Ketchupp, food discovery startup crosses milestone of 1 million users in April

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Ketchupp, a technology company in food discovery space, has rapidly grown to 1.04 million users showing 16x growth in last 6 months [from 60K users in October 16 to 1.04 million users in April 17]. It has been witnessing strong growth based on automated platform which helps them track trends stitching with their in-house food IP data and algorithms.

Image Source – Ketchupp

Ketchupp works on a 3C concept of Content, Community & Commerce on the lines of global players such as Houzz, Polyvore, Motoroso who had great success and are aligned towards conversational

Chirag Taneja, co-founder of Ketchupp said

With AI starting to interpret images, we are not far from wherein technology would be interpreting that you are on your way home or what is available in your kitchen. With all that info available readily, one would need to map consumer food behavior to suggest/recommend ‘What to EAT’ basis your food preferences and people who have similar tastes/profiles. On enterprise front, we are doing initial testing/pilot runs with large companies in developing capabilities around sales forecasting, cross sell analytics, etc.

More than 50% of the consumers come from ‘super’ metros of Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru and remaining comes from other metros of the country.  Ketchupp [mobile first, website only food discovery platform] in India is solving the consumer’s problem of ‘What to Eat’ by focusing on 3 micro moments in the consumer’s journey i.e. a) Consumer wants to know about food b) Consumer wants to plan around food c) Consumer wants to buy/order food. The company leverages AI driven data mining algorithms to enable a consumer discover awesome food that he/she will love to eat.

Ketchupp had earlier raised seed round funding led by India Quotient. The team is investing this fund to make a robust product through analytics, big data and enabling tech solutions.

Ketchupp works on a very differentiated, efficient and tech-driven business model wherein mined consumer insights are mapped with Ketchupp’s in house food IP data, thereby solving consumer’s pain point in a meaningful way.

The small team based out of New Delhi has impressively scaled to 9 cities with a monthly [April 17] user base of 1.04 million Ketchupp has turned out to be a boon not only for the consumer but also for the food brands. As India’s biggest food discovery platform, it has enabled brands to communicate to their relevant audiences in a cost effective manner.

The need gap for a food discovery player in market can be gauged by not only the search volume of food related keywords searched on Google but also by increasing number of users seeking food recommendations on social media from their trusted friend network.

Ketchupp is actually an instant answer to three micro moments in food a) User wants to know about food – What is a gluten free diet? b) User wants to plan around food – What should be the menu for next week’s House party at my home and c) User wants to buy/order food – I want to have cheese burst pizza in office right now.

Ketchupp’s new feature – Meal Finder is also getting substantial traction from users other than the already popular National Foodie Calendar [Celebration of 365 days of 2017 around food].

Ketchupp founded 1.5 years ago by Narender Kumar [Civil Engineer from IIT Delhi], Abdul Khalid [Computer Science Engineer from IIT Delhi] and Chirag Taneja [MBA from FMS, Delhi] intends to be the one stop destination for food lovers in the country.