, an RSI indication of 30 or below means the stock is undervalued and expected to rise. Most traders are recommended by analysts to sell when RSI touches 70 and buy when it falls to 30. However, make sure to analyze the RSI history and market volatility before making any trade.

Moving Averages

Moving Averages, or Daily Moving Averages [DMA], is a line on the chart that connects the average closing price of a security over a specific amount of time. It is advisable to look out for longer duration because the moving average becomes more accurate and reliable over time.

This indicator is the most-widely used because it provides a clearer view of the volatile stock market and helps traders determine the underlying trend of the price movement. Moving averages also maps out trend reversals and stop loss points. The rule most traders follow is to buy when the moving average is below the candlestick chart and sell when it is above.

Bollinger Bands

This indicator works on the same principle as Moving Averages, except with three lines instead of one. While the middle line is the 20-day Simple Moving Average [SMA], the upper is +2 standard deviation and the lower is -2 standard deviation. The general strategy is that when the price is hovering close to the upper limit, the security is expensive and will come down to the average. This is when it should be sold. And when it is near the lower band, it is cheap and will potentially move up. This is when it should be bought.

Using these indicators can make it easier for traders to maximize their returns and minimize risks. Interestingly, different traders interpret intraday trading charts in different ways, often using a combination of two to make a more precise judgement. So, while they are excellent methods of evaluating market trends and sentiments, you should use them in a way you deem fit.

Add-on covers, or riders as they are also known, are extremely beneficial car insurance products. You need to buy them at an added cost when you buy car insurance online. However, they offer so many added benefits that the extra cost hardly makes a difference. There are some excellent riders like the Zero Depreciation Car Insurance rider, the Engine Protection rider, etc. Take a look at this article to understand how you should select your riders to get the best value out of your overall car insurance coverage.

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Tips to select the best car insurance riders

Here are some tips for you to select the ideal riders when buying or renewing car insurance online

Assess your needsFirst and foremost, you must remember that insurance requirements are individualistic. This means that a cover that suits your neighbor won’t automatically be suitable for you as well. You need to therefore assess your requirements first and see which Add-on covers would be of use to you. Go through the inclusions and exclusions of the available riders and understand what they cover and not cover. If you feel a particular rider would be of use to you, only then go ahead and make a purchase.

Keep the age of the car in mindA brand new car would need a higher degree of protection as compared to an older car that you may consider to sell. So, keep the age of the vehicle in mind when you look for the Add-on covers. For example, a new car would benefit from the Zero Depreciation Car Insurance cover. An older car may need a Roadside Assistance rider. So, the age of the car would definitely come into play when the riders are being selected.

CompareNext, you need to compare car insurance to not just find the best plan but also to see what riders are available. At times, insurance providers offer built-in riders with certain policies. If you find such a plan, do consider going for it as you would get a higher cover at a lower cost.

Keep an eye on your budgetEveryone wants the highest degree of cover and protection for their beloved cars. However, you need to be practical when choosing the riders. Don’t go overboard and buy every available rider. Doing this would push up the premium considerably as every single rider comes at an added cost. Keep an eye on your budget and only get the riders that you think are necessary. Compare car insurance online to get the best prices and save money when you get the covers.

Keep the geographic location in mindIf you live in a place that is prone to flooding, you may need an Engine Protection rider. If you live in a remote area, you may need the Roadside Assistance rider. So, choose your riders in such a way that they deliver to the highest degree when you need them to do so.

Check different deals and offersMany a times, online insurance providers offer deals and discounts when you are about to buy or renew car insurance online. Check out these deals to make some great Add-on purchases and a wide-ranging policy.

Drop and buy riders as neededCar insurance needs change over time. So, every time you renew your plan, re-evaluate the riders and see which ones you need to carry on with and which ones have become redundant.

The bottom line

Keep these practical tips in mind and you will never be confused about choosing the correct set of Add-on covers. Also, drop the ones you do not need and get new ones if there is a requirement during policy renewal.

A two-wheeler insurance policy is the policy to cover any damages that can occur to the vehicle or the rider due to the occurrence of any incidents like accidents or other natural calamities. 2 wheeler insurance is needed to overcome the extra expenses that can arise due to happening of any unprecedented event leading to injuries, repair of the vehicle etc.

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The period of insurance begins once when the premium is paid by the owner. I suppose any incident occurs then there is third party liability associated with it. Third party liabilities are the damage, injury or harm caused to a third party or third party vehicle.

