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GingerCup, a startup that helps businesses reach heir target segments via ‘Paper Cups’

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Couple of weeks back, while having chai [tea] at local tea shop, I noticed an interesting thing, the shopkeeper offered me tea in a paper cup that had ‘OLA Branding’ on it!! When there was further probing from my side, he informed that OLA Marketing team had given the tea cups for free and the quantity depended on the locality & density of prospective OLA customers [based on research done by the OLA team].
The cups were given out for free with the expectation that more & more people would come to know about OLA [and in turn use it’s services] i.e. converting prospective customers into customers. It looked a very interesting case of Guerrilla Marketing where they could grab more eye-balls with less spend on marketing!! After couple of days, there were Swiggy tea cups lying in his shop though the intention of this exercise was also the same !!!
Few days back, we received a Press Release of a startup named GingerCup that specializes in offline-marketing and Paper Cup advertising is one of their specialties :), lets’s look into what it can do for businesses. While online marketers are playing it hard with their tactics, GingerCup still sticks to offline marketing and busts the idea of an ad getting unnoticed.
Essentially, GingerCup optimizes two interesting offline marketing platforms. So, what do they do ?

Paper Cup Advertising

GingerCup’s marketing strategy entails bringing a brand into the limelight through exquisitely designed printed paper cups used for tea/coffee. The strategically designed quality paper cups feature the client’s logo, website address, offer code, contact details etc. upon them. After getting designed, they are then printed and distributed for free where they are likely to come in contact with targeted audience.
The expert team at GingerCup first decides the right set of people to target, the quantum of cups to be distributed, and the places where the cups are to be distributed. A purposefully designed quality tea cup gets the brand noticed and spoken about. People seem to enjoy every sip of their kick-start drink [tea/coffee] and thus spend ample to have it. So, while having it, they see an alluring ad right in their hand. It is not only welcomed but also shared further through word of mouth.


Not all the flyers in the world are distributed with a strategy. GingerCup does it purposefully. It is beyond someone’s imagination how the booming online world can be a boon for an offline marketing campaign. Right from shopping clothes to give them for laundry, from buying books to ordering a pizza, everything is done online. We know everything which is bought has to get delivered at a customer’s place.
GingerCup prints enticingly designed flyers that speak about their clients’ brand/product/service and all the essential information the targeted audience would require knowing about them. Having tied up with the delivery providers, GingerCup gets the flyers delivered at a place along with the products being ordered online. In a fit of excitement to open a newly bought item, people notice what comes along with it. It then makes it certain for the flyer to get read and create an impact about the advertised brand on the reader’s mind.

Carrying a distinctive strategic approach, these marketing methods are easy on the pocket and fertile enough to breed the desired level of brand recognition for an advertiser. Therefore, when there is every possibility of an online ad getting scrolled down, GingerCup’s potential ad weapons are hard to ignore. Indeed, it is something here to stay.
Though Paper Cup Advertising looks very targeted, it would have been better if they could have also added QR Code on the cup which when scanned would take you to the Play Store to download Client’s App. This would have resulted in better ‘Call To Action’
How can Paper cup marketing be used in more engaging manner, please leave your suggestions in the comments section.