BISBO wins ‘Best Startup of the Year’ at SuperBrands 2018

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Here to widen perspectives and reach out to internet viewers in a unique manner, BISBO covers current news events in an engaging manner – animation. This format encourages people to understand the most complex world issues and news in a way that is fun and easy to follow. The idea of BISBO was conceptualized 25 years ago but the journey from pen to YouTube transitioned only in 2016.

Image Source – Startups

Within a short span of 2 years BISBO has managed to break the clutter and garners 1.5~2 million views a month on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. The platforms content is suitable for all ages, however 80% of its viewers are in the bracket of 18~44 years. Interestingly, a sizable number of UPSC candidates use BISBO’s videos as a study source!

The channel has gained popularity amongst its audience for its 5-minute news pieces that are comprehensively covered. An approximate of 30 videos are released every month, in English, Hindi & Bengali, covering several topics like politics, international events, science and tech, entertainment, crime, finance, health, wildlife, lifestyle alternatively.

BISBO wins the Bets StartUp in Asia award by SuperBrands 2018.

Using animation allows BISBO to reconstruct the sequence of events and break it down into interesting parts that are easily understandable. The channels aims to provide an opportunity to explore topics in detail and still have fun.

Shakir Ebrahim – Founder & Creator, BISBO said

By providing sources and references in each video, we not only point interested readers in the direction but also have managed to establish ourselves as credible source of news and information.

BISBO is closing in on 1 Lakh subscribers on YouTube already and is growing sufficiently to target 25 Lakh by end 2019 expanding its library to 8 Indian languages. It was recently awarded Best Start-up in Asia this year from over 6,000+ startups across India, Bangladesh, Malaysia & Singapore by SuperBrands. Complete list of winners can be found here.