ACT Fibernet increases Data limits across all its plans at no extra cost

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ACT Fibernet, India’s largest non-telco and 3rd largest ISP in the wired broadband category, increased the data limits for all broadband plans for all its customers in Chennai. Known as a pioneer in Giga enabling an entire Indian city and a disruptor in the Indian broadband ecosystem, ACT Fibernet’s upgraded plans will allow customers to enjoy higher data limits at no additional cost.

ACT Fibernet is combining the upload FUP and Download FUP limits into one monthly data limit. The customer now has the freedom to consume data on uploads or downloads as per his needs and usage.

Under the retail customer plans, ACT Basic will be upgraded to 80 GB total FUP limit with 30 Mbps speed from its current 40 FB Upload FUP and 40 Gb download FUP. Similarly, ACT Blaze will be upgraded to 200 GB data limit with 75 Mbps speed, ACT Storm will be upgraded to 260 GB data limit with 75 Mpbs speed, ACT Lightning will be upgraded to 350 GB data limit with 90 Mbps speed, ACT Thunder will be upgraded to 450 GB data limit with 100 Mbps speed and ACT Incredible will be upgraded to 700 GB data limit with 150 Mbps speed.

Similarly, under the SOHO [Small Office, Home Office] plans, ACT SME Swift will be upgraded to 900 GB data limit with 150 Mbps speed, ACT SME Flash will be upgraded to 1100 GB data limit with 200 Mbps speed and ACT SME Force will be upgraded to 1400 GB data limit with 200 Mbps speed.

Speaking on the new plans, Bala Malladi, CEO, Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt Ltd commented

It is our constant endeavour to provide the best internet experience to our customers through super-fast speeds and enhanced data limits. We are combining our download and upload FUP into total data transfer FUP. This will liberate our customers and provide them significantly enhanced FUP, allowing them the freedom to use internet based on their needs and purpose.