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Wireless-Is the World ready for this age…

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Starting from the olden days where we used to see the wires scattered everywhere.An age where we had telephones,but which we could not be taken from one place to another,but gone are the days where we require the wires.We can throw the wires in one dust bin.From the age when Grahem Bell invented the Telephone,technology has grown Leaps and Bounds and a day will come when there would be no wires left in the world and everything in this world would be called as “WIRELESS”(which has been the buzz word for this modern world.).

A few days back,i was watching TV and i saw the interview of Larry Page(Founder of Google) and he told about how the future of Google is in the field of Technology.Now,the amazing thing to be noted is that a search for a particular word on Google took a few milliseconds and the no of results extracted from the search was in lakhs.But this is what u do on your PC/Laptop.Now Google would provide solutions wirelessly for the search that you make.For eg. If you are a particular place A in a city B and you are searching for the nearest medical shop in that area,than the right solution is not searching around for that shop.Instead,just type the name of the area and the city in your mobile and send the request to the Google server and within a few seconds,the result will be in your cell phone.Amazing is’nt it….

A big revolution came in the world of computers with the advent of USB devices.(Computer itself is revolutionary).Now for those of you who have no idea about USB,let me tell you that USB(Universal Serial Bus) is a Plug and Play Device which you just attach on the USB port of your PC.Imagine the USB going wireless.Now with the wireless USB, you can transfer the data from the PC to the USB stick and vice versa.

Few days back,I was just wondering if we have the voice recognition facility where in if we want to find where is place “ABC”,we just say “ABC” and it will fetch the results from its server and will give us the results on the phone.This takes just a few seconds and within no time , you have the results in the cell phone.

Now after few years,not only will there be PC in each and every house in India,but in some places , your house would be controlled by PC and there wont be any requirement for keys!!!!That sounds really good…Isnt it…

I am waiting for technology to take over and this will happen within no time….

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  • Wow Himanshu, thats very well written. Yeah man the technology and infrastructure in India is surely getting better by the day.
    What we badly need in India now is for some agency to get down and digitize he detailed maps of the country. Once this is done we can expect a lot of smart applications to start making use of this data and provide us mapping services and Local Searches ala Google.
    I am sure, it wont be too long before we get to see all that happening.

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