mfine launches unique Consumer Subscription Plan for its on-demand Healthcare Service

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mfine, an AI powered, on-demand healthcare service, is redefining how millions of Indians access primary healthcare by laying more emphasis on preventive and holistic care. To enable this, mfine launched ‘mfine ONE‘, a unique subscription plan that includes a complementary baseline health checkup and unlimited access to best doctors for the entire family. The mfine app allows users to virtually connect with doctors from leading hospitals under 60 seconds.

More than 70 doctors from 30 hospitals are consulting users, under 12 specialties. The healthcare startup is aiming to acquire 25000 members through the subscription plan in Bengaluru in the next 6 months. mfine ONE is an annual/half-yearly subscription plan that allows unlimited doctor consultations for users and their immediate family members. The program will give users access to several digital tools to help them manage chronic conditions, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and aid in recovery from illnesses. Users with specific medical issues or chronic diseases will find this plan suitable for long-term care as they will have access to all their previous health records and will be able to continuously monitor and track their progress along with access to specialist doctors.

As part of the subscription, consumers get a complete health assessment followed by a consultation with a physician on personal health goals and steps to achieve the same. The assessment is a comprehensive check-up to know all important health parameters of an individual including functioning of heart, kidneys and liver, complete blood count, composition of fat & muscle in the body and vitamin profile. This helps consumers to know how healthy they are and what specific health goals they should pursue.

Spread of chronic and lifestyle diseases is growing at an alarming pace and much of it will end up in tertiary care if not managed and intervened at appropriate time. mfine’s vision is to enable easy access to quality primary and secondary care in India so that expensive tertiary care can be avoided. The subscription program allows users to not only monitor their own health but also of their immediate family members at no additional cost.

Launched in December 2017, more than 30,000 consultations have been done on mfine by some of the top doctors of the city. The startup has raised over $6 million and has 60 employees. The company is planning to achieve over 100,000 consultations by the end of 2018 and will partner with more than 50 top hospitals across 5 cities in the country. The mfine app is currently available in English on Google Playstore and Appstore [mfine app Download Link]

Prasad Kompalli, CEO and Co-founder, mfine, said

At mfine, our aim is to change the way people perceive healthcare. Taking charge of one’s health doesn’t mean visiting the doctor when one falls sick. It should be a priority for everyone to ensure that they know why they fall sick, and what needs to be changed in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our subscription model has been designed in a way that the entire family can avail the benefits of our services.

About mfine

mfine is an app-based, on-demand healthcare service that provides its users access to online consultations and care programmes from the country’s top hospitals. The AI-driven digital health platform partners with leading and trusted hospitals instead of aggregating individual doctors. mfine users can consult doctors from their preferred hospitals via chat or video to get prescriptions and/or routine care. mfine was launched in December 2017 by Ashutosh Lawania and Prasad Kompalli. The founders were later joined by Ajit Narayanan, Arjun Choudhary, and Dr. Jagadish Prasad, an interventional neuroradiologist, and founder of Femiint Health, a hospital in Bengaluru. For more details, please visit mfine.