Types of Two-wheeler Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance Policy

  • In Comprehensive Insurance policy, the vehicle and its riders are insured against any damage or injury being caused during an incident.
  • It has some add-ons which can be added up like Personal Accident Cover, NCB Cover, Roadside assistance cover etc.

 Third Party Insurance Policy

  • Third Party Insurance policy covers the vehicle and rider against any damage or injury caused by a third party.
  • It is a mandatory 2 Wheeler Insurance policy for the Indian roads.

Benefits of Two-wheeler Insurance

  • The expenses which can arise due to certain incidents are taken care of by the insurance policy. These incidents can be natural or man-made or both.
  • When you choose the insurance company and your policy wisely, premiums can be affordable as well.
  • Third party two wheeler insurance is, however, mandatory as per Indian law. So, buying two-wheeler insurance is law-abiding.
  • With Comprehensive insurance policy, you can get roadside assistance coverage and other add-ons.

Bike Insurance Renewal

The two wheeler insurance policy expires every year and you should renew it so as to enjoy the benefits of the policy.

Two-wheeler insurance renewal can be done by two methods

  1. By visiting the Insurance Company and paying the premium.
  2. Online insurance renewal method is easy and convenient as well.

Two-wheeler Insurance Renewal Policy

  • Annual Insurance renewal policy: In the Annual Insurance renewal policy, the vehicle owner needs to pay the premium and renew the policy every year.
  • Multi-year insurance renewal policy: As the name suggests, the insurance premium is paid together for 3 or more years altogether so as to keep the insurance active for 3 years.

Features of Multi-year insurance policy

Personal Accident Cover for owner/driver

If in case of an accident, there is death or disability caused by one’s own vehicle then the owner/driver can claim up to a certain amount.

Personal Accident Cover for pillion

If you are using Multi-year renewal policy, then you can also cover your pillion by payment of extra premium.

Third party liability cover

During the incident, if damages and injuries have been caused by the third party then you are covered.

Cashless claims can be availed

There are some multi-year insurance policies which allow cashless claims at their network garages as waiting for receiving the claim amount is inconvenient.

Own–damage cover – Own-damage cover refers to the damages caused by vandalism, natural and man-made incidents. Multi-year insurance renewal policy helps out in providing own-damage cover.

Easy porting to another insurer – You can choose another insurance company and port after completion of 3 years with one company.

Benefits of Multi-Year Insurance Renewal policy

Hassle free renewal

There is no headache of renewing the policy every year, remembering and taking risk of missing the renewal date. By Multi-year renewal policy, the vehicle is insured for 3 years once.

Long term security – By paying the premium together for 3 years, you protect your vehicle for a longer period and you get to have a secured feeling for 3 years.

Easy cancellation of the policy – The policy is planned such that cancellation is easier. In an annual plan, if there are any claims made, then a premium refund is not possible but in multi-year policy, a refund of about some percentage of premiums is obtained.

Discounts to be offered – Usually, the Insurance companies offer great discounts and offer along with the Multi-year renewal policy.

More savings on premium

IRDAI increases the portion of third-party premium by 20% every year. So, if you are opting for Multi-year insurance renewal policy you avoid this increase which is unavoidable in case of an annual policy.

NCB Bonus is safe – In Annual policy, if one single claim is made in a year you lose your NCB but your NCB is safe in Multi-year policy.

Hence, you can compare the two bike insurance renewal policies and then according to your needs, requirements you can opt for the renewal policy.

Bikers love to go on long, thrilling journeys, and a few destinations are so special that every biker yearns to visit them. If you are an avid biker, it must also be your wish to travel to a famous bike festival and meet some like-minded people and soak in the atmosphere like never before! Take a look at this article to know about the top bike festivals from the world over and plan your next trip accordingly, but do have a good online two wheeler insurance plan before you leave.

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Top bike festivals around the world

  1. Ireland bike festThis is an iconic biking festival that has been around for over a decade. It happens over a weekend in the beautiful summer month of May in the Irish town of Killarney. You can ride along with riders from across the globe. You can also enjoy some of the best music, dancing, food, and party away to your heart’s content!
  2. Dubai Motorcycle FestivalThe Dubai Motorcycle Festival is an annual fest held in Dubai. It is a magnificent event that combines biking and an exhilarating exhibition of the latest models. You can take a first-hand look at some of the most outstanding superbikes from around the world. The fest also has a lot of entertainment and food on offer, making it one of the most happening bike fests in the year.
  3. Wheels and WavesConsidered to be the largest bike festival in Europe, the Wheels and Waves fest is a unique celebration indeed. It has a bit of everything – from an opportunity to ride your bike along the beautiful hills and mountains of France to enjoy a round of surfing in the blue ocean. There are many musical and other party events available at the fest and so you can take your entire family along and enjoy the experience.
  4. Foundry in the FieldsThis is an amazing bike event help in Sussex, England. You can take part in different kinds of races with fellow biking enthusiasts from across the globe. And at night, you can experience some of the best party scenes in Europe and make the trip a truly memorable one.
  5. Daytona Bike WeekLast but not the least, we have the Daytona Bike Week, held in Daytona, Florida. You can experience some of the most thrilling races along with the best parties, music and other forms of entertainment. Do not forget to put this iconic bike trip on your bucket list.

