Truecaller introduces three new smart updates called SMS Classification, ‘Smart Notification‘ and Messages Backup‘ to its existing Messaging Inbox feature, to enhance the SMS messaging experience for all Android users. Truecaller in its continued effort to make life easier by providing safe and efficient communication tools, has launched the new features to empower users to effectively manage their cluttered Messaging Inbox while ensuring they don’t lose out on valuable information every time they uninstall the app or change their smartphones.

SMS’s are so frequent that sometimes even important messages are treated no differently than spam-led, coupon codes or promotional updates. SMS Classification, equipped with advanced machine learning algorithms will help sort messages in 3 groups [contacts, others, spam] based on the content of the message. For instance, personal messages will be shown under the contacts tab, blocked/top spammer messages will directly land under the SPAM tab while the rest of the messages will be classified under the others category based on the content. The classification happens offline and locally on the user’s phone without any data being stored on Truecaller’s servers.

The Smart Notification feature scans through incoming SMS locally on the phone without touching Truecaller’s servers, and creates a smart card highlighting relevant data like OTP number, transaction amount or payment reminders for the users to act on. Additionally, the user will also be able to perform certain actions like recharge or pay bill straight from the smart card that appears on the notification tab by just clicking on the pay option provided.

The first update will initially show smart messages from HDFC, AXIS, ICICI, CITIBANK, SBI, Bank of Baroda, PNB, BOI, Union Bank and mobile operator including Airtel, Idea, Jio and Vodafone. In line with Truecaller’s aim to provide secured tools, this feature is also designed to work completely offline and will take place only on an individual’s handset ensuring that none of the user’s transactional info or OTPs touch Truecaller servers. Users can choose to disable this update when preferred.

Further, one of the key pain points identified by users is the process of resetting a fully functional Truecaller account in case a user accidentally uninstalls the app or changes phones. The new Message backup feature is built to securely backup and recover all messages [SMS and Truecaller Chat], contacts [saved and ones identified by Truecaller], call history, block list and other preferences with just the click of a button. Integrated with Google Drive, Android phone users can enable the backup feature through the Truecaller app settings. Users can then select their own Google account and grant access to Truecaller to create a private folder on Google Drive to store the backed-up files. Truecaller does not inspect nor have access to this folder making the process entirely secure.

These updates have already been rolled out to all Android users. More support questions for Truecaller Backup can be found on their support page.

The direct answer to the question in the title is yes. However, things are not that simple. It is better to acquaint yourself with the intricacies involved with car modifications and car insurance to understand their correlation in detail.

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Read ahead to know more about the same.

What is car modification?

A car comes with a certain type of wheels, accessories, engine, etc. When you change such factory-made components by adding or removing certain parts, it is termed as car modification. Such car modifications are often related to performance enhancement or aesthetics.

How does car modification affect insurance?

Car modifications are almost always related to enhancing the car’s value. Be it tinkering with the engine or changing the interiors, modifications increase the car’s value. An increase in car’s value will increase its insurance premium as well.

Factors affecting a car’s Insurance Premium

In order to understand the correlation between car modifications and car insurance premium, it is important to know which factors affect a Comprehensive plan’s insurance premium. Here’s a handy list.

  • Engine’s Cubic Capacity – As mentioned in the car’s registration certificate.
  • Fuel type of the car – Whether it is a fuel-driven or CNG-driven car.
  • PIN code – The location where you drive/register the car.
  • Claim history – Number of claims raised in the past.
  • Add-on covers – Additional covers chosen while purchasing the insurance policy.
  • Car’s Insured Declared Value [IDV] – IDV can be referred to as the approximate current market value of the car. However, it shouldn’t be considered as the car’s resale value. IDV is the value the insured person receives in case the car faces total loss [irreparable damage/theft].

Factors, Modifications, And Insurance

From the points mentioned above, here’s a list of the factors that increase the car insurance premium with respect to modifications.

Engine’s Cubic Capacity

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India [IRDAI] states the insurance premium of a Third-party Liability component based on the car engine’s cubic capacity. If a modification increases the engine’s cubic capacity, the premium will increase accordingly.

Insured Declared Value [IDV]

Certain external and internal modifications to the car will increase its IDV. Such modifications that increase the IDV will increase the car insurance premium.

