Seven industries where Bulk Weighing Technology is a true game-changer

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Bulk material handling and weighing increases process efficiency and offers important weight data for applications that involve bulk load-ins/outs. Recently a market report titled Bulk Material Handling Products & Technologies Market Research released the details of the industry including market size, benefiting sectors, revenue, shares, and expansion chances.

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The market study incorporated leading manufacturers, key geographical locations, types of products and their applications. It also gave an international analysis, fiscal analysis, and competitive landscape analysis. Lastly, the report deciphered the sales, price, and gross margin analysis as well as global prices, sales, rates of growth and distributor analysis.

However, this article only focuses on the applications of bulk weighing across different industries. But first, let’s find out the top names behind these innovations.

Bulk material weighing tech by Top Manufacturers

So what are some of the top tech companies looking to streamline the process of bulk weighing for different industry users? Their inventions and innovations for handling bulk material have proved to be game-changers in one way or another. They include;

  • ThyssenKrupp AG
  • Metso Corporation
  • FLSmidth & Co.
  • TRF Ltd.,
  • Tenova S.p.A,
  • SENET, Voith GmbH

Types of Bulk Handling Systems

There is a wide range of materials or products that require bulk handling and weighing. Moving forward, the study scrutinized these weighing equipment based on what they do or their applications. The types of bulk handling systems studied included

  • Powder Materials
  • Weighing Systems
  • Material Feeding Systems
  • Conveying Systems
  • Screening Systems

Applications of Bulk Weighing Tech Across industries

Here’s how bulk weighing systems are assisting manufacturers and service providers across different sectors of the economy.


The processes of weighing and packaging different forms of chemicals from solid to liquid could be tedious without the assistance of bulk handling and weighing equipment. We need the aid of this technology as it eases the process, ensuring fast and efficient weighing and packaging.

For example; in fertilizer production, In-Line Fertilizer Conditioner can be used as a substitute for the de-lumping process. The machine returns bulk fertilizer to granular form and conducts screening for large debris.


The construction industry relies on bulk handling and weighing technology. You need to measure how much the materials [like cement] weigh and ensure they move from one place to another without going through a hassle.

For instance, The Automatic Bulk Bag Filling Scale System has a Modular design which makes it adjustable to suit a wide range of application from non-weighing tasks like dust collection to an automated system that distributes the empty pallet, fills in the bag to the required weight and discharges then indexes the filled bag for storage area

Food & Beverages

Food industries can now keep the flow of production moving by offering fast and accurate data collection on orders, vehicles, accounts, and materials. Some technologies give a full report with period histories, customer info, material totals and more

For example, the Automatic bulk bag filling scale system which operates as either net weigh, non-weigh or gross weight machines to fill in bulk bags and drums with dry, flaked, granular or powdered foodstuffs like grains and seeds.


Recycling scrap metal produces substantial revenue worldwide.  And the recycling process is critical to this industry’s profitability. To achieve this, you need to get accurate weight data.  But how fast can we weigh incoming and outgoing metals without the correct systems? Weighing systems can help you move through the process while storing accurate, and reliable data.


Weight data is critical to the movement of the heavy products that come from mining logistics operations. These companies depend on bulk weighting systems to get the accurate info they want and help boost up efficiency, fraud prevention and tracking of revenue streams.

For mining, you can also consider OnBoard Weighing Systems like Load Haul trucks that can measure load data for the individual items loaded into the car, and the total Gross and Net Weights carried. Haul vehicles vary widely from and come with custom designed load pins and cells that separates the truck’s load hopper from its chassis. To ease the process for users, the truck comes complete with a Weight Indicator, Bluetooth or WiFi communication, and screens linked to Data Collection software.

Oil and Gas

With the fluctuating international demands for oil and gas, leading and budding companies have been forced to cut costs and improve operational efficiency to meet the future industry challenges.  And one way to get ahead of your competitors is ensuring you are handling you weighing accurately and safely.

A perfect example such tech is the heavy duty steel track which can weight your oil before transporting it. The Railroad Low Profile [RLP] can also be of help – it is a robust rail scale that weighs rail cars and trucks.


How do we get the correct doses of medicine? All pharmaceutical manufacturing industries have a space for weighing raw materials before relocating them to clean containers. The room goes by many names including Central Weigh, Weighing, Weigh room, Pharmacy, Dispensary, Dispensing or Fractionation. Your space for this should ensure unidirectional flow of raw materials and staff, the separation between hazardous and non-hazardous stuff, and distinction of storage and manufacturing areas.

Scales like checkweighers offer drug manufacturers adaptable weighing abilities ensuring in- package verification before distribution. They also give highly accurate, safety-level weighments.Bench scales help improve precision in amounts during the mixing of the ingredient, processing while checkweighers assist in confirming package quantity.

Wrapping Up

Ignored as they are, how would we measure stuff without Bulk weighing tech? The industry has evolved for years. And today, the market has a solution for nearly all your bulk handling and weight measuring needs. This list is only a handful of industry application of these important innovations. When choosing a scale, make sure to specify what you want to do with the scale so that the dealer can offer honest and useful advice. Consider modern industrial weighing systems for all your bulk weighing needs. They will not only ease the process but also boost up production eventually leading to increased revenue.