Preparing for a bike festival

Going for a bike festival may be extremely thrilling, but you need to be properly prepared before you leave. First and foremost, you need a 2 wheeler insurance policy to ensure you stay protected. You need to get a good online two wheeler insurance plan that offers maximum coverage. You should also ensure that the plan you buy offers overseas coverage. If you find the cover to be insufficient, look for some add-ons when you go in for a bike insurance renewal.

You should also look for proper medical insurance before you leave. Your 2 wheeler insurance policy will have a personal accident cover, but you will need some extra health cover to pay your medical bills if there is an emergency. When you get an online two wheeler insurance plan, check to see the riders you can buy to have a medical cover too. If you find something satisfactory, you should be good. Else, look for a separate health insurance policy.

In conclusion

Visit your favorite bike festival and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime. Do your research and see what the travel requirements to the specific countries are. Then get the documents and get set to start your adventure. Buy a good plan and also go in for a timely bike insurance renewal to ensure you have the best possible insurance coverage at all times.

Making an investment is important but making the right investment decision is crucial. No matter the amount of money you save and invest, unless you make the right investment choice, you will not be able to grow your money. The equity market is well known for its volatility and this is what keeps the investors away from the stock market. It deprives them of the high returns in the long run and it is something that cannot be predicted.

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Various factors are responsible for volatility in the market, which cannot be controlled. It is always difficult for a retail investor to time the entry and exit in the market. However, if you are tired of the market swings and do not have the risk appetite to tolerate the volatility, it is best to opt for Unit-Linked Insurance Plans [ULIPs].

You can deal with fluctuations in the market by finding the best ULIP plan for yourself. ULIPs allow you to achieve multiple financial goals with one investment product. There are a number of benefits of investing in ULIPs as compared to the stock market. The same is elaborated below.

Dual benefit

When you invest in a ULIP, you enjoy a dual coverage. ULIP will give you an insurance cover and provide you with the best investment options. The premium amount you pay on your ULIP investment will be divided into two. Some part of it will go for your insurance cover and the balance will be invested into the fund chosen by you. The stock market does not provide an insurance cover to you.

Lock-in period

ULIP has a lock-in period of five years and this will ensure that you remain invested for that particular duration. It will bring financial discipline and will allow your money to grow. You can avoid the bullish and bearish period of the stock market and do not have to worry about when to buy and sell securities. When you remain invested for a long period of time you can gain from the equity market.

Minimum risk

When you invest in the stock market, you have to tolerate the risk of market volatility. The ups and downs in the market movement will have an impact on your returns whereas if you invest in a ULIP, you can beat inflation and meet your long-term goals. You can invest your money into different types of funds, which will help reduce the risk.

Wider choice

Investing in the stock market means that you need to conduct research on the securities and choose the one that meets your long-term financial goals. When you make a ULIP investment, you only need to choose the fund keeping your goals in mind. You can choose from equity, debt, or a mix of funds. In addition, you have the freedom to switch between funds. If you think that a particular fund is not performing well, you can make your shift to a different fund.

Tax benefits

There is a tax benefit of making an investment in ULIP. You can claim a deduction for the amount invested into a ULIP under Section 80C. The maximum amount of tax deductible is Rs. 1.5 Lakh.

There are various reasons as to why investing in ULIP scores over investing in the stock market. ULIP returns have shown strong consistency over the past few years. This shows that investing in ULIP for the long-term will reap results and minimize your risk. Consider your investment goals and choose a fund that helps generate maximum returns on your investment.

The recent re-categorization of some of the mutual funds in India by SEBI has evoked concern among many investors. This is mainly because new schemes have undergone major changes in recent years to fit within SEBI’s guidelines. While it has brought a big change in the industry, it has also stirred some confusion amongst investors.

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Why are mutual funds being re-categorized?