Accessories Cover Add-on

A basic Comprehensive plan will not cover the extra-fitted accessories. Thus, they need to be insured with the help of the Accessories Cover. If you opt for an Accessories Add-on for the extra modifications in your car, your insurance premium will increase.

Inform the insurer

You should inform your insurer about the technical and aesthetic changes you make in your car. Consider this example for better understanding – Suppose you modify your car after you have purchased the policy and have not informed your insurer about the same. In case the car is involved in an accident and you raise a claim, the insurer will inspect your car before settling the claim.

At that time, the inspector will find out that the modifications were not disclosed. Such non-disclosure can lead to claim rejection. Thus, it is beneficial for you to disclose the modifications made to your car to avoid any surprises related to claims settlement.

Contacting the Insurer

Whether you have opted for offline vehicle insurance or online vehicle insurance, you should contact the insurer as soon as you make any modifications to your car. As mentioned above, such changes will increase car insurance prices, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting in touch with your insurer. You can call or email your car insurance company to inform them about the change in your vehicle. They might send an inspection team to gauge the modifications and change the car insurance prices accordingly.

The global key trends for 2018 brought about some significant changes in innovation and technology. With the start of 2019, Shailesh Kumar Dave, Vice President, ManageEngine a division of Zoho Corp. and a technology veteran expects technology trends to disrupt, shift and change the way you do business.

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Below are 5 key exponential technology trends to watch out for in 2019.

Digital process automation will accelerate

Enterprise adoption of process automation technologies will continue with the same vigor as the technologies are expected to make the enterprises nimble, data-centric and quick to make decisions across geographies. More importantly, process automation will also help enterprises to go beyond the simple operational and efficiency gains made with basic automation to tap new revenue opportunities.

For example, a bank embracing fintech can use digital process automation to improve real-time visibility into its customers’ data and factor the improved view into real-time risk assessment of the customers.  To elucidate further, a bank could provide its customers with digital tools related to accounting, receivables, payables, and all other back office functions. The customers can give permission to the bank to use selective data to have good visibility on the velocity of their businesses. This could enable the bank to provide financial services at a faster clip to the customer and at lower cost, not only due to automation but also do due to better risk visibility of the customer.

OCR/NLP/Voice/Video/Image processing will aid productivity gains

The main nemesis of process automation is any web form customers, employees, or partners must fill out when an organization wants to capture their data.  Every one dreads screens with forms.

AI/machine learning technologies are mature enough to process voice, video, text, and images reliably. Using these mature technologies, the natural activities of making a phone call, taking a video, or taking a picture could be used to fill out data-enriched forms automatically. Hence both objectives will be met – collecting adequate data and filling out fewer forms – and these technologies will continue their march into the enterprise.

Privacy concerns will hold center stage

With GDPR becoming a reality and hosts of other countries passing similar privacy laws, data usage will be closely monitored. Data will be tagged so that its origin will be known at the point of usage. Tools related to data tagging and master data management will become crucial. Privacy concerns and related legal ramifications could slow down decision making in enterprises. In response, new generation messaging, audio/video web conferencing tools will be used by enterprises to achieve the twin objectives of privacy compliance and rapid decision making.

Data locality will increase diversity

Lots of countries mandate that data needs to reside within geographical boundaries. Enterprises using SAAS or PAAs will end up using country-specific public clouds or even private clouds. As a result, critical data and applications that need to be monitored will be spread across geographies. Monitoring tools and technologies that help consolidate the view of these applications and data will see larger enterprise adoption.

This increase in data locality will also require federated Identity and Access Management [IAM] with Zero Trust security considerations. Single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and enterprise mobility management will also become common place in the enterprises.

New kinds of hardware in the data center

Data workloads in the data center are increasing, and the demise of Moore’s law is not helping the CPU to keep pace. Newer hardware like GPU, FPGA, ASICs will become commonplace in the data center.  Enterprise IT teams will have to be knowledgable about these technologies and use the right applications and tools to ensure that money is wisely spent on the newer hardware.

About the Author

Shailesh Dave is the Vice President, ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp. You can know more about him here.

JioPhone was launched with the objective of empowering every Indian with the power of digital services, especially those, who could not afford a smartphone. Standing true to its promise, JioPhone is back with yet another revolutionary innovation, the Kumbh JioPhone that will provide value that goes beyond the ordinary.

