Book Review : “Shades of Life” by Vasundhara Ramanujan

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We have done lot of book review’s in the past [few of them here] most of them were on Business, Startups & Entrepreneurship but this time we digress a bit & touch upon an emotional journey penned by Vasundhara Ramanujan in her book Shades of Life

Why ME !!!

We live a peaceful, happy and a healthy life. We never appreciate much what we have, everything is taken for granted but when there is sudden twist that is when our life gets a new meaning. A very recent example to prove this point is “Yuvraj Singh” & his latest advertisement explains it all !!!

Detailed Review

The author “Vasundhara Ramanujan” takes us through the turbulent journey of her fifteen year son, Adtitya who is diagnosed with kidney failure & how he fights his way through the disease with the continuous support from his mother and his family.

Aditya, just like any other teenager is enjoying his life to the fullest when suddenly in the winter of 1996 things begin to change. His mother takes him to the doctor when there are frequent complaints of severe headache; only to realize that his kidney’s are on the verge of complete failure.

The books reflects the unconditional love of a mother towards her son who suffers through the most of his life and the courage of the child who faces the truma of the disease for nearly thirteen years of his life. The mother not only helped her son cope with the disease but also motivated and inspired him to continue his education. The mother-son duo live through this disease with the help of their supporting family.

The book takes us through the endless doctor visits, numerous tests, long dialysis days and the hunt for a tissue match for the kidney transplant. It was impressing to see that the mother who herself had just fought breast cancer offers her kidney for the transplant. Unfortunately for some reason Aditya’s body rejects his mothers kidney this is when his elder brother Dhananjay donates his kidney to Aditya. Now, Aditya is not only hail & hearty but has achieved his Post-Doctorate in Physics.

Final Thoughts

The book is a quick read, around 150 pages & story is not only well written but also arouses “Emotional Quotient” in the reader. It conveys an important lesson – “Nothing is impossible if right action is taken at the right time”

Where to buy the book

The book is available on Flipkart here If you have read the book please share your thoughts in the comments section…

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