The capital market regulator, Securities and Exchange Board of India [SEBI], came up with the idea of categorizing and rationalizing the functioning of Asset Management Companies [ASC]. Under this regulation, SEBI did two things

First, it divided the industry into 36 categories of fund. This was done to bring about uniformity in functioning, and allow every fund house to have only one scheme in each category. Fund houses can accordingly place their funds in respective categories. Experts believe that this breakdown will make the process extremely organized and clutter-free.

Prior to this, mutual fund companies were releasing too many new schemes that replicated older ones. These duplicate options eventually led investors down the same road, causing confusion.

Secondly, SEBI tightly detailed and defined the 36 categories to the fund houses. Many believed that this move was necessary, as the old business practices were outdated and in dire need of change.

Further, SEBI also classified stocks in categories such as ‘large cap’, ‘mid-cap’ and so on. It has even predefined the percentage of stocks that a balanced fund can hold. To put it simply, SEBI has cleaned up a big, cluttered house and placed things in neatly labelled boxes.

Where are these norms applicable?

SEBI has identified specific circumstances where these new norms will be applied

  • All open-ended schemes of all prevalent mutual funds.
  • All open-ended schemes wherein the fund house is going to file a draft of the scheme document.
  • All open-ended schemes for which SEBI has sent out the final recommendation, but is yet to be implemented by the fund house.
  • All open-ended schemes wherein the fund house have already filed a draft of scheme as required by SEBI.

What are the latest schemes in the market?

The newest categories along with their classifications, based on the regulations of SEBI, are listed below:

  • Equity funds – These types of funds are divided in ten categories – small-cap fund, mid-cap fund, large-cap fund, large and mid-cap fund, multi-cap fund, value fund, contra fund, dividend yield fund, sectoral or thematic fund, focussed fund and ELSS.
  • Debt funds – These types of funds are divided in sixteen categories – liquid fund, short duration fund, low duration fund, long duration fund, medium duration fund, overnight fund, credit risk fund, corporate bond fund, dynamic bond fund, ultra-short duration fund, money market fund, banking and PSU fund, floater fund, Gilt Fund and Gilt fund with ten year constant duration.
  • Hybrid funds – These types of funds are divided in six categories – equity savings fund, aggressive hybrid fund, conservative hybrid fund, balanced hybrid fund, multi-asset allocation fund, balanced advantage fund and arbitrage fund.
  • Solution oriented funds – These are divided in two categories – children’’s fund and retirement fund. Generally, these funds come with a 5-year lock-in term.
  • Other funds – These types of funds are divided in two categories – fund of funds and index funds.

After this change was brought into effect, fund-advisors have continually spoken about how it’s been able to bring an exceptional change in the system. It has not only minimized confusion, but also made the entire process transparent for investors. Now that you’re familiar with these mutual funds basics, and the several types of funds available, you too can make an informed decision while investing.

When you buy a vehicle insurance plan, you get some papers in exchange of the money paid. These are known as the policy documents and they state that the cover is issued to your car for the stipulated policy period.

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If you buy a policy offline, these policies might be given to you by an agent or they may arrive at your registered address through post. If you have purchased a policy online, you can download the policy from your account or get it in your registered email id.

These papers are essential documents that you need to keep very safely. However, under some unfortunate circumstances, you may end up losing these documents. What should you do in such a situation? Read on to get the answer.

Steps to follow after you lose vehicle insurance policy documents purchased via offline method

  1. Inform the insurerYou need to be proactive at such a time and act fast. First and foremost, you need to inform your insurance provider about the loss of the car insurance documents. You can call the customer service helpline and inform them. Or you can send an email. The insurer will issue you a replacement certificate in the meantime, which you can use till the new papers are issued.
  2. Don’t driveDon’t drive your vehicle till you get a replacement of your lost policy documents and you do not have photocopies of the same. You will need some form of proof to show that the vehicle is insured. Your insurance provider will send the duplicate documents soon, but till then arrange for a different mode of transportation as it is illegal to drive without a car insurance policy.
  3. Listen to your insurerDifferent insurance companies might have different rules when it comes to getting your policy documents retrieved. So, speak to your insurance provider and understand their process carefully. Follow the instructions given and get a new set of car insurance policy documents issued.
  4. Stay calmWhile completing the steps, remember to stay calm. Don’t panic when you lose the papers. So just be methodical and you won’t face problems.

Steps to follow after you lose vehicle insurance policy documents purchased via online method

First of all, the policy might be in your email inbox since the process opted is an online one. If that’s not the case, then the policy shall be stored in your account on the online insurer’s website. If you are unable to find the policy, simply call or email your insurance provider, share details asked by them and they shall send you your car insurance policy instantly. Refrain from driving your car till the time you have substantial proof that your vehicle is insured.

