Makaan.com introduces an Instant App version for Makaan App, becomes the first online real estate company to offer this feature introduced by Google

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Makaan.com, part of Elara Technologies Pte Ltd. which also owns Housing.com and PropTiger.com, has introduced an Instant App version for Makaan App. Makaan.com is India’s first digital real estate company to have made its app compatible to Google’s Instant Apps, available to Android users.

Image Source – Makaan

The Makaan Instant App is in line with the brand’s vision of empowering its users with top technology solutions. With Makaan Instant App, an Android user will now be able to experience the ease of Makaan App without actually having to install it on his/her mobile phone. If a user sends a link to property details from Makaan.com’s website to another user, the recipient will be able to access the details even if he/she doesn’t have the app installed.  Whereas, without Instant App, tapping on the link would’ve taken the recipient to the web version of the site.

A user simply has to go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Google’ and then activate ‘Instant Apps’ from the list. He then has to visit Makaan.com website through Google on his mobile phone and engage in the most seamless property search experience ever, similar to using an app. This helps users to save storage space in their phone.

Commenting on the development, Ravi Bhushan, Group CPTO, Housing.com, PropTiger.com and Makaan.com, said

The usage of mobile phones for transaction purposes has seen a huge surge in India. We have also observed that more than half of Makaan.com’s web traffic is on mobile browsers. In line with the belief of having our customers at the centre of our offerings, it was imperative to invest in a technology like Instant Apps to ensure the best customer experience for all.

Speaking on the rising demand for this feature, Ravi further added

Our current engagement metrics on Makaan App is more than 2x better than the web experience.  This clearly indicates that if more users start migrating to Instant App, the engagement levels will go up significantly and we will be able to offer better property search experience to more customers.

This service was introduced by Google in May 2017 and Makaan.com is one of the early adopters of this technology. Instant Apps also allows users to first check the interface of any app by selecting ‘Try-It-Now’ before downloading the app.

Get started with Makaan Instant App, you need to perform the following steps

Go to ‘Settings’ on your mobile phone and click on ‘Google’

In ‘Google’, click on ‘Instant Apps’

Activate ‘Instant Apps’ and switch it ‘On’

Now go to Google on your mobile browser and search for Makaan.com

You will find Makaan.com along with ‘Instant’ written across it in the search results

Click on Makaan.com and enjoy a seamless, app-like property search experience without installing the app on your phone

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