Nice Toll Plaza partners with ToneTag for frictionless payment in Bengaluru

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Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises [NICE] Toll Plaza has tied up with ToneTag, a proximity communications firm for frictionless e-payment by just unlocking the phone. NICE Toll is in the peripheral ring road in Bengaluru–Mysuru Expressway where commuters are tolled at seven locations for two-wheelers as well as four wheelers.

This tie-up will be aimed at reducing the time spent by commuters at toll booths. After providing technology to several digital wallets and tied up with bank apps, ToneTag has now got in deal with private infrastructure company for smooth Toll exit and entry. Under the tie-up, commuters can now do the payment from their phones through  wallets, payments bank and UPI-based apps.

At present, customers has to wait in long queue to pay the toll tax either through cash, debit/credit cards or mobile wallets [in some cases] and gets the receipt after which the toll gates open. This lengthy process of payment will be replaced by this exclusive partnership. The unique technology  works on sound frequency and allows the customer to make toll payments by just unlocking their phone.

Kumar Abhishek, Founder of ToneTag said

Nice Toll is very significant toll in Bangalore as it’s the gateway to seven locations. The toll witness heavy traffic through the year. Often I see worried people looking for an alternate payment solution to eliminate the long queue. To cater this issue, ToneTag brought in an exclusive technology that enables the rider to make toll payments by just unlocking their phone.

With ToneTag seamless payment process, the transaction is completed in less than 2 seconds and payments at the backend are processed on real time.

When a customer with a ToneTag app drives towards a Toll Plaza which is integrated with ToneTag, the customer will receive a payment request notification. Upon confirming this request with one-click, the payment will be processed and the customer will be able to drive through the gate.

To induce ToneTag technology in the existing payment infrastructure, only software upgrade is required without any hardware investments on the customer or toll operator end.

ToneTag technology communicates with the merchant’s PoS system through encrypted sound waves. ToneTag technology uses sound waves to enable offline, proximity-based contactless, cashless and cardless payments from one mobile phone to another or any other computing device. This technology benchmarks the security standards with features like patented noise filters, blockchain technology, three levels of encryption, tokenization, white box cryptography and multi-factor authentication.

ToneTag is also in talks with other Toll Plazas for digitizing payments mechanisms.

About ToneTag

ToneTag is a sound based proximity communication provider that enables contactless proximity communication, location based services and customer engagement services among a multitude of other solutions. Backed by Reliance VC among a host of investors, ToneTag has enabled contactless, offline, proximity communication on any device through sound and their team continues to innovate and transform the way devices will communicate with each other in the near future. For more information, please visit ToneTag