Go digital

It is not uncommon for people to lose their car insurance documents. The physical papers get lost at times. What is the solution? Well, it is simple – just opt for online motor insurance. You can buy a new plan online or go in for an online car insurance renewal. When you have a digital car insurance plan, you don’t have to worry about the physical copies of the documents as everything is available online.

Online car insurance renewal has several benefits – one of it is that it allows you to do a car insurance comparison easily before you get a cover. Online car insurance comparison helps you to find the best plan at the best rate and that too in a quick and convenient manner. So do remember to explore the wonderful world of online insurance and car insurance comparison before you purchase your next plan.

The final word

Don’t hit the panic button when you find your car insurance documents to be missing. Keep the points mentioned above in mind and follow the steps. Once that is done, your new policy documents will be issued to you. Also remember to go digital if you had chosen the offline process, as that minimizes the paperwork and makes the entire process a lot simpler for you.

There are at least two clear trends that show a demand-supply mismatch in tech jobs in cutting-edge IT fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. One is via industry predictions that estimate growth in the AI market from USD 21.46 billion to USD 190.61 billion between 2018 and 2025. Year on year growth is projected to be an impressive 36.62% during the same period. The second trend is more subtle. Big Indian IT firms in the US are reportedly ‘hoarding’ employees in these 2 fields as they foresee a shortage in skilled experts. They also fear a corresponding rise in the cost of hiring employees for tech contracts they have bagged for the future.

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How are AI & Machine Learning being used in Industry?

Unlike the exaggerated robots of the 2001 Steven Spielberg movie of the same name, Artificial Intelligence [AI] in reality is tamer. AI is understood to mean ways of making computers, computer-controlled robots or program think intelligently mimicking the manner in which humans think intelligently. A computer program with AI can use can solve generic problems it is programmed to instead of just specific ones. They can accommodate new modifications to input without breaking structure. Traditional programmers would have to sort, sift and debug thousands of lines of code to make modifications.

AI finds applications in strategy games such as chess or poker where advance moves are determined by heuristic logic, natural language processing, virtual assistant technology, image and speech recognition and automated robotics. General AI systems which can solve any given problem are rare. Insurance and banking organizations regularly use AI to monitor fraud. Marketers use AI every time you shop online to gather your browsing habits and predict what you are most likely to buy. They will then advertise those products through pop-ups and logos. Self-driving cars, auto-pilot modes and smart homes using sensors all rely on AI and affect daily lives of consumers.

There is also a difference between AI and Machine Learning (ML) although a number of articles on the web club them together or use them interchangeably. ‘ML is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience‘ according to Tom Mitchell of Carnegie Mellon University. It is simply one of the ways we use to achieve AI or something closer.

How can you acquire AI & ML skills?

By some estimates, AI will create nearly 2.3 million jobs by next year. It might also make 1.7 million jobs obsolete but those would need to be replaced by 0.5 million new jobs. Nearly all forms of enterprise software, factory automation, transport and other industries are increasingly using AI-based interfaces in their daily operation. In fact, by 2030, AI may end up offering USD 15.7 trillion to the global economy.

Mathematical and programming skills are central to acquiring competency in this field. However, for seasoned tech professionals, it is also quite important to develop excellent communication skills. An understanding of how business works and the common processes used in day-to-day operations will help you better utilize your core competencies to improve organizational workflows.

Core Competencies required in AI & ML

For complete beginners, programming using C++ is a mandatory requirement. Also necessary is an understanding of how algorithms are created and executed. Typically, knowledge and expertise in Bayesian networks, neural networks, cognitive science theory, engineering, physics, robotics, undergraduate algebra, calculus, statistics and probability are very essential to hone your talents in ML.

Graduates in Computer Science need only supplement their knowledge of math and computing with a specialized course in AI & ML.

India Best Placed to exploit AI opportunities

Analysis of professional networking site Linkedin has shown that India is the third best-placed economy after the US and China to crack AI jobs and careers with high penetration of AI awareness. AI is a big part of investments into start-ups at an estimated by private players alone in 2016.

Among the more exciting opportunities one can expect in 2019 is the rising application of AI in healthcare to detect and diagnose health issues in individuals. Smart infrastructure to help balance rapid growth in urban centers in India is also an option being explored by the government. B. Tech programs now mandatorily have AI, IoT, Machine Learning and some other essential components of emerging technologies. However, constant changes in this dynamic field have made it mandatory for professionals to keep up skilling via a noted institution to remain relevant and job-worthy.

About the Author

Diwakar Chittora is the Founder & CEO of Intellipaat. You can find more about him here.