Kumbh is the largest human congregation in the world, with over 130 million pilgrims taking a holy dip over 55 days. During this Kumbh, JioPhone is introducing a digital solution that will enrich the spiritual experience of millions of pilgrims during the divine holy dip.

The Kumbh JioPhone, a unique and differentiated offering, is being introduced to honour this revered tradition of India. The Kumbh JioPhone along with the power of Jio 4G data will ensure that the Kumbh pilgrims can make the most of their pilgrimage. Kumbh JioPhone offers a suite of benefits especially designed for the needs of the pilgrims:

1. End to End Rich information services about Kumbh

  • Information on Kumbh
  • Real-time Travel Information [special trains, buses etc.]
  • Booking tickets & receiving updates
  • Yatri Ashray at stations
  • Emergency Helpline Numbers
  • Area routes and Maps
  • Pre-published bath and religious day schedules
  • Railway Camp Mela & much more…

2. Features & Functionalities to simplify life at Kumbh

  • Family LocatorHelping you to always stay close to your near and dear ones by finding their exact location.
  • Khoya Paya [Lost & Found]Helping you to reunite with your family and friends, in case you are not able to trace them.

3. Kumbh Devotional Content

  • Kumbh DarshanTelecast of special Kumbh events and programs on JioTV along with previous archives of Kumbh
  • Kumbh Radio24*7 access to devotional songs and hymns that keep you connected with the almighty

4. News Alerts

  • Important alerts and announcements in and around Kumbh at your fingertips

5. Entertainment

  • Games – Many games to entertain you during your visit and afterwards
  • Daily Quiz – Engage and win lots of exciting prizes by simply participating in the daily Kumbh Quiz and answering questions of your interest

These additional features are over and above the JioPhone core offerings that have already transformed the digital landscape in the country:

1. Free voice callsFree Local, STD and Roaming calls to any network, from anywhere in India

2. Unlimited InternetThe best quality internet at the lowest price globally

3. World’s Best Applications

  • JioTV
  • JioCinema
  • JioSaavn music
  • JioGames
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • YouTube
  • Google Maps & many more

4. Google’s Voice AssistantSimply talk to your phone and ask it to do anything, without having to type.

Jio Spokesperson said

JioPhone is at the centre of innovation and the Kumbh JioPhone initiative continues to demonstrate our focus on bringing disproportionate and true value for the JioPhone consumers. The JioPhone has become the largest selling phone in India simply because of the value it translates into and the features it offers. We are proud of the fact that everyone in India can now get access to a smartphone at as low as Rs 501 with features and functionalities that are Made in India, Made for India and Made by India.

Jio is working closely with the UP Police & KASH IT to ensure the above experience is delivered.

The Kumbh Functionality

  • The new Kumbh functionality will be available to both existing and new JioPhone users
  • Users can get to the Kumbh functionalities through the JioStore on the JioPhone
  • Reliance Retail has created a special helpline number ‘1991’ to answer queries on the JioPhone

Elara Technologies Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based digital real estate company and owner of Housing, PropTiger, and Makaan, has announced yet another industry-first initiative by offering latest news of the Indian real estate sector on Alexa-compatible smart home devices. With this latest development,content available on the respective news and blog sections of,, and which is Housing News, PropGuide, and MakaanIQ respectively, will be available for consumption on Amazon Alexa.

With traction of over one million sessions each month, the exclusive news and blog sections – Housing News, PropGuide and MakaanIQ have successfully brought in many home-seekers, sellers, agents and enthusiasts within its fold. To listen to daily updates, users need to add Housing News, MakaanIQ or PropGuide to the Alexa skill set, and it will read the latest news in real estate along with other news from sources that one may have added. The cloud-based voice service from Amazon Alexa will present a compact brief of the news that can be consumed efficiently by a user.

Commenting on the development, Ravi Bhushan, Group CPTO, Housing, PropTiger, and Makaan said

With almost 28% of queries, voice-enabled searches are the new frontier and they are expected to contribute 50% of all global searches. We are always at the forefront of adopting technology and transforming customer experience by providing instant solutions.

Getting our news content in the voice format is another step towards offering our customers the utmost convenience. We see immense potential in serving informational queries such as latest news, property rates, how to guides and more such content in the voice format.

With emerging technologies shaping our lifestyle and dependencies, the recent development demonstrates our single-minded focus and commitment towards consumers, helping them experience property in a way never envisaged before. Most forward-thinking companies have pioneered change; in our field, we are delighted to have done it again.

Given that real estate is the most preferred asset class for Indians, this development was a need waiting to be fulfilled. Recent technological advancements such as seamless integration with voice and artificial intelligence all set to take centre stage, Housing News, MakaanIQ and PropGuide have already taken the plunge. Consuming content through voice command is an important step as consumers now want every information to be bundled in a fun, informative and hassle-free way.

It is common to make mistakes when you are doing something for the first time. Similarly, you may make some mistakes while buying bike insurance as well.

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In this article, we will discuss these mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Forgetting to analyze your needs

Before you buy two wheeler insurance policy, do not fail to analyze your requirements and then explore numerous choices. Carry out a comparative study of the advantages and premiums of various two-wheeler insurance policies that fit your budget. This could assist you to seek out similar coverages at a far cheaper premium rate. Carrying out research on the insurance company and customer reviews will help you to shop for the most beneficial policy in the market.

Opting for the cheapest option

Price is unquestionably the purpose of concern for each buyer, be it a bike insurance policy or any other product. Particularly for the policy that provides multiple advantages and coverage. The policy with cheap premium may seem to be the most effective choice for you, however, you make be left underinsured in cases of total loss or theft. Continuously hunt for a reasonable two-wheeler insurance policy that fulfills both needs – affordability as well as decent coverage.

Opting for Deductibles

Opting for deductibles may lower the price of your bike insurance policy, however, you will be financially exposed in case of major damages to your bike. This is because opting for a higher deductible will result in a lower claim amount. Paying the compulsory deductible is beyond the control of the policyholder, however paying a voluntary deductible is his/her personal decision.

Not checking the No Claim Bonus

In case you are doing not build any claims throughout the policy term, you’re eligible to receive a No-Claim Bonus at the time of shopping for a brand new policy or at the time of renewal. The No-claim bonus could be a discount offered by the insurance firm to the customer on the premium due for the consequent year. So, keep this in mind at the time of two wheeler insurance renewal your 2 wheeler contract.

Not going through the terms and conditions

This is one among the foremost common mistakes we tend to make when shopping for two-wheeler insurance policies. So, make sure that you read the policy thoroughly and don’t ignore the exclusion list of the policy. It should be that the most vital coverage you are looking for falls in the exclusion list of the policy. Before paying for the policy, do scan the underwritten terms and conditions.

Getting the insurance policy transferred in your name

If you are running tight on the budget or if you are a learner, you might decide on opting for a second-hand bike. In this case, you need to make it a point to get the insurance policy of that bike transferred in your name. If not, you will be completely exposed to financial risks that might arise from an unfortunate event.

Forgetting the expiry of your current policy

It’s quite common to see several bike riders on their bikes with no bike insurance coverage. Without an insurance policy, you may have to burn a big hole in your pocket. Some of the incidents that could financially drain you are third-party liabilities like damage repair, hospitalization costs, and compensation. Other may include damage to your bike due to accidents, theft, calamities, fire, etc. Other than that, it is against the law to ride without insurance and you will be penalized for the same.

How to buy two wheeler insurance?

You can buy two wheeler insurance either online or via offline methods. The process will be easier if you buy bike insurance online as it will save a lot of your time and efforts. To buy bike insurance online simply visit your preferred insurer’s website, navigate to bike insurance, fill your details, select a plan and make the payment.

Smart Homes are taking the world by storm. It is changing the way people live their lives. This technology is causing rapid change. But, the benefits of this change are good. Here are the reasons why people love smart homes so much.

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A Long Time Ago…

Contrary to popular belief, smart homes have been around for quite some time. The two first smart home concepts were invented between 1966 and 1967. However, ECHO IV and the Kitchen Computer were never sold to the public. The ECHO IV was so impressive that it could perform activities like calculating shopping lists and even switch kitchen appliances on and off.

It’s a far cry from today’s home automation, but the concept has come a long way.

It Will Save Some Time

It is one of the main reasons why people love this technology. Many people have grown accustomed to their new lifestyles with smart homes. They simply can’t go without it. 57% of Americans claim to save about 30 minutes per day. That adds up to a staggering 182,5 hours per year.

That is a little more than a week. Smart homes will be of particular significance to those living life in the fast lane. Time equals money, doesn’t it?

It Helps To Save Money

Now there is no denying it. Some smart home products are pretty expensive compared to it’s ‘non-smart’ compatriots. But, buy your products smartly. Use it effectively. You’ll end saving money. Over the process of time, you might save more than the initial price of the product. 45% of Americans save an average of $98,30 per month. That adds up to $1,179,60 per year.

Take smart thermostats, for instance. These units are controlled remotely through smartphone apps. You are now able to control the temperature of your home as long as you have an internet connection. This helps the average user to save 20% off their yearly warming and cooling costs. Give it a go. You may save a small fortune.

It Does The Hard Yards

Home automation surely needs to save you some effort. Many smart appliances do just that. Smart home products interconnect to form a network of devices. You can cue actions and reactions between your different devices. Your smart coffee machine can be triggered by an alarm. Your cup of “good morning” will be waiting without you having to push a button.

It will even help in the backyard! Smart lawnmowers will cut the grass on your behalf. Set it up. Map out your lawn on its system. Set the cutting schedule frequency. Now let it run its own course while you enjoy the Saturday sports games.

Great Security

Smart security is highly sought after. 62% of Americans claim security as the top benefit derived from smart homes. 3 out of 5 American smart home owners use devices like smart CCTV to monitor their homes. Analysts believe the security market will grow beyond $100 billion dollars in the year 2020.

It’s no wonder that smart locks and alarms are one of the most used smart products. Top notch security will give you the peace of mind you desire. Less stress will do you good.

It Improves Your Health

Smart homes are designed with the customer in mind. Inventors look for all kinds of ways to make your life easier and better. Smart device and appliances have many built-in features that improves your health.

Smart cooking appliances are equipped with new techniques to reduce your oil intake. Smart refrigerator water dispensers have filters. Cleaner water leads to better immune systems. Download healthy recipes from the internet onto your smart fridge. Then have it read the recipes back to you as you cook. Lack of inspiration will never curb your diet again.

Give It A Try!

What’s not to love about it? These devices are waiting on store shelves for you to pick them. Its sole purpose is to make your life better. Some of the products may be expensive. But, be wise. Utilize the cost-saving measures. A couple hundred dollars of savings can go far. And you certainly won’t regret a healthier immune system.

Early stage startup accelerator Espark-Viridian launched Case In Point 2018-19 to ignite the spark of entrepreneurship throughout the country. Case In Point 2018-19 is in the second year of the flagship case study solving competition organised by Espark-Viridian. Case In Point helps budding entrepreneurs to understand the problems that a real startup faces. This provides them with an opportunity to assess their entrepreneurial and problem-solving abilities. You can find more details about Case In Point 2018-19 in our coverage here.

After an overwhelming response, the last date for attempting the online quiz has now been extended to 8th January 2019. You can attempt the case studies at 

Finales will be conducted across 3 cities – Delhi on 19th January, Bengaluru on 22nd January and Mumbai on 24th of January. The winners will be awarded prizes from a gratification pool of ?2 Lac. They would also be awarded 6 months of free Cloud Telephony Solutions [Super Receptionist Basic Plan] by their Tech Partner, Knowlarity.

Participants selected from the first round would be divided into teams in the finales. They would be expected to come up with a feasible solution based on the detailed case study provided during the round. The presentation to the judges will be part of the decision-making process to select the winner.

Their endeavour to grow the Indian ecosystem is being supported by Faculty of Management Studies [Ecosystem partner], Innov8 [Ecosystem partner], What after College [Ecosystem partner], Startups India [Ecosystem partner], Young Engine [Ecosystem partner], Bizztor India [Digital partner], Inc42 [Digital partner] and Knowlarity [Tech partner].

About Espark-Viridian

Espark-Viridian is a startup accelerator for early and growth seeking startups. They offer a 4 month multi-centre, multi-sector accelerator programme across 5 centres in Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Gandhinagar, Mumbai and Delhi-NCR. To know more visit Espark-Viridian